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I ❤️ Whiskey: 21 Crown Royal Cocktails That’ll Knock Your Socks Off

I ❤️ Whiskey: 21 Crown Royal Cocktails That’ll Knock Your Socks Off

Here’s 21 crown royal cocktails that’re just the thing to warm your soul next time you fancy a drink. 

There’s no two ways about it: for a long time, we were afraid of whisky. It smelled of antiseptic, tasted of gasoline and burnt like white-hot fire on the way down.

On our modern bar, among the sumptuously nutty ports, creamy kahlua and tawny ciders, there was simply no place for it. 

 “Ew, whisky?” We’d sneer, in an attempt to pass our fear off as anything but. “That’s what grandpa drinks! 

That’s what you give dear old dad on Father’s Day when you don’t know what else to do!” 

Our friends only sniffed and swilled their bourbon round their glasses some more; it was plain we were un-initiated. 

Then we discovered Crown Royal. 

Smooth, dark, all bonfire smoke and sea salt on the tongue: the single greatest revelation we’d experienced since
weighted blankets and bath salts.

Without further ado, here are our picks for the best crown royal cocktails out there! 

From the zing of hard lemonade to the punch-up of cran-apple cocktails and salubrious jello shots (#14, how you make us wish we were 20 again) — we’ve catered to your every tipsy eventuality.

This drink will be on the menu at every BBQ from now until we keel over dead (or they stop making
Crown Royal drinks, whichever comes first). 

Fizzy champagne, strawberry syrup and whisky combine for a drink that’s as easy as it is refreshing.

Serve over thickly sliced strawberries for a touch of summer-y charm.

All the swish and zip of a hard lemonade but with a distinctly sophisticated glitz and glamor from the judicious use of excellent whisky. 

The perfect summer tipple.

Summer’s favorite aperitif — peaches and cream — reimagined as a bright, festive cocktail that makes a great after-work pick-me-up. 

It’s also incidentally exactly the sort of thing you might drink before joining an impromptu conga-line at the club and losing only your socks, so make of that what you will. 

A-1-2-3-kick . . . A-1-2-3-kick . . . 

What do you get when you combine dark, smoky whisky with lemonade and fresh citrus juice? 

A refreshing warm-weather cocktail that’s just the thing for a picnic.

And getting flagrantly tipsy before 5PM. 

Cheers! We’ll drink to that.

The weather is dismal, the pizza place’s phone line is persistently busy and they just axed your favorite Bachelor on The Bachelorette (buddy, forget roses, you’ve got a long and illustrious career of Instagram Influencer-ship ahead of you). 

Life’s never felt quite so deeply unfair — you need to imbibe something with real misery-busting potential — and stat. 

Enter the Washington Apple cocktail. 

Crisp, fresh, fruity; this smooth, fizzy tipple is unlikely to have you swaying on your feet anytime
soon, but it’s more than capable of coaxing a smile out of you.

Hallelujah for that!

A smooth, full-bodied blend of apple whiskey, 7UP and cranberry juice that’d cheer anyone right up. 

Tastes a bit like one of those artisanal cocktails that come in cans adorned with fun tropical destinations. 

That is to say, it’s definitely the undisputed king of day-drinking. 

This brings back happy, dizzy memories of innumerable college nights spent playing beer pong with peach schnapps. 

We take such things as nostalgia very seriously, and as such, this is one of our favorites.

We love a fruit pie; we really love a fruit pie masquerading as a cocktail. 

Maraschino cherries lend this fun, fizzy drink a bright color and sweet flavor that pairs very well with the caramel notes of the whisky.

Great sundowner Crown cocktails don’t have to be extra boozy.

This is an elevated, exceptionally sippable fizzy concoction that practically demands a room full of guests. 

The perfect party punch if there ever was one.  

CookingChew Tip: A small squirt of citrus at the end helps to balance the flavors!

Because cranberries aren’t just for Thanksgiving. 

This is a fun, sexy cocktail that’s a celebration of the very best part of the festive season getting drunk. 

If you do end up taking this to your next Thanksgiving, pour it into a hip-flask and take a swig every time someone at the table says something inflammatory; you’ll be tipsy before you know it. 

It’s what the pilgrims would’ve wanted, probably. 

Your favorite peach tea, now with a boozy new look. 

A fruity, fizzy refresher with nippy lemonade and a punch of good whisky? 

Yes, please. 

Crown Royal drinks, here we come.

You ultra-dry-only types can turn up your noses all you like we love sugar-y cocktails. 

Call us juvenile, but we’d rather our alcohol didn’t screech on its way down; better to tame it with a little lime juice and ginger beer like so. 

This tart, lightly-sweet recipe is as good an argument as any for the virtues of sweet bourbon drinks.

We’ve tried jello shots before funnily enough, they’re usually the only part we remember of the night that follows. 

Our youth’s long gone and along with it our predilection for eating our alcohol; but we’ve included this here for authenticity’s sake. 

Rosy-cheeked younguns, here’s to you. 

Bottoms up.

Coke’s the most popular mixer there is probably on account of the way its cloying sweetness cloaks (clobbers into submission, more like) the taste of alcohol than anything else, but here it melds with cherries and whiskey to add a fun zip that we really dig.

Kick back with this bold, bright number that’s just the thing to kickstart a wild, raucous night of . . . dozing in front of the TV with a bowlful of your favorite salty snack. 

If we’re feeling posh, we’ll strain this Crown Royal mixed drink into a chilled martini glass garnished with an apple-fan.

If you’re wondering where autumn’s gone off to, you’ll find it in this fragrant, seasonal take on fizzy apple and ginger soda for grown-ups. 

Cocktails using crown royal don’t get any simpler than this!

This is our spirited, entirely non-virtuous homage to the peach slushie.

It’s superb, silky perfection in a low-ball glass — and it comes together in all of five minutes.

Can you say day-drinking? Well, not without slurring, of course.

The recipe calls for peach schnapps, but it’ll come out much the same with just about any peach liqueur (we’ve had great success with Merlet Crème De Peche). 

Garnish with an orange-twist to serve.

This a proper elegant quaff, with a refined, flowery flavor that lingers on the palate long after you’ve (delicately, restrainedly) sipped away the last of it. 

The exquisite, smooth whiskey is given body by the sweetly-effervescent pear juice. 

A lovely, festive option worthy of an equally lovely occasion.

*Please standby for our drunk rendition of The Twelve Days Of Christmas.

This one’s got whipped cream. 

And fiery, robust whiskey and nutty kahlua and airy whipped cream and caramel syrup and is currently fast-tracking our hangover as we speak . . . 

For a touch of class, garnish with a sprinkle of nutmeg to serve. 

To say we love peach tea would be an understatement of King-Kong sized proportions. 

A tall, ice-cold glass of peach tea is one of summer’s sweetest, simplest pleasures.

It bolsters, it reinvigorates, it compels us to mop our brows and brave the day again. 

We can’t do without it. 

Muddle some rich, dark whiskey into the mix and you’ve got yourself a crown royal mixed drink
that’ll get you welcomed into any southern BBQ. 

More summer drink ideas? Try these Lemon Cocktails!

The bottom line

Maybe you’re after something that’ll make your next party the stuff of legends, or maybe you’re only looking to spend a quiet night in with that bottle of Crown Royal they had half-off at the liquor store last week — either way, we’ve got just the thing. 

Most important in CookingChew’s Little Chapbook Of Drinking Wisdom is the firmly held belief that a cocktail usually shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to concoct — we’re no bartenders, and neither, we think, are you. 

Accordingly, each of these crown royal recipes is forthright, unadorned and good; plain and simple. 

All the goods, none of the flim-flammery. 

We’d toast to that, wouldn’t you?

Need more cocktail ideas? Make prosecco work hard with these prosecco-based drink ideas here.

21 Crown Royal Cocktails

21 Crown Royal Cocktails

Here are our picks for the best crown royal cocktails out there!


  • Pear And Vanilla Bean Cocktail
  • 3-Ingredient Crown Royal Cocktail
  • Crown Royal Apple And Lemonade
  • Crown Royal Peaches And Cream Cocktail
  • Crown Royal Lemonade
  • Washington Apple Cocktail
  • Crown Royal Cranberry, 7UP And Apple Cocktail
  • Crown Royal Peach Fishbowl Cocktail
  • Cherry Peach Royal Cocktail
  • Crown Cranapple Cocktail
  • Red Snapper Shot
  • Crown Royal Peach-Ade
  • Vanilla Mule Cocktail
  • Crown Royal Apple Jello Shots
  • Whisky Cherry Coke Smash
  • California Crisp
  • Crown Royal Apple Envy
  • Royal Flush
  • The Partridge In A Pear Tree
  • After Dinner Salted Caramel White Russian
  • Crown Royal Peach Tea


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