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21 Chocolate Vodka Recipes: Dreamy & Tasty Drinks!

21 Chocolate Vodka Recipes: Dreamy & Tasty Drinks!

There are many wonderful vodka cocktails, and these chocolate vodka recipes are no exception!

From chocolate martinis to heavenly shots, these drinks are quite boozy yet sweet, dreamy, and incredibly tasty. 

There are many wonderful vodka drink recipes, but none can match those made using chocolate vodka.

You can have a chocolate vodka drink in a bar or create your own at home; either way, it’s a sweet, delightful concoction that works well in a dessert-inspired cocktail, or you can just sip it straight over ice.

These delicious chocolate vodka recipes will blow your mind if you enjoy decadent beverages.

If you love chocolate milkshakes but want to add a little bit of fun to them, go for this Ultimate Frozen Chocolate Mudslide recipe; or if you have always loved the flavors of coffee and chocolate combined, Winter Mocha will never fail you. 

But we also have in store for you a recipe that adds a tasty spice to chocolate vodka, so watch out for #18. 

These recipes, ranging from chocolate martinis to heavenly shots, are quite boozy yet sweet and dreamy.

Have a look and see which ones strike your fancy!

You surely will be enticed by the flavor combinations of chocolate, banana, and coffee in this recipe.

Not only that, but this dessert cocktail is also like a martini version of a banana split but with packs of serious punch because of the flavored vodkas from Van Gogh. 

The espresso in this recipe pairs well with chocolate vodka; plus, the sweetness of banana and the richness of coffee liqueur make for a perfect pairing. 

On top of all that, having a smooth, creamy base among all the flavors that this recipe offers guarantees that you can have a mouth-watering treat for dessert.

The chocolate flavor in this cocktail isn’t overpowering, but it’s there nonetheless. 
This drink’s fusion of cranberry and chocolate flavors is terrific. 
This cocktail’s cranberry flavor is sure to please any fan because when it comes to deliciousness, cranberry juice is the icing on the cake.
If you want the perfect cocktail to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day or any other holiday, look no further than this recipe. 
This cocktail is simple to prepare but tastes fantastic.

This mixed drink can be enjoyed any time of the year and is also very simple to make. 
It’s like a White Russian, but with Bailey’s and chocolate for a luxurious twist.
However, you should be aware that this tastes far too wicked and contains far too much booze, but oh dear, this is impressive.
This is a creative spin on the traditional White Russian, thanks to the addition of Irish cream liqueur and half-and-half (or heavy cream).

The Mint Chip Cookietini calls for four simple ingredients: Pinnacle cookie dough vodka, chocolate vodka, crème de menthe, and milk or cream. 
It resembles a Thin Mint shot, but this one is served in a martini. 
Add on top of the chocolate chip cookie dough martini anything from chocolate whipped cream, chocolate shavings, or Thin Mint cookie crumbs to achieve a more gorgeous presentation. 
If you’ve never used crème de menthe before, you’re missing out on an excellent ingredient for making a wide variety of mint-flavored beverages and sweets.
Crème de menthe is a liqueur with a distinct mint flavor. Its name, “cream of mint,” refers to its green color, but there are also white variations.
This cocktail is stunning in its green hue and creamy chocolate topping.

This recipe makes one of the best-frozen chocolate mudslides you’ve ever had with just a few simple ingredients and a blender. 
Chocolate-flavored vodka and chocolate ice cream will bring the chocolate flavor up in this recipe. 
And they taste really great! 
You should know that it is pretty intense but also mind-blowingly delicious. 
They taste so nice and smooth that you’ll just keep drinking away, and soon those alcohols will catch up to you.
This is undoubtedly an adult way to enjoy a childhood version of a chocolate milkshake.

Do you want the best shot for dessert? 
How about one for after work?
Then, while snacking on some of your favorite black-and-white cookies, sip this incredible shot and feel your heart overflow with delight! 
While the primary purpose of this layered shot recipe is for visual effect, the end result is noticeably different in terms of flavor.
First, you’ll notice the chocolatey notes from the vodka and liqueur, and then you’ll conclude with the rich, velvety flavor of the RumChata.
Everyone will enjoy the way this shot is presented, and even the skeptics will take one simply for fun.

Chocolate and hazelnut are classic flavors, and who could resist that?
A martini with these ingredients is a match made in heaven.
The drink has a creamy flavor that’s reminiscent of Nutella.
Unlike many chocolate-based drinks, this one isn’t too heavy or sweet, but this can be too tempting; you can’t just have one glass. 
This cocktail is perfect for social gatherings, particularly after dinner. 
Even if you don’t perfectly seal the cookie rim, it will still look fantastic.
Serve this alongside salty or savory snacks or nibbles, and you sure will have a good time.

This recipe has the flavors of chocolate and strawberry, only that this does not include strawberry vodka but only the natural fruity strawberry as garnish. 
For the best presentation, the recommended drinkware for this is the Margarita glass. 
With only two ingredients to blend in a chilled glass, you can whip this up in your home bar or kitchen even in seconds. 
Also, garnish with a chocolate-covered strawberry; as quickly as that, you’re in for a party. 
By the way, this one is very flexible; you can always improvise with your twist.

You can really taste the rich chocolate creaminess in this powerful shot. 
We can’t say for sure, but it could probably make you as crazy as a cow.
If your hands are pretty steady and you are willing to pour more slowly, this layered shot is a breeze to make. 
However, if you prefer not, you don’t have to layer this Crazy Cow shot. 
Mix everything together with ice in a cocktail shaker. 
Get a shot glass and a strainer, and give it a crazy shaking. 
The shot will really taste the same whether they are stacked or mixed together.

If you are seeking a cocktail drink with a flavor reminiscent of chocolate and citrus, this is the one for you.
This is another thing that is incredibly easy to put together.
In a cocktail shaker, blend your boozy chocolate vodka, sweet hazelnut syrup, zesty lemon juice, and tangy and syrupy grenadine, and then top it off with sparkling water.
Top your drink with a slice of orange for an extra special touch, and you can count on having a great time with every sip.

This mocha recipe is silky, light, and oh-so-creamy all simultaneously.
This mouthwatering mocha cocktail is ideal for warming up on a chilly winter day or making a splash at your upcoming holiday party. 
The earthy tones from freshly brewed coffee, the rich chocolate vodka, the creamy schnapps, the distinct almond taste of amaretto, and the lovely neutral flavor of whipped cream all combine to create a really exquisite treat in this recipe.
Don’t put it off for too long; call your friends and savor every drop.

Perhaps this will become one of your favorite martinis to mix up at home. 
You can count on this to amp you up!
Two types of vodka—chocolate and cherry—and another potent liquor—creme de cacao—come together to create a rich and fragrant martini. 
It’s got a lot of booze, but the fruity sweetness of the Maraschino cherries and syrup will help ease the blow.
You’re on the right road if you’re hoping to spend the evening drunkenly imbibing.

Those in your life who enjoy chocolate and coffee will appreciate this creamy adult beverage.
Mix all the ingredients with ice in a cocktail glass while your excitement builds for this beautiful combination of chocolate and coffee. 
This recipe calls for Irish cream, a sweet liqueur with a rich texture flavored with cream and cocoa, and is based on Irish whiskey; Irish cream is one of the most widely used liqueurs in making cocktails.

This chocolatey take on the traditional Moscow Mule is a beautiful treat. 
Substituting double chocolate vodka for the usual vodka and lime juice and then adding chocolate bitters and cherries for extra depth of flavor, this cocktail is a lovely twist on the classic.
Making this at home is simple; you can have it on the table in under five minutes. 
This mixed drink has a unique flavor profile with hints of sourness and chocolate.
This cocktail is terrific for either before or after dinner.

This drink is an update or a twist on the traditional Starry Night cocktail.
It’s excellent for a late-night cocktail date with friends or a significant other, and it’s made with Lucid absinthe, chocolate vodka, simple syrup, star anise, and a chocolate cookie served in a chilled cocktail glass.
To make your Lucid Starry dink seem absolutely stunning. 
Chill a cocktail glass, then use simple syrup to moisten the rim before dipping it into a plate of crushed cookies.
This cocktail gets an aesthetic boost with the star anise garnish.

Keep this recipe handy if you’re the kind to make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day.
This martini gets its name from the famous Hugs & Kisses milk chocolate candies. 
In this Martini recipe, Hersey’s Hugs milk chocolate is featured in a candy kiss that is ‘hugged’ by white cream.
The chocolate-flavored vodka in this recipe serves as the “kiss” of chocolate, the Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur adds a “smooch” of white chocolate, and the half-and-half provides a “hug” of white cream.
You may make a more impressive display by chilling your rimmed glass in the freezer, then adding chocolate syrup to the interior of the glass and placing it back in the freezer to help the chocolate drizzle set.

As much as we love the traditional cocktails that have been served for over a century, there are times when we just want something a little bit different, something that would fulfill our sweet tooth and our sense of guilt. 
And this, my friend, may be just what you need! 
This cocktail has many sweet and creamy ingredients, incorporates three alcoholic elements, and is relatively strong. 
First, a full shot of chocolate vodka is added, followed by another shot of chocolate liqueur and a shot of Castries crème peanut rum, which combines peanuts, rum, vanilla, and a unique blend of spices. 
As a result, you can have this Peanut Butter Cup for dessert and a soothing drink before bed.

This martini is a dangerously smooth blend of cinnamon spice, chocolate, and a rich cream base.
Adding some cinnamon candies to a nice cup of vodka yields a delicious and visually appealing cinnamon vodka with a deep red hue.
The sugar percentage and flavor profile of crème de cocoa and chocolate-flavored vodka are different, so make sure to use the latter in this recipe.
Whether you want to leave your martini glasses plain or add a touch of bartender flair by drizzling some high-quality, thick chocolate syrup around the rim is up to you.
I can’t imagine how glad you will become seeing a visually stunning cocktail like this for yourself.

This simple recipe for an alcoholic beverage is sure to warm you up from the inside out; it calls for flavored vodka and whipped cream vodka to make a delectable adult take on hot chocolate.
The drink is traditionally enjoyed hot; however, it may be made into a frozen vodka hot chocolate by blending it with ice.
You can also add marshmallows, micro chocolate chips, or salted caramel on top and the whipped cream.
Experiment with other flavors; this is delightful with Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kahlua, or your preferred rum or bourbon. 

The Christmas tree decorating party wouldn’t be complete without sipping this candy cane drink. 
The crushed candy cane rim adds holiday cheer to the minty chocolatey flavor.
You should probably pre-mix a large quantity of this holiday cocktail, a mixture of peppermint rum cream and chocolate vodka, because one glass wouldn’t be enough! 
Gather your candy canes, rolling pin, and cocktail shaker, and enjoy a refreshing treat while you hang ornaments made of flowers and citrus fruits on your Christmas tree.

Forget just serving coffee before or after a meal and let this little aperitif recipe do the work. 
Although this is typically served as an amuse-bouche before a meal, it would also be an excellent digestif or sweet finish to the feed. 
It’s like chocolate milk for grownups, but with a jolt of coffee added for good measure.
I don’t think anyone would disagree if you served a slice of chocolate cake or some tiramisu in addition to this RumChata Chocolate Aperitif.

The bottom line

You can enjoy chocolate vodka on its own, but it shines when combined with other flavors in a tasty cocktail.

It doesn’t matter how you consume this drink; you’ll have a good time.

I think you should make yourself a delicious chocolatey drink from our collection of chocolate vodka recipes tonight.

Although the booziness of these recipes varies, I can guarantee that you will create an unforgettable evening with friends and family that will leave them begging for more.

So, head on, and get chocolatey tipsy!

Tasty Chocolate Vodka Recipe Collection

Tasty Chocolate Vodka Recipe Collection

From chocolate martinis to heavenly shots, these chocolate vodka recipes are quite boozy yet sweet, dreamy, and incredibly tasty.


  • Talking Monkey Cocktail
  • Chocolate Covered Cranberry Cocktail
  • Bailey’s Chocolate White Russian
  • Mint Chip Cookietini
  • Ultimate Frozen Chocolate Mudslide
  • Black & White Cookie Shot
  • Reindeer Tracks Martini
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberry Daiquiri
  • Crazy Cow Layered Shot
  • Heavenly Days
  • Winter Mocha
  • Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini
  • Fudge Slide
  • Double Chocolate Moscow Mule Cocktail
  • Lucid Starry Night
  • Hugs & Kisses Martini
  • Peanut Butter Cup
  • Chocolate Red Hot Martini
  • Spiked Hot Chocolate
  • Chocolate Covered Candy Cane
  • RumChata Chocolate Aperitif


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  3. Start mixing and make us proud!

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