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🎄42 EASY Christmas Cocktails🍸Boozy X-Mas Drinks You’ll Love! 🎄

🎄42 EASY Christmas Cocktails🍸Boozy X-Mas Drinks You’ll Love! 🎄

When you’re planning something special for the holidays, pull up this list of 42 Christmas cocktails to help you find your next favorite festive drink!

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of special holidays like Christmas can leave us feeling overwhelmed. 

Yes, I feel you.

Imagine—after preparing the gifts and decorating the entire house, you still have to cook the baked ham, prime rib, or sirloin steak for dinner. 

Is it your job as a host to ensure that everyone has a seasonal cocktail in hand and tasty Christmas appetizers to devour?

I bet you probably have a headache right now, but don’t worry. 

I’m here to help you decide what Christmas drinks to serve for the special gathering. 

What makes this list special? There is a little something for all types of drinkers, from those that love warm sippers and cold beverages to those that are fans of anything fruity to sugar addicts. 

There is a wide variety of drinks in this list of 42 Christmas Cocktails. 

We’ve got drinks with hints of spice for a burst of flavors and cocktails with the right amount of tang for those who want a bit of kick with their liquor. 

Even fans of classics won’t be disappointed as we’ve got amazing twists of eggnog with the Mrs. Claus CocktailChristmas Mai TaiMulled Wine, and Santa Cosmopolitan

If you love dessert cocktails, check out #37

But sorry, kids—these Christmas cocktails are exclusive for those 21 and up!

1. Gingerbread Martini

This Gingerbread Martini is something you shouldn’t miss.

The highlight of this Christmas drink is the gingerbread syrup made from water, sugar, molasses, and a few spices such as ginger, cinnamon, allspice, and cloves.

It also features vodka, Irish cream, and half-and-half in a martini glass with ice. 

It’s then garnished with whipped cream, cinnamon, or a gingerbread cookie.

2. Peppermint Piña Coladas

Your traditional piña coladas get a fun twist in this cocktail filled with rum and peppermint schnapps. 

The recipe is straightforward to whip up.

Start by dipping the rims of glasses into honey or corn syrup, then dip them into crushed candy canes. 

Blend cream of coconut, ice, pineapple juice, rum peppermint schnapps, and grenadine

Pour into the prepared rimmed glasses—that’s it.

3. Cinnamon Apple Cider Mimosa

This mimosa recipe is bursting with a light and refreshing flavor with a boozy punch.

What’s more, the recipe only calls for basic ingredients: sparkling wine, apple cider, and cinnamon whiskey. 

If you want to make it more presentable, garnish it with apple slices, cinnamon sticks, and fresh rosemary.

4. Lemon Vodka Cocktail

My version of the Lemon Vodka Cocktail is bound to impress a huge crowd. 

The star of this recipe is vodka. 

Other ingredients include Cointreau, sugar, soda water, crushed ice, and lemon juice from a bottle (Yes! I took the lazy route).

To create, all you need to do is mix all the ingredients except for soda water in a cocktail shaker. 

Shake, shake, shake. 

Pour, pour, pour. 

Then serve, serve, serve.

Pro tip: Invest in good quality vodka like Grey Goose for best results.

A close-up photo of a lemon vodka cocktail in a glass garnished with a lemon slice.

5. Christmas Margarita

Put everyone in a good holiday mood by serving these festive Christmas Margaritas.

The red hue of this drink should match your red and green-themed Christmas party. 

Garnish the glass with salt or sugar, then add lime and fresh cranberries for a more lively effect.

6. Pink French 75 Cocktail

Gather the gang and make the party a day to remember by serving this Pink French 75 Cocktail filled with Elderflower liqueur, gin, and chilled pink sparkling rosé. 

Don’t forget to garnish it with a lemon slice.

With its gorgeous pink hue, this gin-based cocktail would be great for a fun and fabulous girl’s night in, too.

7. Cranberry Manhattan

If you have guests who love cranberries, then serve up this Cranberry Manhattan cocktail. 

What I love about this recipe is that it can take you only 5 minutes to prep, yet it is incredibly delicious.

Combine whiskey, vermouth, cranberry syrup, or juice in a cocktail shaker. 

Fill it with ice, shake it, and strain it into a martini glass. 

For garnish, go for an orange twist and fresh cranberry.

8. White Russian

A classic vodka drink with three ingredients—what else could you ask for? 

This White Russian Cocktail recipe is sweet and lively and makes any evening more fun.

The secret to the sweetness of this drink lies in the addition of maple syrup and a brown sugar rim. 

You won’t believe that these flavors match well with vodka.

9. Pomegranate Ginger Smash

Festive and simply delicious, the combination of pomegranate juice and sparkly ginger beer makes this vodka-based cocktail perfectly fruity and slightly spicy.

Mix the vodka, pomegranate juice, and ginger beer in a large pitcher. 

The next thing to do is serve the drink to your guests. 

Seriously, that’s it.

10. Christmas Cranberry Champagne

Another 3-ingredient cocktail recipe you need to try is this Christmas Cranberry Champagne. 

It’s full of simplicity. 

It mixes champagne, cranberry juice, and frozen cranberries. 

You can sprinkle edible star glitter on top of the cranberries to make the drink sparkling.

11. Ruby Red & Rosemary Honey Cocktail

Want a refreshing cocktail that’s as irresistible as it’s easy to mix up? 

Try this Ruby Red and Rosemary Honey Cocktail.

First, you need to juice the grapefruits and make simple honey syrup. 

Later on, mix grapefruit juice, vodka, lemon juice, and honey syrup in a cocktail shaker. 


12. Mistletoe Kiss

Another Christmas cocktail, the Mistletoe Kiss, is super refreshing, and it takes only 12 minutes to whip up. 

It has the right balance of sweetness and tartness from the rosemary syrup and freshly squeezed lemon juice with a nice flavor of club soda. 

Make the syrup ahead of time. 

Just be sure to store it well in an airtight container or a mason jar.

13. White Christmas Cocktail

Nothing beats this White Christmas Cocktail when it comes to simplicity. 

Would you believe that this drink only calls for two ingredients?

You heard it right.

This White Christmas Cocktail features RumChata and peppermint schnapps. 

You can add a candy cane into the mix, but this is really up to your preference.

14. Merry Mistletoe Cocktail

Your Christmas party deserves to be merry and festive. 

To achieve that, you need to serve these Merry Mistletoe Cocktails at the special gathering.

It features a mint flavor that you and your guests would unarguably love. 

Plus, making the cocktail involves mixing and blending.

15. Grapefruit Paloma Cocktail

This Grapefruit Paloma Cocktail is sweet-tart and refreshing. 

The best part? 

You don’t even have to use your cocktail shaker. 

Mix all the ingredients in a pitcher. 

Stir until the sugar dissolves (or sub out with simple syrup so you don’t have to wait until it dissolves, which could be never).

Pour the drink into glasses and add ice cubes. 

Done and serve.

16. Apple Cider Moscow Mule

Add some sparkle to your party with this Apple Cider Moscow Mule. 

Whatever the occasion—the cocktail delivers. 

Be it a Christmas dinner party or simply a fall-themed get-together—you name it.

The combination of hard apple cider and citron vodka is total perfection. 

Trust me, you won’t even notice that you’re drinking alcohol (is that good or bad?)

17. Apple Cinnamon Gin Fizz

This Apple Cinnamon Gin Fizz is so underrated. 

It is only a seven-ingredient cocktail, but there’s so much going on in one sip. 

Infuse the homemade apple cinnamon syrup with water, granulated sugar, ground cinnamon, and apple. 

Top it with soda water, and you now have a crowd-pleasing cocktail.

18. Candy Cane Infused Vodka Chocolate Martini

This cocktail is laden with candy cane-infused vodka, crème de cacao, milk, and chocolate syrup with a candy cane rim. 

Try it, and the impeccable combination of peppermint and chocolate will convince you to create the drink on any occasion.

19. Fig & Ginger Gin Cocktail

If you like the Moscow mule, this drink is for you.

Figs and ginger syrup are the two key ingredients to make this deliciously refreshing cocktail. 

Meanwhile, the inclusion of thyme at the end of the preparation brings a pleasant aroma to the gin. 

For best results, use freshly squeezed lime juice and fresh figs as much as possible.

20. Jack Frost Winter Cocktail

This Jack Frost Winter Cocktail has a surprise element—every sip is sweet and full of tropical flavors. 

The recipe calls for seven ingredients, and sure, the drink is basic yet, so it’s darn delicious. 

Dip the rim of a cocktail glass in corn syrup, then dip in the coconut flakes. 

Blend ice, pineapple juice, blue curacao, rum, and cream of coconut.

21. Vodka Strawberry Lemonade Cocktail

If you’re looking for a Christmas cocktail that’s bound for endless entertaining, then consider making this Vodka Strawberry Lemonade Cocktail.

One sip, and you’ll taste the vodka, strawberries, and the citrus note of freshly squeezed lemon juice and lemon slices. 

Everything in this cocktail is awe-inspiring (or at least tongue-tingling).

22. The Grinch Cocktail

If the Christmas season has got you down, you can feed your inner Grinch with this fruity, green cocktail.

The Grinch Cocktail has amazing flavors of melon, cherry, lemon, and lime. 

The drink is made with rum, fizzy lemon soda, and melon liqueur, it gives the flawless balance between sweet and tangy. 

It is flavorful, refreshing, light, and so eye-catching that you can serve it at Christmas parties or for Christmas Eve. 

23. Holly Jolly Christmas Citrus Cocktail

Welcome Christmas with this holly and jolly cocktail. 

It has a tangy mix of citrus, vodka, and elderflower liqueur. 

After mixing all of the ingredients, it will result in a zesty and sharp taste.

Make it bubbly with ginger beer and more festive pomegranates and fresh mint. 

This sophisticated cocktail is simple, cheerful, and very good.

You can serve it at your next soiree or get-together.

24. Santa’s Magic Potion

The holiday season is a busy season for everyone. 

From juggling school, work, meetings, parties, gift exchanges, and more, it is important to stop and relax. 

What better way to put your feet up than to have a glass of eggnog in your hand? 

And to elevate the classic, you can mix it with coffee liquor. 

This cocktail, Santa’s Magic Potion, is smooth, creamy, and just sweet enough that it hits all the right spots. 

For finishing touches, you can sprinkle the drink with nutmeg and cinnamon for more flavor. 

25. Christmas Mai Tai

A Mai Tai is a quintessential tiki cocktail that has several versions, and every single one of them has been amazing. 

This holiday version is fruity and refreshing, and each sip is like bathing in the sunshine on a tropical beach. 

The drink adds a bit of summer fun to your party, and with only a couple of ingredients tossed together, it will warm up your frosty nights. 

Just mix amaretto, dark rum, pineapple juice, and orange juice. 

Serve the Mai Tai with ice, and garnish it with cranberries and mint. 

You can also add pineapple and cut it with a cookie cutter into the shape of a Christmas tree or candy cane for decoration.

26. Mulled Wine

Traditional Mulled Wine is cozy, delicious, and easy to make. 

It is a superb choice for those who are not a fan of strong alcoholic beverages. 

This warm drink can be made more festive by adding spices like clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon

Add honey to sweeten it, or you can enjoy it as is.

27. Holiday Sangria

This Holiday Sangria is a sparkling and festive drink that you can serve to your guests when you host a holiday cocktail party. 

This brandy-spiked sangria brims with yuletide cheer. 

It is a crowd-pleasing cocktail to build a party around, and it is a great sipper as you sway to some holiday songs and dance the night away. 

28. Cranberry Kringle Cocktail

This Christmas Cranberry Kringle Cocktail has the finest blend of sweet and sour. 

It is fruity with hints of tartness thanks to the mix of peach schnapps, cranberry juice, and vodka.

The cocktail is not a complicated drink to make, and it is delicious to sip. 

Plus, it is bright red, so it matches your holiday décor.

29. Blizzard Cranberry Bourbon Cocktail

Also called the Blizzard, this cocktail is ideal for all whiskey lovers. 

Bright and sour, it is made with lemon and cranberry juice, so your taste buds will soak in the zesty and mouth-watering treat.

If you want a bourbon drink that is unique and tasty, and you want a cocktail to sip on during the chilly holiday nights, this recipe is for you.

30. Christmas Punch

Tis’ the season.

This Christmas Punch is a fizzy and fruity cocktail that will add sparkle and bubble to any festive day. 

It is a juicy and decadent blend of dark rum, orange, sparkling wine, ginger ale, and cranberries. 

You can load up the cocktail with ice, cranberries, and orange slices for a decorative and colorful bowl that will keep you coming back for more.

31. Mrs. Claus Cocktail

If you are an eggnog fanatic when the Christmas season rolls around, you will be a fan of this incredible cocktail. 

It is a mixture of classic eggnog and peppermint Schnapps, and this drink will bring new holiday cheer to town. 

The Mrs. Claus Cocktail is smooth and creamy and is the ideal sipper while celebrating Christmas. 

Although eggnog is already fantastic on its own, with this cocktail, you can take it to another level by adding white chocolate liqueur with peppermint. 

32. Caramel Apple Hot Toddy Cocktail

Caramel Apple Hot Toddy is a great drink to serve on nights when you need something sweet to warm you up. 

It is a delicious mix of bourbon, apple cider, and vodka that will keep you feeling cozy. 

It is comforting, warming, tasty, and will surely relax those tense muscles. 

This Hot Toddy recipe is a festive drink that can’t be beaten.

33. Winter Snowflake Cocktail

The Winter Snowflake Cocktail is sweet, festive, and straight-up delicious. 

It is the ideal holiday cocktail to get into the Christmas spirit. 

You can choose to keep the recipe simple, or you can go all out and garnish it with whipped cream and ground cinnamon for additional taste and aroma.

34. Drunken Snowmen

Chocolate lovers, this Drunken Snowmen is a cocktail that combines chocolates, ice cream, Baileys, hot chocolate, and whipped cream. 

With these types of ingredients, not only will you get the booze that you’re looking for on Christmas eve, but you can also satisfy your sweet tooth. 

The cocktail is great for those nights when you want something to drink while you’re sitting next to a fireplace or when you want a dessert cocktail to finish your meal.

35. Hot Buttered Rum

Fill your favorite time of the year with spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves with this Hot Buttered Rum cocktail. 

There is nothing better than having a hot boozy drink in hand during the holiday season. 

This cocktail is creamy and comforting, and it has a distinct toasty caramel flavor. 

It is seasoned butter combined with hot water and spiced rum

Hot Buttered Rum is similar to Harry Potter’s Butterbeer which is served at Universal Studios but adult-style. 

You can also add whipped cream on top for a creamier texture. 

36. Jingle Juice Holiday Punch

Jingle Juice Holiday Punch is a simple, tasty, and beautiful drink that only needs 7 Up, pink champagne, and whipped vodka

It is the ideal cocktail for those who do not want to get too drunk and just want enough alcoholic kick to get the party started. 

This punch can be served at get-togethers and parties, and to give it a more festive feel, you can add fresh cranberries on top as garnish.

37. Sugar Cookie Martini

Deck the halls with this sweet cocktail in hand.

Sugar Cookie Martini is a festive dessert martini best for parties and brunches. 

With a combination of vanilla vodka, Irish cream, vanilla extract, amaretto, and half-and-half, these martinis taste like cookies in liquid form. 

For a more beautiful presentation, you can decorate the rim with icing and sprinkles and add sugar cookies as garnish. 

You can also add chunks of cookies to the drink or put a cookie on the side. 

38. Santa Clausmopolitan

The Santa Clausmopolitan is a bright red drink made with vodka, zesty cranberry juice, lime, and notes of orange. 

This is a fun twist to the classic Cosmopolitan. 

To make the drink tastier and in tune with the holidays, decorate the rim of the glass with crushed candy canes. 

You can also sprinkle crushed candy canes on top of the drink before serving it so you have something to chew on while sipping.

39. Snowflake Martini

Are you dreaming of a White Christmas?

Fulfill your dreams with this Snowflake Martini.

This cocktail gives an icy kick that will help you celebrate the year. 

It is made with peppermint schnapps, vanilla vodka, heavy cream, Godiva white chocolate, and sugar crystal decorated around the glass rim for extra sparkle.

40. Santa Hat Jell-O Shots

These Santa Hat Jell-O Shots can make every Christmas party fun and exciting. 

It is made with a Jell-O mix, vodka, strawberries, and whipped cream. 

This is a boozy shot that tastes like dessert. 

The flavor is similar to strawberries and cream, and it goes down smoothly. 

Plus, it looks like mini-Santa hats that add to the vibe.

41. Peppermint Bark Mimosa

When the season for parties and festive Christmas cocktails rolls in, nothing beats the Peppermint Bark Mimosa. 

It gives the classic Prosecco and peppermint with a special Christmas twist. 

It is simple and tastes heavenly, and you tweak the recipe based on your preference and the sweetness level that you like.

42. Spiked Hot Chocolate

The Spiked Hot Chocolate will certainly make up for the holiday vibes. 

The cocktail will warm you up with its rich hot liquid cocoa and creamy sweet liqueur mixture. 

It is like combining your childhood favorites with a grown-up alcoholic twist. 

This hot chocolate cocktail is both comforting and delicious.

The bottom line

Christmas is finally around the corner, and, indeed, you’re excited! 

Me too! 

While everyone is waiting for the celebration, you should plan out everything so you won’t feel stressed during the big day. 

Start with delectable hors d’oeuvres, Christmas mixed drinks, then sweet treats, and lastly, the highlight of your table—the main course.

Want even more seasonally delicious drinks? Of course you do! Try these…

42 Festive Christmas Cocktails 🎄🍸

42 Festive Christmas Cocktails 🎄🍸

Here are 42 easy & festive Christmas Cocktails to help you find your next favorite drink for the holidays!


  • Gingerbread Martini
  • Peppermint Piña Coladas
  • Cinnamon Apple Cider Mimosa
  • Lemon Vodka Cocktail
  • Christmas Margarita
  • Pink French 75 Cocktail
  • Cranberry Manhattan
  • White Russian
  • Pomegranate Ginger Smash
  • Christmas Cranberry Champagne
  • Ruby Red & Rosemary Honey Cocktail
  • Mistletoe Kiss
  • White Christmas Cocktail
  • Merry Mistletoe Cocktail
  • Grapefruit Paloma Cocktail
  • Apple Cider Moscow Mule
  • Apple Cinnamon Gin Fizz
  • Candy Cane Infused Vodka Chocolate Martini
  • Fig & Ginger Gin Cocktail
  • Jack Frost Winter Cocktail
  • Vodka Strawberry Lemonade Cocktail
  • The Grinch Cocktail
  • Holly Jolly Christmas Citrus Cocktail
  • Santa’s Magic Potion
  • Christmas Mai Tai
  • Mulled Wine
  • Holiday Sangria
  • Cranberry Kringle Cocktail
  • Blizzard Cranberry Bourbon Cocktail
  • Christmas Punch
  • Mrs. Claus Cocktail
  • Caramel Apple Hot Toddy Cocktail
  • Winter Snowflake Cocktail
  • Drunken Snowmen
  • Hot Buttered Rum
  • Jingle Juice Holiday Punch
  • Sugar Cookie Martini
  • Santa Clausmopolitan
  • Snowflake Martini
  • Santa Hat Jell-O Shots
  • Peppermint Bark Mimosa
  • Spiked Hot Chocolate


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