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Top 17 BEST Greek Cookies You’ll Love!

Top 17 BEST Greek Cookies You’ll Love!

Get ready to heat your ovens and prepare your baking trays as we dive into 17 types of Greek cookies!

Ah yes, cookies!

A lovely, home-baked dessert associated with the usual Santa’s chocolate chip.

There are a lot of different cookies that we are aware of, such as crinkles, amaretti,
and macarons.

However, cookies can come in many shapes, sizes, flavors, and forms.

That’s what makes it so unique; you can have a whole new variety of sweets and desserts with this simple, easy-to-bake dessert!

But wait, there’s a lot more on the horizon!

What’s better than adding a whole new layer of fun and excitement by trying out some Greek cookies?

You can’t miss a new world of sweetness and delight poured into these sugary baked treats!

Maybe a nice Amygdalotá would be more suited to your style?

Or how about trying out a Kataïfi

It is bound to place a spot for one of your favorite desserts!

Most significantly, #11’s Troufakia will leave an excellent, lasting impression on your taste buds because of how great it is!

Indeed, these Greek cookies are guaranteed to make others vie for the recipes in your dessert pantry!

Starting strong in this list are these cinnamon cocoa cookies!

Are you a fan of solid yet delicious flavors in your cookies?

Roxakia might be the one for you!

Take a bite into one and indulge yourself in this doughy pastry.

What makes Roxakia unique is its delicious syrup, the velvety, luscious taste of cocoa, topped with the sweetness of cinnamon.

They say you can’t have it all, but Roxakia may as well defy that with how good it tastes!

Are you aiming to serve something unique besides gingerbread men and Christmas sugar cookies at the Christmas table?

You should try these delicious Greek Christmas honey cookies out!

Melomakarona is usually prepared ahead of the festive month, starting in November.

This delectable treat is sure to serve you authenticity right at your plate!

This dessert is served with honey syrup and the optional addition of spices such as cinnamon, clover, or ginger.

Take one bite, and you’ll be rejoicing in delight!

Make your Christmas morning extra special with this dessert!

Ever wanted to eat the moon?

You might as well do so with these adorable butter almond cookies shaped just like crescents and full moons!

The buttery flavor oozes into your mouth and permeates a feeling of joy and laughter.

These shortbread delicacies are also laced with a hint of clove and pure rose water and coated with powdered sugar.

Feel free to partner them with your Melomakaronas, as these can also be served during Christmas and New Year’s.

Serve up your guests a new treat with some Kourabiedes!

Have you ever tried Paximadia?

If not, you wouldn’t want to miss out on these crumbly bread rusks packed with immense flavor!

Paximadia is a staple in Greece, derived from dipyros, a savory biscuit.

These rusks are made all over Greece and come in various shapes and sizes.

The dough of these rusks can be made from wheat, rye, barley, corn, carob, and chickpea flour.

Now, with a combination of sweet and savory, Paximadia maintains its delightful taste while being a must-have on the island of Crete!

Want some easy-to-make almond cookies that can be served for any occasion?

Ergolavi or Greek Almond Cookies is the perfect match!

Ergolavi is a Greek version of the French macaroons, adding a new twist to the 
French classic.

They are so simple to bake that it will blow your mind how good it tastes!

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab your almonds, vanilla, eggs, and sugar, and let’s get baking!

The Easter bunny is here! 

Ready or not, here it comes!

Koulorakia is known widely to be the legendary Greek Easter cookie.

Some ancient Greeks even believed that knitting the dough in specific shapes could 
keep the evil spirits and demons away from the household!

These buttery hand-shaped cookies have egg glaze on top to complement the sweet taste.

The Keto version adds more butter, less gluten, and starch, which adds a lot to its flavor and texture and is a beautiful addition to an already flavorsome dessert!

Amygdalotá is similar to the Ergolavi in that it is also a heavenly cookie made with almonds.

The significant difference is that this is much bigger, which atones for its yummy taste and texture!

Amygdalotás is also famous due to its availability in most Greek bakeries.

Want a replacement for your macaroons and biscuits during afternoon tea?

Try out some Amygdalotá, and your guests will leave in happiness!

8. Isli

A traditional Cretan dessert such as Isli can be food for the gods!

Because the dough is created with semolina, this cookie is crumbly and soft on the inside as the method soaks them in syrup.

But once the finished product comes to your lips, you will want more!

Imagine earthy hints from the ground walnut and sweetness from the honey syrup!

Who could resist such a wonderful treat with a luscious taste, perfect as a Christmas cookie!

Although the name might be a twister for the untrained tongue, its flavor remains extraordinary!

This unique cookie is for you if you’re a fan of grapes.

If fresh grape juice is unavailable in your area, you can always opt for some petimezi, a natural sweetener made from concentrated grape juice. 

Grab a bite to eat if you want that sugar boost while aiming for the familiarity of fruit!

These delights are perfect for breakfast or as a snack with some Greek coffee or a cup of tea!

Of course, we cannot forget a treat for avid chocolate lovers.

Get ready to dig into these walnut-filled chocolate cookies!

It is simple to make yet packs a heavy punch regarding delectable chocolatey goodness!

The best part?

You can repurpose your leftover cake or cookies into these holiday delights!

Take one bite out of this, and you’re an absolute goner.

Preparing and rounding the dough into tiny balls is so fun!

The silky-smooth flavor of the chocolate mixed with the full-bodied taste of cognac also makes for a beautiful confection!

This dessert will have you yearning for seconds.

And thirds, and maybe even dozens.

12. Kokakia

If you thought cream puffs wouldn’t find their way into this list, well, here it is!

We are too much of a chocolate lover not to include this one!

Kokakia is a Greek cream puff glazed in chocolate.

These airy, small cookie puffs are just like biting into little pillows!

Feel free to bake a lot for the entire family!

The Kataïfi is one of the most famous Greek desserts and is distinct from the rest!

The visuals of the dessert are beautiful, as delicate, thin strands of shredded phyllo dough create a beautiful masterpiece.

While it may seem daunting to bake, assembling it is easier than it looks!

Feel free to top your pastry with ice cream, whipped cream, or custard!

These divine Orange Sesame Biscotti genuinely make an entrance in terms of their flavor!

The orange juice ingredient will give this Greek cookie a different vibrant taste.

Plus, the drizzle of lemon and cinnamon combines tanginess and woody flavors.

Simple and easy to make, yet will surely make an impact!

Want new and authentic Greek desserts that can add variety to the dinner table?

These Greek Chocolate Chip Cookies will transform your ordinary chocolate cookies with Greek yogurt. 

Add some light and creamy Greek yogurt and top with chocolate chips, and you’ll never want to go back to classic chocolate chip cookies again!

It is a must-have when you want to have some of Greece on your dessert plates!

Aiming to watch some movies but can’t find the perfect cookies to eat?

These cinnamon cookies are the right choice!

Cinnamon is a beautiful way to spend your evening, but add red wine into the mix, and you will be sure to finish your cookies all in one go!

Delightfully crunchy, with an intense aroma that will enlighten all of your senses.

What more could you ask for?

As this list comes to a close, we have prepared a special one for the last!

Orange juice, along with your daily breakfast, is excellent.

But why not add it to your dessert?

This cookie is a revision of a traditional Greek olive oil and orange juice cookie with less sugar and whole wheat flour.

A variation of the Koulorakia, Koulorakia me Portokali might be your new favorite!

The bottom line

Cookies are a well-loved dessert that can find their way to many different occasions and events.

Whether it be parties, weddings, family gatherings, or, better yet, Christmas, cookies are special for anyone.

However, different countries have different specialties regarding this delectable treat!

Greece, especially, is more than its gods and mythology.

So, when you think of Greece, grab a bite of that delicious Kokakia and bake up some Melomakaronas for your next Christmas feast!

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17 EASY Greek Cookies Recipe Assortment 🍪

17 EASY Greek Cookies Recipe Assortment 🍪

With these 17 easy Greek cookies, get ready to heat your ovens and prepare your baking trays!


  • Roxakia
  • Melomakarona
  • Kourabiedes
  • Paximathakia
  • Ergolavi
  • Keto Koulorakia
  • Amygdalotá
  • Isli
  • Moustokouloura
  • Kariokes
  • Troufakia
  • Kokakia
  • Kataïfi
  • Orange Sesame Biscotti
  • Greek Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Greek Cinnamon Cookies With Red Wine
  • Greek Orange Juice Cookies


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