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27 Ways To Rock Your Wok: Delicious Easy Recipes!

27 Ways To Rock Your Wok: Delicious Easy Recipes!

There is a lot that can be done with this extra special frying pan! Just take a look at these 27 Wok Recipes for meal inspiration!

The word “wok” means “cooking pot” and there are definitely a multitude of wonderful dishes that you can cook with this pot.

Over 2000 years ago, the Wok was invented by the Chinese, and now, it has become one of the most popular kitchen utensils throughout Asia.

Flash frying, deep-frying and most notably, stir-frying is just among the many uses you can do with a wok.

It is an efficient way to cook: it requires less oil and yet distributes heat more evenly which makes it less likely to burn or overcook your food.

Just take a look at #15, it’s the best wok dish on this list!

So, heat up your wok and let’s walk through these amazing dishes!

If you have a wok, then you definitely gotta try cooking some noodles with it.

Here’s a Stir-fried Udon Noodle recipe that is beginner friendly. 

The udon noodles used in this recipe are seasoned with soy sauce/tamari and salt which  makes it savory on its own. 

Ground ginger was the key ingredient here but you can also use fresh ginger if that’s the one you have available in the kitchen. 

If you opt for the latter, you would need to adjust the amount a little because it delivers a more intense flavor than ground ginger.

Seasoning your salmon with Chinese Five Spice and smoking it with tea leaves are both simple processes that will upgrade your fish.

A lighter and quicker version of the tea-smoked duck, this recipe uses salmon instead!

The delicate flavors of the tea leaves have bonded with the salmon which gives the flaky fish a hint of earthiness.

Fried rice, one of the best things that you can make with a wok!

And here’s one of the best recipes for fried rice.

This is a simple recipe that makes use of leftover rice, tossed with some egg and frozen vegetables.  

We encourage you to start out a great meal with a recipe from this list of Asian Appetizers.

This is a phenomenal way to get rid of your chicken or turkey leftovers!

Ground turkey that is mixed with some crispy veggies is just divine!

Scrumptious and filling, you’ll never get tired of this.

A perfect weeknight meal that you can stir up within an hour using your trusty wok.

Sweet, savory, tangy, and a bit spicy! 

Perfect as a comfort food.

Craving for some authentic Indian Butter Chicken?

Look no further than your wok! 

A recipe to satisfy your wants.

The rich sauce coats every tender chicken piece, while it is mild, it won’t leave a fiery sensation inside your stomach.

You’ll enjoy every bite and slurp of this buttery recipe.

The kind of dish that you can make right after a quick trip to the grocery store.

Tender, fresh and filled with that amazing peanut butter flavor!

Every noodle is succulent with a hint of faint nuttiness.

Hearty and sweet, it has a deep flavor and everything turns out to be well-balanced.

There are a lot of stir-fried recipes that you can make using a wok, and of course, they’re all delicious!

But the author reveals the recipe’s secret ingredient: Ketchup!

That’s pretty easy to find. 

Pair it with some refreshing Kirin or Soju.

This Krapow is a quick and easy street food dish that is a common staple in Thailand.

It is unbelievably crunchy and unexpectedly meaty, the chilis pack a nice heat to complement the light flavors.

It’s topped with some fresh basil to cut off some of that heat for a more pleasant experience.

Here’s an easy recipe for salted egg prawns, a dish that will guarantee your satisfaction due to how delectable it is and how easy it is to make.

The key ingredient here is the egg yolk that’s been cured or brined, it has an unbelievably rich and creamy briny flavor.

Since prawns tend to be light, but have that meaty crunch, it can be perfectly paired with the salted egg.

Instead of going for some takeout or fast food, you can make some Mongolian Beef at home in under 20 minutes!

This popular stir-fried dish is perfectly tender and juicy, it’s so succulent.

The garlic and ginger based sauce coats everything and so well that it gives out a savory flavor everyone will surely love.

An ultra flexible and customizable recipe that you can make with whatever veggies you have left in your fridge!

From tender and meaty mushrooms to a variety of greens, you can put a lot of things here and it’ll taste great regardless.

The secret is the garlic sauce blend that gives it that salty and savory dark soy sauce flavor with a bit of spice.

Get to know these easy Asian Ground Beef Recipes!

Kickstart your day with an amazing and delicious breakfast such as this Scrambled Eggs Vegetable Stir-fry.

A recipe such as this allows flexibility, you can add your own set of veggies if you want!

The fluffy egg is accompanied by the earthy and crisp veggies and then some white rice.

This amazing deep-fried lobster is a premium dish but I can just smell the aroma of all the spices, cognac, and ginger cooking!!

I’ll tell you this one says “EASY” in big letters but there are a lot of steps. 

Read this through and THEN get the ingredients and make sure this one is on your level.

Thrown in with some spices and aromatics along with some shaoxing wine that allows it to have a bit of a vinegary, spicy and caramel-like flavor.

Some cognac in there enriches the sauce like nothing else!

If you have some whole fish in your fridge or you’re feeling adventurous, give this one a try!

You can use any whole fish for this!

Served with steamed rice and some aromatic vegetables, this fragrant fish will leave your room smelling amazing.

Every juicy bite is filled with the light briny flavors of fish.

Look out for the rogue scale, or get your fishmonger to scale and gut it for you.

Egg-cellent, the perfect word to describe this simple, fast, and easy to make crispy fried egg!

You can use this egg recipe to make your dishes better.

Add it to some curry, maybe pair it with steak as well!

Originating from the northern parts of China where it’s cold, this soup has a rich history that marvelously defines its rich warm broth.

It has a certain spice that soothes you, a vegetable based broth unlike no other.

Check out our list of even more Asian soups here.

Green and crispy, that’s the best way to describe these amazing vegetable dumplings.

Stuffed with juicy, meaty and earthy mushrooms, paired with some mild and crunchy bok choy.

These dumplings are pan fried until golden perfection to ensure that crisp that comes with every bite!

Just look at that crust, that gorgeous browning on the duck skin! 

It’s sure to leave anyone hungry once they see this being served.

You can make this treasured family recipe at home.

This sweet braised duck is very juicy, while it has savory tones, it’s not too overbearing to eat so you won’t get tired of it.

I grew up never liking liver and onions, I’ll just say it now. 

My mom overcooked it in a cast iron skillet, and I just couldn’t choke it down.

But this recipe brings out the best of this organ meat. 

Liver is usually mellow and earthy but this dish manages to bring the flavors even more by making it a bit sour through the usage of chinese rice wine and balsamic vinegar.

If you haven’t tried having liver, this dish just may turn you into a liver lover on your first attempt!

Lamb strips are marinated with a Chinese Five Spice sauce.

It’s an unbelievably good velvety stir-fry. 

Utterly sweet, best paired with rice.

What can you use instead of Eel Sauce? Here’s our FAQ.

If you have some tuna and veggies around, heat up your wok and sear with a rare middle.

The fish has a zesty and seafood taste accompanied by a strong flavor from the sesame oil, the vegetables serve to balance the flavors.

This salt and pepper squid is like calamari.

It’s the ideal snack even for people who do not like seafood!

This Salt and Pepper Squid has an airy crunch when you munch into it and a depth of flavor that is irresistible.

Mediterranean cuisine tends to be generous when spicing and seasoning their food.

This lamb is no exception.

It’s very meaty with some floral and citrus hints to it, definitely an enjoyable lunch!

Ever tried smokey vegetables? 

You’ll surely love them!

You can make some with a BBQ Wok. 

If you want some more spice, add chili peppers!

Mildly sweet shrimps are fried in a very savory chinese sauce that’s also been infused with a perfect spicy kick!

Each saucy fried shrimp bite is juicy and hot.

These other Asian-inspired shrimp recipes will win you over, too.

The bottom line

Cooking with a wok is a fun and efficient way to prepare your meals.  

So if you have one, get cooking now with the recipes on this list.

Here’s our 27 Wok Recipes to get you started!

Rock Your Wok: Easy Recipe Assortment

Rock Your Wok: Easy Recipe Assortment

There is a lot that can be done with this extra special frying pan! Just take a look at these 27 Wok Recipes for meal inspiration!


  • Bok Choy and Shiitake Mushroom Stir-fry
  • Vegan Stir-fried Udon Noodles
  • Tea-smoked Five Spice Salmon
  • Stir-fried Rice
  • Egg Roll in a Bowl
  • Kung Pao Chicken
  • Indian Butter Chicken
  • Chicken Pad Thai
  • Stir-fried Shrimp & Scallions
  • Corn Krapow
  • Salted Egg Prawns
  • Mongolian Beef
  • Spicy Garlic Wok Noodles
  • Scrambled Eggs Vegetable Stir-fry
  • Wok-fried Lobster
  • Thai-style Deep-fried Whole Fish
  • Crispy Fried Egg
  • Hot & Sour Soup
  • Bok Choy Dumplings
  • Braised Duck
  • Asian-style Liver & Onions
  • Mongolian Lamb
  • Tuna Steak with Wok-fried Vegetables
  • Salt and Pepper Squid
  • Wok-tossed Mediterranean Lamb
  • BBQ Wok Veggies
  • Wok-fried Spicy Sichuan Style Shrimp


  1. Who knew there were so many Wok Recipes!
  2. Use your versatile pan for one or two of these. 
  3. Get cookin’ and chewin’ and share with your loved ones!

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