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What To Serve With Potato Soup (29 Best Sides For Potato Soup)

What To Serve With Potato Soup (29 Best Sides For Potato Soup)

Here are some excellent ideas on what to serve with potato soup, from straightforward recipes to crowd-pleasing sides for potato soup!

It’s not always easy to plan what to serve with potato soup. 

We put together a few ideas so you can see some delicious sides to pair up with creamy or broth-based potato soups. 

Do you want something simple and light? 

Or easy but filling?

Is there a favorite side that you eat with almost everything, but you want to step out of your comfort zone and try something new?

We have a list of potato soup sides for you to try.

If you want to make everything easy, go for Garlic Bread and Grilled Cheese, but in case you plan to impress a hungry crowd, make Breaded Eggplant Cutlets and Beef Taco Salad

Check out #20, as it’s worth trying out!

Grilled cheese is a fantastic comfort food, and it is easy to make. 

Since potato soup is also a comfort food, it only makes sense that we would serve the two together. 

This recipe provides a slight flavor twist by adding garlic to the bread. 

So garlic, cheese, toasted bread, and soup all together are filling and inexpensive to serve.

Potato soup served with a hot piece of cornbread dripping with butter sounds insanely tasty. 

Then if you add in the spicy flavor of jalapeño and cook that cornbread in a perfectly seasoned iron skillet, you will find yourself in a happy place.

Caesar salad is a refreshing salad that is simple to make yet jammed with flavor. 

The simple flavor of this salad complements potato soup almost perfectly. 

The croutons add a bit of crunch, and then there is that crisp romaine adding to the texture.

This broccoli salad is an excellent side for potato soup. 

It has a crunch and creamy texture.

It is served chilled. 

Oh, and it has bacon! 

I think that this is the perfect side to serve with potato soup. 

It is also lovely to work in a veggie with a starchy soup like creamy potato soup.

This is one of my all-time favorite salads. 

It is light, and the lemon dressing perks up any dish.

If you find yourself stuck on figuring out what to serve with potato soup, this should be your go-to. 

You only need arugula, olive oil, lemon juice, and salt and pepper.

The soup and sandwich combo is such a classic that sometimes people completely overlook it.

The BLT sandwich is delicious with potato soup because it has bacon, lettuce, and tomato.

These simple ingredients, alongside the rich taste of potato soup, will be quite refreshing and add a nice texture to the meal.

These are excellent dishes to serve with potato soup, especially if you are looking for a simple lunch option.

These spinach wraps are fun to eat and easy to serve to a group. 

The ingredients for these are basic and you may already have them on hand. 

Also, you can substitute ingredients easily based on what you already have in the kitchen.

This is one of the best sides for potato soup. 

We keep our roasted chicken recipes simple, but they always turn out delicious.

Pulling a roasted chicken out of the oven smells so amazing. 

Then knowing that the star of the show is a bowl of potato soup makes it even better.

This pork chop recipe only has a few ingredients, but they pack a punch of flavor.

You can prep these in five minutes and then stick them in the oven to bake.

When they are done, serve these with potato soup, and you have an incredible meal.

Sautéed peppers are a great side dish for potato soup. 

They are beautifully served on the plate.

You could even toss these on top of the potato soup if you would like.

If you are having a dinner party and want to wow your guests with the perfect side for potato soup, this is your best bet.

It is so pretty when served, and it tastes good. 

Honestly, you can stuff an avocado with just about anything, and people cheer.

Stuffing the avocado with shrimp simply makes you a hero in the kitchen.

These cheesy fritters will be a surprising side for potato soup.

If you serve them hot, the cheese will still be a bit stringy.

These are fun to eat and easy to make. 

In my book, that is a perfect combination.

These open-face cucumber sandwiches are so easy to make, light, and oddly delicious simultaneously.

There’s something profound about the refreshing cucumber as a sidecar to the potato soup main dish.

Since we know that soup and sandwiches are a classic combo, this is an obvious choice.

You only need fresh white bread, cucumbers, mayo, and seasonings.

Dinner rolls like these don’t mess around.

They have a soft, buttery center and a flaky crust that makes you want to keep eating even when you’re full.

And they’re best served with potato soup because they soak up any excess liquid in the soup, making it more filling.

Hot tip: How To Reheat Dinner Rolls (4 Nifty Methods)

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus is a great dish to introduce your guests to the wonders of prosciutto.

Prosciutto is slightly salty, rich, and savory.

And the asparagus brings a fresh, earthy taste that complements the potato soup’s richness while still being light enough not to overpower it.

Angel Biscuits are light and fluffy, tender, and yummy!

Plus, they taste like a cloud in your mouth!

The texture of the biscuits can provide a nice contrast to the creamy smooth consistency of the soup while also being tender enough to serve as a dipping vessel for scooping up bites of potato soup.

Or tear them into bite-size pieces and add them to your bowl of soup.

You’ll never want another way to eat your favorite comfort food again!

You’re going to love these chicken legs!

The first thing you’ll notice is how tender they are—they’re so soft that they practically melt in your mouth.

And when you take a bite of one of these chicken legs, you’ll notice that it’s got a zingy flavor and a nice crunch.

But what makes this dish special is the balsamic glaze.

It adds sweetness and tanginess to balance the potato soup’s rich, savory flavor.

Mashed Potato Puffs are a bite-sized puff of creamy, cheesy goodness suitable for any occasion.

They’re crispy on the outside and warm and creamy on the inside.

And they’re loaded with tons of cheddar cheese, bacon bits, and chives.

They’re also great, but they taste even better with potato soup.

If you’re looking for a sandwich piled high with thin slices of roast beef, smothered in super decadent cheddar cheese sauce, and finished between a soft sesame bun, this recipe is it!

It has everything you could want: the meat is tender and juicy, the cheese sauce is rich and creamy, and the bun is soft enough to soak up every last drop of juice.

German soft pretzels are smooth and fluffy inside, with a slightly crisp crust that you can dip into your potato soup or eat as is.

And whether you’re looking for a snack for your next party or want something delicious to munch on while watching your favorite show, you’re good to go with these treats!

You know those chicken cutlets you love so much?

Well, we have got something just as addictive—the Breaded Eggplant Cutlets!

With a crispy crust and juicy center, they taste just as good as their chicken counterparts.

And the slightly sweet and nutty flavor of the eggplant is a nice change from your standard breaded fare.

We love a good salad, but we especially love this one.

It’s studded with pomegranates, pistachios, and herbs.

And it has spiced citrus dressing that adds just the right acidity to cut through the richness of potato soup.

The nuts also add crunch, while the herbs give it a fresh, aromatic taste.

There’s nothing more satisfying than digging into this dish when you’re craving something light but flavorful.

Pan Seared Scallops are a great way to add depth to potato soup.

They have a decadent buttery flavor that complements the potatoes but also pairs well with the savory, garlicky sauce.

And the golden crust adds an extra layer of texture, making this dish truly unique.

We’re all about tacos!

But sometimes, you want to mix it up.

That’s where beef taco salad comes in.

This one has tender beef served on a crunchy corn tortilla, with salty cheese and crisp lettuce on top.

Plus, it’s layered with creamy guacamole and tart tomatoes for a flavor combo that’s sure to please!

If you’re looking for something different (and we know you are) to serve with potato soup, give beef taco salad a try!

If you’ve ever wanted to eat crispy, shredded brussels sprouts, this recipe is for you.

These little guys are shredded super thin and roasted until crispy, then topped with lots of parmesan cheese and served with potato soup.

They also have a slightly sweet and nutty flavor that will make you feel like you’re eating at your favorite restaurant—without having to leave the comfort of your home!

When you’re in the mood for something flaky and tender with a smoky and spicy flavor, Southwest air fryer salmon is the perfect solution.

It’s ready in just 15 minutes, making it suitable for any night of the week.

And we know what you’re thinking: “Salmon? In an air fryer?”

Trust us—you won’t believe how good it is until you try it!

We serve this dish with potato soup because we like to keep things simple.

But if you want to get fancy, feel free to add some lemon juice or fresh herbs to your salmon before serving it up to your friends and family!

Roasted Butternut Squash is a dish that is as aesthetically pleasing as delectable.

It has a nutty flavor, a slightly sweet taste, and a rich texture that makes it suitable for serving with potato soup.

The squash is roasted in the oven until tender and caramelized.

Plus, you’ll only need less than an hour to prepare and cook this recipe since it takes just 40 minutes.

Carne Asada Quesadillas are a must-try for those who love bold, flavorful food.

Made with smokey cast iron seared skirt steak, extra cheese, chipotles-adobo sauce, and jalapeños, they are packed with a mouthwatering combination of savory and spicy flavors.

The crispy tortilla and melted cheese also provide a tasty contrast to the tender and juicy steak.

Pairing them with creamy and comforting potato soup is a smart idea because it creates the right balance of flavors and textures.

The bottom line

So, which of these sides to serve with potato soup will you try? 

One of our favorites is grilled cheese if we are looking for a complete comfort meal, but open-faced cucumber sandwiches are delightful too. 

Let us know which of these you try and what your favorite potato soup recipe is, too!

What To Serve With Potato Soup (29 Best Sides For Potato Soup)

What To Serve With Potato Soup (29 Best Sides For Potato Soup)

Here are some excellent ideas on what to serve with potato soup, from straightforward recipes to crowd-pleasing sides for potato soup!


  • Garlic Bread
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread
  • Caesar Salad
  • Creamy Broccoli Salad
  • Arugula Salad
  • BLT Sandwich
  • Chicken Spinach Wraps
  • Oven-Roasted Chicken
  • Mustard Pork Chops
  • Sautéed Peppers
  • Shrimp Stuffed Avocados
  • Zucchini Cheesy Fritters
  • Cucumber Sandwich
  • Dinner Rolls
  • Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus
  • Angel Biscuits
  • Chicken Legs With Balsamic Glaze
  • Mashed Potato Puffs
  • Roast Beef Sandwich
  • German Soft Pretzels
  • Breaded Eggplant Cutlets
  • Pomegranate & Rice Salad
  • Pan Seared Scallops
  • Beef Taco Salad
  • Crispy Shredded Brussels Sprout
  • Southwest Air Fryer Salmon
  • Roasted Butternut Squash
  • Carne Asada Quesadillas


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