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11 Best Creme De Cassis Cocktails: Bramble, Kir & More!

11 Best Creme De Cassis Cocktails: Bramble, Kir & More!

If you’re wondering what to make with a bottle of Creme de Cassis, then this compilation of the 11 best Creme de Cassis cocktails is for you!

From Bramble to French Martini, there are a ton of mixed drinks to choose from. 

You may have tried some Creme de Cassis cocktails without realizing this liqueur was being used in them.

With a fruity and rich taste, this liqueur is made of blackcurrants, giving a signature dark color and adding the right amount of tang to your drinks without too much alcoholic taste.

It’s smooth and sophisticated while adding a berry touch, making it an ingredient you want to add to your at-home bar.

Adding a new liqueur to your bar may be intimidating but rest assured that there are many great uses for this special ingredient.

It is used in the Kir Royale and French Martinis but can also be added to other cocktails for a fun twist.

Sangria Mimosas will give you the best of both worlds thanks to the added Creme de Cassis liqueur, adding a summery and fruity touch.

And if the weather is cooling down, a Campfire Stout Cocktail will warm you up just the way you need for an evening outside by the fire.

Regardless of the direction, you like to go with your cocktails; chances are there is a drink on this list that you will love, thanks to the blackcurrant addition.

This summer cocktail is almost like an adult version of a blackberry lemonade!

A citrus-flavored gin paired with Creme de Cassis and some lemon juice gives you the simple yet refreshing cocktail of the summer.

The layered look is straightforward to imitate at home, and with some crushed ice, you can ease the kick of the alcohol if it feels too intense.

Whether you prefer sweeter drinks or want to tone it down with some extra gin, the Cascade Cocktail has a version perfect for you.

This is great for making a large batch since all ingredients can be poured together without mixing or shaking. 

Between the sweet vermouth and Creme de Cassis, this cocktail has a sweet taste that makes it great for enjoying after dinner as a dessert drink.

Believe it or not, this cocktail is easy to put together and requires 5 ingredients: bourbon, lemon juice, creme de cassis, simple syrup, and Angostura bitters. 

Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice; then shake, shake, shake! 

Finish it off with a lemon slice or blackberries.

This classic French cocktail is one of the most well-known ways to use Creme de Cassis.

While the Kir typically uses white wine, this version uses berry liqueur with sparkling wine.

All it takes to make this classic and sophisticated drink is to pour in your liqueur and top it off with sparkling wine.

Rosemary simple syrup is the perfect complement to the blackcurrant flavors present in this cocktail.

While creating it at home and mixing the cocktail together takes a few steps, you will feel like it is worth it upon the first refreshing and fragrant sip.

While the name of this cocktail can be intimidating, it is worth trying this sweet, tart, and spicy tequila cocktail for yourself.

After shaking together your tequila, lime juice, and Creme de Cassis, straining it into a glass, and pouring ginger beer on top, the result will be a bold drink that is perfect for enjoying any time of year.

You will want to make your simple vanilla syrup and sweet and sour mix for this cocktail.

Yes, it will be worth any effort it takes to whip them up.

Muddled blackberries and mint make this an adult way to enjoy a sweet and fruity drink made famous in Las Vegas!

Probably the only thing that would probably make a S’mores night better is a S’mores-flavored beer cocktail.

Remember, this may be a strong drink with mixed bourbon, Creme de Cassis, and chocolate stout.

With the graham cracker lined rim and marshmallow fluff on top of the cocktail, there is a nice dash of sweetness to balance the booze.

Rather than choosing between sangrias and mimosas for a brunch cocktail, you can have both in one!

The Creme de Cassis blends well with the fresh fruit and champagne.

The great thing about this cocktail is that nearly all your favorite fruits can find their place in the pitcher!

For those who want to stray away from the strong alcoholic taste that can be present in many cocktails, a French Martini may be a better alternative.

Sweet, tart and tangy, this cocktail is surprisingly easy to mix but tastes sophisticated and delicious!

Inspired by Downton Abbey, this cocktail is a nice twist from the classic White Lady.

Rather than using orange liqueur, Creme de Cassis makes an appearance, and the egg whites can be left out altogether.

Although the instructions are simple, it is incredible to see how replacing a couple of ingredients in one cocktail can give you a glass of something new you are sure to love!

The bottom line

Creme de Cassis cocktails can be an elegant way to get some fruity and tartness in your drinks without having to deal with the complicated process of mixing your drinks.

These drinks are delicious, and after tasting a couple, you will find yourself keeping your Creme de Cassis bottles stocked up at all times!

11 Best Creme De Cassis Cocktails

11 Best Creme De Cassis Cocktails

If you're wondering what to make with a bottle of Creme de Cassis, then this compilation of the 11 best Creme de Cassis cocktails is for you!


  • Bramble Cocktail
  • Cascade Cocktail
  • Monopoly Cocktail
  • Kir Royale
  • Creme De Cassis Aviation Cocktail
  • El Diablo Cocktail
  • Sinatra Smash Cocktail
  • Campfire Stout Cocktail
  • Brunch Sangria Mimosas
  • French Martini
  • Wedding Coat Cocktail


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