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What To Serve With Taco Soup: 15 Yummy Sides!

What To Serve With Taco Soup: 15 Yummy Sides!

So, let’s talk about side dishes with your Tex-Mex. Taco soup is on the menu, but what best goes with taco soup? What to serve with taco soup is on our list today!

There are loads of options to choose from that can go alongside your taco soup.

Will it be the classic Bread Bowls, an essential partner to any soup?

Some Pulled Pork Stuffed Potato Skins to give you the smoky, southern feel?

Or a slice of Red Velvet Cake to add some sugar for your sweet tooth?

Perhaps #12‘s Havarti Quinoa Salad With Cilantro Vinaigrette might even be your new craving!

Taco soup can go along with just about anything; the sky’s the limit!

Make sure you’re ready to cook, bake and indulge yourself in these 15 side dishes and desserts as we learn what to serve with taco soup!

How else to start this list than by partaking in a crumbly Mexican Cornbread that will uplift the spirits?

This cornbread is not like your ordinary cornbread, though!

Besides the usual fluffy, buttery delight that can be tasted with a regular cornbread dough, this bread has a unique twist.

Ever had cheddar cheese, fresh jalapeños, and (actual) corn in your cornbread?

We didn’t think so!

Enjoy this Mexican treat alongside your taco soup!

At first glance, a sweet and tasty dessert such as this Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake might seem like a weird pairing for your taco soup.

But if you are a sweet tooth and want something to contrast the savory flavors of your soup, then this confection might be it for you!

This cake is usually front and center for your birthday parties.

However, with its thick layer of gooey, chewy chocolate chip cookie topped with vanilla buttercream and a rainbow splash of sprinkles, it best suits any occasion!

Feel free to partner it with your taco soup for an interesting combination and a hefty addition to your guilty pleasures!

Want even more taco goodness in your meal?

This Layered Taco Bake with Cheesy Nachos is to die for!

If you’re looking for an innovative lunch to serve your family, a taco lunch might be the way to go.

This dish is sometimes called Mexican pizza, yet even a young child can cook up a taco bake storm due to how quick and easy it is to make!

Just use some ground beef, tortillas, cheese, and lots of the seasonings and spices of your choosing!

Dig into this, and you’ll be closing your eyes, humming as you go for a bite after bite!

A light soup such as taco soup would go perfectly with this solid appetizer!

These potato skins will undoubtedly highlight the soup, perfect to serve even in a banquet.

And when your teeth sink into the hefty snack, the full-bodied taste of the pork, cheese, and butter will enlighten your senses.

Together with the taco soup’s richness, you’ll be finishing your entire plate before you know it!

Add on some sour cream and green onions, and you have a snack made by destiny!

Nothing says fresh than eating this salad!

Cucumber, avocado, and tomato have never been this good!

Add them to your taco soup, and you have a match made in heaven.

Beautiful to look at with its stunning colors, yet also fun and vibrant when you eat it that it almost pops in your mouth.

It goes so well with taco soup that you may add this salad on top of some tacos for a taco-licious meal!

Grab your fork and take a bite into happiness with this salad!

Do you want to add some chocolate brownies to partner with the beans in your taco soup?

Black Bean Brownies are your best bet!

You won’t notice the beans inside when biting into this indulgence.

These chocolate Black Bean Brownies are packed full of flavor!

Make sure to melt some dark chocolate chips to give your brownies that lovely drizzled finish.

It might take a while to perfect your drizzle, but the end product is oh-so-satisfying!

This Chocolate Champurrado is a must-have to add more Mexican flavors to your taco soup!

This champurrado enriched in chocolate, milk, and cinnamon is distinct from its roots.

Sips of this hot drink with your taco soup are essential during rainy or cold days.

You change this recipe in various ways, such as adding water, milk, or even both.

Some even go their way to add some unique flavors, such as star anise, to their drink.

But nothing can go wrong with the classic!

To take a break from the Mexican side dishes and treats, we have some Italian Grilled Vegetables that can go well with your taco soup.

It’s super easy to grill these vegetables and goes perfectly with the smoky, marinated meat with tacos!

You may as well add some parmesan cheese while you’re at it; cheese is, after all, delicious addition to any food!

Feel free to use some skewers in your grilled vegetables to enhance the barbeque feel of your meal!

Bread Bowls are an everyday necessity to add to soups.

It is truly the epitome of convenience, serving as bread and bowl for your taco soup!

Making bread bowls is as easy as 123.

The rising time can even be used to prepare your taco soup and attend to your party guests!

No matter your skill level, Bread Bowls can be done by almost anyone and goes hand-in-hand with your soups and even dips!

We can hear you, dessert lovers!

This sweet little treat can also partner with your taco soup.

Just like the chocolate chip cookie cake adds an ensemble to the taco soup in terms of sweet and savory, the luscious taste of buttercream icing and cream cheese is certainly a no-brainer.

The perfect Red Velvet Cake is moist and melts in your mouth, silky smooth in its icing, and has cream cheese that is the life of the party.

This recipe is that!

The elegant color of red is as elegant as its taste; with its dashes of vanilla buttermilk, coffee, and tangy buttercream, much is to be said about this dessert!

Mexican Rice is, hands down, a much-needed side dish to consider when creating taco soup!

This rice can partner with any meal.

This hearty rice can match any dish, from succulent meats like pork to fresh seafood like shrimp!

The ingredients are most likely pantry staples, ranging from olive oil, garlic, tomato sauce, and more.

You will want more Mexican Rice bowls to accompany your taco soup any day!

A yummy and fantastic take on a quinoa salad will change things up with your soup!

The best part is that the quinoa can be prepared early to save the usual preparation and focus on what’s essential; the acidic but tasty salad!

The blend of avocado makes the cilantro vinaigrette so creamy in its texture and consistency.

You may add other leftovers such as vegetables, chicken, shrimp, or steak.

You wouldn’t want to be missing out on this excellent addition to your taco soup!

Do you ever desire to take a bite into the most heavenly, perfectly pillowy Cinnamon Rolls you have ever laid your eyes on?

This recipe is just for you!

After taking some gentle sips on your taco soup, the urge to splurge and ravish in this cinnamon-packed wonder is all the rave!

But especially if it’s warm, right out of the oven?

Who can resist this luxurious temptation!

A New York Cheesecake is a best seller in any bakery or confectionery.

Why not bring this buttery, delicate cake into the comfort of your own home?

When partnered with your taco soup, it can be a well-desired meal to share alongside your family, friends, and coworkers!

Slowly pushing your fork down its soft center will evoke a luscious feeling to the whole experience!

It can also be topped with berries, syrup, or icing!

Last but not least, we have some Frijoles De La Olla, an exciting new addition to your taco soup!

Traditionally, this dish used to be cooked in a clay pot.

But nowadays, a simple slow cooker or Crock-Pot can do the job well.

Beans go well with tacos, so you may add these beans to your taco soup to add a more distinctive flavor!

A squeeze of lime juice, diced onion, or chopped cilantro might do the trick!

The bottom line

Now that you have concocted your wonderful taco soup, you might be thinking, what do I serve along with my taco soup? 

Have no fear, for we have prepared an extravagant list of yummy sides to accompany your taco soup!

We hope you found this list inspiring and helped you pick something delicious!

Taco soup can be prepared in many different ways and flavors, and you need something to cool the heat, amp up the spice, or balance out the tomato and beans.

Flavors are more exciting, especially if you know what to serve with taco soup.

But what can make your soup perfect are the side dishes that go along with it!

There are a variety of choices that you can use for your next taco soup.

It’s up to your taste and whether you would like to go for the sweet or savory route!

Make sure to prepare many side dishes and desserts for the whole family!

What to Serve With Taco Soup

What To Serve With Taco Soup 😋

So, let’s talk side dishes with your tex-mex. Taco soup is on the menu, but what best goes with taco soup? What to serve with taco soup is on our list today!


  • Mexican Cornbread
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake
  • Layered Taco Bake With Cheesy Nachos
  • Pulled Pork Stuffed Potato Skins
  • Cucumber Avocado Tomato Salad
  • Black Bean Brownies
  • Chocolate Champurrado
  • Italian Grilled Vegetables
  • Bread Bowls
  • Southern Red Velvet Cake
  • Mexican Rice
  • Havarti Quinoa Salad With Cilantro Vinaigrette
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • New York Cheesecake
  • Frijoles De La Olla


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