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15 Best Recipes For What To Serve With Split Pea Soup 🥣

15 Best Recipes For What To Serve With Split Pea Soup 🥣

So you’re about to make a beautiful, big pot and now you want to know what to serve with split pea soup? This list is for you! 

Or if you are a fan of split pea soup or serve it often and want to plan ahead, then this post is for you, too! 

Split pea soup has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years!1  

The reason it is called split pea soup is because the peas are peeled, dried and split during the process of being preserved. 

There are many variations of split pea soup recipes from the simple to the fancy! 

Some may have blended celery or carrots added, which help thicken the soup and most always have some ham added. 

Nowadays we have the luxury of making split pea soup on the stovetop, in a slow cooker or even an Instant Pot.  

The very next question that arises is what to make with split pea soup. 

Well, there is a wide range of answers for this question but most everyone would agree the sides for split peas soup need a savory profile to balance out the soup being veggie heavy. 

To answer what salad goes with split pea soup, it might be a bean salad or one with a bit of protein on top. 

Honestly, I think a sandwich is the perfect choice for what goes with split pea soup. 

Grilled cheese would be my top pick but a crunchy BLT on toast comes in a close second! 

Split pea soup sides can be as simple as crackers or fruit or more complex like a salad or sandwich or a finger friendly appetizer! 

I hope this list of fifteen ideas of what to serve with split pea soup will inspire you for the next time you whip up a potful of this delicious soup!

We have all been there at some point or another and wondered what to serve with split pea soup. 

One great option would be breadsticks. 

Specifically cheesy garlic breadsticks. 

This recipe is so easy and smells so amazing, it may become a regular rotation at your table. 

It starts with a refrigerated pizza crust rolled out and brushed with a butter and garlic mixture. 

Then the mixture of mozzarella and parmesan cheese are spread across evenly. 

Top with a sprinkle of oregano. 

Tip of the week is to use a pizza cutter to cut them before baking! 

Run the pizza cutter again after baking and these beautiful and buttery breadsticks are ready to serve! 

A grilled cheese sandwich is the quintessential choice for what to make with pea soup! 

Yes, I know tomato soup holds top rank but split pea soup pulls its own weight too! 

Pick your favorite bread and your favorite cheese no matter how original or ordinary and this time, let the air fryer cook them up nice and melty and toasty! 

I am square in the butter camp but I know many of you use mayo, so proceed as you will. 

Eight minutes and they will be delightfully crisp and ready to serve with split pea soup!

A whole stack of these parmesan crisps are absolutely an option for what goes with split pea soup! 

This straightforward recipe for making your own crackers is amazing! 

It combines a bit of flour, freshly grated parmesan cheese, thyme and salt. 

Then spoonfuls are placed on a parchment lined baking sheet and baked for eight minutes. 

They come out a delightful golden brown looking delicate and smelling delicious. 

Obviously other seasonings could easily be added in place of the thyme or in addition to it!

Perhaps the most classic of all pairings is up next with soup and salad! 

So, what salad goes with split pea soup? 

A bright colored one with a focus that is not on veggies but rather on the savory. 

This Mediterranean black bean salad is fantastic and is an excellent side dish option to soups or entrees. 

It includes black beans, herbs, arugula, feta cheese, olives, roasted peppers, toasted sesame seeds, green onions and garlic. 

The refreshing dressing is homemade from olive oil and lemon juice.  

Some protein could easily be added as well. 

This recipe comes together very quickly!

Split pea soup sides we have looked at so far have been garlic breadsticks, a grilled cheese sandwich, homemade chips, and a salad. 

Now we have a wonderful appetizer of crispy chicken tenders. 

Bonus since these can be oven baked or fried! 

There’s a secret tip shared here on how to keep them tender on the inside and crispy on the outside! 

It’s buttermilk. 

Soaking the tenders in buttermilk for thirty minutes or more before beginning. 

Seasonings for the coating can be personalized but to begin with it includes flour, salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder and baking powder. 

Dip the chicken in whisked eggs, then flour mixture, then eggs again and flour  mixture again. 

Bake or fry for a most delicious side! 

Go here for even more chicken tenderloin recipes.

Need more sides for split pea soup? 

This pesto monkey bread with cheese is another outstanding choice that starts with frozen Rhodes rolls

I could not believe how easy this was to make! 

Melt the butter in a pan, and add pesto, garlic paste, salt and pepper and mix well. 

Cut the rolls into quarters and place scattered in the dish mixing in the butter. 

Then sprinkle with grated mozzarella cheese and toss a bit more. 

Last, spread the quarters out and top with grated parmesan cheese. 

The pan will then need to be covered, letting the rolls rise until they have doubled in size. 

Bake those gorgeous buttery rolls up and oh my, everyone will be raving!

French fries are also a solution for what to serve with split pea soup

But not just any fries, oh no. 

Sweet potato fries. 

And not just slice and fry. 

Oh no. 

Slice and soak in water! 

Then drain and dry. 

Toss them in a bag with olive oil and a seasoning mixture of cornstarch, garlic powder, chili powder and pepper. 

This next step is key. 

When spreading them out on baking pans, make sure they are not touching and flip them halfway through the baking time. 

The recipe for a dipping sauce is included but I did not find they needed it. 

The natural sweetness and seasonings were perfect!

Here’s an air fryer sweet potatoes version!

Sliders are next up for what to make with pea soup! 

Here Hawaiian buns are used which add a touch of sweet to these otherwise savory sliders. 

I also love that these are made in the oven on a baking pan. 

Build the sliders by slicing off the tops and layering on thinly sliced ham and cheese and then placing the tops back on. 

Brush the tops with a butter mixture of butter, mustard, poppy seeds, dried onion and Worcestershire sauce. 

Cover to bake till the cheese is melted. 

Parsley can be sprinkled on top and the sliders can easily be cut apart for serving alongside a bowl of soup. 

Potato fritters or potato pancakes also answer the question of what goes with split pea soup. 

Simple ingredients and simple instructions make this a no-brainer to serve as a filling side! 

All that is needed is potatoes, egg, flour, rosemary and oil. 

That is it!  

Not a fan of rosemary? 

Use parsley, thyme or basil. 

Got sweet potatoes to use up? 

Add them right into the mix. 

It all starts with potatoes that are already cooked. 

Mix and mash them with an egg, flour, herbs and salt and pepper. 

In a skillet, heat oil and start shaping your fritters similar to how you would a hamburger patty. 

Then carefully fry the fritters on both sides until done. 

They plate beautifully alongside a bowl of split pea soup.

Next on the list of what salad goes with split pea soup is a creamy pasta salad. 

What I like about it is the flexibility to add any protein you desire from ham to bacon to chicken. 

The main ingredients are diced cucumbers, bell peppers, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, red onion, and cheddar cheese. 

Its recommended pasta is fusilli or rotini but any small pasta you have on hand would work. 

The dressing is a ranch mix, mayo and milk mixed together until smooth. 

Then the three parts of pasta, veggies and dressing are combined. 

It is best if it can chill for two hours before serving. 

We also like this simple and easy salad of arugula here and our list of carrot salads too.

For a spectacularly delicious buttery soft cheddar muffin, this choice among split pea soup sides is well worth it if bread is your go-to when enjoying a bowl of soup! 

The secret here is in the cheese. 

And there can never be too much cheese! 

Prepare the twelve cup muffin tin and combine the flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, pepper and cheddar cheese in a bowl. 

Next add in the milk, egg and oil. 

Let the mixing begin but just until all is incorporated. 

Fill each muffin ⅔ of the way full and bake! 

These will no doubt be a hit! 

More cheese, please. Jalapeño Cheddar Cornbread straight at ya.

Now hear me out, this bruschetta (actually pronounced broos-KET-a) makes outstanding sides for split pea soup! 

This recipe does not call for the typical finely diced ingredients either. 

Instead the topping is made of quartered cherry tomatoes, mozzarella balls and chopped basil tossed in olive oil with salt and pepper. 

The bread, which can be French, yeast or sourdough, is sliced and broiled for a bit with fresh garlic clove rubbed across. 

Then all that’s left is to assemble when ready to serve. 

The topping can be served warm or cold, to complement the soup.

If you find yourself needing a more substantial side as what to serve with split pea soup, this tart certainly fills the bill! 

A buttery crust with onions, goat cheese and thyme, it pairs perfectly with a bowl of split pea soup. 

First the crust is made with flour, butter and water and pressed into the tart pan and baked with something weighted inside. 

Meanwhile the onions are sauteed with butter on low for thirty minutes until deeply golden. 

Then they are placed in the tart pan with garlic, goat cheese and fresh thyme. 

Lastly, pour over the eggs and cream.  

It bakes up flaky and fantastic.

For a bread preparation that allows everyone to serve themselves, this recipe is what to make with pea soup! 

Pull apart cheese and garlic bread. 

This recipe begins with a whole loaf of French bread. 

Diagonal cuts will be made halfway through the loaf in one direction and then the other. 

The seasoning comes when the melted garlic butter with herbs is spooned into the pockets created by the diagonal cuts. 

Next the grated cheese is applied the same way, by pressing into the cuts on the top of the loaf. 

Cover with foil for baking and then remove the last few minutes for browning. 

Fresh parsley on top makes this just divine!

Cheese balls are another item to consider when planning for what goes with split pea soup. 

These are a great way to fill a side plate with a few cheese balls and several crackers or small crostini slices. 

They are easy to make with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, half a dry ranch mix package, bacon bits, chives and chopped pecans. 

Mix, roll, chill and serve. 

Creamy and savory all wrapped up in one small package.

The bottom line

As you can see, there are many, many options when it comes to deciding what to serve with split pea soup! 

Each and every one is a fantastic split pea soup side, going great with that rich, creamy, vegetal, salty soup. 

Let us know if you have your own favorite or if you’ve chosen one of these from our list!

What To Serve With Split Pea Soup

What To Serve With Split Pea Soup 🍵

You’ve made that big, delicious pot of split pea soup and now you need some ideas for what goes with it! Here are some of our best options.


  • Homemade Cheesy Garlic Breadsticks
  • Air Fryer Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  • Parmesan Crisps With Thyme And Sea Salt
  • Mediterranean Black Bean Salad With Herbs And Feta
  • Super Crispy Chicken Tenders
  • Pesto Monkey Bread With Cheese
  • Sweet Potato Fries
  • Ham And Cheese Sliders
  • Crispy Rosemary Potato Fritters
  • Creamy Pasta Salad
  • Simple And Delicious Cheddar Muffins
  • 15-Minute Classic Bruschetta
  • Caramelized Onion And Goat Cheese Tart With Thyme
  • Cheese And Garlic Pull Apart Bread
  • Bacon Ranch Cheese Ball Bites


  1. Take a look at the variety of ingredients from each recipe in our What To Serve With Split Pea Soup list.
  2. Choose the ingredients you like the most.
  3. Create a new favorite recipe you can enjoy!
  4. Have fun and tell us what you think on our Facebook page.

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