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21 BEST Cocktails Made With Sprite Soda

21 BEST Cocktails Made With Sprite Soda

Sprite cocktails are a great, economical way to kickstart your weekend. Take a look at my list of best cocktails made with Sprite soda.

For over a century, Sprite has been a refreshing drink that actually originated in Germany as a competitor to 7UP.

It’s delightfully sweet with a hint of citrus, isn’t overpowering, and is a big hit in all kinds of mixed drinks, punch, and cocktails.

Sprite cocktails are simple to make and flavorful, so you can spend less time making them and more time enjoying them!

Sprite cocktails are an easy and refreshing mixed drink, and of course, can even be tailored to be nonalcoholic and still delicious.

This compilation includes crowd favorites like Watermelon Crush, Citrus Splash, and Sassy Sangria

But don’t miss out on #17!

This is a list of links to alcoholic beverage recipes. Please drink responsibly.

The Sprite gives the drink a sweet citrus flavor that will make you want more, and the lime wedges add another layer of tartness to the drink. 

The soda water cuts through all of these flavors so that the drink doesn’t get too sweet or too sour—it’s just right!

So go on: give your taste buds something new to try!

You’ve been working hard all day, and you deserve a Dirty Shirley.

This grown-up version is just as delicious. 

Grenadine and Sprite are used to make the Dirty Shirley drink, which combines a fruity flavor with a boozy bite.

You should have this drink when you’re looking for something a little rich but not too sweet.

The vodka gives this cocktail its kick, while the cranberry juice adds just enough tartness to keep it from being too sweet. 

The sprite gives it nice carbonation that makes this drink taste crisp and clean. 

If you like your glasses with a little more bite, try adding a splash of club soda instead!

When you’re ready to step up your cocktail game and make a statement, the Sex In The Driveway is just the drink for you. 

With its sweet and divinely peachy taste, it’s sure to catch attention.

Sassy Sangria is a little bit tart, with just the right amount of fizz.

If you love drinking wine, then it’s highly likely that you will enjoy having a sangria.

For best results, let the flavors jibe with one another in the refrigerator for about 1-2 hours. 

Add ginger ale, then serve.

Crisp and refreshing, Blue Lagoon Margaritas are the perfect summertime cocktail. 

Named for their striking blue color, these margaritas get their hue from Blue Curacao. 

Adding in Blue Curacao, blue lagoon margaritas also typically contain tequila, lime juice, and Triple Sec. 

When you’re looking for a fun and festive drink to serve at your upcoming get together, give Blue Lagoon Margaritas a try.

If you’re a fan of margaritas, then you know that tequila and Sprite make for one unforgettable combination. 

You might think that’s just because of the lemon-lime bite of Sprite and the high quality of your tequila, but there’s more to it than that: it’s all about timing!

A glass of Rum Blue Island Cocktail will give you that tropical island feel. 

Made with coconut, citrus, fruity flavors and rum, this concoction of a drink is smooth and fabulously energizing.

Great to have when you are home alone to chill and relax after a long tiring day or when hanging out with a few friends and prefer to spend time chatting rather than getting drunk.

The fresh orange juice brings a nice citrusy kick to this vodka drink, and the Sprite keeps it light and reviving. 

It’s exactly what you need to kick off the night—and if you’re looking for an after-dinner drink, it’s also a great way to end it!

This is definitely worth trying out!

It’s fun, cool, and easy to make. 

You’ll end up wanting to sip it every weekend with friends on your back porch or in the shade.

If you’re looking for a party drink to impress your friends and family, this is the drink for you! 

Once you try it, we promise you won’t want to go back to drinking vodka sodas again!

Check out this list of drinks that use dry ice for a spooky, smoky and foggy look!

It’s a party, and you’re ready to go! 

But before you can get down to business and catch up with your friends, you’ve got to make sure you’ve got the drinks covered. 

This Pink Drink recipe (aka Baby Shower Punch) takes a minute to make and is made with 3 ingredients including pink lemonade dry mix, sprite, & pineapple juice!

The Giggle Juice Cocktail is made with half orange juice and half cranberry juice, giving it a sweet-and-sour flavor that’ll make you feel like you’re drinking a glass of sunshine.

Relax with a glass of Giggle Juice and enjoy the wonderful diversion that this drink recipe provides.

Witches Brew Cocktail is a surprisingly decadent drink that will transport you to a magical place where anything is possible—or at least this is what it feels like while enjoying this drink.

What makes this cocktail unique is the Crème de Menthe Simple Syrup, which gives it a minty flavor but without the harshness of pure mint syrup. 

The white rum adds just enough sweetness to round out the drink and give it some body. 

Finally, we add Sprite to bring out all of those flavors so they come through with every sip!

All the good things about a piña colada, but better.

This cocktail is so satisfying, you will want to drink it every day of your life. 

And why not? 

It’s got everything you want in a cocktail: vodka, rum, tequila, gin and blue curaçao. 

Plus sweet-and-sour mix gets you ready to party—and Sprite or 7up will help you keep going when the party gets going.

Just make sure to have a lemon wedge on hand if you’re going for the garnish—and maybe a preserved cherry for variety if you’re feeling fancy.

This drink is about as warm and sunny as it gets. 

It’s got everything you need for a relaxing vacation by the pool: pineapple, coconut water, and sun-kissed beaches.

To make one, simply mix all of the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. 

Shake well, then strain into a glass filled with ice.

Watermelon Crush is a drink you’ll love to have while hanging out in the pool or at the beach with family and friends. 

The sweetness from fresh watermelons will help you stay light and cool despite staying for long hours under the sun.

It’s made with crushed ice, watermelon juice, lemon juice, and Sprite. 

It’s a terrific way to beat the summer heat or if you’re seeking a sweet treat.

This recipe calls for a lot of rum and a little bit of everything else, so it’s best enjoyed in moderation.

The Flying Dragon is a mix of rum, spiced rum, orange juice, grenadine syrup and bitters—so pretty much everything you need to feel like you’re soaring!

This Strawberry Sprite Mocktail is a great way to enjoy the taste of a strawberry daiquiri without all the sugar. 

The splash of sprite gives this drink a little fizz, and the lemon juice adds just the right amount of tartness. 

It’s not quite as sweet as a regular daiquiri, but it still tastes good!

This Sparkling Pineapple Lemonade is excellent for any occasion, whether you’re hosting or attending.

It makes a lot of lemonade, so it’s easy to half or double if you’re having a smaller gathering. 

Plus, it’s best served cold or over ice with some fresh lemon and pineapple slices.

Even better? 

You can put leftover pineapple from your holiday meal to good use here!

The bottom line

Sprite cocktails are a great way to spice up the usual drinks.

Sprite is easy to find and is inexpensive.

Sprite has a “carte blanche” flavor profile that complements any mixers you put it in!

There are a lot of awesome recipes you can try mixing with Sprite. 

So it’s best if you can keep a few at home so you’re ready whenever there is a need to whip up something.

Whether you’re hosting surprise guests, having friends over or just wanting to chill and relax at home, you won’t run out of drink ideas as long as you have Sprite as a setup on hand.

This is a list of links to alcoholic beverage recipes. Please drink responsibly.

BEST Cocktails Made With Sprite

BEST Cocktails Made With Sprite

Sprite cocktails are a great, economical way to kickstart your weekend. Take a look at my list of best cocktails made with Sprite.


  • Crown Apple Drinks
  • Whiskey Cocktail
  • The Dirty Shirley
  • Vodka Cranberry Cocktail
  • Sex In The Driveway
  • Sassy Sangria
  • Blue Lagoon Margaritas
  • Tequila & Sprite Cocktail
  • Blue Island Splash
  • Orange Crush Cocktail
  • Downhome Punch
  • Very Cherry
  • Pink Punch
  • Giggle Juice Cocktail
  • Witches Brew Cocktail
  • Adios, Motherfucker
  • Hawaiian Iced Tea Cocktail
  • Watermelon Crush
  • Flying Dragon
  • Strawberry Sprite Mocktail
  • Sparkling Pineapple Lemonade


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