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What Do Strawberries Taste Like? Are They Sweet or Bitter?

What Do Strawberries Taste Like? Are They Sweet or Bitter?

Ever wondered what do strawberries taste like? Do they taste sweet or bitter? Or do they have their own unique flavor?

Many people have already tasted strawberries as they’re one of the most widely grown fruit crops in the world. 

About 600 varieties of fruit and around 1.16 million tons of strawberries were produced in the United States alone. 

But as someone who’s never tasted strawberries before, they might feel a little left out, considering that they’re a well-known fruit eaten and used by many across the globe. 

If you’re one of those people, then let’s put your curiosity at ease! In this FAQ guide, I’m going to reveal their flavor profile and some tips on picking out strawberries.

But first, let’s talk about what strawberries are.

Strawberries are edible fruit that belongs to the Rosaceae (Rose) family. 

Fun fact: Strawberry isn’t a true berry (scientifically). 

The majority of the fruits are red, but you can also find white strawberry (luxury fruit), which is mainly found in Japan.

Strawberries (Fragaria ananassa) first appeared in Europe in the 18th century after the French accidentally crossed two wild species of strawberries: the Chilean and Virginian. 

This crossing of the two wild strawberries gave rise to the modern strawberries that everyone enjoys today. 

With over hundreds of varieties, strawberry plants come in three types: June-bearing, everbearing, and day-neutral.

June-bearing varieties produce strawberry fruit all at once, typically over three weeks. 

Everbearing types produce a big crop in spring, bear lightly in the summer, and produce another crop in the late summer or fall. 

Meanwhile, day-neutral varieties bear fruit continuously through the season, so they have a longer harvest season than June-bearing strawberries. 

Despite the differences, all strawberries are surprisingly juicy and can be used in different ways, such as jams, smoothies, jellies, pudding, or consumed as is. 

The flavor of strawberry can vary depending on the variety of the fruit. 

But generally, the strawberry taste, especially ripe, is wonderfully sweet and slightly sour.

Strawberries feature tiny seeds that are slightly crunchy and edible. 

They’re also firm and juicy with a flesh that’s not too tough. 

Typically, smaller and redder strawberries are likely to be juicier and sweeter than those large strawberries with hollow white interiors. 

Are strawberries sweet or bitter?

Ripe strawberries should have a big burst of sweetness and juiciness with a slightly tart taste. 

And as per strawberry texture, it must be firm and juicy, while the strawberry smell should be fresh, sweet, and fruity. 

However, remember that weather conditions can influence the flavor of strawberries. 

When you grow the fruits in scorching weather, they would likely have a slightly bitter taste. 

Tips on picking out strawberries

Fresh strawberries are now available all year round, but picking the perfect strawberries at the grocery store is a bit challenging. 

Here are some nifty tips on picking out the best strawberries: 

Look for strawberries with fresh green caps

One clear sign that the strawberries are fresh is having lively green caps (leaves on top of the berries) of each fruit. 

Avoid those strawberries with dry caps, as this indicates that the fruits have been sitting in the store for a long time.

Look for bright red strawberries

Strawberries that feature a bright red hue from top to bottom are fully ripened. 

These ripe berries tend to be juicier and sweeter than those with yellow or green color.

Look for smaller strawberries

Keep in mind that bigger strawberries contain more water than those smaller-sized berries, which dilutes their taste. 

So it’s best to choose those smaller strawberries as they’re generally juicier and sweeter. 

Look for berries with no sign of softness

If the strawberries in the carton feature soft textures, avoid them as this is a sign that the berries are overripe. 

You also need to avoid strawberries exposed to moisture because this can lead to mold growth. 

I suggest picking those fruits that are dry and firm.

The bottom line

When you bite down on a fresh strawberry, expect to experience a burst of juicy goodness in your mouth.

The flavor is generally sweet with a nice light tartness. 

To ensure you pick the best strawberries, better look for bright red strawberries with smaller sizes and fresh green caps. 

And avoid those that have signs of molds and discoloration. 

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