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13 Unique Quinoa Flour Recipes

13 Unique Quinoa Flour Recipes

Check out this epic compilation of quinoa flour recipes, covering everything you love to make, from pancakes to brownies. 

We can’t help but munch on our favorite treats or desserts after a scrumptious and savory main course.

And for the bakers and bakers at heart, the rise of using quinoa flour is not stopping anytime soon, and for a good reason. 

Quinoa flour is made by grinding quinoa seeds until you get that powdery consistency. 

It looks similar to all-purpose flour, making it a perfect alternative for white, rye, bread, or wheat flour for baking your pastries or desserts.

Quinoa flour is an excellent gluten-free flour that is high in protein and fiber.

While all-purpose flour gives your baked or cooked goods more structure, quinoa flour will also make them chewier, with a crumblier texture. 

Due to quinoa flour’s lack of gluten, you must consider adjusting some ingredients to make your treats fluffier and lighter.

Your baked or cooked goods may turn out denser when using quinoa flour. 

That said, it’s essential to balance the recipe by precisely estimating the other ingredients.

Quinoa flour has a distinct and earthy taste, almost bitter and grass-like, which can sometimes overpower a recipe.

It’s up to your natural chef skills to make this flour a versatile ingredient in all your desserts, snacks, appetizers, or pastries. 

You can start with these 13 quinoa flour recipes, especially #12, which is the moistest chocolate quinoa brownie ever!

No one ever gets old with fluffy and chewy muffins that are great with your coffee in the morning or as a snack or dessert after lunch or dinner. 

But a great way to put your quinoa flour to good use is making this Banana Quinoa Flour Muffins recipe. 

Not only are these fluffy, but they’re also moist and tender and will melt in your mouth with every bite. 

These are delicious, especially with the decadent vanilla glaze so enticing on top of the muffin and the chopped walnuts that give these babies that extra crunch.

You can also experiment with a pizza crust if you have a lot of quinoa flour lying around the kitchen or pantry.

Not only will this pizza crust hold all your favorite pizza toppings, but it will also have a good texture and distinct taste that will add another layer of flavor to your pizza.

The key to making this crust perfect and the pizza delicious is to add in all the savory toppings you can think of

Some ideas are mozzarella, pepperoni, arugula, chickpeas, beef, or broccoli if you want veggies on your pizza. 

Why settle for ordinary bread when you can get gluten-free bread that brings out the flavor of quinoa flour?

You’ll enjoy the unique nutty flavor of the toasted quinoa that makes this bread excellent for your breakfast sandwich or dinner appetizers. 

Although you use quinoa flour in this recipe, you must mix it with tapioca starch, melted coconut avocado, xantham gum, and honey or maple syrup for that added sweetness. 

Keep the baked bread for a couple of days and pair it with peanut butter and jelly for a great PBS!

Why not start your day with Quinoa Flour Pancakes?

The thing about this pancake recipe is that they’re made like a regular pancake, except for the replacement of quinoa flour. 

And that taste is even better!

This recipe is easy to whip up with only a handful of ingredients like maple syrup, vanilla extract, baking soda, egg, milk, and a couple of toppings

The key to making extra fluffy pancakes is perfecting the batter, so make sure it has the right consistency.

If you’re looking for crunchy treats, why not try these homemade Quinoa Crackers?

These can be perfect appetizers for your next get-together with friends and family.

These crackers are only made with coconut oil, garlic powder, salt, and water.

They are an excellent pairing with cheese, and dips, or to make it bolder, try some Mexican sauces or salsa.

So if you’re looking for an easy-to-make starter, don’t miss this if you’re short on time.

Are you always worried about what to pair with your coffee in the morning or hot chocolate drink before bedtime?

These Gingersnap Cookies are to die for with their crunchy exterior and chewy and soft interior. 

It’s sweet and decadent, even without chocolate in it!

Don’t forget to add the crystallized ginger as it mixes well with the molasses in the batter. 

Bake these bad boys in the oven for 12 to 15 minutes until the cookies turn into beautiful brown treats.

If you’re looking to transform your quinoa flour into a wrap, try this Gluten-Free Roti recipe or chapati. 

Rotis are great because they’re pliable, and cooking them on the stove or on fire brings out all the earthy flavor in quinoa. 

It offers a distinct taste you usually don’t get with your ordinary all-purpose flour. 

You can pair roti with homemade hummus or turn it into a wrap with all your favorite fillings like ground beef, cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, onions, cilantro, and more.

If you’re a fan of Indian cuisine, you’ve got to try this Quinoa Flour Naan Bread recipe, which is nutty and has a slight zesty tang. 

This naan bread’s fragrance will consume the kitchen once it’s cooked on the stove or fire until perfection. 

You need a few ingredients like xanthan gum, honey, active dry yeast, millet flour, potato starch, garlic powder, and olive oil. 

This naan bread will go exceptionally well with your chicken or vegetable curry.

Red peppers on muffins might sound like a bizarre pairing once you hear it, but trust me, it works.

These muffins are soft and chewy and give a little crunch due to the cornmeal.

The red peppers give these muffins a slight kick by adding heat, and the goat cheese offers a tart and earthy flavor. 

The goat cheese also gives these delectable muffins their great aroma, along with the other simple ingredients like dried oregano, ground cayenne, jalapenos, buttermilk, salt, and olive oil. 

These Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookies are everything you want in a cookie and more. 

It’s sweet, briny, chewy, soft, and crunchy at the same time.

All these different flavors and contrasting textures will make these cookies a crowd pleaser during your weeknight intimate dinners with the family or summertime gathering. 

It only takes 22 minutes to prep and bake these cookies, and once you pop them in the oven, your kitchen will smell like freshly baked chocolate.

You’ll need a buttery vegan spread, organic can sugar, coconut sugar, and applesauce, and don’t forget to add those chocolate chips for that gooey chocolatey goodness!

Why not surprise your loved ones with these super tender, moist, and fudgy Quinoa Brownies?

A perfect brownie has to have that shiny and cracked crust and a fudgy and chewy inside. 

And all this chocolatey goodness you can achieve by using gluten-free quinoa flour.

You can adjust the sweetness by adding less sugar and fewer chocolate chips, but the choco chips also help with the fudginess.

This recipe keeps it simple, but you can add your favorite nuts like walnuts or almonds to give it a crunchy texture.

This is the most awaited recipe on this list, and there’s a reason why it’s unforgettable.

The moist chocolate cake and decadent avocado batter and the chocolate chips on top of the brownie give you that gooey chocolatey goodness.

This recipe is extremely rich and super addictive, which will undeniably be gone in minutes when served at a party or big dinner gathering.

If you’re looking for bright and revitalizing flavors in your tart instead of the usual sweetness, these Quinoa Heirloom Tomato Tarts are a must-try!

This is called “summer in a tart” because the filling reminds you of the tropics and comfortable and warm weather. 

Imagine bite-sized tarts with a crispy crust filled with arugula, goat cheese, spinach, and pesto!

The crust offers a mild taste and earthy flavors of the basil and oregano, infused with the nutty flavor of the quinoa flour. 

Plus, don’t forget the juicy flavor and sweetness of the Heirloom tomatoes that will be soaked up in the crust and meld with all the other ingredients.

The bottom line

Replacing your go-to all-purpose flour with quinoa flour is an excellent choice if you want gluten-free pastries and desserts that don’t seem too heavy after consumption. 

Working with quinoa flour also takes a minimal learning curve because it works like ordinary flour, except it’s less stretchy. 

So what are you waiting for?

Get those aprons and start baking!

Unique Quinoa Flour Recipe Assortment

Unique Quinoa Flour Recipe Assortment

Check out this epic compilation of quinoa flour recipes, covering everything you love to make, from pancakes to brownies. 


  • Banana Quinoa Flour Muffins
  • Quinoa Flour Pizza Crust
  • Quinoa Bread
  • Quinoa Flour Pancakes
  • Quinoa Crackers
  • Gingersnap Cookies
  • Gluten-Free Roti
  • Quinoa Flour Naan Bread
  • Muffins With Roasted Red Peppers & Goat Cheese
  • Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookies
  • Quinoa Brownies
  • Quinoa Avocado Chocolate Brownie
  • Quinoa Heirloom Tomato Tart


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