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13 Amazing Traeger Recipes

13 Amazing Traeger Recipes

So there’s fast food, and then there’s food smoked at home—slow food nirvana.

If I had to name just one thing in life that is worth waiting for, it is the luscious smokey flavor of food brought to perfection on a smoker. 

Many smoker units do the job well, but the Traeger infuses such beautiful flavor over several hours. Some pitmasters start their meat in an oven and cut over to a smoker to finish. 

A Traeger seems to do well at being a grill, an air fryer and a smoker all in one. 

Here are a few recipes created by top Traeger owners around the web who are really making their mark with some amazing Traeger recipes.

Oreos and bacon are a combo that will stop you in your tracks and make you do a double take.

But yes, you read that right.

We already know that smoked bacon is a gift from God. But smoked Oreos?

How could that possibly taste?

Imagine some of the best fair food that you have ever had the pleasure to consume. Then add in that smokey flavor with chocolate and cream.

You just gotta try this one.

How do you make meatloaf more interesting? You smoke it!

Yep, that will do it.

This recipe is so easy to make. You only need your meat, a binder, seasonings, onion and cheese.

Smoked meat combined with smoked cheese and onion will make one of the most flavor-rich meatloafs that you have ever had.

If you are new to using an electric smoker, this is a no-fail meatloaf that is jammed with smoky flavor.

How do you make vegetables outrageously delicious and rather unique at the same time?

A fantastic option is to smoke your veggies in your Traeger. 

This is a “choose your own adventure” with the veggies. Go with whatever is in season and on sale at your store.

This recipe combines the tanginess of Balsamic vinegar with garlic and sea salt. 

All that you need to do is prep your vegetables, cut them and toss them with the seasonings and oil. Then you smoke them.

Finally, enjoy every bite.

Can you cook chocolate chip cookies in a smoker? Yes! Yes, you sure can and you should go do it right now.

Well, maybe finish reading this article first but then GO.

Imagine a hot and chewy chocolate chip cookie that has a smoked flavor. Close your eyes and just bite into it. 

The chocolate is gooey. The cookie is soft. Then there is this flavor but what is it? It reminds you of a campfire. That is a chocolate chip cookie baked on your smoker.

Perfection in a cookie!

When you first buy a Traeger you will want to smoke a brisket. A smoked brisket is rich, fragrant and has a deep smoky flavor. 

None of the flavors will be overwhelming if done properly. They will meld together like a perfect symphony of food.  

Smoking a brisket does take patience but if you follow the right recipe it can also be pretty easy to do. 

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This is a hot smoked salmon recipe that only has a few ingredients. The sweet aroma comes from the brown sugar and salt. 

For optimal flavor it is best to soak the salmon in the brine overnight.  When you are ready to smoke it, it should only take about 3 hours.

I recommend smoking this salmon with apple wood chips.

Are you looking for a unique appetizer that you can create on your smoker? These smoked deviled eggs are just that.

These delicate appetizers have a mild smoke flavor with a bit of tanginess at the same time. 

You can easily add a Southern flair to this recipe by topping each with a jalapeño slice.

If you are looking for a cheese dip recipe that you can make on your smoker, look no further than this smoked queso dip.

This Queso recipe calls for a bit of smoked meat. You can use smoked brisket or even smoked chicken. 

Of course, you can also go meat free and let the cheese be the star of the night.

It is difficult to find a better treat than a freshly cooked soft and perfectly chewy cinnamon roll that is topped with cream cheese.

Until now!

Now imagine if the cream cheese is infused with bourbon and the entire dessert was smoked to perfection.

After you have this you may never be able to buy another cinnamon roll from the store again.

Only the best for you and yours.

Pro Tip: How to reheat cinnamon rolls

Everything is better wrapped in bacon and that includes chicken. 

This recipe is smoky perfection because it is a cheese stuffed chicken thigh, wrapped in bacon and then cooked on the smoker.

The only question is will you have enough because everyone is gonna want seconds.

This recipe is essentially made from bacon, bourbon, brown sugar and maple syrup.

There are some seriously robust flavors happening with this bacon and when you combine them with flavor from smoking it you may have perfection.

Try this recipe and then try it three more times. 

Ya know!

Just to be sure.

This ham is smoked AND wrapped in candied bacon. Are there words to describe such a fabulous dish?

The ham is glazed in a Maple Dijon mixture that brings together the flavors of tangy and sweet in a way that can only be described as joyful.

This smoked ham triggers all of the senses. It is beautiful because it is wrapped in bacon. 

It has the smoky aroma that always draws in a crowd.

The flavor is the perfect mixture of sweet, smoky and tangy.

This turkey is first injected with a buttery herb filled marinade. Then it is wrapped in bacon and smoked.

This is not your ordinary turkey breast. The flavor profile includes fresh rosemary, fresh sage, Worcestershire sauce, honey, lemon and other delicious flavors.

This smoked turkey will be bursting with flavor. 

A complementary side dish would be bacon deviled eggs or farro salad

Hot Tip: Learn how to reheat smoked turkey

The bottom line

Smoking meats, vegetables, and even fruit are the latest in taking meals outside, which has actually been around forever. But the process is getting simpler, and the results are -chef’s kiss-. 

Have you tried Smoked Watermelon yet?? Get a load of this:

Let us know if you REALLY LOVE Smoked Oreos! Enjoy!

13 Amazing Things To Cook With A  Traeger

13 Amazing Things To Cook With A Traeger

This is a list of the best Traeger Recipes ranging from smoked Oreos to bacon-wrapped smoked turkey.


  • Traeger smoked bacon wrapped Oreos
  • Smoked meatloaf
  • Smoked vegetables
  • Traeger smoked chocolate chip cookies
  • Smoked brisket
  • Smoked salmon
  • Smoked devil eggs
  • Smoked Queso dip
  • Smoked cinnamon rolls
  • Smoked bacon wrapped chicken thighs
  • Bourbon candied bacon
  • Candied bacon double smoked ham
  • Smoked turkey wrapped in bacon


  1. Pick your first recipe.
  2. Follow the directions to make it.
  3. Enjoy!

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