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25 BEST Bourbon Cocktails Definitely Worth Giving A Try! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿฅƒ

25 BEST Bourbon Cocktails Definitely Worth Giving A Try! 😉 🥃

If you’re looking for the perfect bourbon cocktail, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got 25 of them for you—so many that you might be overwhelmed. But we’re sure you’ll agree that at least one of these Bourbon cocktails is a new favorite.

There are more barrels of Bourbon than the human population in Kentucky. 

Sounds a bit interesting, isn’t it?

This brown liquid hails mostly from the state where it got its namesake–old Bourbon, now the Bourbon County we know. 

But did you know that it should not be made anywhere else besides the United States to be considered authentic?

The sweet-tasting whiskey gets its most distinctive taste from being distilled from a mixed mash that contains 51% corn or more. 

Also, the grains are fermented and distilled until the alcohol content is 80 percent by volume (ABV).

It’s then aged in barrels that have been charred.

The barrels, you see, had never been used for anything else.

This is how straight Bourbon whiskey is barrelled and kept for two years or more. 

After barreling, it undergoes filtration and dilution to contain at least 40% ABV. 

And now,  let us explore the cocktail recipes that bring out the full flavor of Bourbon.

Get into the holiday mood with a shot of The Three Wise Men, Classic Hot Toddy, or the less boozy Cranberry Old Fashioned Cocktail

If you’re a newbie at mixing Bourbon cocktails, give The Black Demure and Palmer Park Swizzle a try. 

But if you really want something uniquely delicious, fruity, and tart, you might want to give #22 a shot.

But however you slice it, most mixes here are not hard to reinvent at home.

And you probably won’t need that many ingredients to make a tasty cocktail that you can share with friends.

Treading the same path as Manhattan is a cocktail that infuses coffee liquor into your brown spirit. 

It’s enough to get you relaxed without getting tiddly. 

Simply strain the mixture before you enjoy the concoction in a chilled glass and with a flamed orange peel.

Take a hit at this combination of big-name liquors. 

It’s a highly potent trio perfect for getting you into holiday cheer. 

Best enjoyed cold and straight up.

Here’s a Bourbon twist to the vodka-infused recipe originally known as the Moscow mule. 

However, you don’t need to be a pro to ace this number with refreshing elements like ginger beer, fresh lime juice, and mint. 

Tip: Try to source your liquor straight from Kentucky for a genuine taste.

Ginger Julep is a much less potent cocktail mix that downplays the spirit with fresh ingredients. 

There’s also the Ginger-Mint syrup with a playful addition of fresh orange juice

It’s a light concoction that will gratify your midweek cravings.

A cocktail mix that’s fast becoming a modern classic is a Chicago bartender’s concoction whipped up in 2008. 

Actually, Sam Ross created the original cocktail for The Violet Hour.

And for those who, like us, wonder what this drink is, it’s a bright orange drink frequently compared with the original Campari.

The only difference is that the recipe swaps the bitters with Aperol, which didn’t overpower the sweetness of the Bourbon.

While you’re on the case of mint juleps, here’s another cocktail mix that’s just as fun to make as it is to drink. 

The drink, also known as the Bourbon Smash, takes its name from the smashing technique used to combine the sweet-tart-fresh ingredients.

This cocktail from 1887 would be too strong if served neat, so it should be served over lots of crushed ice.

This classic medley swaps simple syrups with maple syrup, an old-fashioned favorite amid the fall season. 

But pumpkin puree also amps up the autumn vibe of this twist on Bourbon and orange spirits.

Plus, black walnut bitters offer an element of surprise. 

Remember to shake the ingredients and strain in a shaker to achieve a rich, smooth taste.

If you like the bitter notes of Campari, take it with a touch of vermouth and add to it your Bourbon.

The bittersweet potion is also beloved by those who indulge in the classic Negroni.

Indeed, this spin-off won’t disappoint.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this dessert cocktail. 

Crème de cacao and heavy cream are the secret ingredients that give this drink its velvety richness.

But it’s the hazelnut liquor that makes it even better.

Overall, it’s a softer, comforting take on whiskey yet not overly sweet. 

Not to be confused with the Bourbon Ball, this cocktail is easier to make and doesn’t even need mixing. 

It’s also for those days when you can’t take anything too intense. 

And if you like whiskey but don’t want to sip it neat, adding mixers can play down the strength of the spirits.

Warm-up with a tall glass of this classic cocktail!

This twist on the Tom Collins replaces the botanical elements with caramel and vanilla, adding a warmer touch to the popular drink. 

This cocktail is also perfect for those who want something that isn’t too heavy on their palate but still packs some punch.

And it’s light enough to drink during the day but flavorful enough to delight your taste buds later in the evening when you’re looking for something new!

Keep the festivities going with an easy combination that’s simply a classic!

But how?

Well, make a pitcher of this blend perfectly balanced with bitters–aromatic or cardamom. 

The simple cranberry syrup adds a pop of color, balancing element, and sweetness to the bitters combined with the sweet booze in this recipe.

You’ll be going in circles pretty quickly with this berry-infused spirit!

It is such a refreshing experience that livens up the palate. 

Plus, the light pink colors lend a fun vibe. 

The John Collins Bourbon Cocktail is well-loved by both novices and pros alike.

We can see why because the blackberries in this drink add a succulent taste to the well-balanced Bourbon with the citrus in the lemon wheel.

It’s also a great introduction to Bourbon for those who may not be familiar with it.

Besides, it serves as a perfect complement to more complex cocktails for those who want to enjoy them.

This drink tastes like iced tea, except that it’s got a Bourbon kick in it.

And for an extra tidbit, the Bayou Bar in the New Orleans’ Pontchartrain Hotel invented this blend.

Also, infusing the brown spirit with tea, mint, and lime juice is a great entrance into mixing Bourbon cocktails with flavors we’re already familiar with. 

For ladies’ night, you’ll want something delicate yet refreshingly fun. 

The apple cinnamon lends a familiar taste. 

And the egg white harmonizes the notes in this luscious drink.

This citrus-spicy blend is a twist to the classic sour cocktail. 

And it swaps the brandy with a more potent Bourbon whiskey sour. 

To get the flavor of this drink just right, though, you need to balance the mix with some Cointreau citrus.

Somewhere down the line of cocktail history, someone thought to swap sugar in a whiskey sour with a thick, rich infusion of sweetness.

And that was amazing!

Plus, the booze and honey twist is fast becoming a popular potion. 

But let’s not forget the addition of the third ingredient that gives it that citrus kick: the lemon juice.

If you like your Bourbon honey-infused, you’ll savor the goodness of this warm blend. 

It’s a recipe made for holidays with the family.

And if you feel like living up the festivity without getting overly tipsy, try this recipe perfect for slow sippers.

This simple take on the classic spirit plays down its dominance with herbal notes.

And there are only three ingredients in this recipe.

Yet, the flavors are so complex that they will indeed make it one of your favorites.

Here’s another citrus-based Bourbon with hints of brown sugar to add sweetness and some honey syrup. 

You can experiment with the fresh grapefruit you use for this mix.

But pink grapefruit works incredibly well in this mix.

This potion infuses a stronger 100-proof shot of bourbons like the Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond with light rum and a dash of Angostura bitters. 

For a sweet fruity twist, add flavor with crème de banana.

This cocktail is a crowd-pleaser, but it’s also the perfect drink for a night in with your best friends.

Try it out next time you’re having an old-fashioned night!

Indulge in this booze-added eggnog treat on chilly nights. 

It’s for people who do not like to take Bourbon straight. 

It’s thicker than most drinks and a bit more of an acquired taste, but if you’re willing to try it, you’ll find it really delicious.

Try this one if you’d like an alcoholic vibe on your apple cider!

It’s a hot mix warmed with a dash of allspice and cinnamon. 

It’s also best served in a footed mug. 

The bottom line

Bourbon from Kentucky is a captivating type of whiskey that’s ultra-specific with how it is made. 

It is generally a sweeter version that sets it apart from the other types of whiskey. 

And it has a taste along the lines of caramel, oak, and vanilla. 

There are also smooth, balanced blends that use bourbon without reducing or overpowering its taste.

Besides, dessert-like cocktails add fruity ingredients like banana and berries or chocolates and cream that make everything more comforting.

We mean, who doesn’t want chocolate on their cocktail? Right?

That said, we hope you enjoyed our list of 25 Bourbon cocktails.

The carefully-picked elements in these cocktail recipes are designed to bring out the delightful complex taste of Bourbon. 

Top 25 BEST Bourbon Cocktails 🥃

Top 25 BEST Bourbon Cocktails 🥃

Let’s explore these 25 easy Bourbon Cocktails with tasty, smooth recipes that bring out the full flavors of Bourbon.


  • The Manhattan
  • The Revolver
  • Three Wise Men Shot
  • Kentucky Mule
  • Ginger Julep
  • The Paper Plane
  • Whiskey Smash
  • Pumpkin Old-Fashioned
  • Boulevardier
  • Bourbon Ball
  • Bourbon Highball
  • John Collins Bourbon Cocktail
  • Cranberry Old Fashioned
  • The Charleston Bog
  • The Black Demure
  • Palmer Park Swizzle
  • Bourbon Apple Cider Sour
  • The Bourbon Sidecar
  • Gold Rush
  • Classic Hot Toddy
  • The Blind Pilot
  • Brown Derby Cocktail
  • Banana Rum Old-Fashioned
  • Bourbon Eggnog
  • Kentucky Mulled Cider


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