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40 Best Seaweed Snack Recipes (Simple Roasted Chips & More!)

40 Best Seaweed Snack Recipes (Simple Roasted Chips & More!)

Explore these seaweed snack recipes, find store-bought options, and discover perfect pairings for a complete snack.

Seaweed has been used in culinary traditions across the globe for centuries. It comes in various forms, and the ingredient provides depth and complexity to a wide range of dishes, especially in Asian cuisine. 

The Japanese nori, one of the popular seaweeds, is often used to wrap sushi rolls, while other varieties are used in soups, salads, and even eaten as a snack. 

Speaking of, we’ve curated a list of the best seaweed snack recipes here! From simple seaweed chips to more sophisticated Asian-inspired nori bites, you’re sure to find one you like.

  • SeaSnax roasted seaweed. SeaSnax offers roasted seaweed snacks in flavors like Original, Onion, and Chipotle. 
  • Annie Chun’s seaweed snacks. Annie Chun’s provides roasted seaweed snacks, seaweed crisps, and seaweed snacks with brown rice. 
  • Tao Kae Noi crispy seaweed snacks. Tao Kae Noi offers crispy seaweed snacks with flavors like Classic, Hot & Spicy, and Wasabi. 
  • Kim’s Magic Pop seaweed rice crisps. Kim’s Magic Pop combines seaweed with rice crisps in flavors like Original, Onion, Garlic, and Spicy. 
  • Ocean’s Halo seaweed snacks. Ocean’s Halo provides roasted seaweed snacks in flavors such as Sea Salt, Texas BBQ, and Sriracha. 
  • JayOne seaweed crunch snack. JayOne offers a crunchy seaweed snack in flavors like Original, Hot & Spicy, and Crispy Wasabi. 
  • GimMe Organic roasted seaweed snacks. GimMe specializes in organic roasted seaweed snacks with flavors like Sea Salt, Teriyaki, and Toasted Sesame. 
  • KPOP sea snacks. KPOP offers crispy seaweed snacks with flavors like Honey Glazed BBQ and Sea Salt. 
  • Glico Bisco seaweed snack. Glico Bisco combines seaweed and cheese flavors in their seaweed snacks. 
  • Jeeny’s seaweed chips. Jeeny’s offers seaweed chips in flavors like Original, Spicy, and Kimchi.

Great Sides For Seaweed Snacks

Here are some great sides to pair with your seaweed snacks, ranging from drinks to various food items.

  • Sushi. Seaweed snacks can be used to scoop up bits of sushi for a crunchy twist.
  • Miso soup. This soup often includes seaweed, making it a warming and flavorful side.
  • Edamame. Boiled or steamed immature soybeans, lightly salted, pair well with seaweed snacks.
  • Rice. Steamed rice can be a simple and filling complement to seaweed snacks. 
  • Vegetable stir-fry. A side dish of stir-fried vegetables can provide a variety of flavors and textures that complement seaweed snacks.
  • Tofu. This versatile protein source can be served in many ways, from simple silken tofu with soy sauce to crispy pan-fried tofu.
  • Sake. This Japanese rice wine has a unique taste that can complement the seaweed flavors.
  • Green tea or matcha. These traditional Japanese drinks can be refreshing and subtly sweet, providing a perfect counterbalance to the snacks.

Best Seaweed Snack Recipes

The Spicy Tuna Seaweed Squares recipe blends crunchy seaweed with tangy tuna. Ready in just 10 minutes and a few other simple ingredients, they’re a quick way to get your sushi fix. 

Ingredients include: Coconut aminos, black pepper, turmeric, seaweed sheets, and carrots.

This simple recipe uses a glutinous rice paste and vegetables to create a crispy, deep-fried Korean snack. The sticky rice paste ensures a crunchy exterior and chewy interior, while sesame seeds add a nutty flavor.

Ingredients include: Glutinous sticky rice, sugar, mushroom powder, sesame oil, and seaweed.

This beloved Korean snack is made by wrapping glass noodles, carrots, and garlic chives in seaweed and deep-frying until crispy. It offers a savory flavor and a delightful contrast of textures, with a crispy outside and chewy inside.

Ingredients include: Seaweed sheets, carrot, Korean glass noodles, soy sauce, and potato starch.

Fried Seaweed Chips are a light, salty, and crispy snack. They’re a simplified version of the traditional Korean dish Gim Bugak, made quicker and crunchier using rice paper and a little salt.

Ingredients include: Nori sheets, rice paper sheets, sesame seeds, and salt.

You can quickly assemble these sushi snacks with just a few ingredients. These scrumptious snacks offer a convenient way to enjoy sushi flavors enhanced by tasty dipping sauces.

Ingredients include: Seaweed snacks, chickpeas, spicy cilantro cream, avocado, and carrot stick.

Creamy Sesame Tuna Onigirazu is a delicious, easy-to-make seaweed sandwich with a flavorful filling of tuna, Japanese mayo, a pinch of salt, and vegetables. It’s a convenient snack or  meal option wrapped in a nori sheet.

Ingredients include: Canned tuna, nori sheets, cabbage, cucumber, and carrot.

Seaweed snacks are made from dried nori, a common ingredient in Japanese cuisine. They are roasted with sesame seeds and a little bit of oil for a delicious and crunchy texture.

Ingredients include: Nori seaweed, egg, sesame seeds, almonds, and olive oil.

This easy sushi appetizer is made by stacking kani, topped with crispy wontons and sesame seeds. The thick mayo sauce gives the stack its signature spicy kick.

Ingredients include: Vegetable oil, wonton wrappers, kani, mayonnaise, and sriracha.

Nori Buttermilk Biscuits combine salty nori with flaky buttermilk biscuits. Baked golden, they’re brushed with butter and furikake.

Ingredients include: All purpose flour, seaweed sheets, baking powder, butter, and buttermilk.

Tuna Seaweed Snacks are a quick and fun way to prepare a delicious snack. The combination of seaweed’s salty umami flavor with creamy tuna, enhanced by a hint of spicy sriracha, creates a uniquely satisfying taste.

Ingredients include: Tuna, mayonnaise, cucumber, celery, and green onion.

Rice Salad Seaweed Bites are customizable. The roasted seaweed provides a salty, umami flavor, while the rice salad adds sweet notes and crunch, complemented by tangy lemon vinaigrette and creamy wasabi dressing.

Ingredients include: Lemon juice, agave, black pepper, parsley, and wasabi paste.

This tasty snack, popular in South Korea, features sticky short-grain rice mixed with canned tuna and mayonnaise. Wrapped in nori, they offer a tasty blend of nutty flavors and a hint of umami from the seaweed.

Ingredients include: Uncooked sushi rice, sesame oil, sesame seeds, gim and tuna.

This easy-to-make recipe pairs sweet corn with savory seaweed coated in crispy tempura batter. A perfect way to use leftover corn, it will surely be a hit for busy weeknights or entertaining guests.

Ingredients include: Sweet corn, all purpose flour, Japanese nori, cornstarch and egg white.

This recipe gives a modern twist to classic deviled eggs by adding roasted seaweed snacks. The seaweed’s salty flavor and crunchy texture complement the creamy mayonnaise and Dijon mustard in the egg yolk filling.

Ingredients include: Egg, mayonnaise, seaweed snacks, panko breadcrumbs, and dijon mustard.

Tuna Rice Seaweed Balls stand out for their addicting flavors and textures.  The ingredients are simple and easy to find, and the steps are straightforward, making them an excellent recipe for unexpected parties.

Ingredients include: Tuna, seaweed snack, cooked rice, Japanese mayo, and sriracha.

These crispy seaweed crackers are a healthy alternative to traditional fried snacks. They are made in two varieties: roll-shaped and cracker-shaped. The air fryer ensures they are evenly cooked and crispy without needing oil.

Ingredients include: Spring roll wrappers, egg, salt, white pepper, and sesame seeds.

These Korean seaweed snacks mix seasoned short-grain rice with dried seaweed. Sesame seeds add a nutty flavor and help hold the rolls together, while other ingredients contribute to a delicious and colorful taste.

Ingredients include: Cooked rice, sesame oil, pickled radish, carrot, and fish cake.

These seaweed wraps are enhanced by a creamy cashew sauce, providing a rich, creamy, and slightly nutty kick. Customize the wraps with your preferred vegetables and use leftover chicken for added convenience.

Ingredients include: Cashew butter, white vinegar, sesame oil, ground ginger, and maple syrup.

This customizable snack is a great way to enjoy the salty flavor of nori seaweed. Simply pop some popcorn and add small pieces of nori seaweed, sesame seeds, and your favorite seasonings. 

Ingredients include: Toasted sesame oil, popcorn kernels, toasted nori snacks, and toasted sesame seeds.

These sushi tacos are a yummy fusion dish that combines the best of sushi and tacos. The golden-brown, crunchy seaweed shells are filled with fresh salmon and then topped with Japanese mayo, sriracha, and sesame oil for added flavor. 

Ingredients include: Nori seaweed, egg whites, all purpose flour, sriracha, and tobiko.

With a fun spin on the famous fish and chips, this snack gets its nice crispy texture from a special coating made with bread crumbs, oat flour, and nori. Serve with tartar sauce and your pita chips or fries. 

Ingredients include: Tofu, lemon, miso paste, nutritional yeast, and water.

These chips include sheets of seaweed that are toasted until crisp and seasoned with tamari and sesame oil. They have an umami and savory flavor that’s perfect for snacking on.

Ingredients include: Nori sheets, tamari, sesame oil, and sesame seeds.

These nori chips showcase the briny, umami flavor of seaweed. They’re crispy and crunchy, too! The hot sauce adds a bit of heat, while the sesame seeds add a nutty note. 

Ingredients include: Nori, hot sauce, sesame seeds, sesame oil, and sal

California Roll Sushi Bites are an easy-to-make snack that’s perfect for parties or just a quick bite to eat. Topped with toasted sesame seeds, these savory morsels are a great way to satisfy your sushi cravings without all the carbs. 

Ingredients include: Avocado, blue diamond wasabi & soy sauce almonds, rice vinegar, crab meat, and toasted sesame seeds.

Nori Wraps With Paleo Tuna Salad is a simplified version of the classic Japanese tuna hand roll. Using nori seaweed sheets as wraps adds an umami taste to the dish. Serve it as a snack or as a mini meal. 

Ingredients include: Tuna, paleo mayonnaise, avocado, cucumber, and butter lettuce leaves.

These Korean Egg Rolls are full of umami flavor. With just four ingredients, you can have them on the table in under 10 minutes. Simply whisk eggs, cook in a pan, add seaweed, roll up, and serve.

Ingredients include: Egg, diamond crystal kosher salt, avocado oil, and seaweed sheet.

This recipe for Nori Spicy Tuna Wraps includes a simple tuna salad filling that’s seasoned with Sriracha. It’s then wrapped in nori sheets and topped with avocado slices, cucumber, and carrot ribbons. 

Ingredients include: Mayonnaise, sriracha, sugar, carrots, and cucumber.

These homemade seaweed snacks are a must-try for anyone seeking a wholesome and satisfying snack. They are savory and versatile and can be enjoyed on their own or paired with your favorite dips, spreads, or cheeses.

Ingredients include: Sunflour, flax flour, toasted sesame seeds, Italian seasoning, and dried onion flakes.

Seaweed Tofu is a popular Chinese recipe made by wrapping egg tofu with nori seaweed and deep-frying it. The result is a crispy, savory, and chewy snack packed with flavor.

Ingredients include: Tofu, Japanese Nori Seaweed, corn flour, sugar, and sesame oil.

This snack recipe features teriyaki-flavored Spam, rice, and nori. The teriyaki sauce adds a sweet and savory flavor to the Spam, while the rice and nori provide a chewy and salty contrast. 

Ingredients include: Spam, sushi nori, soy sauce, honey, and rice vinegar.

These Rainbow Nori Rolls are not only visually appealing, but they also offer a delicious combination of textures and flavors. They are light and refreshing, with a rich and creamy note from the peanut sauce.

Ingredients include: Nori sheets, carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, and avocado.

This recipe combines crunchy nori seaweed with creamy beans to make a delicious and healthy snack. The beans are coated in a blend of nori, sesame oil, and spices, giving them their nice salty and umami flavor.

Ingredients include: Cannellini beans, nori, sesame seeds, fennel seeds, and sambal oelek.

These Sesame Almond Nori Crunchies offer a crispy and crunchy texture, thanks to the toasted almonds and the dried nori seaweed. The star of the flavor profile is the sesame seeds, which provide a nutty, slightly toasted taste. 

Ingredients include: Avocado, maple syrup, almonds, shoyu, and nori.

This recipe combines the earthy flavors of almond butter and ginger with the umami taste of nori seaweed. The ingredients are relatively inexpensive, making it a budget-friendly option.

Ingredients include: Almonds, carrot, zucchini, tamari, and nori sheets.

Thai Nori Bites are a unique twist on traditional sushi rice rolls. All you need to do is grind all ingredients into a paste in a food processor. These bites are best stored at room temperature in an airtight container.

Ingredients include: Nori sheets, sunflower seeds, cayenne, soft dates, and cumin.

These nori rolls combine the flavors of Korean cuisine with the convenience of a hand-held roll. Packed with slow-cooked pork, rice, veggies, and a sweet and spicy sauce, they’re sure to please.

Ingredients include: Pork shoulder, gochujang, soy sauce, honey, and carrots.

These seaweed chips call for two simple ingredients. The chips are baked until golden brown and crunchy, then topped with a poke mixture, which gives the recipe a refreshing and flavorful feel. 

Ingredients include: Seaweed sheets, sea salt, sesame oil, and water.

These wraps can be easily prepared on the go! The nori sheet provides a crunchy base, while the avocado, cucumber, and carrot add fresh and creamy notes. The tahini drizzle adds a touch of heat, rounding out the flavors. 

Ingredients include: Nori wraps, red cabbage, cucumber, carrot, and yellow summer squash.

These crispy Chipotle Lime Nori Snacks highlight the use of roasted nori seaweed. The chipotle lime flavor is both savory and spicy, and the crunchy texture of the nori is satisfying. 

Ingredients include: Cashews, lime zest, chili powder, lime juice, and sriracha.

This portable snack is made with steamed rice, seasoned with furikake, and wrapped in nori seaweed. The recipe allows customization–you can include pickled umeboshi plums, salted salmon, and tuna mayonnaise. 

Ingredients include: Nori seaweed, furirake, seasoned kombu, and kosher salt.

The bottom line

Seaweed snacks are a delectable and healthy snack for people of all ages. You can make them in the comfort of your home or buy the snacks ready-made in grocery stores. 

If you plan to make your own at home, feel free to customize them with different flavors and toppings. Just make sure to use seaweed that’s fresh, crisp, and vibrant in color to ensure the best results for your recipes.

More About Snack Recipes

40 Best Seaweed Snack Recipes

40 Best Seaweed Snack Recipes

These seaweed snack recipes deliver a taste of the ocean in every bite, featuring simple roasted seaweed chips and more!


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  • Korean Seaweed Rice Snacks (Bugak)
  • Gimmari (Fried Seaweed Roll)
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  • Creamy Sesame Tuna Ongirazu
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  • Rice Salad Seaweed Bites
  • Korean Tuna Mayo Rice Balls
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  • Seaweed Snack Deviled Eggs
  • Tuna Rice Seaweed Balls
  • Air Fryer Seaweed Crackers/ Seaweed Popiah
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  • Sushi Tacos With Crispy Fried Seaweed Shells
  • Tofish & Chips
  • Toasted Seaweed Chips
  • Spicy Sesame Nori (Seaweed) Chips
  • California Roll Sushi Bites
  • Nori Wraps With Paleo Tuna Salad
  • Korean Egg Roll With Seaweed
  • Nori Spicy Tuna Salad Wrap
  • Sesame Sunflour Nori Crackers
  • Seaweed Tofu
  • Teriyaki Spam Musubi
  • Rainbow Nori Rolls
  • Nori Crusted Beans
  • Sesame Almond Nori Crunchies
  • Almond Ginger Nori Snacks
  • Thai Nori Bites
  • Korean Pulled Pork Nori Rolls
  • Nori Chips & Poke
  • Sunrise Nori Wraps With Spicy Tahini Drizzle
  • Chipotle Lime Nori Snacks
  • Japanese Onigiri Rice Triangles


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