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11 BEST Anchovy Appetizers To Serve At Your Next Party! ๐ŸŸ

11 BEST Anchovy Appetizers To Serve At Your Next Party! 🐟

If you’re looking to add some creativity and zest to your parties, look no further than these 11 easy Anchovy Appetizers that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

Did you know that the quickest way to turn your celebration into an epic event is to serve anchovies?

Think about your last big party.

Remember how dull and uninteresting it was?

Well, you won’t experience that again!

Because when you spice things up with anchovies, you can make your next party really memorable!

Well, anchovies can be divisive.

At the same time, they turn up almost everywhere in Mediterranean cuisine.

Pasta sauce, gazpacho, salsa verde, pizza, and pesto are just some of the dishes made better with anchovy.

They’re also incredibly satisfying, and these entries about 11 gastronomical experiments prove it!

Suppose you’re lucky enough to have these leftovers for lunch the next day.

In that case, you’ll definitely want to add these anchovy appetizers to your next party menu!

And though they may be small, these little fish pack a big taste of deliciousness in each bite.

Anchovies & Olives Appetizers are a cocktail party staple, so it’s a must to have this on the menu for your guests.

Or, if you want, you can take your guests on a culinary trip to the Iberian Peninsula with Anchovy Capers.

Of course, we’re hiding one more trick up our sleeve.

Serve #10 and watch your friends’ faces turn from “ugh” to “uhh” to “ooh-la-la” in seconds.

Are you ready?

Of course, you are.

Here are 11 of the best anchovy appetizers for your next parties.

1. Anchovy Hors D’oeuvres With Marinated Roasted Peppers

Hors d’oeuvres with roasted peppers is a heavenly sampler.

It’s also a delicious way to get people to cleanse their palates for the greater things you have prepared.

The peppers’ kick of spice and fire makes it even more delicious.

This is guaranteed to set your palate for the next courses!

2. Anchovies & Olives Appetizer

Anchovies and olives are always right when put together.

It’s like peanut butter and jelly on toast or salt and pepper on many dishes.

And even though this anchovy appetizer is easy to make, it will still look polished and elegant.

We’re sure you’ve also seen those olives in cartons that look like they’ve been popped out of a martini glass.

Well, if you have more time, you could also serve this dish that way, as well!

Your guests will love you for it!

3. Bagna Cauda (Italian Anchovy Appetizer)

Bagna Cauda, which means “warm bath,” is a popular Italian dish that has spread throughout the world.

But its history stretches centuries back to the town of Piedmont in northern Italy.

This dish is also a testament to the perseverance of the townspeople, who made the best of their meager living conditions.

But despite its origin, many royals and aristocrats have loved this dish from the moment they first tasted it.

Since then, it has earned its spot on every Christmas table in the Italian Alpine houses.

It’s a simple but delicious appetizer that you can easily make for your next party.

And although it’s not as popular as pizza, pasta, and cured meats, Bagna Cauda is still incredibly mouthwatering.

Anyone would love to have this served at any mealtime, day up to night time.

Once you sink your baguette slices or crackers into this sinful anchovy appetizer, you’ll feel like soaking in a warm tub of deliciousness.

4. Anchovy Butter Bruschetta

Bruschetta is a simple dish to make if you’re just starting out in the kitchen.

It’s easy, flexible, and can be served as either a light snack or appetizer, depending on the day (or night).

Plus, bread is cheap and accessible, and everyone loves it.

Well, the good thing about this bruschetta recipe is that it uses anchovies as an alternative to your standard garlic and olive oil topping.

This is such a great way to balance the saltiness of anchovies with the creaminess of butter.

For best results, toast your bread until it’s crispy on the outside but still chewy on the inside.

That way, there will be enough structure to hold up under all those toppings!

5. Canapés De Anchoa (Anchovy Canapes)

Anchovies can add a lot of flavor to any dish—and will never let you down.

They are also a welcome addition to pizza, soups, sauces, and appetizers such as these canapes from the Iberian Peninsula.

Even Portugal and Spain enjoy a wide variety of seafood in their cuisines, from the world-famous paella to these canapes.

Serve them with sangria or other alcoholic drinks for a perfect combination!

6. Anchovy & Herb Salad Crostini

One of the best ways to enjoy anchovies is on crostini.

It’s easy to eat, and the combination of salty fish with a little acidity makes it very satisfying in taste.

But actually, you can use any kind of bread.

Even store-bought baguettes will do the trick.

That’s how versatile this recipe is!

And if you don’t have fresh herbs on hand, you can usually substitute them with dried ones.

You really don’t need to buy fresh herbs anyway because the taste will be the same.

So, impress your guests by whipping up this little anchovy appetizer that looks like you spent the whole day making it for them.

Of course, no one has to know that you made it in less than 45 minutes, right?

It’s our little secret.

7. Gruyere, Anchovy, & Olive Straws

Aside from clocks, chocolates, and the Red Cross, Switzerland has another contribution to the world.

It’s their many varieties of cheeses.

Their cheeses are so diverse and well-known that it has their own website.

And one of those cheeses is the Gruyere.

Gruyere cheese is a semi-hard cheese that originated in Switzerland, in the town of Gruyere in the Fribourg canton.

It can be used for making sandwiches, fondue, and cheese sauces.

In this dish, you’ll find the combination of Gruyere’s creamy texture with olives’ punch, while anchovy adds a depth of umami flavor.

A sophisticated anchovy appetizer pairs well on any appetizer table or as an after-dinner treat.

Serve your guests their appetizers in this totally unique way, and they’ll be sure to give you points for the visuals.

8. Radish & Creamy Anchovy Canapes

Who says radishes are only for salads?

Well, they can also be great with anchovies!

In fact, radishes and anchovies are a classic combination.

So, it’s a no-brainer that you’d want to combine them in an appetizer.

The contrast between the radish slices and the bread makes this recipe so pretty.

And if you’re serving at a party or event where guests will be eating while standing, try placing your spread on crackers instead of bread or flatbreads.

That way, your guests can hold their food in one hand and a drink in the other!

You can also spread this on crackers before handing them out to guests for more convenience.

9. Crostini With Anchovy Tapenade

The recipe for anchovy tapenade was invented in 1880 by chef Meynier in Le Maison Doree in Marseilles, France.

It is a very protected recipe and well-enjoyed by everyone, from royals to other locals.

Tapenade also means spread in Provencal, a European language spoken only in France.

Plus, if you have friends over for appetizers or cocktail parties, this appetizer is also the perfect choice.

Try serving it as an hors d’oeuvre with crostini or crackers before dinner or lunch.

CookingChew tip: It tastes amazing on top of grilled fish like salmon filets.

10. Oranges & Anchovy Appetizer

If you think that oranges and anchovies don’t go together, think again.

They are actually a perfect pair.

The tartness of the orange compliments the umami flavor profile of anchovies.

And this creates a sweet-and-sour taste that goes very well with fresh fish like sardines or mackerels.

Aside from its taste, it’s also fun to serve at parties because of the unusual combination.

Your guests’ faces will change from wonder to surprise in 30 seconds!

11. Savory Anchovy Puff Pastry Bites

These Savory Anchovy Puff Pastry Bites are a great way to use up leftover puff pastry.

 It only requires about an hour to prepare.

So, there’s no reason not to try this delicious appetizer!

You can also serve these as finger food aside from other anchovy appetizers during mealtime.

What’s more, these bites would leave you feeling satisfied without ruining your appetite for the next meal.

The bottom line

If you’re getting bored with your wine and cheese parties, spice them up with some anchovy appetizers.

Anchovies are a highly overlooked sea delicacy that can bring a fresh burst of flavor to your wines, cheeses, and more.

And don’t worry about the features of the fish standing out.

Anchovies will seamlessly blend into your event like any other appetizer.

They will also bring nothing but joy and happiness into every appetizer.

So, which ones would you try for your next party?

Make sure to invite us, okay?

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Top 11 BEST Anchovy Appetizers 🐟

Top 11 BEST Anchovy Appetizers 🐟

Here are 11 of the best anchovy appetizers for your next parties!


  • Anchovy Hors D'oeuvres With Marinated Roasted Peppers
  • Anchovies & Olives Appetizer
  • Bagna Cauda (Italian Anchovy Appetizer)
  • Anchovy Butter Bruschetta
  • Canapés De Anchoa (Anchovy Canapes)
  • Anchovy & Herb Salad Crostini
  • Gruyere, Anchovy, & Olive Straws
  • Radish & Creamy Anchovy Canapes
  • Crostini With Anchovy Tapenade
  • Oranges & Anchovy Appetizer
  • Savory Anchovy Puff Pastry Bites


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