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25 Raspberry Liqueur Recipes That Are Unique & Fun 🍸

25 Raspberry Liqueur Recipes That Are Unique & Fun 🍸

Got a bottle of raspberry liqueur and not sure how to use it up? Don’t worry, as this list of 25 unique raspberry liqueur recipes should solve your dilemma!

If you’re a regular cocktail drinker, you may have tried fruit-based ones. 

Although strawberries and pineapple are the most common fruits used for these refreshing cocktails, raspberries are not far behind. 

Raspberry-flavored drinks can be made using raspberry liqueur, as it brings the berry’s sweetness into your drinks. 

This fruit is also very versatile, as you can pair them with other fruits and liqueurs, no matter how strong they are. 

The result is a fun, bright red mixed drink that is somewhere halfway between tarty and sweet. 

Since most raspberry-flavored cocktails are light, they can be served for brunch or while at a night out. 

It can also be made on special holidays as its beautiful color matches the festivities. 

Basically, raspberry cocktails are a year-round cocktail option.

To help you choose which mixture to make in the comfort of your own home, we’ve gathered 25 raspberry liqueur recipes that are easy to make. 

This list includes a wide variety of cocktails made with whiskey, rum, tequila, and gin, so there is a base that will certainly suit your alcohol preferences. 

You can also turn classic cocktails such as mojitos, martinis, Bellinis, and more into a raspberry-flavored hit. 

Check out #8 if you want something that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Floradora is named after a popular Broadway musical “Florodora” that premiered in 1899. 

It is bright, pink, and bubbly, and it matches the aesthetics of the dancers from which the drink got its name. 

The cocktail balances the bitterness of London dry gin with the tartness of lime and the sweetness of the raspberry liqueur. 

It also has hints of spice thanks to the added ginger beer

The result is a pleasing and decadent highball.

The French Martini is a sophisticated cocktail that gives a fruity spin on a classic martini. 

The perfectly balanced taste is thanks to the mixture of raspberry liqueur, vodka, and pineapple juice. 

Each sip of this drink is so intriguing and nuanced that it will be challenging to put the glass down.

Raspberry Lemon Drop Cocktail will definitely be your next favorite. 

This beautiful drink is equal parts sweet and tarty, and with a bit of twist to the traditional lemon drop, this cocktail is the perfect sip for the end of any day.

You can also serve this at your next house party or order this at brunch.

Are you looking for a delicious and thirst-quenching drink with gin as its base?

Then you can try the Raspberry Gin Spritzer. 

You no longer need to go out and hang out at the bar just to get a sip of a fruity, boozy, and fizzy drink. 

If you’ve always been a fan of gin and tonic, this recipe is the best way to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

You’ll love Raspberry Mojito as this sparkling mixed drink is filled with tasty ingredients. 

It gives the classic mojito a delicious raspberry spin. 

Raspberry Mojitos are easy to mix up as it includes the essential elements of the famous Cuban cocktail, such as mint, rum, lime, and soda. 

What makes this different is the addition of fresh raspberries, which gives it a fresh-from-the-garden taste that blends well with the lime and mint. 

The raspberry liqueur adds the right amount of sweetness that combats the strong kick of the rum.

Basil Raspberry Rose Sangria is bursting with fresh basil, juicy raspberries, Rose wine, vodka, seltzer, lime, and raspberry liqueur. 

It is a light summertime sangria that is perfect to sip on days at the beach or when you want something fruity to pair with the brunch menu.

The Chocolate Raspberry Martini is a drink made for chocolate lovers. 

It features raspberry liqueur with a touch of coffee liqueur. 

The coffee’s bitterness adds a nice contrast to the fruitiness and sweetness of the raspberry. 

What makes this recipe special is the cream that adds richness to it. 

It is a delicious, thick, rich cocktail that you can substitute for dessert. 

You can also serve this as a romantic dinner drink or as a nightcap.

Get ready for the weekend with the berry-flavored Raspberry Mezcal. 

It is similar to a margarita but without the salty rim or the slice of lime. 

The drink has a muddled plump and is mixed with ripened raspberries, but just like the famous margarita, its base is tequila. 

This irresistible cocktail also has the smokiness that Mezcal is known for and the raspberry liqueur’s tangy kick.

Raspberry Mimosa is a pretty drink to sip on any occasion, may it be a special holiday or at a brunch. 

The blend of raspberry liqueur and frosty pomegranate ice cubes is topped with delicious and fizzy sparkling wine and bubbly champagne.

Pink cocktails are automatically labeled as drinks for the ladies. 

That is because it is delicate and pink. 

But with Clover Club Cocktail, this pink drink is also suited for gentlemen. 

Made with gin, an egg, and raspberry liqueur, this cocktail can pack a wallop while keeping its class and looking elegant.

Raspberry Vodka Lemonade manages to be tarty and tangy all at the same time, with the addition of fresh fruit that makes it even better. 

This boozy fruit drink is made with raspberry liqueur, lemon juice, and vodka that can be served at any time of the day. 

If you want drinks with a bit of sourness on the side, you can adjust the amount of raspberry liqueur added to them.

The Knickerbocker is a refreshing cocktail that you can enjoy all year round. 

The name of this unique sipper comes from Dutch workers who used to wear their pants up to their waist so they would not get wet while on their journey home. 

The cocktail has a mixture of rum, orange liqueur, and raspberry liqueur, so it is boozy but not too bitter and strong, and it will certainly suit everyone’s palate. 

White Gummy Bear Shot is a unique, fruit-flavored cocktail shot that is a must-have at your next house party. 

It has a balanced combination of sweet and sour, and it is a great drink to serve before dinner. 

The extensive fruit flavor of the shot is thanks to the peach, lemon, and raspberry flavors, and taking the shot is similar to eating gummy bears.

Raspberry Cosmopolitan is a wonderful way to enjoy raspberry liqueur. 

It has a unique and intriguing flavor, which is displayed perfectly in this drink. 

In comparison to this recipe, the original cosmopolitan is bland. 

Mixing the ingredients of the classic cocktail with raspberry liqueur creates an impressive drink that appeals to a variety of tastes.

An ode to Northern California, this cocktail hints at the state’s chilly umbra. 

Each ingredient is connected to San Francisco, from the Campari, honey syrup, Anderson Valley IPA, and raspberry liqueur. 

When blended together, this cocktail tastes like a bitter shandy with a lime wheel and an orange wheel as garnish.

Summer Campari Cocktail brings a new element into the traditional Negroni. 

It features raspberry liqueur that makes it more approachable for those who are not used to the bitter taste of Campari. 

With its aperitif-worthy ingredients, Summer Campari Cocktail is an excellent choice as an after-dinner drink. 

It also works really well as a celebratory drink for parties and holiday get-togethers.

This Raspberry Gin Fizz drink is festive and fun, and it is best served at holidays, parties, special occasions, and during months when fresh raspberries are in season. 

The refreshing drink has gin, raspberry liqueur, fresh raspberries, lime juice, and sparkling soda water, and every sip is like a party in your mouth.

Chambord Bramble Cocktail is the modern take on the classic Bramble. 

It has simple ingredients like lemon juice, gin, and raspberry liqueur that create a lovely red color. 

If you are a fan of Bramble, you will surely love this new take on it. 

You can serve it in a rock glass or a martini glass for a sophisticated look.

The Jalapeño Raspberry Bramble gives the traditional gin cocktail a spicy twist. 

It is ideal for sipping together with your favorite spicy dish. 

You can also serve this as an after-dinner drink while you catch up with your friends.

The Raspberry Royale is made with fresh ingredients and festive garnishes like basil and raspberries. 

It is served in a celebratory glass to add to its aesthetic and impress your guests. 

This drink pairs wonderfully with charcuterie platters, pastries, fresh fruits, light fish dishes, and hors d’oeuvres.

If you love tart and fruity drink recipes, this Chambord Sour Cocktail is right up your cocktail-drinking alley. 

It only has a couple of ingredients, but it packs a big sour flavor and silky, smooth texture from the egg whites.

Chambord Raspberry Margarita is made on the rocks, and its cold temperature is perfect for days when you need that thirst-quenching drink. 

This cocktail is made with raspberry liqueur, fresh raspberries, and tequila and is light but boozy enough to get you drunk.

A Kir cocktail is made with creme de cassis and white wine, and it has a lot of variations, with Kir Imperial being one of them. 

The Kir Imperial uses a half ounce of creme de cassis to permeate with the Champagne and raspberry liqueur, resulting in a gorgeous cocktail with berry sweetness. 

Remember to pour the other ingredients into the glass first, followed by the Champagne, to ensure that the ingredients will mix naturally. 

Made with raspberry liqueur and vodka, this cocktail has a beautiful, dreamy pink color. 

The addition of lime and ginger beer complements the tarty flavor of the raspberry.

The bottom line

When it comes to upgrading your cocktails, the raspberry liqueur is one of the best ingredients to add to them.

The flavor and red color make them a fabulous addition to any traditional sippers. 

Whatever you have on hand or the mood that you are in, there is a raspberry liqueur recipe to match it.

Unique Raspberry Liqueur Recipe Collection

Unique Raspberry Liqueur Recipe Collection

Got a bottle of raspberry liqueur and not sure how to use it up? Don’t worry, as this list of 25 unique raspberry liqueur recipes should solve your dilemma!


  • Raspberry Bellini
  • Floradora
  • French Martini
  • Raspberry Lemon Drop Cocktail
  • Raspberry Gin Spritzer
  • Raspberry Mojito
  • Basil Raspberry Rose Sangria
  • Chocolate Raspberry Martini
  • Raspberry Mezcal
  • Raspberry Mimosa
  • Clover Club Cocktail
  • Raspberry Vodka Lemonade
  • Knickerbocker
  • White Gummy Bear Shot
  • Raspberry Cosmopolitan
  • Cold In The Shadows
  • Summer Campari Cocktail
  • Raspberry Gin Fizz Chambord Cocktail
  • Chambord Bramble Cocktail
  • Jalapeño Raspberry Bramble
  • Raspberry Royale
  • Chambord Sour
  • Chambord Raspberry Margarita
  • Kir Imperial
  • Raspberry Moscow Mule


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