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12 Easy Cucumber Vodka Recipes

12 Easy Cucumber Vodka Recipes

Here are our 12 best cucumber vodka recipes, including cucumber mojito, lime martini, and more; add them to your cocktail repertoire!

Adding vegetables and fruits to cocktails isn’t entirely new, but innovative methods have recently become a trendy option that provides a highlight of these ingredients for many drink aficionados. 

One ingredient, in particular, has become quite popular as a cocktail add-in, despite its association with having a bitter and earthy taste.

Cucumbers are known for being the starting ingredient to the crunchy, salty, and sour pickles that many people use with many recipes and are also a widely used add-on to salads.   

While many think that cucumbers are vegetables, they are the vine plant’s fruit and belong to the same family as the watermelon. 

Cucumbers have a faint melon aroma, with a mild and lightly sweet flavor due to their water content.

Cucumbers are made of up to 96% water, making them the food type with the highest water concentration. 

Its mild flavors make it a suitable add-in to many different drinks, which is why cucumbers have become a go-to for many mixologists. 

It can be used as an add-in ingredient, muddled with herbs and sugar, or to add color and garnish a drink. 

Cucumber also pairs well with the subtle flavor of vodka, allowing herby and refreshing flavors to take the limelight, making cucumber-infused vodka a delicious ingredient in any cocktail. 

You should choose these cucumber vodka recipes when considering fresh and tasty cocktails. 

The #10 Sparkling Cucumber Cocktail recipe is a crowd-pleasing option that will stand out on this list as an absolute refresher!

This light version of the whiskey highball provides a perfect drink to beat the summer heat. 

These Cucumber Mint Highballs focus their flavors on fresh cucumbers and mint, which blend seamlessly to get you cold from the inside. 

This recipe uses cucumber and lime-infused vodka mixed with Diet Sprite to produce a highball that’s easy to make and sugar-free. 

The citrus tones from the lime in the vodka and Sprite mix provide the right amount of zest that can get you feeling cool and refreshed. 

Minty mojitos mixed with cucumbers are an excellent combination for a refreshing summer cocktail. 

This recipe is a refreshing twist on the classic mojito by using a homemade cucumber vodka that makes all the difference. 

To make this drink, mint leaves, limes, cucumber slices, and sugar are muddled together in a highball glass to release all its oils and juices. 

Top it with ice cubes before adding in the cucumber vodka and club soda, stirring it together. 

Garnish the mojito with cucumber and lime to serve. 

These Cucumber Lime Vodka Coolers are a great go-to summer beverage that is light and relaxing, allowing you to cool yourself down. 

All you need is fresh lime juice, cucumber vodka, soda, cucumber slices, salt, and a splash of sweet and sour, to be shaken inside a mason jar or cocktail shaker before it’s poured and served. 

To add more layers of flavor to this drink, you can even add different ingredients, such as using champagne or sparkling wine.

You can even mix in cantaloupe melon with your cucumber to create a refreshing mix to base the drink on.

This take on the classic highball drink Rickey, which uses gin or bourbon, provides a lighter spin with the use of cucumber-infused vodka instead.

Cucumber-infused vodka provides herby and fresh tones that elevate this drink even further.

The muddled ingredients, from the mint leaves, lime juice, cucumber slices, and agave, are added to the cucumber vodka and topped with seltzer or club soda. 
With this process, you’ll be sipping on an invigorating cocktail in no time! 

A simple, yet elegant cocktail, this Cucumber Vodka Gimlet is a cool and crisp drink to serve in the summer. 

A gimlet is an old-fashioned cocktail from the 1930s, traditionally made with gin, but this recipe elevates the variation to be more refreshing. 

This drink has only three ingredients: cucumber vodka, lime juice, and simple syrup, making it easy to make. 

All the ingredients are combined in a cocktail shaker filled with ice, to be poured into a serving glass and garnished with a slice of cucumber and fresh mint.

This boozy cucumber lemonade is the type of cocktail ideal for brunch parties and gatherings in the summer. 

This drink is served in a pitcher that everyone will be asking for! 

This cucumber vodka drink is made more refreshing with the addition of sweet and tangy lemonade. 

This cucumber, mint, and lemon mix has proven to be a thirst-quenching combination. 

All you need to make this drink are four main ingredients: cucumber juice, fresh mint leaves, Prairie Organic Cucumber vodka, and lemonade. 

Shake them all together and serve over ice in a tall glass, garnish with mint and lemon to make your guests enjoy this cooling cocktail.

Providing a cool twist to the sophisticated, classic Martini is this Cucumber Lime Martini recipe that highlights the perfect flavor combination of cucumber and lime. 

This drink stars cucumber vodka, triple sec, and lime, tossed and combined in a cocktail shaker with ice. 

Pour the drink into a martini glass and garnish with slices of cucumber and mint for that added touch of finesse. 

This drink is worthy of being sipped slowly to savor its flavor as well as the kick!

This Cucumber Vodka Water recipe is a preferred drink to enjoy when lounging by the pool or gathering with friends by the lake. 

The splash of alcohol for this drink comes from cucumber vodka, which is undoubtedly a great way to jazz up any summer party.

Added with lime juice, seltzer, and water, this fresh and thirst-quenching drink makes it feel more like drinking cucumber water, with a pleasant and equally light kick. 

Simply pour the cucumber vodka over ice, add seltzer, water, and lime juice into the cold mixture and stir to combine. 

Add some slices of fresh cucumber to garnish, and it’s ready to be enjoyed. 

You can elevate this cocktail further by adding bits of fruits such as oranges, strawberries, or watermelon to provide more layers of flavor.

A bright and appealing cocktail, this vodka tonic recipe highlights two invigorating ingredients: cucumber and watermelon. 

This Cucumber Melon Vodka Tonic is a great relaxer for when the season is hot and can provide the refreshment you need even when gathering outside. 

It’s made with rich and smooth cucumber vodka mixed with watermelon juice, tonic water, and maple syrup to sweeten. 

After mixing the ingredients, you can fill a glass with it and garnish it with fresh mint and sliced cucumber. 

You can also add watermelon ice cubes to make the drink more enticing. 

With its striking red color and fresh flavors, this fun recipe will surely be a central feature when hosting your friends at your next party.

This Sparkling Cucumber Cocktail recipe is a bubbly refreshment that can easily top the list of your favorite drinks! 

A spin on the classic Tom Collins cocktail, this recipe swaps gin for cucumber-infused vodka, making it more like a John Collins. 

It combines cucumber vodka, soda water, lemon juice, and simple syrup to create an invigorating drink. 

The pop from citrusy lemon and the presence of spitz from the bubbly soda provide a crowd-pleasing refresher that’s flavorful and easy to make. 

The classic Cosmopolitan is a classic and elegant vodka cocktail while also being sweet and tart from the flavors of its ingredients. 

This spin on the traditional recipe features a cosmo made with cucumber vodka, triple sec, cranberry, and lime juice.

Cucumber has a fresh, clean taste, with just the right amount of herby tones that complement the cranberry and lime flavors. 

This provides the classic cosmo recipe with an added layer of deliciousness, as the cucumber vodka incorporates all the flavors nicely.

This flavorful twist to the classic Moscow Mule will make your mouth water with its spicy and refreshing flavors! 

The Jalapeño Cucumber Moscow Mule highlights cucumber-infused vodka, with an added layer of spice in the mix. 

It adds a few jalapeño peppers to the cucumber vodka, making it packed with intense flavor. 

The cucumber-jalapeno vodka mix is added with ginger beer and fresh lime juice to provide the desired fizz and tones of citrus. 

Serve the drink on a copper mule mug with crushed ice, and garnish with slices of jalapeño and cucumber, and you’ll be placing a crowd-stopper on the table that everyone will love! 

The bottom line

Cucumber-infused vodka is a premium ingredient that can elevate any cocktail drink.

It mixes well with other ingredients while also providing the refreshing tones that cucumber is known for. 

If you’re choosing an option for your next summer gathering that can serve up the freshness, then these cucumber vodka recipes will quickly be your go-to!

Cucumber Vodka Recipe Assortment

Cucumber Vodka Recipe Assortment

Here are our 12 best cucumber vodka recipes, including cucumber mojito, lime martini, and more; add them to your cocktail repertoire!


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  • Cucumber Lime Martini
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  • Cucumber Melon Vodka Tonic
  • Sparkling Cucumber Cocktail
  • Cucumber Cosmo
  • Jalapeño Cucumber Moscow Mule


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