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18 BEST Ways To Use Leftover Cake! ๐Ÿฐ

18 BEST Ways To Use Leftover Cake! 🍰

Wondering if there is actually such a thing as leftover cake recipes? 🍰

Turns out you may be staring down some leftover cake that is definitely past or almost past its prime.  

After four days or so, leftover cake recipes are sounding like a great idea, because throwing away food is never ideal. 

So, I decided to go down that rabbit hole because many people find themselves in the same situation of needing to figure out what to do with leftover cake that they do not want to just simply discard. 

Recipes using leftover cake are out there, but they are few and far between so I have collected as many as I could find and put them together in this post for reference when needed. 

The beauty is that there is so much creativity in the answers to the question of what to do with leftover cake! 

But some of the ideas are so simple, they do not qualify to be written up as an official “recipe.” 

Can you sprinkle some on top of a dessert? 


Can you use it as a topping for a casserole? 

Uh, sure. 

Can you substitute it for crumbled up cookies in a recipe? 


Can you use it as layers between pudding in a parfait? 

Why not? 

So recipes with leftover cake that are written out mostly help with figuring out proportionally how much to use for what purpose. 

Sometimes it will be specific like leftover chocolate cake recipes or leftover vanilla cake recipes, but these are mostly guidelines to get your creativity started! 

For most of these leftover cake recipes dessert is what it also turns into, just another variety. 

No one is complaining, no one at all! 

I hope the following 18 recipes for leftover cake inspire you to repurposed not only cake, but other food items as well.

Okay, this is a gem among leftover cake recipes dessert-in-another-form idea! 

Make cake balls! 

Using any flavor cake, any flavor icing and any type of toppings these are fun and delicious! 

Smash the cake and frosting with a fork until broken down to the level of being able to form balls by rolling between your hands. 

Place on a wax paper lined baking sheet and freeze. 

Then dip into melted chocolate and add toppings, refrigerate until hardened. 

Deliciousness in just the right size!

Here the leftover cake recipes ideas come in the form of dunkable options for chocolate fondue. 

The recipe provided is for the chocolate bar fondue made of heavy cream, vanilla extract, cinnamon, semisweet chocolate, and liqueur of choice.

The luscious fondue can be served with fresh fruit like strawberries and leftover yellow cake (or any complimentary flavor) either diced or in chunks! 

More goodies for dipping? Yes, please!

Gorgeous truffles can also be made from recipes with leftover cake. 

Specifically, this recipe makes the truffles from the combination of cake, cream cheese and chocolate. 

The leftover cake pieces can be easily turned into crumbs with a food processor and then mixed with cream cheese and rolled into balls for freezing. 

They can be covered in one color chocolate with a drizzle of another color chocolate for creativity!

You might check out our version of chocolate truffles!

Ever thought of topping recipes using leftover cake? 

That is exactly what this ingenious recipe has us do! 

First, the cake pieces are cooked on both sides in butter in a skillet and cooled on a paper towel. 

Second, the sundae is created with scoops of sorbet or ice cream, toasted cake pieces, passionfruit and strawberry slices! 

No right or wrong here, just pull together your favorite flavors and toppings! 

Often leftover cake recipes can be made with any flavor or style of cake. 

This one calls for angel food cake but take that as a suggestion not a rule. 

It also includes milk, sugar free instant chocolate pudding mix, heavy cream, and crushed candy bars. 

The layers are cake cubes, pudding mixtures and crushed candy bars. 

Whipped cream goes on top with some grated unsweetened dark chocolate. 

Chill for several hours before serving. 

These could also be assembled in individual parfait cups.

Leftover slightly stale pound cake calls for recipes for leftover cake to be at the ready! 

Luckily, this recipe for bread pudding comes out delicious using leftover cake instead of leftover bread. 

The cubed cake is placed as the bottom layer in the pan with the batter poured on top and then refrigerated overnight. 

Bring to room temperature, bake and serve warm! 

Recipe for the sauce to be spooned on top when serving is included.

When considering what to do with leftover cake, what could be more tasty than pudding, and fruit and cake? 

So many possible variations exist here between cake and pudding flavors and all the combinations that could be made, in addition to topping options. 

Layer as you see fit and chill for an hour. 

Let the flavors or the colors guide the decisions based on taste or presentation!

Don’t want any more birthday cake servings, then simply refrigerate it for leftover cake recipes. 

In this case, the recipe is for birthday cake French toast! 

From the fridge the next morning, cut slices of equal thickness, cook them as you would any French toast recipe by dipping them in an egg mixture and frying on both sides. 

Top with powdered sugar, a glaze or sprinkles! 

Consider it a continuation of the birthday!

My next leftover cake recipes dessert idea is for these no bake chocolate and coconut bars! 

It uses leftover chocolate cake and frosting, coconut flakes and chocolate chips. 

The topping is more of the same with coconut flakes, butter and chocolate chips. 

Excellent pictures walk you through all the steps. 

Chill before cutting and serving.

Now, this is hardly a “recipe” as much as leftover cake recipes ideas. 

One thing to do with leftover cake is to crumble the cake or grate it into fine crumbs. 

Then mix together the cake crumbs with butter and press into a pie plate. 

As easy as that, you have a pie crust! 

Add whatever filling you like and bake! 


If you have a significant amount of leftover cake with icing, recipes with leftover cake are going to help out tremendously! 

This recipe gives you permission to break down the cake with an electric mixer for smooth combining. 

Then the balls are rolled and chilled for dipping into melted chocolate. 

They could even be frozen before dipping for later use. 

Tips shared on working with melted chocolate!

Wondering how to jazz up store-bought ice cream? 

Recipes using leftover cake might hold the answer! 

Here leftover cake and icing can become the best birthday cake ice cream with a short cut! 

Basically, soften the store bought ice cream, mix in the cake, frosting and sprinkles, then refreeze in a metal loaf pan! 

Same cake, new dessert, win-win! 

Need more birthday inspirations? Unlock our collection of 21 BEST Birthday Cupcakes!

Since most folks frown upon eating cake at breakfast, recipes for leftover cake will have to come to the rescue! 

This recipe uses leftover cake in pancake batter! 

That’s right! 

Just mix those cake crumbs right in with the eggs, sugar, milk and flour! 

Crazy, huh? 

But oh, so delicious! 

Where are my chocoholics? 

Leftover chocolate cake recipes with double chocolate ingredients will make you giddy! 

This recipe makes a chocolate milkshake with leftover chocolate cake! 

Created as a copycat recipe from a Chicago restaurant, this version includes chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, espresso, milk, whipped cream, and chocolate sprinkles! 

Chocolate shakes anyone?

The majority of these recipes are indeed for leftover cake. 

But sometimes the question that needs answering is what to do with leftover icing. 

These cute little leftover frosting cookies are made of flour, an egg, baking soda, salt and milk. 

They are not overly sweet, so the leftover icing added on top is the tasty touch!

This last entry on my list of leftover cake recipes is going to make the kids laugh out loud! 

Take that leftover cake and fill up an ice cream cone with it.

It is the fourth idea included in this post. 

Simple as that. 

Then you can add fresh icing and sprinkles! 

The kids, or adults, will think they are biting into an ice cream cone, when it actually is cake inside the cone. 

No utensils necessary!

Do you have leftover cake? 

Let’s create something new and delicious treat with it with this straightforward Cake Pops recipe. 

Once you try it, you will make a whole cake for the purpose of turning it into these sweets!

Add sprinkles right away after dipping before the icing sets.

You can find some cake pop sticks here.

The bottom line

Whether you have leftover cake because of a special shaped cake you made or simply because guests ate less than expected, I hope these leftover cake recipes open your eyes to new possibilities!

18 BEST Ways To Use Leftover Cake! 🍰

18 BEST Ways To Use Leftover Cake! 🍰

Wondering if there is actually such a thing as leftover cake recipes? 🍰 Read on to see a list of ways to use leftover cake! 🍰


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