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15 BEST Triple Sec Cocktails: Recipes To Help You Celebrate Tipsy Tuesday!

15 BEST Triple Sec Cocktails: Recipes To Help You Celebrate Tipsy Tuesday!

These 15 best triple sec cocktails are like the best friends you never knew you had.

You know you can rely on them every time you want to hang out with friends and have a good time.

Triple sec is a high-quality orange-flavored liqueur

They are the kind of drink that has a tad bit more of everything that makes a drink remarkable. 

They contain more flavor, more sweetness, and more of what you enjoy in a drink. 

They’re so good, in fact, that you keep a mental list of all your favorite concoctions so you can experience making them and come up with your own version from home. 

If you’re looking for more triple sec cocktails you can try from home, we have 15 recipes you won’t regret making and serving to family and guests. 

Hint: #2 and #12 are our top favorites! 

Keep scrolling to discover the best triple sec cocktail recipes.

When it comes to Long Island Iced Tea, there are two things you can’t do without; a straw and a side of rum.

This iconic cocktail is made with four different kinds of alcohol—vodka, tequila, rum, and gin—which means that it’s not only delicious but also packs a punch. 

It’s become so popular that it’s now been added to the official menu at Long Island restaurants and bars across the country.

The drink is made by mixing rum and Gin with Vodka and then topping it off with sweet tea. 

You could even add a little Grenadine for extra punch. 

We’re not sure why, but every time we think about this cocktail we get an overwhelming urge to sing: 

“I’m sippin’ on some Seville Blossom Triple Sec cocktails! 

It’s got a tomato water kick, so it’s a little tart!”

(We are well aware that nobody actually sings that song, but the part of our brain that controls music keeps trying to make us.)

But really, this Triple Sec Cocktail is one of the most interesting drinks ever attempted. 

It’s full of color and with its orange taste and sweet subtle tomato water flavors, it’s more than just your average drink at the bar. 

It’s a work of art!

Inspired by the smell of oranges from Seville. 

So if you want to get an idea of what this cocktail tastes like, go visit Spain. 

Better yet, give this cocktail a try!

Pops of strawberry, a smidge of sweet syrup, and swirls of lime.

It’s one of those drinks that makes you wish you were sipping them under the sun by the beach in Cabo.

This frozen variation on the classic Margarita is made by muddling strawberries in sweetened berries and mixing them with triple sec, tequila, lime juice, and ice.

The most important thing to remember when mixing this drink is that the strawberries should be frozen. 

If they aren’t, they will dilute your drink and make it taste watery.

When you’re ready to serve it up, just add a few more cubes of ice and shake like there’s no tomorrow!

For anyone who’s ever been to Hawaii, you know it’s got a tropical paradise vibe that can’t be beaten. 

The natural beauty and the sound of the waves crashing are enough to make you feel like you’re in a different world—but what if you could take that feeling with you? 

This Mai Tai Cocktail uses all-natural ingredients to give you the taste of the tropics without having to leave your own home. 

It’s spiked with a blend of sweet and spiced alcohols, making it fun to sip while the weather is warm and the sun is starting to set.

The best part? 

This drink tastes so good, that you’ll want to keep it around all year long!

We’re shaking up some Cosmos—it’s clear why the Cosmo over all other cocktails got to be in the SATC spotlight. 

Simply because it’s fab, it’s pink and it’s eye-catching, sounds fitting enough for the gals of SATC. 

This is a perfect drink to pick up your spirits or take you and your crew to a new level. 

Get caught sipping on this, and you still look like you got it all going on. 

That’s a big part of the beauty of this cocktail…it comes with an unspoken sense of eliteness. 

You just look elevated holding one of these. 

Funny enough, high society isn’t really our thing; we just want a fun night in! 

A cocktail to sip on while you’re settling in for a nice evening at home, this Lemon Drop Martini is an easy cocktail to make with just a few simple ingredients that you probably already have. 

Skip going out – stay in for drinks! 

It’s the most refreshing vodka martini you’ll ever meet. 

Fruity and tart lemon, with a hint of sugar, makes this a true Lemon Drop Martini. 

Forget about the bar setting – this drink is for those nights that only happen when staying in for a relaxing night in.

Simply pour chilled vodka over the rim of your glass then add some fresh lemon juice, followed by a sprinkle of sugar.

A little “divine wind” can really make a difference in your life.

It’s the perfect companion to help you chill after a long day at work and let your hair down with friends on the weekends. 

A good Kamikaze drink can be the start of a great night. 

Bring the breeze of a tropical island to your home with this refreshing drink! 

The Kamikaze is a combination of vodka and lime juice with a splash of cranberry juice. 

Enjoy this original take on the traditional margarita in the comforts of your own home with this easy-to-follow recipe.

Cocktails are a work of art, but this colorful concoction from Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando is a piece of art in a glass. 

A libation to celebrate the start of Sunday brunch for mom or just springtime in general, this fruity blend is made with passion fruit juice, orange liqueur, and fresh mint leaves. 

A vibrant mix of sweet pineapple, tart lemon, and bright orange flavors with a touch of zesty ginger, this cocktail is a fun way to celebrate spring.

No one knows who invented this brilliant cocktail, but it’s believed to come into being in the middle of the 20th century. 

With its bright hue and heavenly taste from the blend of sweet vermouth, bourbon whiskey, triple sec, and lemon juice, this Man O’ War Cocktail that will blow your socks off! 

While you can opt for triple sec, many bartenders today sometimes use orange curaçao to incorporate that deeper orange taste.

It’s time to hop on a trip down memory lane with the Orange Creamsicle Cocktail! 

Tequila, whipped vodka, orange juice, triple sec, and lime juice come together in a creamy cocktail that will transport you back to those lazy summer days of your childhood. 

The Orange Creamsicle Cocktail is a creamy, fruity orange delight that brings back memories of the ice cream truck. 

Tequila, whipped vodka, orange juice, triple sec, and lime juice come together in the ultimate creamy orange margarita! 

The taste of this delicious cocktail will transport you back to childhood summers chilling by the pool with an Orange Creamsicle.

The summer isn’t complete without a liquid refreshment that makes you think of triple sunsets and palm trees. 

This drink will take you there, with notes of mango and pineapple that transport you to paradise. 

We don’t put in any ice cubes, because they melt too fast! 

Made of three different types of rum, this drink is perfect for any occasion and can be served in a glass or pitcher. 

The pineapple makes it slightly sour, but still super sweet and will definitely leave you feeling like you are on vacation.

Winter is coming, but don’t let that stop you from having fun. 

A bright and refreshing cocktail, The Lady of Winterfell combines pineapple and mango rum with grapefruit juice, gin, and basil for a delightfully fresh drink. 

Inspired by one of our favorite characters, Sansa Stark, and her pink King’s Landing dress, this cocktail is the perfect drink the next time you decide to binge-watch Game of Thrones.

The fruits of summer are at their peak! 

With fresh peaches, vodka, triple sec, and lemon juice, this Peach Martini are both refreshing and even more delicious than it looks. 

This cocktail strikes a delicate balance of dry and sweet in a glass, this Peach Martini tastes just as good as it looks. 

For a fun twist on your classic drink, try adding a splash of cranberry juice!

If you’re looking for a good drink, the Vanilla Creamsicle is the one. 

This delicious beverage combines vodka and creamsicle mix. 

As if that weren’t enough of an intoxicating combination, it’s also 75% pure alcohol.

Imagine this: it’s summertime and you’re lounging by the beach. 

Sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying a refreshing cocktail is definitely in order. 

With our Watermelon Crush recipe, you can have your margarita and slurp it too! 

It’s like drinking a watermelon Jolly Rancher, but stronger. 

Perfect for large gatherings, parties, or just because you feel like a glass of something special. 

This is one yummy drink that everyone will enjoy!

The bottom line

Triple sec is a type of liqueur usually made from the peels of citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and limes. 

It is sweet, high in alcohol, and is used in many tropical-style cocktails. 

In the world of cocktails, there’s something for everyone. 

There are drinks that are as fancy as you want them to be or you can make your own with simple ingredients for a relaxing drink after work. 

A drink is not complete without the accompanying garnish, so we made sure to include some fun cocktail garnishes so that you can give your cocktails a little flair. 

It’s really a great way to impress guests and will make them think you are a cocktail expert! 

We hope you found this guide helpful. 

Now go out there and mix up some cocktails and impress your friends with your newfound knowledge.

15 BEST Triple Sec Cocktails For The Win! 🍸

15 BEST Triple Sec Cocktails For The Win! 🍸

These 15 best triple sec cocktails are like the best friends you never knew you had.


  • Long Island Iced Tea
  • Seville Blossom
  • Frozen Strawberry Margarita
  • Mai Tai Cocktail
  • The Classic Cosmopolitan
  • Lemon Drop Martini
  • Classic Kamikaze
  • Bohemian Passion
  • Man O’ War Cocktail
  • Creamsicle Margaritas
  • Mango Pineapple Rum Punch
  • The Lady Of Winterfell Martini
  • Peach Martini
  • Vanilla Creamsicle
  • Watermelon Crush


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