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๐Ÿฅƒ 13 BEST German Cocktails: It’s Not All Beer In Germany, Ya Know! ๐Ÿคฏ ๐Ÿฅƒ

🥃 13 BEST German Cocktails: It’s Not All Beer In Germany, Ya Know! 🤯 🥃

Thanks for stopping by! We have a list of our best 13 German Cocktails to inspire your next get-together with your friends!
Thanks to Oktoberfest, when people think of German drinks, they usually think of cold beer. 

But just like people everywhere, Germans also enjoy a wide range of alcoholic beverages, including cocktails. 

To help you decide which one to get, we’ve gathered 13 thirst-quenching German cocktails to make you feel like you’re in a real-life cabaret.

The best part is that you don’t have to travel to Germany to taste these incredible drinks, as you can do it in the comfort of your own home. 

The ingredients that you need to make authentic beverages are not challenging to find, so you can always include them in your cart on your next grocery trip. 

From the Lemon Spezi to the Berliner Weisse to the Jägermeister Old Fashioned, there are different drink options for you to choose from.

Check out #5 if you are looking for a drink to serve on the holidays.

Apfelschorle, also called  Apfelsaftschorle, is German for apple juice spritzer or apple spritzer. 

The cocktail is made by diluting fruit juice with carbonated water. 

The combination of carbonated water and apple juice is very popular in Germany, and you can purchase it ready-made in bottles. 

Apfelschorle typically consists of 40% to 60% apple juice, but you can adjust the ratio of the juice to carbonated water according to your preference. 

You can also adjust the drink’s fizziness by choosing carbonated water that is relatively weak or one that is strong. 

To serve Apfelschorle like a true German, remember to hold the ice.  

Serving ice in soft drinks is not common in Europe at large, and Germany is no exception.  

Soft alcoholic beverages are often served at room temperature.  

Apfelschorle is very easy to make, you can enjoy a glass or two any time. 

This drink is perfect for serving at brunches, parties, or a get-together with your friends.  

Lemon Spezi is an easy drink recipe similar to Arnold Palmer but better. 

It is refreshing and fizzy and will definitely become your go-to summer cocktail. 

An Arnold Palmer with lemonade is one of the best ways to chill out on a warm day. 

But after taking a sip on this amazing German drink recipe that switches tea with Coca-Cola, you won’t enjoy a mixed drink in any other way. 

Equal parts lemonade and cola served over ice, this beverage is perfect for serving at barbecues, picnics, brunches, and other occasions. 

Gluhwein translates to glow-wine because that is exactly how you will feel after drinking a mug of this amazing beverage.

This German mulled wine has different regional variations, and the recipe itself is always more of a guideline than a rulebook. 

Germans tend to keep it basic, but you can always experiment and add vanilla, ginger, cardamom, or even black pepper for various flavors on every sip.

In some versions of Gluhwein, almonds and raisins are added. 

Many commercial markets just reheat a pre-sweetened and pre-spiced mix. 

This drink is traditionally served at stalls at Christmas markets across Germany to keep people warm as they shop for gifts. 

You can make this mulled wine at home and serve it to your guests post-dinner or drink it on Christmas Eve.

Are you looking for the perfect refreshing beverage that includes the best of two worlds? 

Then the Radler is the drink for you. 

Made from beer and citrusy soda, this classic German beer with lemonade is a hit at parties, but you can prepare it all year round. 

Radler is very easy to whip together, so you can make it any time you want. 

You can also experiment with it and try other variations. 

You can go with Dunkle Radler, which is a combination of dark beer and lemonade. 

This version is best suited for those who want something stronger than the normal Radler. 

You can also serve Grapefruit Radler.

This version is perfect for fruit lovers or those craving something citrusy. 

Eierlikör is often called German Eggnog, although they are prepared differently.

It includes some rum and some whipping cream, while Eggnog has nutmeg and cinnamon

Eierlikör is not made for immediate consumption. 

You need to let the liqueur sit overnight, or if possible, even longer, to fully develop the aroma and soften the rum. 

Eierlikör is an egg-based liqueur that is both strong and sweet with a vanilla aroma. 

A lot of people serve it on Christmas Day or Easter, or they make it as a gift for friends and family. 

This drink is delicious, creamy, and will put you in a festive mood. 

Hugo is a classic German cocktail staple in many cafes and bars in southern Germany. 

This refreshing drink was by Italian bartender Roland Gruber in 2005.

The cocktail was invented as an alternative to spritz and immediately became a hit in the country. 

The main ingredient in a Hugo Cocktail is Prosecco, along with a spring of fresh peppermint, making it similar to the famous Mojito. 

What gives this drink a distinct taste is the delicious flavor of elderflower syrup. 

Hugo is an incredible beverage suited for those who are not a fan of beer. 

Aperol Spritz is a cocktail designed to be consumed before dinner. 

The bittersweet flavor, easygoing alcohol content, and aromatic botanicals made it the best choice for pre-meal sipping. 

Aperol Spritz is made with bubbly wine and sparkling water, and it is a refreshing and thirst-quenching beverage. 

Since it is low in alcohol, you can start drinking early and still make it to dinner. 

With no shaking and stirring involved, you can always make yourself a drink and relax. 

The drink has a deliciously complex flavor and gorgeous color.

You might not be in Germany, but with this incredible beverage in hand, you can at least channel the country’s long-standing tradition of Aperol Spritz hour. 

Berliner Weisse is a low-alcohol and slightly sour beverage. 

The drink was first introduced in Berlin in 1700 and is still an all-time favorite today. 

Made with a bright and top-fermented draft beer, the alcohol content is about 3%, and it has a shot of woodruff or raspberry syrup from a bowl-shaped glass with a stem. 

Best served after dinner, Berliner Weisse is usually made with ice cubes. 

Just chill the drink overnight and use different syrups to find your favorite flavor combination. 

When the weather starts to get cooler, there is no better way to warm up than to prepare a mug of Mulled Apfelwein. 

Also called German mulled apple cider, this spiced drink is one that you will definitely love to sip on a nightly basis before you go to bed. 

There are a lot of different types of hot mulled cider cocktail recipes out there that use vodka, whiskey, and other spirits. 

However, with this German Mulled Apfelwein recipe, brandy is the preferred choice of alcohol. 

The joy of this recipe is that it can be made using a slow cooker. 

It is easy to create, and the taste of the drink is a perfect balance of fresh apples and warming spices, with a touch of sweetness. 

Remember, this is not an overly boozy warm alcoholic beverage that is going to knock you out after the first mug.

Instead, the German mulled apple cider brings just the right amount of spirit to keep you feeling cozy from the inside out.

If you love coffee but want something stronger, you can make this delicious Bavarian Coffee. 

This German coffee cocktail is simple and decadent, and it does not require any special equipment. 

This drink is made with brewed coffee, coffee liqueur, peppermint schnapps, and cream. 

Originating from the Southeastern area of Germany, Bavarian Coffee is an incredibly tasty cocktail perfect for a cold night in front of a roaring fire. 

Feuerzangenbowle is a spectacular German beverage in which rum-soaked sugarloaf, also called zuckerhut, is suspended over a bowl of mulled wine. 

The sugar is placed on top of a metal grate and is lit on fire, slowly melting and dripping into mulled wine. 

The wine is often made in a special clay or glass vessel similar to a fondue bowl and placed over a burner. 

The sugarloaf has to be soaked in overproof rum, which is a type of rum that has more than 50% alcohol by volume so that you can set it on fire before it is served. 

This beverage is perfect when you want something warm and smooth. 

Swimming Pool is a German cocktail that tastes similar to Piña Colada. 

This delicious cocktail combines vodka, white rum, heavy cream, pineapple juice, coconut cream, and blue Curacao. 

With the ingredients combined in a mixer, shaken carefully with ice cubes, and poured into a glass filled with crushed ice, this beautifully colored drink is perfect for brunch. 

Some versions of this drink are also blended with ice. 

A splash of blue Curacao is added last, and it should only partially color the beverage. 

Lastly, it is garnished with fresh pineapple wedges. 

Jägermeister is a German amaro with an amazing deal of heritage behind it. 

The German digestif is so versatile that you can make several cocktails with it. 

One of the most popular cocktails that use Jägermeister as its base is Jägermeister Old Fashioned. 

Jägermeister and rye whiskey pair together harmoniously, and it has spicy notes and layers of flavor upon every sip. 

This is an ideal cocktail for those who want something strong and smooth. 

The bottom line

The food is not the only one worth exploring when introduced to a culture. 

This is especially true for Germany as it is known for its drinking culture. 

There are tons of drink options for you, and each cocktail has an interesting base, from coffee and soda to spirits and fizzy beverages. 

These cocktails will inspire you to have a night out with your friends or prepare something new for your guests.

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Top 13 BEST German Cocktails 🥃

Top 13 BEST German Cocktails 🥃

These 13 easy German Cocktails will inspire you to have a night out with your friends or prepare something new for your guests.


  • Apfelschorle
  • Lemon Spezi
  • Gluhwein
  • Radler
  • Eierlikör
  • Hugo Cocktail
  • Aperol Spritz
  • Berliner Weisse
  • Mulled Apfelwein
  • Bavarian Coffee
  • Feuerzangenbowle
  • Swimming Pool
  • Jägermeister Old Fashioned


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