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21 Apple Appetizers That Are As Fun To Make As They Are To Eat

21 Apple Appetizers That Are As Fun To Make As They Are To Eat

If you are looking for unforgettable recipes to make apple appetizers, you have come to the right place. We have rounded up 21 apple appetizer recipes to help you use up that batch of apples!

We’ve got a secret confession to make: when it comes to apples, none of ours make it much farther than a crumble or a pie. 

But now we’ve got no excuse. Our neighbors brought us a heap of apples from Michigan, adding to our last grocery store stockpile of apples, and thus put us on the hunt for apple recipes. 

Here are 21 marvelous, mouth-watering apple appetizers that are sure to become a regular fixture at your table. 

As the apples in our kitchen age and wither, it may finally be time to reconcile ourselves to the previously unthinkable: we’ve allowed a love for the warm, nostalgia-infused crumbles, pies, and turnovers of our childhood make us thoroughly complacent. 

Those gleaming, red towers of fruit generate a gravitational pull we’re helpless to counter. 

Trapped in slow, wobbling orbit (and heedless of the looks of pity we’ve begun to draw), it’s easy to convince ourselves that we need more apples. 

“We’ll only buy a few,” we think to ourselves, our thoughts already turning to fond memories of school lunches livened by iced apple buns and windowsill-warm pies. 

“Ooh, pie . . . we could definitely go for some pie. Maybe even a nice, custard-y crumble?” 

Thus the battle is lost — and our failure of imagination wins again. 

While an old-school crumble or pie is as good a place to begin as any, there’s a whole lot more an apple could do or be. 

From prosciutto-wrapped apples with brie and balsamic vinegar to bacon and brie apple crostini and even a two-ingredient apple pizza (#14, if you’d rather breeze past everything else); these apple appetizer recipes prove that even the most shriveled, sad apples-in-waiting have potential.

1. Prosciutto Wrapped Apples With Brie And Balsamic Vinegar

A riotous, colorful blend of savory and sweet.  

Slice apples. 

Layer with fresh basil and creamy, dreamy brie. 

Wrap it all in salty, razor-thin slices of prosciutto. 

Write us an effusive, flowery thank-you note.

2. Savory Apple Appetizers With Cream Cheese

Apples, cream cheese, chives and pecans; a winning combination that’s far, far greater than the sum of its humble parts. 

One ought never to pass up the opportunity to slather cream cheese all over fruit – it just doesn’t crop up as often as you’d think.

3. Apple Goat Cheese Crostini Appetizer

The quality of the fruit in this excellent take on raw apple appetizers is paramount. 

The apples must be firm, crisp and just unyielding enough not to go to mush in one’s mouth. 

You’ll want an aged, pungent goat cheese – milder, softer varieties aren’t quite as capable of tempering the sweet apple. 

Dust generously with a crackle of black pepper and serve.

4. Apple Chutney Bruschetta

This is one of those no-faff apple recipes – getting it right is easy so long as you use the fancy olive oil and opt for a coarse, ragged bread like Pugliese, or sourdough. 

Ciabatta will do in an absolute emergency, but don’t stretch the definition of an emergency to accommodate an unwillingness to go to the store. 

Remember; get the bread wrong and you may as well be serving toast in place of delicious appetizers.

5. Brie Honey And Apple Crostini With Tasty Toppings

If you ever needed a reason to be thankful, these crunchy crostini are it. 

Full-bodied, tangy brie works brilliantly with honey and apples for a fruity, fun alternative to the traditional bruschetta –  one that carries the pompous title of hors d’oeuvre very well.

6. Cranberry Chicken Salad On Apple Slices

You’ll never be able to properly appreciate a cranberry by eating one raw. 

But tossed inside a sweet, creamy chicken salad, these tart, red jewels are a concentrated flavor-bomb that make for the perfect festive livener.

7. Apple Cranberry Brie Bites

Cranberries bring just the right amount of sweet and sour to these superlative cold appetizers. 

The finger-food no picnic/potluck/brunch should ever, ever be without. 

You’d do well to serve alongside a lovely cranberry-infused alcohol – we’re partial to an icy cranberry vodka.

8. Savoury Apple Appetizers

We’re incorrigible snackers – so much so that the first thing we do immediately upon arriving at any party is look for the grazing-tray. 

And no amount of good natured complaining on our friends’ parts is going to keep us from gorging ourselves on crisps and dips and weenies-in-a-blanket. 

“You’re going to be too full for dinner!” Au contraire. We’re merely whetting our appetites. 

Sweet, tart apples sliced razor-thin and layered with blue cheese, gorgonzola, pecans, bacon and honey make for the perfect light, autumnal appetizer in this fuss-free recipe –  now you can snack with wild abandon!

9. Apple Pie Salsa

This splendid, sparkling salsa gives ordinary apple pie a run for its money, and we didn’t think that was possible. 

Refrigerate and serve cool alongside big bowls of your favourite ice-cream. 

Or do what we do and use it like jam: heaped generously upon biscuits or scraped onto buttered toast – nothing soothes quite like cinnamon-y apples.

10. Apple Fries With Caramel Cream Dip

Excite the 10-year-old in you with sweet apples lightly battered in brown sugar and served alongside the world’s most delicious caramel sauce (yes, we’re admittedly prone to hyperbole, no we’re not exaggerating). 

Lovely as the McDonald’s version of this is, they don’t let you lick the serving spoons there (last we checked, anyway) so this is way better.

11. Apple Pie Egg Rolls

A symbol of prosperity to come, owing to their similarity to gold-bars, these hot, crisp parcels are always a welcome sight at our dinner table. 

Warm, golden and stuffed to bursting with cinnamon, apples and sugar – this is as autumnal as it gets.

12. Apple Cinnamon Bacon Bites

Lately, we’ve been overwhelmingly underwhelmed by our snacking choices. 

We’re monstrous chip, dip and chocolate fiends, no doubt – but as the night winds down, and we uncork the white wine, none of our old favorites appear to be adding much to the proceedings. 

We’ve been getting creative with these cozy, comforting smoky bacon and apple bites. 

There’s no better way to use up a few rashers of pork; or to spend a Saturday night, for that matter. 

A side salad might prove a good accompaniment, for those of you so inclined, but these are perfect on their own, too. 

13. Apple Focaccia With Blue Cheese And Herbs

If we were making a list of everything we loved, it’d probably look a little something like this: bread, cheese, fall flavors and our friends and family (uh, not in that order). 

Small wonder then that we can’t get enough of this buttery, salt-kissed apple focaccia. 

It’s almost comically easy to throw together, and we’re certain you’ll be hard pressed to find a better way to kick-start a dinner party.

14. 2 Ingredient Apple Pie Pizza

It’s a Saturday night. 

There’s inane, brain-rottingly bad T.V. on (we’re not giving Love Island up for anything, shrinking frontal lobe be damned) and slick, gloriously greasy Chinese takeaway due to arrive soon. 

Our evening is looking up – but there is something that could make it better. 

Like this two-ingredient baking sheet dessert pizza that’s as well suited to BBQs and appetizer platters as it is to lazy nights in!

15. Chicken Apple Salad Wraps

These flavorsome wraps are great and perfect in a cinch, because you can marinate the chicken, run some errands, work a nap in, and pop it in the oven to cook whenever you’ve got a spare moment.

The slow marinade gives the chicken ample time to get exceedingly tender – give it a good prod – it practically shreds itself. 

Then it’s time to smear everything in mayonnaise, Greek yogurt and lemon juice; there’s your dressing. 

Toss in a generous handful of cubed apples, pecans and cranberries and wrap that baby up in an all-embracing pita! 


16. Apple Cinnamon Roll Lasagna

By golly, we’ve done it again. 

We’ve bastardized Italian food for the last time. 

We suspect we won’t be able to stave off the wrath of disgruntled commenters much longer – but at least we’ll die as we lived: with hot apple sauce running down our chins. 

There are worse ways to go than this indulgent, golden-brown definitely-not-a-lasagna-but-rather-a-well-intentioned-tray-bake.

17. Cheesy Apple Bites

These cheesy apple bites are far less likely to inflame – unless you’ve got someone with a dislike of stinky cheese at your table, but this recipe won’t object to you mixing and matching ingredients as you see fit! 

It’s a great way to use up those odds and ends you’ve got lying around in your larder.

In particular, we welcome the salty, unerringly bitter quality a handful of green olives will bring but you could just as easily opt for a heaping pinch of salt and nobody would be any the wiser.

18. Apple Cheddar And Caramelized Onion Pastry Bites

Some of the best things we’ve ever had the good fortune of eating have delicately toed that nebulous line between sweet and savory. 

Try this recipe for sticky apple cheddar and onion pastry bites and join us in singing the praises of a truly excellent culinary compromise.

19. Cheesy Apple Wedge

We’d never forego an actual dessert – like a pillow-y cinnamon roll or a velvety mousse or even just a glazed donut – in favor of cheese plates. 

But we’ll gladly settle for this salty-sweet happy medium of apple squares. 

And besides, cheddar and apple are bosom friends – not convinced? 

Give this flavorful, simple recipe a go next time you’re at a loss for what to do with the remnants of your fruit bowl. 

We find citrus zest and a squeeze of lemon juice will really give these that extra “oomph.”

20. Savory Fall And Apple Beet Bites

Few vegetables are quite so divisive as the humble beetroot. 

Detractors will insist it tastes like dirt, whilst others argue that’s just its earthy flavor being misrepresented. 

We’re of two minds: on the one hand, it’s true that as quite possibly the rootiest of all root vegetables, beets do on occasion possess a flavor reminiscent of, well, mud. 

On the other hand, few of us know how to properly play to a beetroot’s strengths. 

If you hate beets, it’s likelier than not that the recipe you’ve used puts them at keen disadvantage. 

Not so here. 

Not only are these apple and beet bites incredibly lovely to look at, they’re easy too! 

Give ’em a go when you’re feeling up to some easy apple appetizers.

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21. Bacon Brie Apple Crostini

These are delicate little morsels, but the brie in this apple crostini packs a robust, flavorful punch that’ll fill you right up. 

Delightfully, unashamedly rich – this is one for a chilly fall day.

The bottom line

And here we are! We’ve arrived at the end of yet another roundup of easy appetizer recipes. 

An abundance of apples at this time of year means an abundance of apple-centered dishes: salsas and wraps and cheese plates and pies. 

No matter what kind of apple you’ve got on hand – whether they’re granny smith apples, or Goldspurs or Melbas – there’s no shortage of seasonal recipes to help you ward off that autumnal chill a little while longer. 

From a considered, put-together looking focaccia that wouldn’t be out of place at the fanciest of dinner parties, to 10-minute wraps that’ll go from lunchboxes to playdates in a pinch: we’ve thought of it all.

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21 Apple Appetizers

21 Apple Appetizers

21 marvelous, mouth-watering apple appetizers that are sure to become a fixture at your table.


  • Prosciutto Wrapped Apples With Brie And Balsamic Vinegar
  • Savory Apple Appetizers With Cream Cheese
  • Apple Goat Cheese Crostini Appetizer
  • Apple Chutney Bruschetta
  • Brie Honey And Apple Crostini
  • Cranberry Chicken Salad On Apple Slices
  • Apple Cranberry Brie Bites
  • Savoury Apple Appetizers
  • Apple Pie Salsa
  • Apple Fries With Caramel Cream Dip
  • Apple Pie Egg Rolls
  • Apple Cinnamon Bacon Bites
  • Apple Focaccia With Blue Cheese And Herbs
  • 2 Ingredient Apple Pie Pizza
  • Chicken Apple Salad Wraps
  • Apple Cinnamon Roll Lasagna
  • Cheesy Apple Bites
  • Apple Cheddar And Caramelized Onion Pastry Bites
  • Cheesy Apple Wedge
  • Savory Fall And Apple Beet Bites
  • Bacon Brie Apple Crostini


  1. Choose one or more options from our list of apple appetizers here!
  2. Create your new favorite dish.
  3. Pat yourself on the back for making food at home!
  4. Share and comment! Did you make any tweaks so it’s all your own?

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