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42 flavorful Easter dessert recipes to leave the crowd drooling

The Easter holiday is around the corner. Your main dishes and sides are ready, but something is bothering you– the desserts, oh no!

I had the same fate as you are a few years back and my experience was horrible. In case you aren’t prepared for the holiday, no worries! I’ve got you covered. 

From cakes to cookies to cupcakes and candies to pastries, my handy collection of Easter dessert ideas is sure to leave everyone drooling, even the adults!

Easter cakes

You can’t call your Easter celebration a real event without mouth-watering cakes. One of those is this bunny face Easter cake. 

The cake is made using a bunny cake pan, then it’s decorated with icing pouches and nonpareils. It’s so easy and quick! Serve it at the table, and you’ll be smiling along with all of your guests. 

Let’s say your vegan friends are coming along, what will you do? Well, serving this vegan peaches and cream cake is your savior!

Aside from it’s vegan, this cake is filled with fresh fruits such as tangerines, berries, and nectarines. For more tropical flavors, you can include other fruits to your liking. 

Easter cookies

Cookies are pretty much the best part of holidays, especially during Easters. It’s like the heart of the celebration. 

If you’re with me, then you’re going to love these Easter cookies I have on hand. The process of making it is so fun.

The cookies are made with a simple sugar cookie topped with vanilla buttercream, toasted coconut, and chocolate eggs. Adding a little speckle to the eggs will make them extra cute and realistic. So better not forget those!

The best part? You can swap the vanilla buttercream for your favorite flavors, such as chocolate, raspberry, and strawberry. 

Easter cupcakes

This springtime cupcake recipe is one of the fun Easter desserts you can serve for your next holiday celebration. They’re fun to make and drooling-worthy!

The treat calls for simple ingredients such as buttercream frosting, food coloring, white cake mix, and festive cupcake sprinkles for the topping. 

Easter candies

What is Easter without candy?

Among my go-to sweets for the Easter holiday, these Chocolate-covered Easter egg candies are my favorite. 

They’re filled with classic vanilla, funfetti, coconut cream, peanut butter eggs, and then dipped in melted chocolate. 

To shape the buttercreams with ease, dusting your hands and workspace with powdered sugar will make this job done. Though the recipe requires a lot of work, making it is worth it!

Take a peek at other Easter candy recipes below.

Easter pastries

If you’re into baking, I suggest you make this sweet glazed Easter bread for your next holiday!

The sweetness and creaminess of the bread lie behind the addition of milk, nonpareils sprinkles, butter, and sugar. It takes time to create, but the creative presentation and flavors of this Easter-inspired bread are irresistible!

Another Easter pastry recipe you need to try is these Easter magic cookie bars. The graham cracker crumbs are mixed with melted butter and sweetened condensed milk before getting the festive sprinkles of oats, coconuts, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, and M&Ms. 

The mixture is then baked for around 30 minutes. And ta-da– it’s done!

The bottom line

A holiday deserves crowd-pleasing desserts to satisfy the sweet tooth of the guests and to conclude the meal. 

If you find yourself struggling again to decide which desserts to serve at your Easter holiday table, just take a quick look at this guide. 

From delectable cakes to creative pastries, everything you need about Easter desserts is all here!

42 Easter dessert recipes

42 Easter dessert recipes

This compilation of Easter dessert recipes includes Easter cakes, Easter cookies, Easter cupcakes, Easter candies, and Easter pastries.


  • Easter dirt cake
  • Bunny mini cakes
  • Lemon coconut cake
  • Easter KitKat cake
  • Coconut cheesecake cake
  • Vegan peaches & cream cake
  • Adorable bunny butt cake Easter cake
  • Bunny face Easter cake
  • Easter poke cake
  • Carrot top PEEPS bunny cake
  • Mini egg chocolate loaf cake
  • Easter cookies
  • Easter cake mix cookies
  • Egg sprinkle cookies
  • Easter blossom cookies
  • Marbleized Easter cookies
  • Italian Easter cookies
  • Bunny bum cookies
  • Birds nest meringue cookies
  • Bunny butt Oreo pops
  • Rice Krispie Nests
  • Nest cupcakes
  • Springtime cupcake in a jar
  • Easter egg cheesecake
  • Easter rocky road
  • Easter crunch bars
  • Chocolate covered Easter egg candies
  • 4-ingredient buckeye peanut butter balls
  • Easter cathedral candy
  • Coconut cream eggs
  • No-fail Jell-o divinity
  • Marbled Easter egg truffles
  • Flower pretzel bites
  • Chickie chocolate brownie truffles
  • Cinnamon sugar Easter bunny twists
  • Easter magic cookie bars
  • Puff pastry hazelnut chocolate flowers
  • Sweet glazed Easter bread
  • Braided egg bread
  • Easter bread muffins
  • Polish Bobka Easter bread
  • Easter bunny bread rolls


  1. Pick two Easter cakes, cookies, and cupcakes to try. 
  2. Prepare them for your next Easter celebration.

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