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13 BEST Pike Recipes That Just May Hook You! ๐ŸŽฃ

13 BEST Pike Recipes That Just May Hook You! 🎣

If you’re growing tired of the usual and conventional fish dinners, these 13 pike recipes just may reel you in! 🎣

Pike belong in the same class as salmon and tuna, but are not as well known as the others.

Here are 13 pike recipes for you to try the next time you want to eat some fish.

Pike is a freshwater fish that are more commonly found in Northern parts of America and Eurasia as well.

Pike dish texture is firm, flaky and it also offers a mild flavor, comparable to that of salmon and chicken. 

The key to having a perfect and enjoyable pike slab is cooking it well. 

Treating it with spices and herbs brings out its full flavor. 

Still in doubt? 

Just wait until you try some Pickled Pike.

The Pan-Roasted Pike might just surprise you as to how versatile and great tasting Pike is. 

Don’t skip on #13

Out of everything in this list, I think it’s the most satisfying.

So, are you ready?

Let’s debone some pike and cook up a good meal!

Although it is mild, the northern pike has a nice firm texture and a flavor that is not found in any other fish.

So, what is an excellent way to uplift your usual pike? 

Make it crispy!

Cooked in a way that can be seen as golden perfection, these crispy pikes are well-seasoned and crusted with either panko or flour.

Each bite is a sure way to make you fall in love with this fantastic alternative fish.

Worrying about leftovers? Here our 5 ways of reheating fried fish!

Here is a delicious pike appetizer recipe that you better bookmark for future reference!

Once you’ve given this a try, you’ll be cooking this one up again and again.

Making Pickled Pike is ideal as a starting point because you can simply filet, peel, and chop the meat into bite-sized pieces through the bones.

The vinegar softens the bones to the point where you hardly even feel them.

All that is left is a flavorful bite of pike slathered in vinegar.

You can chow it down on its own but it is even better as an appetizer!

To bring out the Pike’s full flavor it must be seasoned and cooked well.

So, here’s a recipe that not only brings out the flavors of the pike but further enhances it. 

Beer-Battered Northern Pike is the way to go! 

How does it differ from the usual pike? 

The beer in the batter infuses the dish with a light and full-bodied flavor.

This buttery dish will undoubtedly leave your senses tingling for more!

You can’t go wrong with this recipe: great fish, deep roasty-toasty mushrooms, and rich polenta. 

Nonetheless, you will be delighted with how this dish will turn out. 

When cooked in the oven, polenta takes on a wonderful smoky flavor.

All of these will mingle in your mouth, and an exquisite mouthfeel filled with ecstatic, well-cooked pike is a delightful experience.

This will, without a doubt, be the finest fish sandwich you will ever stuff your mouth with.

Inspired by the hot chicken sandwich Nashville recipe, the chicken is substituted with pike instead. 

A sandwich that represents harmony between flavors. 

The mild and crispy pike is covered in hot, spicy sauce bursting with rich flavors!

But the sorrel is responsible for cutting through all that richness with its tart flavor which in turn allows it to be balanced and great tasting.

Treat yourself to some sandwiches like this one!

Here is a Mexican twist to the classic deep-fried pike fish that we all love!

Tacos are universally well loved.

There are various versions of Taco recipes around the world. 

And here is a version that will certainly not disappoint you!

The mild fish is enveloped by corn tortillas. 

But before that, the pike is infused with a blackening seasoning that gives it a bit of a kick and spice!

All of this constitutes one perfect bite.

If you are a hardcore seafood lover to the core, then this dish is a perfect way to satisfy your taste buds!

So, Quenelle is a traditional and old-school french dish; this recipe variation Americanized it with the addition of walleye and crayfish.

Although the fish is light, submerged with the lobster sauce, every spoonful bite becomes rich and flavorful!

Bursting with an abundance of seafood flavors, this dish will certainly be a blockbuster!

Considering trying some pikes but feel intimidated to do so? 

Here is a foolproof recipe that anyone can make!

Despite the fish itself being light, it is bursting with umami.

And surprisingly, it can be made with only a few ingredients you probably already have in your pantry!

Flavorful but light, the full-bodied flavor due to the beer is just perfect. 

The browning on the surface of the fish gives it a fantastic bite and juiciness.

A lot of fish that are served at parties are usually stuffed because stuffed fish tend to make for an amazing appetizer.

So if you are craving some stuffed fish, stuff your mouth with this Stuffed Pike!

This dish offers a combination of spices and vegetables such as carrots, onions, beet, parsley, and much more!

This gives the fish a complex flavor that is just irresistible!

Bought a lot of pike than you can deal with?

Turn them into patties!

This is an exceptional way to make use of your leftovers and at the same time, maximize the flavor of pike into one delectable meal.

The browning on the patty ensures that every bite delivers full satisfaction! 

Juicy and flavorful, ensuring you won’t be trying any other patty soon!

Crisp and well-seasoned, this can be perfectly paired with some fried rice, roasted carrots and green salad; or try our creamy Garlic Aioli dipping sauce.

Pike usually gets a bad reputation due to the annoying fish bones, making it a chore to eat.

Well, this recipe has none of that!

Easy to eat but still flavorful as ever.

It has a cured and deep, distinct flavor. 

Full of umami and a little salty.

Top it on some crackers, enjoy every bite, and crunch.

When you’ve just had an eventful day and feel tired to the bones, having some warm soup can help regain some of your energy.

There’s something about warm soups that help calm nerves, making you relax and chill the rest of the day.

It’s the perfect way to spend quiet nights at home. 

This Pike Soup is one that can heartily fill you up.

Each spoonful is guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds! 

The broth is fulfilling because of the wondrous flavors the vegetables bring.

The combination of dried mushrooms and celery root brings out more of the earthy flavor of this meal.

You can also add some chili or lemon juice for a bit of zest!

Lobster is a delicacy that not everyone gets to enjoy more often because they are not cheap and depending on where you’re located, it’s not as easy to come by.
But did you know you can imitate the flavors of it using pike?

You’ve read that right. 

Despite the absence of lobster, you can still have a glimpse of what lobster tastes like.

Because this recipe is a total winner!

It is that good!

There are a lot of good ways to utilize pike. 

It can be baked, fried, boiled, turned into soup, cured, marinated, or grilled; however you like it!

But there is one recipe that is a cut above the rest: the poor man’s lobster!

This is simply a very succulent recipe that elevates Pike to the next level of awesomeness!

Every bite feels like it is lobster meat, hence the name.

The flavors? 

It tastes premium! 

The combination of butter, parsley, and some sugar is heavenly.

It becomes so rich but not too overbearing with hints of herbs and a bit of sweetness.

The bottom line

Salmon, tuna, pollock, snapper, and bass, are the most commonly known fish variants used in cooking.

Despite the number of wonderful recipes you can come up with using these, there will come a time, you’ll get used to it and making meals with them won’t be as fun as it used to be. 

When it isn’t as fun to make, it won’t be as enjoyable to eat. 

I hear you!

If you want alternatives, look no further! 

There is an unlimited number of recipes you can do using pike.

It is light and offers a unique taste that makes it versatile to use in different methods of cooking.

If you’re looking for something uncommon to try, venture out and try something new!

You won’t regret using pike for your fantastic meal ideas. 

A lot of dishes can be made with this underrated fish and we’ve shared 13 recipes you can try and experiment with!

We hope you enjoy making these and have fun dining with your family and friends. 

Oh, do you need some sides for your newfound pike recipes?

13 Ways To Cook Pike! 🎣

13 Ways To Cook Pike! 🎣

If you're growing tired of the usual and conventional fish dinners, these 13 pike recipes just may reel you in! 🎣


  • Crusty Pike
  • Pickled Pike
  • Beer-Battered Northern Pike
  • Pan-Roasted Pike
  • Pike Sandwiches
  • Blackened Pike Tacos
  • Pike Quenelles
  • Grilled Pike Brew Bites
  • Stuffed Pike
  • Pike Patties
  • Kippered Pike
  • Pike Soup
  • Poor Man's Lobster


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