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15 BEST Cucumber Cocktails For Year-Round Refreshment

15 BEST Cucumber Cocktails For Year-Round Refreshment

Are you looking for a refreshing cocktail to ease your thirst or serve at a summer pool party? These easy 15 cucumber cocktails are just the ticket!
Cucumbers are one of the top five green garden vegetables used by Americans.
It’s in the same family as watermelon and pumpkin but is considered a veggie.

It’s not a stranger in your kitchen as cucumbers are used in creating delicious salad, salsas, juice, and even soups. 
But on my list today, cucumbers are added to freshen your favorite cocktails and make some twists and tweaks to make them taste even better.
If you want to serve an eye-catching cucumber cocktail, I recommend Watermelon Cucumber Cooler and Cucumber & Raspberry Mojito because of their nice-looking color.
Cucumber Martini With Melon & Mint and Cucumber Mojito are your drinks if you prefer deeper cucumber flavors, as both recipes get the cucumbers muddled to produce juices.
And for a spicy drink with a kick, #7 is your drink of choice but requires a bit of time to make a jalapeño-infused tequila.
So let’s dive into the list to discover some more delightful cucumber cocktails to try on!

Margarita has been a classic cocktail but having cucumber on it makes a difference.
It’s a mild cocktail that’s ideal when you need to freshen up or just chill out.
If you prefer this cocktail to be sweeter, just add simple syrup or agave nectar.
You can make this for you and your family or if you’re hosting a cookout or pool party.

Want to enjoy a tasty cocktail and feel the beach vibes right at your home?

Sipping an inviting and tasty drink is all you need to experience it.
Gin, lime, cucumber, mint, and tonic water is the secret to making this cooling drink.
Well, its name gives it away already.
You can make adjustments to its taste depending on your preference.
Its sophisticated taste will surely be loved by anyone who will taste it.

Making a delightful cocktail doesn’t require fancy tools to try it yourself.
This recipe is uncomplicated to make, but the taste will guarantee you nothing but the best.
You can use either gin or vodka for this recipe, and the taste will still be flawless.
It’s a light and crispy drink with fresh aromas that are divine.
Better use sparkling water to give that fizzing effect.
Garnish with some more cucumber and basil, and you’ve got a fantastic drink at hand.

It’s a nice and refreshing cucumber cocktail to savor when the temperature is too high, and you want to cool down.
Gimlet is like a martini, but instead of vermouth, it uses lime juice to give that tangy taste to this drink.
You can replace gin with vodka, but this needs St. Germain liqueur to give that elderflower taste that is not too sweet and brings balance to the flavors of this cocktail.
You can make it solo or for sharing with family and friends.

Let’s have the summer vibe with a glass of this delightful drink!
The mix of light rum, soda water, coconut sugar, and muddled cucumber, lime, and mint gives out that invigorating taste you will enjoy in every drop.
The juice extract from muddled cucumber elevates this drink’s classic taste of rum, lime, and mint. 
Better use coconut sugar to bring natural sweetness, but you can use simple syrup, too.
If you’d like to give it a little spice, add some slices of jalapeño while muddling the ingredients.

Cucumber, melon, and mint combined in one drink will surely be a hit!
Cucumber vodka already brings out a refreshing taste, adding muddled cucumber and mint flavors, making it even better.
Adding melon and lime juice makes this drink even irresistible to taste.
Garnish with spring mint, and you’re all set for a happy hour!

If you love adding spice to your cocktail, give this recipe a shot!
The spiciness comes from jalapeño-infused tequila boosting the flavors of kiwi and cucumber.
You may need to make this jalapeño-infused tequila at least 4-5 hours ahead for the spiciness to sit well with your drink.
Another thing to note is that using fresh ingredients instead of margarita mixes will add extra brightness and authentic flavors to this concoction.

It is the ideal way to say hello to your summer weekend!
This gorgeous-looking drink will bring the summer taste you always wanted to keep you energized after a hard day’s work.
The fuse of cucumber, lime, and mint brings this drink’s sweet, mild, and energizing flavors.
Add ice and finish with cucumber, mint, and lime before stirring.
You’ll want more of it once you have a taste of it!

Combining different flavors and ingredients into your cocktail will give you great discoveries.
An excellent example of it is this cocktail mix.
Lime and cucumber combined with basil and pineapple plus tequila and Cointreau bring out a sweet, tangy, and crisp drink with a punch.
No wonder a well-known personality loves this drink.
And it can be your favorite, too!

Enjoy summer nights with a delightful drink on your glass!
Pureed cucumber gives a great twist to the classic Tom Collins cocktail recipe you always know.
This sparkling drink with pureed cucumber added to it will amaze you.
And if you want a drink that will please the crowd, this is the right drink to pour into your guests’ glasses.

Putting up a cocktail doesn’t require many ingredients.
Creating a nice-tasting and cooling cocktail will just require you five ingredients.
The blend of fresh cucumber, mint sprigs, Wheatley vodka, sparkling water, and lemonade is all you need to make an excellent drink.
Its flavors are not that strong and very soothing, so you’ll know one glass will never be enough.
It’s ideal for happy hour, summer cocktail soirees, or poolside parties!

It’s a pretty-looking concoction that will satisfy your eyes and your tastebuds!
Cucumber & Raspberry Mojito is nothing but a sweet, cool, and fruity cocktail packed in one.
This thirst-quenching drink consists of slices of cucumber, raspberries, fresh mint leaves, white rum, lime, agave, and club soda, mixed to perfection.
So if you are at home and want to be on vacation mode, you must give this drink a go.
It’s a summer party right into your tastebuds!

Watermelon and cucumber are a blast of refreshing flavors in a cocktail glass!
Vodka, watermelon cubes, cucumber, seltzer water, and lemon juice blended in ice are all you need to make this excellent drink to satisfy your thirst.
Adjust the alcohol content as you desire, and add more if you wish to get a little booze from this drink.
It’s effortless to make, but you can make a glass empty in less than a minute!

You always want something to drink to accompany you on a warm summer day.
It is what this drink is all about!
It’s a pleasant and crisp cucumber gin drink with an added tangy and minty flavor coming from lime and mint leaves.
Add sugar if you want a bit of sweetness to this drink.
Top with tonic water and garnish with mint and lime.
It’s a green, energizing drink you will savor every sip!

This cocktail drink is also known as Gin Gin Mule.
It doesn’t have Moscow Mule, but it uses gin and ginger beer to put together this unusual yet delicious drink you must try soon.
This recipe doesn’t require many ingredients, so to get the best-tasting cucumber mule, quality ingredients make a lot of difference.
You can always make variations depending on what alcohol or spirit you want to combine with this drink.
This drink will do its job of keeping you cool and relaxing on a warm day.

The bottom line

Whether you are chilling out and relaxing or planning a cookout or party, picking the right cocktail to satisfy you or your guests is something you always consider.

Being creative and adventurous in making your cocktail mixes brings a lively experience to the drink for everyone to enjoy. 

This cucumber cocktail list I have collated is for you to explore other combinations of vegetables, fruits, and alcohol to make a vibrant and flavorful concoction that will tickle your tastebuds.

Here are a few more ways to drink in summer:

Cucumber Cocktails For Year-Round Refreshment

Cucumber Cocktails For Year-Round Refreshment

Are you looking for a refreshing cocktail to ease your thirst or serve at a summer pool party? These easy 15 cucumber cocktails are just the ticket!


  • Cucumber Mint Margarita
  • Cucumber Cooler Cocktails
  • Thai Basil & Cucumber Gin Cocktail
  • Cucumber Elderflower Gimlet
  • Cucumber Mojito
  • Cucumber Martini With Melon & Mint
  • Spicy Cucumber Kiwi Jalapeno Margarita
  • Cucumber Fizz
  • El Pepino
  • Cucumber Collins
  • Cucumber Mint Vodka Cocktail
  • Cucumber & Raspberry Mojito
  • Watermelon Cucumber Cooler
  • Cool Gin & Cucumber Cocktail
  • Cucumber Mule With Gin


  1. Find your favorite recipe from our Cucumber Cocktails list.
  2. Gather all the ingredients needed.
  3. Start mixing and make us proud!

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