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11 BEST Chaffle Recipes: From Breakfast To Dessert Ideas! πŸ§‡

11 BEST Chaffle Recipes: From Breakfast To Dessert Ideas! 🧇

So you’re on the chaffle choo-choo with the rest of us foodies, and you want to get some more ideas? We have you covered with these 11 Chaffle Recipes for meal inspiration!

Are you fond of chaffles? Me, too.

Are you new to the chaffle games and you’re wondering what are chaffles, anyway? 

What is a chaffle? 

A chaffle is basically a breakfast food, made out of batter cooked in a waffle iron, but the original batter is made out of cheese and eggs, and other lower-carb ingredients. 

The word “Chaffle” is a compound word that combines the words cheese and waffle, hence “chaffle”, which rhymes with waffle.’’

Over time, lots of recipes have been developed from this basic two-hit wonder, and now it’s flown past a breakfast food. 

Add almond flour to enhance the texture so it’s closer to that fluffy baked good bliss we all know and love!

Chaffles are now used as sandwich “bread,” used with sugar-free syrup as a 1:1 waffle substitute, eaten as toast with other breakfast foods, as the base in avocado toast, with onions, peppers, and meats mixed in, and sometimes made as sweet and used as a strawberry shortcake foundation. 

If you’re wondering about all the different ways to make chaffles, you’ve come to the right place. 

We prepared 11 Chaffle Recipes to get you started!

We know that you are aware that there are a lot of breakfast options out there. 

And chaffles aren’t just for breakfast, either. 

There are waffles, bread, eggs, bacon, and a lot of other recipes. 

But what makes chaffles a bit special is the fact that despite only having two main ingredients, they are quite lovely to look at with their fluffy texture plus they have a slightly crunchy and cheesy exterior which makes them fun to eat. 

You can add spices, herbs, meat, chocolates; you name it!

Whatever you have in mind, there’s probably a recipe for it. 

If you’re looking for something sweet, you can try making Chocolate Chaffles.

How about making Pizza Chaffles as a snack?

But wait until you try #5, it might come as a shock that something so simple can taste so extremely good. 

If you are looking to experience the authentic taste of chaffles, this is a good place to start. 

You can get started with a few ingredients and the recipe is easy to follow. 

Moreover, this recipe uses almond flour instead of the regular white flour often used in baking. 

If you’ve been learning how to bake, you might have heard about the benefits of using Almond flour. 

They are a low-carb alternative and perfect for those into the Keto lifestyle. 

Using almond flour takes away the eggy taste and gives out a more waffle-like texture in this recipe. 

It is so yummy you’ll come back to this time and time again!

Are you someone who loves ordering pizza?

After looking at this recipe, you will think twice about having to order again!

It is because you can make bite-sized ones at home! 

Not only will it help you save up, but they are simply delish!

They are still the same cheesy and fluffy chaffles you love with a twist!

They are made with traditional Italian pizza ingredients – mozzarella, parmesan, Italian seasoning, and garlic powder. 

All of these combined create a wonderful and authentic pizza flavor that we all know and love.

Even better, you have the liberty of adding any pizza toppings of your choice! 

From pepperoni and ground beef to mushrooms and bell peppers.

As you will soon notice, in this article alone, there are a variety of awesome recipes you can make with chaffles. 

However, you won’t notice what makes them different unless you start off with the original recipe that started it all. 

It’s time to find out what makes egg and cheese an excellent combination and know how it feels to have cheese melt in your mouth in every bite. 

Once you’ve experienced the original version, you can then experiment and add ingredients of your own like thyme, basil, and other cheese like mozzarella and parmesan! 

So start whipping and grab your waffle maker!

This one’s perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth and a certified chocolate lover!

This recipe uses almond flour, sugar-free chocolate chips, and unsalted butter. 

The overall result is a dish that is not overly sweet and contains just the right amount of sugar content to keep your taste buds satisfied. 

The additional flavor makes this chaffle version all the more enticing to look at and scrumptious to taste!

So what are you waiting for? 

This Chocolate Chaffle is definitely a bomb!

You’ll probably forget your name, and a bunch of other things, after a bite of this Oreo Chaffle!

Looking for something to keep you satiated, looks amazing, and luxurious? 

Then you will love this one!

Despite its name, there is actually no Oreo used in this recipe. 

Then why is it called Oreo Chaffle?

It’s because after following the instructions, you will end up with a chaffle that looks pretty close to an Oreo cookie!

Interesting, don’t you think?

The chaffle itself is decadent and soft but when you add cream cheese it just turns into a perfectly creamy mouthful bite!

Both kids and adults will surely have fun making this one!

Make it an activity to make at home with the kids, and for sure, despite the mess, you will probably end up with, their smile as they do this and take a mouthful, makes it worth it.  


Then get going and make this one today!

Herb addicts, this one might interest your delicate palates.

Everything that has herbs and spices in it is bound to be great and delicious, that’s a rule in the culinary world.

Like what most chefs say, always season your food!

And chaffles are no exception to that. 

So remember to season your chaffles!

After doing so, you will notice how your cheesy and fluffy favorite snack has just stepped up to the next level! 

You won’t believe just how savory this supposedly light meal becomes after following the recipe.

The addition of scallions, parsley, and black pepper elevates the taste and adds a new layer of flavors.

So chop up your herbs, and then try a bite of this delicious chaffle!

Are you aware that there’s a chaffle recipe for meat lovers?

Yes, there’s actually one!

By following the recipe, you’ll end up with a chaffle that still has its usual features, creamy and fluffy texture, with a bit of meaty taste!

When you jam it up with your breakfast sausage, it turns into a very meaty pseudo-sandwich!

Feast your morning palate with this meal for champions.

Sandwich is one of mankind’s best inventions.


It’s because it’s fully customizable!

You can mix and match your go-to ingredients and come up with your own version. 

In fact, all parts of the world have their very own sandwich recipe. 

If you think about it, chaffles can be turned into a good sandwich! 

They’re fluffy just like your regular white bread.

Not only are the chaffles themselves a bit crispy but the bacon is savory, the tomatoes give off a lot of umami and the lettuce is crunchy!

There’s one way to make yourself look forward to breakfast every morning.

Prepare a breakfast staple you actually enjoy eating!

When it tastes as good as this recipe, shutting off the alarm and walking up to the dinner table won’t be a daily challenge!

Imagine your usual chaffles being infused with a nutty and decadent chocolate flavor, and then cream cheese to top it all off. 

The nutty flavors of the Macadamia nuts are so indulgent, you won’t be able to stop taking a bite of this creamy goodness!

Do you know how Chaffles are already cheesy on their own?

This Grilled Cheese Chaffle just makes it even cheesier than usual!

Nothing can ever go wrong with melted cheese! 

It just doesn’t disappoint!

The chewy, savory, milky, and salty cheese is just worth the hype.

Even people who don’t like cheese will surely love this Grilled Cheese Chaffle recipe.

For sure, you will love this chaffle!

Think about it, what can go wrong with cheese, chicken, and bacon ranch?

Absolutely nothing!

In each bite, there is an explosion of flavors!

It’s just that good!

Diced chicken and bacon are mixed with a ranch dressing and optionally, sour cream.

This chaffle has it all – sweet, savory, sour, salty, you name it! 

A lot of flavors mingle together to create this fantastic chaffle.

Get hooked!

The bottom line

Whatever your reason might be for looking into chaffles, we can assure you that trying them out will be the best decision you can ever make. 

It uses ingredients that are likely available in your kitchen, takes only a few minutes to make, and yet is very versatile. 

Did we mention it tastes great too?

Start off with the original recipe and once you’ve grown tired of it, you can mix it up with different ingredients and come up with your very own version. 

The only limit you have is your imagination!

If you need help getting started, the 11 Chaffle Recipes we listed in this article should give you several ideas on what you can do. 

If waking up early is a challenge, trying out different chaffle recipes for breakfast just might be the boost you needed. 

So there you have it, from chocolate flavorings to sausages, sandwiches to ranches – this chaffle has great potential!

Test it out and see which recipe comes out as your favorite!

Will you be a fan of the original recipe or would you rather have the version with herbs or meat with it?

We’d like to know how it turns out! 

Check out our Carbquick Recipes here too, which make a great chaffle batter!

Top 11 Best Ways To Make Chaffles 🧇

Top 11 Best Ways To Make Chaffles 🧇

From chocolate flavorings to sausages, sandwiches to ranches - this list of 11 easy Chaffle Recipes has great potential!


  • Almond Flour Chaffles
  • Keto Pizza Chaffles
  • Original Chaffles
  • Chocolate Chaffles
  • Oreo Chaffle
  • Cheddar & Herb Chaffle
  • Sausage Stuffed Chaffle
  • Keto BLT Chaffle Sandwich
  • Coconut Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Chaffles
  • Grilled Cheese Keto Chaffles
  • Chicken Bacon Ranch Chaffle


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