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27 BEST Red Currant Recipes (Tasty Ways To Use Red Currants)

27 BEST Red Currant Recipes (Tasty Ways To Use Red Currants)

From yummy muffins to refreshing drinks, here are some of the best red currant recipes you can make when these versatile berries are in season. 

Every summer, I always make sure that multiple bags of juicy red currants make their way into our kitchen.

Though admittedly a bit tart, I love turning these little gems into jams, jellies, and other delicious creations.

They don’t induce that mouth-puckering sensation I remember from childhood, but they still have that unmistakable sweet-tart flavor.

If you haven’t tried these ruby-like delights, just imagine this: a lush little fruit that tastes like a mix between a rhubarb and a raspberry.

A handful of red currant goodness is truly one-of-a-kind.

And don’t get me started on the beautiful hue of the red currant.

You can, of course, pop these little treats right into your mouth, but why not be more creative with them?

After all, they just make for gorgeous treats!

Red Currant Muffin will surprise you with its gorgeous hue and tart; you’ll love the idea of combining fresh peaches and red currants in the Red Currant Peach Galette.

And did you know this versatile fruit is a great addition to cocktails, too? 

Enter the Sparkling Red Currant Cosmopolitan.

So if you’re thinking of trying your hand at cooking with red currants, I’ve got these BEST currant recipes for you.

From tarts and pies to jams, cakes, and even smoothies—you get every shade of red currant goodness here.

#24 is a real decadent surprise.

When muffins are served for breakfast in our home, it just signals the perfect start to my day.

And when said muffins are stained with the gorgeous color of red currants, the morning just gets better!

They add a nice tart that takes your humble little muffin from good to great.

Ingredients include: All-purpose flour, whole wheat flour, sugar, butter, and red currants.

These cream scones are the perfect bridge between breakfast and lunch.

It could be a comforting start to an indulgent finish to your meals—your choice.

The key here is to add enough currants so each bite offers tart and sweet notes.

Ingredients include: Heavy cream, egg, flour, butter, and red currants.

A slice of this beautiful cake is light, moist, and delicious—the partner to your afternoon tea or coffee.

Iit’s just loaded with walnuts at the top, so you get a zing from the red currant and a crunch from the nuts.

Ingredients include: Flour, sugar, whole milk, walnuts, and red currants.

Do you know why yogurt cakes are so popular?

It’s just the creamy, crave-worthy factor that makes you come back for more.

And this lemon red currant yogurt loaf certainly impresses.

Ingredients include: All-purpose flour, sugar, yogurt, lemon zest, and red currants.

Fudgy, satisfying brownies are always on the menu when I want to indulge.

These red currant brownies fit the criteria to a T.

They are just a gorgeous combination of a rich base with a pleasantly surprising sour note to it. 

Ingredients include: Pitted dates, nut butter, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, and red currants.

It’s all about consistency and color here.

The creamy texture of cheesecake and the crunchy streusel topping always make it to the top of my list.

Ingredients include: Butter, flour, red currants, lemon juice, and vanilla pudding powder.

A delicious homemade jam is always a hit at home.

This red currant jam has a concentrated flavor and velvety texture that simply can’t be beaten.

Ingredients include: Red currants and sugar.

Oh, this one’s just an absolute showstopper.

This beautiful galette makes for a stunning dessert that can also be served as a breakfast or brunch treat.

Ingredients include: Peaches, red currants, cornmeal, sugar, and butter.

Meringue will always have a special place in my heart.

It just lends that light and airy texture to tarts, making them even more tantalizing.

This tart combines the meringue’s airy texture with a tasty currant filling for a match made in heaven.

Ingredients include: Egg whites, sugar, chilled butter, vanilla paste, and red currants.

These dessert salads got it all—a bit of tart taste from the fruits, creamy texture from the ricotta, and zing from the ginger crumbs.

Ingredients include: Whipping cream, ricotta, lemon curd, raspberries, and red currants. 

Prefer a more gelatinous dessert?

This panna cotta is the perfect vehicle for a punch of flavor.

It’s just made more decadent with a beautiful white-chocolate cream and sauce.

Ingredients include: Heavy cream, gelatin sheets, white chocolate morsels, sugar, and red currants.

Mahalepi is a traditional Greek dessert.

This creamy sweet pudding is flavored with rose water and topped with red currants.

It’s often served during summertime as it makes for a refreshing treat.

Ingredients include: Milk, cornstarch, rose water, pistachios, and red currants.

I know, I know—zucchini in a dessert?

But trust me, it works.

Just the right amount of moisture and sweet flavor makes these scones unforgettable.

Ingredients include: All-purpose flour, baking powder, zucchini, cane sugar, and red currants.

Sometimes a tangy classic is just what you need.

You can bang this out in half an hour or less, and it’s sure to be a hit every time.

Ingredients include: Icing sugar, vanilla extract, all-purpose flour, flaked almond, and red currants.

Take a break from all that richness with this cleansing and light sorbet.

And did I mention that there’s vodka in it?

Ingredients include: Red currants, lime juice, maple syrup, vodka, and water.

Sometimes all you need is a quick breakfast porridge.

Dress this simple recipe with sweet red currants, and you’ve got just the right hit.

Ingredients include: Maple syrup, rolled oats, red currants, milk, and almond butter.

You can mix all sorts of berries for this smoothie—you still get a delightfully creamy drink.

But if you ask me, I love a good red currants and strawberries combo. 

Ingredients include: Frozen strawberries, red currants, yogurt, milk, and honey.

This one’s a great way to use those bundt cake molds lying around.

I love this incredibly moist dessert that practically melts in one’s mouth.

Ingredients include: White chocolate, sugar, yogurt, apple cider vinegar, and red currants.

With a pink dressing and the additional burst of color from the red currants, this salad makes for a table centerpiece.

This has a sweet note to make it a welcome side dish or lunch.

Ingredients include: Leafy greens, almonds, fresh herbs, red currant, and maple syrup.

Let’s take a rest from all the baked foods and explore the drink possibilities. 

A slightly sweet and vibrant beverage with only three ingredients? 

Count me in!

Ingredients include: Water, red currants, and sugar.

You’ll be glad to have a bottle of cordial in your pantry when you want a touch of sweetness to your day.

Ingredients include: Red currants, sugar, citric acid, sorbic acid, and water.

Adding to the list of refreshing beverages is this iced tea goodness.

Those summer days are about to get a lot more flavorful.

Ingredients include: Honey, red currants, tea bags, water, and fresh mint sprigs.

Who knew pancakes could get this interesting?

With alternating layers of cocoa and vanilla, these fluffy pancakes come alive with the addition of red currants.

Ingredients include: All-purpose flour, sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla bean powder, and red currants.

Of course, a list of red currant recipes wouldn’t be complete without a pie recipe.

Try this one out for size and see how good red currant pie can be.

Ingredients include: Maple syrup, tapioca starch, lemon, cinnamon, and red currants.

There’s nothing quite like a warm chocolate lava cake.

Gooey, melted chocolate with a tart raspberry red currant sauce makes for an unforgettable indulgence.

Ingredients include: Cocoa powder, dark chocolate, butter, eggs, and red currants.

This one looks elegant and intricate but is quite simple to make.

Fluffy to the touch, each bite of this cake is a combination of a soft texture and a nice tart.

Ingredients include: Sugar, eggs, cornstarch, milk, and red currants.

This one’s for all the cocktail lovers out there.

This vibrant and fruity beverage is just what some occasions call for. 

Ingredients include: Vodka, red currant syrup, lime juice, triple sec, and red currants.

The bottom line

There you have it—the BEST recipes featuring red currants that will open up an exciting berry experience for you and yours.

From muffins and meringues to cocktails and cordials, it’s a delightfully tasty adventure that everyone will enjoy.

Whether you want to bake something extra special or just need a quick snack, red currants add a new dimension to your food and drinks.

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27 Red Currant Recipes

From yummy muffins to refreshing drinks, here are some of the best red currant recipes you can make when these versatile berries are in season.


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