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33 Best Red Bull Cocktails To Fuel Your Party 🍸

33 Best Red Bull Cocktails To Fuel Your Party 🍸

Looking for quick drinks to up the good times at your party? These 33 best Red Bull cocktails are sure to deliver, featuring margaritas, mocktails, and more!

If you’re looking for a party drink that gives you wings, look no further than these Red Bull cocktails.
You can make it work with just about any alcohol or non-alcoholic beverage, so feel free to innovate and experiment until you find a combination you like.
Try adding some unexpected ingredients like ginger ale, tonic water, or even coffee for something truly unique.
Edible flowers, mint leaves, and even chocolate shavings also make great garnishes for a Red Bull cocktail. 
So, if you’re looking for a fun and easy way to spice up your next party, try making some Tropical Red Bull Margarita, Blue Balls Energy Drink Cocktail, or Red Bull Piña Cocojito.
Pay close attention to #31, as it will surely be a crowd-pleaser!

The combination of orange juice and vodka gives the drink a refreshing citrus flavor, while the Red Bull provides an extra kick.
Simply mix equal parts orange juice and orange vodka with a splash of Red Bull, and enjoy!

If you’re searching for a refreshing and festive cocktail to enjoy this summer, look no further than the Tropical Red Bull Margarita.
This drink combines the sweetness of pineapple and mango with the tartness of guava, all balanced out by the classic margarita ingredients of tequila, triple sec, and lime juice.
Plus, it gets an extra boost from Red Bull Energy Drink, making it a great choice for pool parties or days spent lounging in the sun.

This Bullfrog Cocktail is ideal for you!
It only requires 7 ingredients, but it’s not tricky to make.
Plus, it will wow your guests with its vibrant color and refreshing flavor.

The Skittle Bomb shot has become popular at bars and clubs for its sweet and tart flavor.
The combination of flavors is surprisingly refreshing, and the bold colors of the Skittles make the drink visually appealing.
While the Skittle Bomb is not for everyone, it has undoubtedly become a favorite among those who enjoy drinking a cocktail or two.

The Vegas Bomb Shooter is a cocktail that will start your party.
This festive drink is made with Red Bull, crown royal, peach schnapps, and coconut rum. 
The Vegas Bomb Shooter is best enjoyed with friends, so make a pitcher for your next gathering.
This tasty cocktail is suitable for toasting the New Year or celebrating a special occasion.
So, let the good times roll with the Vegas Bomb Shooter.

If you want a drink that packs a punch, look no further than this Red Bull mixed drink.
Thanks to its combination of After Shock, a fruity fizzy orange liqueur, sambuca, and Red Bull, the radiation is strong enough to keep you going all night long.
While some people may find the taste too sweet, there’s no denying that the Red Bull mixed drink is one of the most popular drinks.

If you’re looking for a refreshing and energizing cocktail, look no further than the Blue Balls Energy Drink.
This unique drink combines the best of both worlds with a refreshing and citrusy flavor that will invigorate you and prepare you to take on the world.
The perfect drink for a hot day, the Blue Balls Energy Drink is sure to become one of your go-to cocktails.

When it comes to refreshing drinks, Cosmic Slushie is in a class of its own.
This blend of Red Bull, vodka, triple sec, and lime juice has just the right amount of sweetness and packs a real punch.
Whether you have it by the pool or at an outdoor party, Cosmic Slushie is sure to get the good times flowing.

Star Fucker Shot is a fitting shot for watermelon lovers.
This tasty and balanced shot is made with watermelon schnapps and Red Bull.
It works nicely for summer parties, or anytime you want to enjoy the delicious taste of watermelon.

Jello shots are fun, festive, and, most importantly, they pack a serious punch.
However, not all jello shots are created equal.
These particular jello shots, made with Red Bull, cherry jello, and cream soda, are heavenly.
The energy drink helps offset the sweetness of the Jello and soda, resulting in a surprisingly easy drinkable beverage.

It’s a simple concoction composed of tequila, triple sec, lime juice, and of course, Red Bull.
The beauty of the Bullgarita is that it fits nicely for any occasion.
A few of these, and you’re ready to hit the town on a Friday night.
Or, if you’re like me, you can enjoy one (or three) while relaxing poolside on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Looking for a little boost?
Then this Peach Red Bull Cocktail is just what you need.
The perfect pick-me-up, it’s peachy and citrusy with a kick of energy from the Peach Edition Red Bull.

The Prince Albert cocktail is a bold and daring drink that is perfect for anyone who enjoys a robust and flavorful cocktail.
The Prince Albert cocktail is made with Crown Royale, peach schnapps, and Red Bull.
The result is a refreshing and slightly sweet drink that packs a powerful punch.
Whether you are looking to thrill your friends or simply enjoy a cool cocktail, the Prince Albert is a worthwhile choice.

For a refreshing twist on your average mocktail, try a Red Bull Cranberry.
This fizzy drink is perfect for holiday parties or any festive occasion.
Made with lemon juice, apple cider, cinnamon, and a Red Bull energy drink, this mocktail will give you a boost.
To make a Red Bull Cranberry, simply mix together all the ingredients

Mix things up with this tropical twist on the classic cocktail!
Made with Red Bull, coconut rum, and pineapple juice, the Red Bull Piña Cocojito will put a wide smile on your face.

If a light and pleasant alcoholic drink is what you’re after, look no further than this Spiked Watermelon Red Bull cocktail.
Made with just three ingredients–Malibu Watermelon, watermelon candy rings, and Red Bull–this cocktail will suit summer parties or barbecues.

If you’re craving for a drink that packs a punch, look no further than the Frozen Irish Trash Can.
This festive drink is made with vodka, rum, and gin, among other ingredients, and it’s sure to give you a buzz.
The Frozen Irish Trash Can is the perfect drink to serve, whether you’re celebrating St. Patty’s Day or enjoying a casual party.

Red Bull is more than just an energy drink.
When mixed with the right ingredients, it can become a potent cocktail.
The Raging Red Bull is a perfect example of this.
Made with vodka, tequila, and gin, it delivers a triple dose of alcohol to start the party.
However, the real kick comes from the addition of Red Bull.
The caffeine and taurine help to keep you going all night long, while the sweet flavor helps to mask the taste of alcohol.

The Santa Tart cocktail is an inviting drink that combines cranberry juice’s sweetness with lime’s tartness.
The balance of these two flavors makes it a superb choice for any party or gathering.
And, because each glass contains a double shot of vodka, you can be sure that your guests will enjoy their drinks.

The Colt 45 is a mixed drink that will give you the energy you need to keep going all night.
It’s a fun, high-octane drink that combines gin, Jägermeister, and Red Bull.
It’s sort of a twist on the vodka Red Bull and Jäger bomb.
If you’re looking for a drink to help you party hard, the Colt 45 is definitely the drink for you.

The Johnny Vegas is a refreshing twist on the classic Margarita.
Named after the city of its origin, this flavorful cocktail is made with watermelon juice, cactus juice, and Red Bull.
If you want to change things up, the Johnny Vegas is the drink for you.

Do you want to take your party up a notch?
Then look no further than the cherry bomb shot.
This explosive drink is perfect for those who like their cocktails with a little extra kick.
The recipe is simple: combine cherry vodka or liqueur, grenadine syrup, and Red Bull.
The tart flavor of the cherries is offset by the sweetness of the grenadine and the bitterness of the Red Bull, resulting in a well-rounded and flavorful drink.

The Carillo Booster is a simple but potent cocktail that is sure to get your night started.
Made with Carillo mild bitter liqueur and Red Bull, it is a refreshing and invigorating drink that is perfect for sipping on a hot summer night. 

The liqueur gives the drink a slight bitterness that is balanced by the sweetness of the Red Bull, while the ice keeps it refreshingly cool.

Cactus Cooler drink is a cocktail that is an ideal summer delight.
It is a pleasant drink that can be taken anywhere on the patio or when having a BBQ with friends.
The recipe is not complicated and doesn’t require special ingredients, so it’s perfect for those Costcos runs.
Simply combine vodka, peach schnapps, and orange juice in a shaker with ice.
Shake well and strain into a glass. 

Add a generous splash of Red Bull, and garnish with a lime wedge.
Cactus Cooler is refreshing, easy to make, and will transport you to the sunny days of summer no matter where you are.

The Passionate Red Bull cocktail is a delicious and refreshing way to enjoy your favorite energy drink.
This flavorful mix combines the sweetness of fruit syrup with the stimulating power of Red Bull, resulting in a drink that is perfect for any occasion.
Whether you’re looking for an afternoon pick-me-up or a night out on the town, the Passionate Red Bull cocktail will give you the boost you need.

The Jager Bomb is a delicious and refreshing mix of Jägermeister and Red Bull energy drink.
It’s a delightful drink for a night out on the town or for enjoying at home with friends.
The sweet, herbal taste of Jägermeister is balanced by the sweet taste of Red Bull, making for a delightful and unique flavor.
The caffeine in the Red Bull makes this recipe perfect for those who need an extra pick-me-up.

Red Bull is a beloved energy drink, and many people enjoy it for its stimulating effects.
However, Red Bull can also make a refreshing Italian soda.
To make a Red Bull Italian soda, simply combine equal parts of Red Bull and club soda.
Add a splash of citrus juice or fruit syrup for a more flavorful drink.

This delicious cocktail mixes up a half dozen varieties of alcohol, including whiskey, vodka, and rum, and is topped with a can of Red Bull.
The result is a refreshing and energizing drink that will get the party rolling.

This potent mix of gold tequila, strawberry liqueur, Red Bull, and lime cordial will start your night on the right foot.
And with its unique layered look, it’s also sure to impress your friends.

The Blood of Saints is a drink that combines the bold flavors of wine and liquor.
It is a perfect drink for those who enjoy strong flavors.
The drink is made by mixing red wine and tequila.
The vodka adds a kick to the drink, while the wine gives it a smooth finish.
The Blood of Saints is a powerful drink that is sure to please those who enjoy bold flavors.

The Bitter Bull is a robust and flavorful cocktail that is perfect for any occasion.
Whether you’re looking to rouse your guests or simply want to enjoy a delicious drink, the Bitter Bull is sure to hit the spot.
The cocktail features a variety of intense flavors, including Campari, Cachaca, and Red Bull.
The drink is also garnished with a twist of lemon, which helps cut through the other ingredients’ richness.

One of our favorite drinks during those cold days is the Red Bull Winter Edition Pomegranate.
This refreshing and unique cocktail is made with just a few simple ingredients.
The result is a tart and slightly refreshing drink that is perfect for enjoying by the fireplace.

The bottom line

Red Bull is a drink that can be enjoyed in various ways.
Whether you’re looking for a refreshing cocktail or an energizing pick-me-up, Red Bull has you covered.
So next time you plan a party, including some Red Bull cocktails on your menu.

33 Best Red Bull Cocktails

33 Best Red Bull Cocktails

Looking for quick drinks to up the good times at your party? These 33 best Red Bull cocktails are sure to deliver, featuring margaritas, mocktails, and more!


  • Vodka Red Bull
  • Vitamin C Red Bull Cocktail
  • Tropical Red Bull Margarita
  • Bullfrog Cocktail
  • Skittle Bomb
  • Vegas Bomb Shot
  • Radiation
  • Blue Balls Energy Drink Cocktail
  • Cosmic Slushie
  • Star Fucker Shot
  • Cherry Cream Red Bull Jello Shots
  • Red Bull Margarita
  • Spiked Peach Red Bull Cocktail
  • Prince Albert
  • Red Bull Cranberry Mocktails
  • Red Bull Piña Cocojito
  • Spiked Watermelon Red Bull
  • Frozen Irish Trash Can
  • Raging Red Bull
  • Santa Tart
  • Colt 45
  • Johnny Vegas
  • Cherry Bomb Shot
  • Carillo Booster
  • Cactus Cooler
  • Passionate Red Bull
  • Jager Bomb
  • Red Bull Italian Soda
  • Irish Trash Can
  • Bull Fight
  • Blood Of Saints
  • Bitter Bull
  • Red Bull Winter Edition Pomegranate


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