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49 Easter Ham Recipes To Delight Your Guests (And Make It Easy On You!)

49 Easter Ham Recipes To Delight Your Guests (And Make It Easy On You!)

Are you looking for Easter Ham recipes too? Good to have you here! We think you’ll find your new favorite in this list.

Ham is a traditional dinner meal that’s always present during the Easter feast.

While ham is a sturdy, dependable and fairly easy Easter meal (I mean, it’s already cooked, how can it go wrong?) but there are many different and delicious ways to serve it.

If you’re on a quest to find the main dish for your Easter meal to feed a large crowd, then take this guide with you! 

From fruit-based ham right down to crockpot-inspired dishes, this collection of savory Easter ham recipes is sure to be your feast centerpiece that can also blend with your favorite sides and desserts.

A sliced glazed ham with pineapple rings and maraschino cherries for garnish on a wooden table.

Fruity Ham Recipes

When I think about the Easter holiday, I always crave this baked ham with orange honey ham glaze.

The combination of orange marmalade, Dijon mustard, honey, fresh orange, and cinnamon gives the recipe a juicy and tender texture with a sweet and little tangy flavor kick that guests won’t stop talking about.

But if you prefer a simple and straightforward dish, then the five-ingredient baked ham is your next BFF. 

The recipe only calls for ham, apricot, Dijon mustard, brown, sugar, and some ground cloves.

We’d suggest to use fewer cloves in your recipe so it won’t overpower the ham’s flavor. 

This list is sure to reveal a delectable Easter ham recipe: 

Juicy Wine And Soda Glazed Hams

Ham is a versatile ingredient that goes with almost everything, even soda. Adding this drink provides great flavor and sweetness to your dishes. 

I love adding cola or Dr Pepper to my ham. If you’re intrigued about what it tastes like, then try the Coca-
Cola glazed ham recipe. 

Apart from Coca-Cola, the recipe features orange, Dijon mustard, and brown sugar.

It’s mustard-y and sweet–YUM! 

Definitely adds a shot of sweetness to the salty ham: 

A close-up photo of a sliced ham with pineapple chunks and cherries on a white plate.

Smoked Ham Recipes

Smoking ham is an enduring venture. 

For some of these, you are double-smoking to really infuse the flavor, and others are adding liquid smoke you can buy in the store.

Our pick is this twice smoked ham with sweet cinnamon glaze. It’s packed with brown sugar, Dijon mustard, nutmeg, cinnamon, and maple syrup, resulting in a sweet flavor with a bit of extra tangy smoke.

To impress the crowd, consider pairing the ham with crisp chardonnay wine as it helps cut through the sweetness to balance out the overall flavor of the dish. 

Break out your Traeger grill and smoker for some of these savory recipes:

Savory Ham Recipes

When it comes to savory ham recipes, this Cajun-spiced ham dish is on my top list. 

Perfect as a holiday meal or Sunday dinner, the recipe features sweet and spicy Cajun spice consisting of different herbs and spices such as garlic and onion powder, oregano, and thyme paprika, cayenne pepper,
lemon, and black pepper. 

Before sliding it to the oven, the brown sugar is added to the spice mixture to incorporate some sweetness to the dish. 

Grilling the ham is possible too! 

Crockpot Ham Recipes

Having a slow cooker makes every cook’s life easier.

It can make delectable soups, chilis, stews, and main dishes—like Easter ham!

If you aren’t familiar with Crockpot cooking, then the Hawaiian-inspired ham is a perfect recipe to start.  

The ham dish is easy to put together and calls for simple ingredients such as brown sugar, apple ale, and pineapple.

Running out of apple ale? Then use substitutes! You can replace apple ale with regular beer, but if you don’t want to incorporate alcohol into the dish, apple juice will do the trick. 

Serve in slices or on slider rolls. Enjoy!

The bottom line

Picking the main course for your Easter feast can be tough indeed.

But in case you have a big crowd to feed, serving these ham recipes is your best bet. 

Lastly, you can also satisfy your guests with prime ribspork chops, and chicken aside from your savory
Easter ham recipes.

49 BEST Easter Ham Recipe

49 BEST Easter Ham Recipe

49 Easter ham recipes that feature succulent fruit-based ham recipes, smoked ham dishes, savory ham recipes, and crockpot-based ham recipes


  • Smoked watermelon ham
  • Easy raisin sauce for ham
  • Sticky cherry glazed ham
  • Jalapeno-pineapple ham
  • Blackberry-mustard glazed ham
  • Blueberry glazed ham
  • Baked ham with orange honey ham glaze
  • 5-ingredient baked ham with apricot glaze
  • Apple glazed baked ham
  • Peach and ginger glazed ham
  • Juicy and soda glazed hams
  • Coca-cola glazed ham
  • Dr. Pepper-glazed ham with prunes
  • Crockpot orange soda ham
  • Sticky whiskey glazed ham
  • Bourbon brown sugar glazed ham
  • Apple cider & maple glazed ham
  • Grape Juice Glazed Ham
  • Spiced grapefruit molasses glazed ham
  • Riesling peach-glazed ham
  • Mulled wine glazed ham
  • Cherry and red wine glazed ham
  • Twice smoked ham with sweet cinnamon glaze
  • Brown sugar mustard-glazed smoked ham
  • Apple bacon smoked ham with glazed carrots
  • Pineapple-glazed smoked ham
  • Rum injected double smoked ham
  • Heavenly hickory-smoked ham
  • Fresh smoked ham with rosemary and garlic rub
  • Dijon mustard glazed ham
  • Herb crusted ham
  • Balsamic Dijon glazed ham
  • Cajun-spiced ham
  • Holiday ham with chipotle orange glaze
  • Baked fresh ham with herbes de provence
  • Ham with tarragon and parsley sauce
  • Mustard-tarragon-crusted ham with pineapple salsa
  • Slow cooker bourbon-glazed spiral ham
  • Sweet southern slow-cooker ham
  • Slow-cooker pineapple, pepper jelly & bourbon ham
  • Slow-cooked pineapple brown sugar glazed ham
  • Slow cooker Hawaiian ham
  • Crockpot spiral ham recipe with beer and chutney glaze
  • Root beer glazed spiral ham
  • Crockpot rosemary and pineapple spiral ham
  • Slow-cooker ham and sweet potatoes
  • Slow cooker ham with peach thyme glaze
  • Slow cooker captain and coke glazed ham
  • Dr. Pepper and brown sugar glazed crockpot ham recipe


  1. Choose a few fruit-based ham recipes and smoked ham dishes.
  2. Gather the ingredients.
  3. Make an extraordinary Easter feast.

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Melton McKinney

Wednesday 13th of April 2022

Love the peach lemomade and the root beer glazed spiral ham

jeanette sheets

Thursday 31st of March 2022

never thought abput putting beer in ham while crockpot .thanks i learned something new

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