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All Yolks Aside: 17 Egg White Recipes That Aren’t Omelets (We Promise)

All Yolks Aside: 17 Egg White Recipes That Aren’t Omelets (We Promise)

Let’s face it. Haven’t we all frantically searched egg white recipes after making that 12-yolk pound cake? Yep. But all yolks aside, take a look at this list of recipes that use up leftover egg whites—beyond egg-white omelets.

We’ve all had a time when a recipe called for egg yolks only, so the dilemma of what to do with the egg whites arises quickly.  

Do you simply dispose of them? 

Or do you save them for another recipe? 

Or perhaps you use egg white recipes predominantly and want more of a variety of food options than just an egg white omelet. 

I can totally relate. 

In my research, there are a wide variety of recipes for egg whites, so it is a matter of collecting ones you like so that when the situation arises, you already have a recipe to use. 

When you’re wondering what to do with egg whites, breakfast is the go-to option since eggs are traditionally breakfast food.  

But when you read through this list of 17 recipes you will quickly see that egg white recipes can be a part of breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert! 

From yummy Egg White Pizza to crisp Nut Meringue Cookies and tender Egg White Brownies to the potluck favorite #7!

Many of these recipes call for egg whites to be beat into stiff peaks, just an FYI.

So enjoy the list and I hope that several inspire you to experiment with new-to-you egg white recipes. 

Dessert is absolutely a great option for what to do with egg whites! 

Chocolate chip cloud cookies are made from egg whites, cream of tartar, sugar, vanilla, unsweetened cocoa powder and chocolate chips! 

Here come those peaks I mentioned in the introduction, beat egg whites and cream of tartar while slowly adding in sugar. 

Then gently fold in cocoa and chocolate chips and bake until just dry.

Another cookie option here for recipes using egg whites. 

Six ingredients here of egg whites, sugar, salt, coconut, almond extract and vanilla extract turn into light yet chewy macaroons. 

Super simple recipe to make with a hand mixer and it is gluten-free to boot!

Oops, were you looking for macarons instead? While they take time and practice, here are some great macarons using egg whites from Preppy Kitchen.

Cookies again for this use of leftover egg whites.

These delicious cookies are made with ground nuts, sugar, egg whites and vanilla extract. 

Similar steps to the two above, making soft peaks with the egg whites and adding sugar slowly. 

Then the ground nuts, which can be any combination of hazelnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, walnuts or pecans are gently folded in. 

Now we arrive at a wonderful answer to “what can I make with egg whites?” 

Breakfast muffins are my go-to for meal prep options! 

These are well-balanced, well-seasoned, and well-enjoyed in my home for multiple reasons. 

The ingredients are not rigid and lots of swaps can be made with the type of veggie or cheese or seasonings used!

We all know oatmeal is carb-heavy with lots of fiber.

It is delicious and the texture is amazing but added protein helps you feel full longer. 

This is one of those recipes for egg whites that will make something good even better.

This recipe uses old fashioned oats, milk, egg whites, honey, cinnamon and ginger. 

The only trick here is adding them in at the right time so the result is a fluffier bowl of delicious oatmeal. 

Here are a few options for Savory Oatmeal Recipes you may also enjoy!

If you are wondering what can you make with egg whites, a cake is the answer! 

And isn’t cake always the answer?

The cake is made from a yellow cake mix, a can of mandarin oranges, egg whites and unsweetened applesauce and then baked. 

The topping is a can of crushed pineapple, sugar free instant vanilla pudding mix and reduced fat whipped topping. 

A potluck staple, this one is a crowd pleaser for sure!

When you are wondering how to use egg whites, consider this ice cream recipe. 

Since it is low carb, the ingredients are egg whites, sour cream, Swerve, and vanilla. 

Still beating eggs into soft peaks. 

Instead of using an ice cream maker, simply sir every 30 minutes for several hours. 

(But you can still use an ice cream maker if you have one to make short work of it.) 

Nice indulgence for those following a keto plan.

If you are asking “what can I do with egg whites,” this European recipe is a little something different. 

It has egg whites, salt, sugar, vanilla, lemon zest, butter, flour, candied fruits, nuts, and dried fruits. 

There is so much information packed into this post, but the key is to add the extra ingredients that come after the egg whipping all at once to minimize stirring to keep all the air inside. 

Different and delicious. 

High protein egg white recipes are awesome for breakfast or brunch. 

Take this frittata for instance. 

It has egg whites, olive oil, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach and seasonings. 

What makes it better is that substitutions are so easy and flexible like swapping tomatoes for red pepper or spinach for arugula. 

Super easy and super tasty!

This brownie recipe is precisely what to do with egg whites when you want a little treat in your day! 

Not that any of the other cookie recipes wouldn’t, but these brownies might just be calling your name and the gooey chewy texture is perfect! 

Regular ingredients with extraordinary results!

There are many recipes using egg whites for cookies and typically they call for cream of tartar. 

Most folks may not have that on hand, so this recipe is a great option since it uses lemon juice instead. 

Here egg whites, vanilla, lemon juice, salt and sugar combine to make beautiful white puffball cookies that can be spooned or piped. 


These biscotti type amaretti cookies are also part of the egg white recipes category! 

They can be crispy or chewy or soft and have more or less aroma depending on if Amaretto Liqueur is included. 

There are several variations in the instructions to follow depending on the type you prefer. 

The mix of granulated and powdered sugar they are rolled in before baking adds a nice touch!

Next up, keto friendly recipes for egg whites. 

If you have ever found yourself on a low carb eating plan, the crunch of chips is something that is sorely missed! 

So this recipe is a wish come true for those folks. 

Crunchy, salty and tasty! 

All that’s needed is egg whites, shredded cheese, everything bagel seasoning and oil. 
The instructions explain the steps well. 

You’re welcome!

A tasty answer to “what can you make with egg whites,” is protein pancakes. 

Yes indeed and they are great with no protein powder needed. 

What you will need is egg whites, oats, sweetener of choice and cinnamon. 

Cook as any pancake recipe would. 

Top with syrup, nut butter, fruit or almonds. 

Yes, please!

Crepes are an excellent option for how to use leftover egg whites! 

Let’s face it, if you are going to make crepes they need to be sturdy enough to hold delicious fillings and use ingredients you can feel good about! 

This recipe uses egg whites, unsweetened almond milk, oat flour, vanilla or maple syrup depending on if you are going for a sweet or savory filling.

To end my list of egg white recipes, I present avocado fries! 

Come on, you know those sound amazing and impossible, but this recipe gives it a fair shake! 

And no deep-frying! 

Ingredients are avocados, flour, egg whites, salt, lemon juice and bread crumbs. 

It’s a four-station assembly line before baking. 

So fabulous! 

The bottom line

Egg white recipes are more common than you might think. 

From breakfast items to snacks to desserts, leftover egg whites can come in mighty handy. 

Of course you can always freeze any part of the egg, but Food Network does tell us there are a few rules to follow.

17 BEST Ways To Use Egg Whites

17 BEST Ways To Use Egg Whites

From breakfast items to snacks to desserts, leftover egg whites can come in mighty handy.


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