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60 BEST Duck Recipes: Rich & Flavorful Duck Meat Meals

60 BEST Duck Recipes: Rich & Flavorful Duck Meat Meals

Want to branch out from the traditional chicken and pork? Try something new and exciting like these 60 duck recipes!

Explore the universe of flavors here, find the ideal recipe below, unleash your inner chef, and try rich, flavorful duck meat.

They have been widely domesticated and are now reared as livestock worldwide.

It’s magnificent, versatile meat that falls somewhere between white and dark in color and has a rich and deeper flavor than either chicken or turkey.

Slicing it into Vietnamese Duck Pho is one of the best ways to enjoy it.

From Peking Duck Pizza to pasta dishes like Duck Ragu, and even as a gamey alternative for a dinner entree like Duck Legs With Chinese Five Spice, the duck has you covered.

And there’s a drool-worthy duck dish at #55 that you shouldn’t miss if you haven’t tasted duck yet.

There’s no limit to what a duck can achieve, as evidenced by these 60 mouthwatering duck recipes!

Table of Contents

1. Thai Red Curry With Roasted Duck

I found this dish’s earthy, deep, and vivid flavor most appealing.

When you combine chili spurs, coconut milk, and pineapple chunks, you get a full-bodied, warm sensation that makes this dish stand out.

As a base for both, the coconut milk provided an underlying sweetness that rounded out the dish.

Slippery savory noodles coated in saucy Chow Mein sauce with succulent and moist duck meat with crispy skin are noodle bliss.

The kind of noodles used in Chow Mein sets it apart from other types of stir-fried noodles.

Noodles for chow mein are thin, wavy, and gently dusted with flour.

If you enjoy Chinese takeout meals, you would love this one.

This elegant main dish is simple to prepare but looks significant enough to serve on a special occasion.

Plums are flavored with star anise, lime zest, and chili for a delightful contrast to the delicate duck breast.

This dish is recommended for quick pan-searing followed by low-temperature roasting.

This method allows you to get a perfectly cooked duck breast without becoming tough and rubbery.

Tomato sauce thickened with duck meat shreds is the base of this delectable recipe.

Think of a bolognese sauce, but this time with duck.

Duck legs are smothered in a flavorful tomato sauce and cooked for hours until the meat is fall-off-the-bone tender.

Enjoy a tasty, hearty pasta dish pouring over pappardelle topped with grated parmesan cheese.

Duck A ‘L’Orange is one of the most widely imitated French dishes.

Unlike lemon, which has a sour taste, orange’s citrus flavor is a perfect match that cuts through the duck’s fattiness while remaining sweet.

To keep the meat moist and tasty when cooking, it’s vital to get duck breasts that are as plumpest as possible; their fat layer adds flavor.

Cinnamon, ginger, and chili spices contrast with luscious mango in this refreshing duck salad, which is ideal for light lunch or as an appetizer at a dinner party.

You’ll enjoy the crisp texture of veggies and the meatiness of duck with a zippy dressing that plays with your taste buds.

When it comes to burgers that aren’t ground beef patties, duck burgers take the cake.

They’re plump, full of flavor, and an excellent option to the usual ground beef.

Fruity from the plum sauce has a smoky flavor—this burger is worth going to!

Here’s our list of ideas for what to serve with burgers.

Cooking meats in their fat, known as confit, is a classic method of preserving meats.

Duck confit is perhaps the most well-known example.

This dish is entirely upscale, paired with delicately roasted lively pink, sugar-sprinkled rhubarb.

This meal calls for work with the duck, but it’s well worth it.

Vietnamese soup has finally been recognized for what it is: a world-class soup.

But what alternatives are there if you’re not fond of beef?

Adding the savory taste of duck to this aromatic soup, this Vietnamese Duck Pho will gratify you in every way.

This roast duck lends a touch of class to your Christmas table with its flawlessly crisp skin and spiced glaze, flaring with seasonal aromas.

And what’s the trick to a beautifully pan-seared duck?

The fat on the duck breast needs to be scored before pan-searing it.

After being scored, the fat renders more efficiently in a hot skillet and releases more of its flavor.

Rillette is a preserved, fatty meat ground up to the consistency of spreadable butter.

Since this meat paste is so concentrated, just a tiny amount goes a long way.

This spread is far too elegant to be served on mere crackers. 

Instead, it is best enjoyed on crusty pieces of bread like baguettes.

Cooking duck breasts sous vide a simple method for achieving the ideal medium-rare doneness.

This recipe combines fresh thyme sprigs and garlic to bring freshness and complexity to showcase the duck’s natural flavors.

It’s so tender and juicy that it can compete with the best steaks.

Luscious, meaty duck meat is brought to life with earthy, crisp broccoli slaw and a smoky chipotle.

Plus, the generous sprinkling of cotija cheese makes an excellent creamy counterpoint.

Put out a platter of these duck tacos with a bottle of white wine, and you’ve got yourself a fancy meal you’ll surely love.

Tea-smoked duck is a standard menu item in high-end Chinese restaurants.

However, it’s not hard to create at home and can save you a lot of money.

Coriander, whole peppercorns, and allspice are freshly ground for a more potent flavor punch for the rub.

Also, the dark, rich meat of duck pairs delightfully with the mild sweetness and honey-like aroma of lychee tea.

Thai fried rice is typically a dish that is put together from whatever leftovers one may have, including meat, rice, and vegetables.

Fried rice requires cooked and cooled rice.

Fresh rice won’t fry well so you may make and cool it on a baking pan, but day-old rice is best.

And for best results, use long-grain jasmine rice for this recipe.

A duck cone bowl will fill you with its soft shredded meat and smooth mouthfeel.

Duck legs, which include meat and bones, are used in this dish because they add complex umami tastes to the congee.

When using a whole duck, it’s best to remove as much of the skin as possible to reduce the amount of fat.

These dry-cured duck breasts are like prosciutto but far better.

Amazingly, the resulting “prosciutto” has all the smokiness, meatiness, and unique personality of authentic prosciutto.

Use it as a garnish by draping it over sliced melon, wrapping it around spears of asparagus, or sautéing it in cubes for a salad.

This pizza’s winning blend of savory duck, fruity figs, peppery arugula, and sweet hoisin sauce is unbeatable.

And all those delectable toppings heaped over your warm, crusty dough, topped with plenty of gooey cheese—ugh, I want more.

You’ll go crazy over this pizza masterpiece.

This delightful and wholesome salad of heated duck and balsamic cherries is a one-platter feast to die for.

The sweetness of the caramelized onion and cherries, along with the crunchy goodness of the Brazil nuts, makes this salad anything but light and refreshing.

Taro has a smooth, mild sweetness and slightly sticky flavor.

With the taro as a counterpoint, the duck meat won’t look as greasy, giving rise to a more flavorful and aesthetically pleasing dish.

Andouille sausage, with its spicy kick and herbal undertones, marries fabulously with the briny shrimp and meaty duck in this pleasant bowl of goodness.

Thanks to the gumbo file seasoning, this excellent gumbo has the silkiest broth and is packed to the brim with warm and savory tastes.

Best served over a bed of steaming white rice, this dish makes for a lip-smacking entrée.

Here’s why these duck nibbles are so irresistible:

They have a beautiful connection of tastes and textures, with crispiness from the crostini, smoothness from the parsnip puree, perfection from the properly cooked duck confit, and a honeyed fruitiness from the figs.

These nobles are sure to please as party canapés or packed in a picnic box.

Instead of pork shoulder, duck legs are used in this brewpub classic.

Tender duck is achieved by braising it with zesty orange peel in malty Mexican beer (a Vienna lager) until it falls apart. 

This recipe makes a satisfyingly hefty plate of nachos to share with friends—impress them on game day with this tasty upgrade.

Since duck is so fatty and rich, it makes for an ideal sweet-savory fusion element.

And, adding a tangy, sugary, or fruity taste like blueberries will help subdue its flavor.

You might think of hoisin sauce, orange, or plum sauce, but when you add blueberries, you’ve got a powerful combination of flavors and colors.

The trick to mastering these fajitas is getting the pan-seared breast right.

It’s all about time and a smoking hot pan.

Another thing to keep in mind: the skin on the breast gets crispy and wonderful, but it may also be a little elastic when you bite into it.

So don’t be afraid to rip and tear at your delicious fajitas with your fingers or try breaking up the meat into smaller chunks.

Duck cassoulet is one of the greatest stews you’ll ever have.

The variety of meats adds a fantastic taste to the stew, which soaks into the delicate beans and vegetables.

The trick to getting the most flavor is to cook it low and slow.

And thankfully, unlike the classic French style recipe, you won’t have to wait days for a steaming bowl of brothy goodness.

First, duck bacon and duck prosciutto are not the same.

Curing the duck breast is the same process used to make duck prosciutto and duck bacon.

On the other hand, duck bacon is smoked but not aged before consumption, while duck prosciutto is dry aged.

You may enjoy this umami delight in just a few minutes of oven time.

When a dish calls for stock or broth, but you’d like something with a bit more depth of flavor, duck stock is the way to go.

It’s quick and ends up tasting sophisticated.

Try it in your next pot of soup, sauce, risotto, or any other savory recipe.

Moreover, it holds up nicely when frozen.

In this recipe, duck fat rendering has the added benefit of producing a crispy, salty duck skin snack.

It’s best to season the cracklings while they’re still hot so that the spice blend can cling and cover them completely.

Snack on them between meals or use them as a fancy salad topping.

Peking Duck, a specialty of Beijing, has been a culinary mainstay for generations.

Slices of roast duck with a crisp skin and juicy meat are mixed with thin pancakes, a flavorful sauce, and julienned veggies in this dish.

Here’s some good news: this recipe will do as much good as the real thing but in much less time.

Changing the main course for holidays with this flavorful duck recipe is a great idea.

The use of Chinese five spices, including star anise, gives this dish a one-of-a-kind sweet and toasty flavor that lingers in your mouth.

Duck legs are cooked to perfection, giving them a fragrant, succulent texture, while the skin is flavorful and crunchy.

As a favorite Chinese American appetizer, crab rangoons elevate to new heights by using duck meat.

They’re delightfully crispy on the outside and filled with a tasteful mixture of duck meat and loops seasoned with green onions and grated ginger.

Dipped in either duck sauce or sweet and sour sauce, these wonton pockets are enticing.

Rural fiestas and other festive events are prime times for serving Adobong Itik, a famous Filipino dish.

The simple, pleasant, and satisfyingly salty-tangy flavor fusion of vinegar and soy sauce is responsible for its widespread popularity.

A classic recipe for an entire roasted duck that’s filled with apples and seasoned with spices and bright citrus.

Lemon and orange juice add a pleasant tanginess and sweetness that goes well with the delicate meat.

Meltingly juicy, supple, and savory meat that practically melts in your mouth and slides right off the bone.

Hoisin sauce is like culinary magic that transforms ordinary food into something spectacular.

The duck is a joy on its own, but the hoisin sauce takes it to a new height of decadence with its savory sweetness and salty depth.

This sticky hoisin duck is fantastic for a speedy weeknight meal paired with Chinese pancakes, rice, and crisp vegetable slices.

This meal is typically served with bigoli, a Veneto-style pasta, and a hearty duck ragu.

However, if you make enough ragu, you can use it with spaghetti or any other type of pasta and save it for later by freezing it.

That way, you’ll never be without a yummy pasta dish again, even on nights when you don’t feel like cooking.

Upgrade your summer cookout menu with this delicious bbq dish.

Your guest could scream for more when they try the BBQ duck with its smoky flavor and charred, bright veggies.

Grilled duck breast with all its juicy goodness.

This elegant dish features a homemade cherry vinaigrette that doubles as a glaze for the duck and a salad dressing.

Duck’s meat heftiness is tempered by the cherry infusion in the arugula salad and the sauce, which also uniquely unifies all the dish flavors.

Arroz De Pato is a classic Portuguese dish that mixes the flavors of rice, wine, bay leaf, garlic, and another staple of Portuguese cuisine.

Any of Portugal’s most acclaimed chefs will tell you that a flavorful broth is a key to making authentic Arroz de pato.

Surprisingly, rice absorbs all the wonderful flavors from the duck, wine, and spice-simmered broth.

Just when you thought store-bought pork dumplings were addicting, not until you try these handmade Duck Dumplings.

There’s a meaty ground duck meat within and earthy mushrooms seasoned with green onion, fresh ginger, and sesame oil. 

These dumplings are the epitome of dumpling perfection.

Make an extra of these Duck Popper Sliders, as they will quickly disappear off the table.

The deliciousness is in the meaty duck meat and bacon.

Plus, this burger has cheese and a sweet and spicy tinge from the raspberry chipotle sauce, making it extra special.

This creamy risotto with a subtle herbaceousness is ideal for a couple’s dinner on a romantic date night.

This risotto’s richness comes from the duck confit, which nearly seeps into the rice as it cooks.

Try this gourmet version cooked with duck for a palatable and satisfying meaty flavor.

Because of the friseé lettuce, this salad is lively, light, and elegant.

Frisée is a leafy vegetable that can add flare and sophistication to salads owing to its frilly texture and gently bitter flavor.

With raspberries, almonds, and a tangy-sweet sherry vinaigrette, this ruffled green salad is both sweet and bursting with freshness.

One of the secrets to this dish’s greatness is dry bringing the duck.

Dry brining involves seasoning the duck with salt and letting it dry out in the refrigerator for an entire night; this technique yields both golden and extra crispy skin.

Incredibly easy to follow, this recipe will have you making duck confit to use in various dishes like an expert in no time.

Start your day with some of this delectable Duck Hash.

Duck Confit raises the tastiness of this dish by serving it with buttery potatoes and perfectly poached eggs.

An ideal recipe for a leisurely Sunday morning brunch at home, topped with bright and brilliant fresh herbs.

Indulge in this beautiful salad’s light and refreshing flavor on those warm summer evenings.

A zingy vinaigrette of lime juice and fish sauce coats supple duck breast and crunchy veggies.

Although it’s a salad, it’s substantial enough to be the main course.

Steamed bao buns are best when they are still warm and pillowy soft, with a milky and sweetish flavor that goes nicely with meats and fresh veggies.

You can stuff them with anything you like, but the grilled duck is a great choice.

Moist, savory duck meat with crisp cucumber encased in super soft bao buns.

This breakfast delight is a massive hit in the keto and low-carb communities thanks to its combination of eggs and cheese shaped like a waffle, called chaffles.

The smoked duck breast and rhubarb sauce are both bold flavors, while the mild flavor of the chaffle provides a nice contrast.

Wrapped in rice paper, this dish is lovely for an Asian-themed picnic.

The duck lends a hefty texture and a distinctive flavor to the rice paper roll, which makes it an ideal complement to the Asian flavors that are so prevalent in the dish.

The sweet chili and peanut butter sauce make these spring rolls even better.

To neutralize the gamey flavor of duck, it is commonly roasted with fruit like lemon slices and sugary prunes.

Slow roasting the duck and bathing it with a sauce made from orange juice and honey turns the meat into a stunning mahogany hue.

This dish has a delicate balance of tart and sweet notes, and the crispy duck skin sets it apart.

Slurping with soups and stews with comforting spices are incredibly satisfying as the weather worsens.

To enjoy the plump duck legs, try cooking a thick duck ramen soup with flavorsome bone broth, earthy mushrooms, bok choy, and Asian aromatics.

No other sandwich can compare to the BLT in terms of popularity.

And this is the most up-to-date and cutting-edge sandwich available, featuring tasty duck bacon spread on mayonnaise, charred bread, crisp lettuce, and juicy tomatoes.

Although the ingredients are basic, this BLT will blow your mind.

The fresh, sweet apricot, herbaceous rosemary rub duck breast makes for a surprisingly extravagant Sunday supper.

To round up the meal, pair this with a glass of rosé, some steamed brown rice, or a salad.

I believe duck breast is one of the finest meats for making sandwiches.

And this recipe proved me correct.

Moreover, this sandwich is a cut above the ordinary because of the Manchego cheese, which provides a subtle blend of buttery, tangy, sweet, and nutty notes.

These Orange Duck Bites aren’t just pretty to look at; they’re also delicious.

Brie Cheese, a well-known French cheese, was chosen in this dish because its creamy texture and subtle saltiness played well off the dish’s other bold flavors, including the sweet marmalade and the fiery chili flakes.

And it worked brilliantly.

Try smoking a duck the next time you’re in the mood for smoked fowl with a bit of extra kick.

Best smoked duck ever prepared slowly with a smoker, so the meat stays delicate and flavorful.

Discover the best duck smoking techniques, from smoking times and temperatures to meat preparation, with this detailed meat smoking recipe.

Making potatoes in duck fat yields the crispiest, most lip-smacking potatoes ever.

The potatoes taste deep and delicious when cooked in duck fat.

A fluffy center and a crispy exterior can be achieved by first parboiling the potatoes with a pinch of semolina flour.

These are going to be your next go-to side dish.

Bulgogi is a popular dish that represents Korea internationally.

And here’s the exciting part: this recipe uses duck meat.

This delectable twist on traditional bulgogi delivers on all fronts; it’s exceptionally garlicky, tender, smoky, and even has a touch of sweetness.

Polish people love Czarnina, a soup made from duck blood that was created to make use of every part of a butchered duck or goose.

Since the soup is so dark, it was given the name Czarnina, which comes from the Polish word for Czarny, which means “black.”

Eastern Europeans appreciate the sweet-sour combination of the blood of ducks, vinegar, and dried fruits used in its preparation.

Game day isn’t complete without some tasty fried foods, such as these Firecracker Duck Wings.

There are two rounds of cooking involved in these duck wing snacks.

Its tenderness comes from baking in the oven, whereas crunchiness comes from deep-frying.

Then, there’s the Firecracker sauce, which imparts a sweet and fiery blend coating.

The bottom line

No matter how it’s prepared, duck always manages to steal the spotlight as the most extraordinary and unforgettable item of every meal.

So, I hope you like this list and will try one of these delectable duck dishes soon.

60 BEST Duck Recipes

60 BEST Duck Recipes

Want to branch out from the traditional chicken and pork? Try something new and exciting like these 60 duck recipes!


  • Thai Red Curry With Roasted Duck
  • Duck Chow Mein With Hoisin Sauce
  • Duck With Spiced Plums
  • Venetian Duck Ragu With Pappardelle
  • Duck A 'L'Orange
  • Shredded Duck & Mango Salad
  • Shredded Duck Burger
  • Duck Confit With Roasted Rhubarb
  • Vietnamese Duck Pho
  • Duck Breast With Cranberry Sauce
  • Duck Rillettes
  • Sous Vide Duck Breast With Braised Leeks & Mashed Potato
  • Spicy Shredded Duck Tacos
  • Tea-Smoked Duck Breast
  • Thai-Style Duck Fried Rice
  • Duck Congee
  • Duck Prosciutto
  • Roasted Duck Pizza With Figs & Arugula
  • Duck Salad With Balsamic Cherries
  • Braised Duck With Taro
  • Shrimp, Duck, & Andouille Gumbo
  • Duck Confit Crostini With Parsnip Puree & Fig
  • Duck Carnitas Nachos
  • Pan-Seared Duck Breast With Blueberry Sauce
  • Crispy Duck Fajitas
  • Cassoulet With Duck Confit
  • Duck Bacon
  • Duck Stock
  • Duck Cracklings
  • Peking Duck
  • Duck Legs With Chinese Five Spice
  • Duck Rangoon
  • Adobong Itik
  • Roast Duck Stuffed With Apples
  • Hoisin Duck
  • Bigoli With Duck Ragu
  • Thai BBQ Duck Kebabs
  • Cherry-Glazed Duck Breasts With Arugula Salad
  • Arroz De Pato
  • Duck Dumplings
  • Duck Popper Slider
  • Duck Confit Risotto With Butter & Sage
  • Smoked-Duck Salad With Walnuts & Raspberries
  • Duck Confit
  • Duck Hash
  • Skillet-Seared Thai Style Duck Salad
  • Hoisin Duck Bao
  • Duck Appetizer Chaffle With Rhubarb Topping
  • Duck Spring Rolls Wrapped In Mustard Greens
  • Crispy Whole Roast Duck
  • Soy Braised Duck Ramen
  • Duck BLT
  • Rosemary Duck With Apricots
  • Duck Sandwich With Mustard Aioli
  • Tea Infused Oranged Duck Bites With Brie
  • Smoked Duck
  • Duck Fat Potatoes
  • Korean Style Duck Bulgogi
  • Czarina (Polish Duck Blood Soup)
  • Firecracker Duck Wings


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