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19 Best Hpnotiq Cocktails: Add Fruity Flavors To Your Drinks 🍸

19 Best Hpnotiq Cocktails: Add Fruity Flavors To Your Drinks 🍸

A bright blue liqueur may be a unique addition to your drinks; these 19 Hpnotiq cocktails are sure to impress without sacrificing taste or appearance!

The fruity flavors and bold color of Hpnotiq ensure that you will have a show-stopping cocktail no matter which of these cocktails you decide to make.

Even though tropical fruit flavors are typically enjoyed in the summer, these cocktails taste just as great all year round.

With the surge of popularity Hpnotiq experienced in the early 00s, the taste of this liqueur may be nostalgic, but plenty of these recipes are timeless.

Since Hpnotiq has a lower alcohol content than other liqueurs at 17%, you can try a few cocktails without worrying about overdoing it.

Blue Whiskey and Hpnotiq Martini are great ways to add the liqueur to traditional drinks you tend to gravitate towards.

For something fun and out of the ordinary, Sprinkletini or Bubbles & Blue are unique drinks that taste amazing and will become a regular part of your drink rotation!

Regardless of which cocktail you decide to make, all these are delicious and add some well-needed fruity flavors to your glass.

Many can easily recognize the bright blue bottle of Hpnotiq, but you may wonder why this cocktail is green when it features a special liqueur.

With a bit of orange juice and vodka, you can create the beautiful green color of this drink without worrying about an overly strong cocktail.

To make it even lighter, you can switch out the vodka for some sparkling water.

Whiskey on ice is a solid drink choice for many, but others may want something a bit sweeter and easier to sip on.

For the latter, a Blue Whiskey cocktail may be a great way to dilute strong whiskey with some Hpnotiq.

Perfect for the Christmas holiday or summer drinks, this red cocktail mixes gin, Hpnotiq, and Cherry Heering with your favorite berry juice and lemon-lime soda.

In the winter, simple syrup and holiday sprinkles make this a festive cocktail.

You can skip out on garnishes and enjoy the drink straight during the summer.

Equal parts pretty and tasty, this cocktail is the refreshing drink you need after a long day.

Full of fruity flavors, you might forget that you are sipping on an adult beverage as you enjoy this!

This is the perfect drink for those who may be less experienced with alcohol and need to stick with something lighter and sweeter.

Passionfruit, mango, and pineapple juice combine perfectly in this stunning cocktail.

For an extra impressive presentation, you can pour your pineapple juice last, right into the middle of your cocktail, for a tie-dye effect.

For something a bit stronger in alcohol content, this cocktail will do the job.

Along with Hpnotiq, it features rum, peach schnapps, and blue curacao, along with some club soda.

The resulting drink will look and make you feel like you’re out on the water.

This will become the new drink you reach for when celebrating!

Featuring cake vodka, champagne, Hpnotiq, and sprinkles, this will taste like you are drinking your cake instead of eating it.

When a drink looks this good and features all these great ingredients, it’s hard to turn down a glass of this.

Margaritas are already a delicious drink to sip on, but adding some Hpnotiq just gets even better.

If you have the time, a homemade sour mix will make this drink perfect for you by letting you adjust the flavors to exactly what you like.

Remember that pineapple juice dilutes the blue color, making it a bit teal.

For the brighter blue, blue curacao can be used instead of triple sec.

Pokemon fans will love this themed cocktail named after the mirage Pokemon.

Hpnotiq, gin, and a splash of blue curacao are stirred together with whipped cream along the side of the martini glass for a drink.

Tasty drinks that only require two ingredients are some of the best.

Cognac and Hpnotiq blend for a bright green color and an equally bold flavor.

To brighten the hues of this cocktail, you can add more Hpnotiq to your glass.

One taste of this cocktail, and you will see that Hpnotiq and champagne are the perfect matches for each other.

While preparing this drink is simple, it does not lack flavor.

Any night is made better with this smooth blue drink in hand.

A dash of lemonade and fruit juice added to your Hpnotiq will make it your summer drink.

The ombre effect of this drink is also easy to replicate as long as you pour your layers slowly over one another.

If you have tried and loved the Hpnotiq Margarita, you will love its slight variation to make a frozen margarita.

With traditional margarita ingredients, the only change is adding in Hpnotiq and garnishing your margarita glass with blue sugar crystals.

All it takes is blending your frozen margarita with ice and pouring it into your glass!

This drink is so easy to make and just as easy to sip on.

It features white wine and ginger ale, all topping off Hpnotiq.

Even better, no mixing or stirring is involved since the ginger ale’s carbonation helps with mixing the ingredients.

For an extra blueberry touch on your Hpnotiq margarita, you only need a few small adjustments to your recipe.

Add some blueberry juice and fresh blueberries as a garnish, and serve this on the rocks or blended!

This Frozen Caribbean Breeze Cocktail is fruity, sweet, and tasty, thanks to the key ingredients: hpnotic, coconut white rum, cream of coconut, and orange juice, 

Feel the taste of the Caribbean with this cocktail!

A themed drink that tastes amazing is the best way to celebrate any holiday, and sipping this martini on the fourth of July is no exception.

The layered look is straightforward when you pour grenadine down the middle of your mixture, giving you the two bold colors we associate with the summer holiday!

This cocktail tastes like summer on the beach thanks to the fruity flavors the Hpnotiq adds to the Malibu and Creme de Banana.

A splash of Mountain Dew on top of your glass adds some zing, while the cream of coconut makes it a smooth drink.

Passion fruit puree is a fantastic complement to Hpnotiq and pineapple juice.

A bit of blue curacao adds some brightness to your cocktail, while the fruit juices make this such a tasty drink you might find yourself ordering seconds and thirds!

The bottom line

This fruity and bright liqueur has many great uses in all types of drinks.

No matter the time of year or what you celebrate, these Hpnotiq cocktails will be a memorable addition to your evening.

19 Best Hpnotiq Cocktails

19 Best Hpnotiq Cocktails

A bright blue liqueur may be a unique addition to your drinks; these 19 best Hpnotiq cocktails are sure to impress without sacrificing taste or appearance!


  • Emerald Rain
  • Blue Whiskey
  • Hpnotiq & Cherry Heering
  • Tropical Turquoise Hpnotiq Cocktail
  • Hypnotic Breeze
  • The Bimini Escape
  • Sprinkletini
  • Hpnotiq Margarita
  • Dratini
  • Incredible Hulk
  • Bubbles & Blue
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Frozen Hpnotiq Margarita
  • Hypnotic Cocktail
  • Hpnotiq Blueberry Margarita
  • Hpnotiq Long Island Ice Tea
  • Red, White & Hpnotiq Blue Martini
  • Sea Foam Cocktail
  • Blue Passion


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