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25 BEST Ginger Beer Cocktails: Crisp & Refreshing!

25 BEST Ginger Beer Cocktails: Crisp & Refreshing!

These 25 Ginger Beer Cocktails will give you a refreshing edge over your regular go-to drinks!

Despite having “beer” in its name, most ginger beer is non-alcoholic (always check the label) and is similar to the ginger ale with a stronger ginger taste.

It adds carbonation and a punch of ginger flavor to all the drinks it is added to.

There are times when you can substitute ginger ale if you don’t have a ginger beer handy, but for these recipes, we recommend getting the real deal to add into your drinks so you get an even stronger ginger taste that complements the rest of your cocktail.

Moscow Mules and all of their variations are probably the most famous drinks with ginger beer but there are so many more options that take advantage of this bubbly mixer.

Try your hand at making a Floradora or a Ginger Cranberry Margarita next time you are tasked with playing bartender!

Even a Kentucky Buck or El Diablo will be solid choices in cocktails to serve.

The great thing about ginger beer is that it can be added to nearly any kind of cocktail with any kind of liquor to make your drinks a little more special and add a crisp kick!

This ginger beer drink has no frills but will get the job done in providing you with a drink to let you relax.

It is just rum, ginger beer, and some fresh lime juice but it gives you something a little bit different from your usual cocktails.

When you want a boozy drink to sip on that is simple and low effort, mix this cocktail up in no time so you can get down to relaxing!

Sometimes we want something fruity to drink that will have us feeling loose without an overwhelming taste of alcohol.

This cocktail does just that, especially in the summer months when fresh peaches are in abundance.

What makes this a “smash” is by muddling together fresh peach slices with a little bit of lemon then pouring your bourbon on top.

The peach and ginger beer combination does a great job at hiding the strong bourbon taste so you just taste summer and refreshment!

If you love Palomas, you will love this little twist on it.

Rather than topping your cocktail with soda water, use ginger beer instead.

The ginger beer adds a little bit of a kick but sometimes, that’s just what we need in our drinks!

Share a Big Sister cocktail with your own sister, or even brother, if you want a refreshing ginger beer cocktail with a slight zing worth sharing.

A shot of citrus vodka is added to this drink but you can use unflavored vodka instead, just be sure to add a little more lemon juice to make up for the lost citrus flavor.

Combine cranberry juice, orange juice, and your ginger beer and you will experience firsthand how great ginger and citrus flavors go together.

There are so many different versions of mule cocktails but the Moscow Mule might be the most well-known.

This classic drink can easily be made to serve one or to serve many, at a party.

As long as you use your favorite vodka and good-quality ginger beer, you will love the quick and refreshing result!

If you are a fan of this drink, it is worth it to invest in some high-quality copper mugs, not only for the presentation but because they do a great job at keeping your drink cold.

Two key ingredients to keep your bar stocked with are ginger beer and triple sec, and this recipe lets you make use of both!

There is almost a tropical flavor in this cocktail from the shot of dark rum added in and the lemon and cherry garnishes added in.

Of course, the ginger beer helps tone down the rum flavor if it is too strong and adds a little bit of a kick.

Despite the fact that ginger beer is usually non-alcoholic, some cocktails with ginger beer still manage to pack some power in every sip!

This one, in particular, does so, with just two ingredients: dark rum and ginger beer.

When pouring your rum on top of your ginger beer, do so slowly so you can get a nice layered look that can remind you of the dark and stormy skies this cocktail gets its name after.

Between the bold red color that this drink gets its name from, and the delicious flavors present in it, this cocktail is sure to brighten your mood with just one glass!

This cocktail does a great job of not overwhelming your taste buds with too much sugar or too much alcohol taste.

The pomegranate juice is really the star of this drink but the ginger beer adds so much depth to the flavor that it deserves special recognition

Here is another beverage that does a great job of using fresh peaches for a refreshing summertime drink.

You do need to make a puree from your peach but the flavor and texture it adds outweigh any extra prep work you may want to avoid.

Your favorite vodka and ginger beer are poured on top for a simple to make a drink that is excellent as a refresher in the hot months!

If you want to make drinks with ginger beer, sometimes it is better to make some parts of the recipe at home.

This cocktail uses a raspberry syrup that can easily be made in about ten minutes but if you are in a time crunch, store-bought syrup will work too.

Raspberry liqueur is also a great option for adding the depth of flavor to this drink for a little sweetness to pair with the tang of the ginger beer.

After pouring everything together, you get a beautiful pink color reminiscent of the Broadway costumes that this drink gets its name from!

Pull this sangria out the next time you are entertaining friends for a party and everyone will be so impressed with the ginger beer mixed drinks you hand out to them.

Dry white wine makes up the base of this sangria but there is a ton of ginger flavor from both a ginger simple syrup (that you can make easily and quickly at home) and ginger beer topping it off.

Toss in some slices of oranges, lemons, and limes for some extra citrus flavors and a pretty garnish for your drinks.

This punch is a safe bet to serve at get-togethers since you can be sure nearly everyone will love it!

If you are able to juice your own pineapple, orange, and lime, you get a more fresh flavor but otherwise, store-bought will still give you a great punch.

Top off your rum and juice mixed with some ginger beer for some fizz and a little bit of spice.

What makes a vodka soda even better?


What makes a cherry vodka soda better?

Ginger beer.

Make a quick cherry simple syrup for this with honey and you will be shocked how great the taste of honey, cherries, and ginger all work together.

Muddling your blackberries helps you release the juice from them without sacrificing the sweet and tart taste they add.

Gin adds in some crisp bitterness to go with the sweetness of the berries.

A small pour of ginger beer on top helps pull everything together with a little bit of spice and sparkle.

Chances are, an IPA cocktail doesn’t come to mind when considering drinks to make with ginger beer.

But some ginger beer and rum mixed in with your go-to IPA give you a cocktail similar to a shandy’s citrus flavors.

Make sure both your IPA and ginger beer are very cold before mixing so you can use less ice which also helps prevent your drink from becoming watered down.

Many of us enjoy a cold margarita in the summer but this one specifically is full of wintertime flavors. 

From the cranberry and ginger, this makes it perfect for enjoying around the holiday season.

Whether you are making a couple of glasses or enough for a party, you use the same amount of tequila, cranberry juice, and ginger beer making it an easy recipe to follow and prepare!

This mixed drink is simple and uncomplicated but sure to be hit once you get a taste of it.

Strawberry lemonade is already so refreshing but adding in vodka and ginger beer gives you an adult beverage with fresh fruit and fizz fitting for any occasion!

If you decide to serve this for a party, you can easily increase the amount of the ingredients you add but try to wait to add in the ginger beer so you can keep the bubbles.

To get the best tasting mojito, you will want to start off by muddling together mint leaves and lime juice, but try to save some to add as a garnish.

White rum pulls the mojito together while the ginger beer gives you a nice change of pace from traditional mojitos you may have tried before.

There are so many different types of mules that it would be hard to mention all of them but this one is special and deserves to be called out!

Candied bacon makes a great garnish with a little bit of smoke from the chili powder.

Let the bacon steep in some Jack Daniels whiskey, for at least ten minutes but as long as overnight so the flavors can merge together.

Your bacon whiskey can then be poured over a glass of ice with some ginger beer on top and a piece of candied bacon sitting on top for a unique mule that is sweet, tart, and spicy.

Some consider this cocktail a buck or a mule, but regardless of what category it falls under, it is sure to be a fruity and invigorating cocktail!

Tequila, creme de cassis, and lime juice are shaken together and poured over a tall ice-filled glass.

Ginger beer tops it off with a blackberry and lime wedge making a garnish perfect for the creme de cassis flavors featured in the drink.

This recipe is very easy to follow and will guarantee a delicious drink under one condition: use a high quality tequila!

This can completely change the taste and quality of your margarita.

It is made similar to other margaritas served over ice with the simple addition of stirring in your ginger beer for some crispness to pair with the tang and sweetness.

This punch is extra bubbly since it features both ginger beer and club soda.

Your pineapples should be blended for an easy DIY pineapple juice.

If you want to use frozen pineapples, you can blend everything together with the exception of the rosemary for a chilled blended drink that leaves out the need for ice.

A cocktail layered with red, white, and blue is perfect for celebrating the fourth of July with!

The colors come from ginger beer, homemade blueberry syrup, and gin.

Since the blueberry syrup is the heaviest, it should go first, followed by the gin, and your ginger beer last.

Pouring your liquids over the back of a spoon helps the layers float properly on top of the heavier liquids below them.

This buck is made tasty from the muddled strawberries and fresh lemon juice as well as the ginger beer topping everything off.

Using whiskey or bourbon makes it a flavorful adult drink that is perfect for enjoying the Derbys!

The bottom line

These ginger beer cocktails add in a bit of kick and fizz from just one simple ingredient.

The non-alcoholic mixer can really bring out the other flavors in your cocktail without overloading you with a strong alcohol taste or overwhelming ginger flavor.

Even if you tend to stay away from ginger, these cocktails can win you and your tastebuds over!

The Best Dark And Stormy Cocktail

The Best Dark And Stormy Cocktail

Yield: 2 cocktails
Prep Time: 6 minutes
Cook Time: 4 minutes
Total Time: 4 minutes

This version of the best dark and stormy cocktail recipe features ginger beer and dark rum. Makes two cocktails.


  • 1 cup ginger beer
  • 1/2 c dark rum
  • ice


  1. Mix dark rum and ginger beer in your old-fashioned glass. 
  2. Add ice and then mix, sip, and enjoy!

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