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How To Store Apple Pie: The 3 Most Recommended Methods 🥧

Suppose you are wondering how to store apple pie. Read on if you want to learn the suggested storage methods for this all-time favorite dessert. Choose the best way to keep your pie fresh from the refrigerator to the freezer!

It wouldn’t be called a Thanksgiving feast without serving this favorite comfort food: fresh apple pie with a warm flaky crust and a sweet, juicy apple filling. Oh my!

It’s one of the simplest and yummiest pies to create, but the best part of this classic dessert is making it in advance and enjoying it when you’re ready.  

Prepare the dough and filling, then assemble the pie. 

Place it in a freezer bag, or you can wrap it in foil and then refrigerate or freeze.

You can easily enjoy the fall favorite on the big day with the make-ahead pie. 

Simply unwrap and cover the pie with foil, then bake until the filling is bubbly and the crust is golden!

But for me, it’s always great to indulge in an apple pie that’s made within that day, when it’s fresh and in its peak quality.

The only challenge you have is to keep the leftovers in good shape so you can continue devouring the treat for days even after the holiday.

If you’ve been wondering how to store apple pie, keep reading this comprehensive guide that highlights different storage methods for this sinfully delicious treat.

This article also provides interesting information regarding the shelf life of apple pie, as well as some nifty storage tips to keep it fresh.

Storing apple pie can be challenging, especially if you have never tried it before. 

Luckily, we’re here to guide you!

Keep in mind that you have to be cautious. 

If you don’t keep the pie properly, it may become dry and lose its freshness or go rancid way quicker than you would expect. 

So you must store the pie carefully so that its quality stays the same until the day you reheat or bake it.

In this section, you’re going to learn how to store apple pie at room temperature and inside the refrigerator. 

Remember that some of these methods don’t apply to all types of apple pie. 

For instance, unbaked apple pie should be refrigerated or frozen to extend its shelf life. 

Meanwhile, fresh apple pie (baked) can be stored at room temperature or refrigerator.

To start your storing pie journey, here’s how to keep unbaked apple pie fresh in the refrigerator: 

Tools needed:

  • Unbaked apple pie
  • Plastic wrap, aluminum foil
  • Refrigerator

Instructions for storing unbaked apple pie in the refrigerator:

  1. First, make sure you leave the unbaked apple pie on a pie plate. 
  2. Wrap and seal the pie loosely with plastic wrap. If you want to avoid plastic, use aluminum foil instead. 
  3. Refrigerate apple pie and store it within two days.

Pro tip: If you decide not to bake your unbaked pie within two days, it’s best to freeze the treat by the end of the second day. 

Feel free to put the plate inside a sealable freezer bag to protect it from freezer burn. 

Freezing unbaked pie can extend its shelf life for up to four months.

How to store baked apple pie at room temperature

As long your baked apple pie is made with regular sugar, you can safely store it at room temperature on your cool countertop. 

However, if the pie features dairy products like eggs or cream, it’s advisable not to leave the dish out at room temperature for more than two hours.

Here’s how you can store baked apple pie at room temperature: 

Tools needed:

  • Whole baked, leftover baked apple pie
  • Aluminum foil, plastic wrap
  • Countertop

Instructions for storing baked apple pie at room temperature:

  1. Leave the whole baked apple pie on a pie plate. 
  2. Cover the pie with plastic wrap or aluminum foil. For leftover slices, transfer them to an airtight container with a lid.
  3. Consume the pie you stored within two days for the best flavor.

How to store baked apple pie in the refrigerator

Generally, baked apple pie will stay fresh in the fridge for up to four days, which is good news to those who want to eat the pie a day or two after.

The quality of the pie stored this way gradually deteriorates over time, but even after two days in the fridge, a properly stored apple pie will taste likely freshly baked.

Meanwhile, the crust starts to dry out, and the filling tastes flat by day three. 

You can eat the pie after four days, but the crust will become soggy on the bottom and dry around the edges. 

Follow this apple pie storage process for the refrigerator: 

Tools needed:

  • Leftover, whole baked apple pie
  • Plastic wrap, aluminum foil, airtight container
  • Refrigerator

Instructions for storing baked apple pie in the refrigerator:

  1. Leave the whole baked apple pie on a pie plate. 
  2. Cover the pie loosely with plastic wrap or aluminum foil. For leftover slices, transfer them to an airtight container with a lid.
  3. Store the stored pie in the fridge for up to four days.

Cooking Chew tip: If you’re planning to store freshly-baked apple pie, allow the pie to cool down completely before putting it inside the freezer. 

Or else condensation might gather from the warm pie and turn the treat into a slick, soggy mess.

Can I store an unbaked apple pie?

Yes, of course—you can store an unbaked apple pie. 

Just make sure to keep the sweet delight inside your refrigerator or freezer. 

As mentioned earlier, unbaked apple pie stored in the fridge should last for two days, while you can consume frozen, unbaked apple pie for up to four months.

Can I freeze apple pie?

Though it’s okay to freeze baked or leftover apple pie, many food enthusiasts, including me, are against freezing the sweet treat.

This is because the changes in moisture content during the freezing and thawing process can make the pie soften or soggy, and you don’t want that. 

Keeping the baked apple pie for a couple of months inside the freezer is also unnecessary.

Eating the delight in frozen form won’t give you the best and freshest flavor you want for an apple pie.

It’s only recommended to freeze apple pie if it’s unbaked or contains dairy-based ingredients such as custard, cream, or eggs.

Do I need to refrigerate an apple pie?

Well, it depends—in case you have leftover apple pie (especially the one that contains dairy) from your fall party, and if you’re planning to keep it for a few days, then refrigeration is a must. 

However, regular apple pie that’s only made with sugar is safe to be stored at room temperature on the counter for about two days. 

Just ensure to cover it loosely with aluminum foil or plastic wrap.

Can you leave apple pie out overnight?

Yes and no. 

Apple pie featuring dairy products like eggs can go bad in less than two hours at room temperature. 

With this concept, leaving the pie out overnight can surely lead to spoilage.

But apple pies that don’t have eggs or custard fillings are safe to be left out overnight.

My only advice is to make sure the pie is covered in plastic wrap or stored in an airtight container.

How long will apple pie last?

A baked apple pie made with eggs or any type of dairy product cannot withstand room temperature conditions and will likely spoil in more than two hours after being left out. 

If you’re worried that this will happen, the refrigerator may better suit the apple pie to stay cool. 

Cover the pie in a plastic wrap or transfer it to an airtight container to ensure the flavor remains intact and stop the treat from absorbing any off-fridge funky smells.

For baked apple pies without dairy, it’s safe to store them at room temperature covered with plastic wrap or aluminum foil.

The table below provides a detailed breakdown of the shelf life of apple pie based on different storage methods.

At room temperatureRefrigeratorFreezer
Unbaked apple pienot recommendedup to two daysup to four months
Baked apple pieup to two daysup to four daysnot recommended

The bottom line

No matter how many apple pie lovers there are at your Thanksgiving party or family get together, there are usually always leftovers. 

That’s the reality.

At room temperature, you can store leftover apple pie for a couple of days.

And, you can keep the apple pie in your refrigerator for prolonged storage.

When the pie is properly stored this classic American treat can last for surprisingly a long time. 

If only apple pie could last *sigh* …forever. What a blessing that would be.