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21 Mochi Flour Recipes: Sweet Treats To Breakfast Favorites!

21 Mochi Flour Recipes: Sweet Treats To Breakfast Favorites!

From muffins and donuts to cakes and waffles, here’s a selection of  21 chewy and yummy mochi flour recipes that you will surely savor very mochi!

Not sure what to do with a bag of mochi flour you just bought? 

Use these mochi flour recipes as a starting point. 

In Japanese, mochi flour is translated as mochiko; however, most people know the ingredient as glutinous rice flour or sweet rice flour. 

The famous Japanese confection mochi fans will be highly familiar with this type of flour.

Japanese cakes and desserts benefit greatly from mochi flour’s sticky and chewy texture.

Even in famous Japanese soups and dishes, it is often one of the primary ingredients because it goes well with many variations of exciting and luscious flavors.

These adorable Bear-Shaped Chocolate Mochiko Muffins and Lemon Mochi Chicks prove that this glutinous flour can be made into many tasty and visually appealing treats.

Plus, at #20, you’ll find a special soupy treat!

You’ll find Hawaiian locals munching on this butter mochi, a popular treat everywhere you go in the place.

As a result of its popularity, many bakeries sell it, and many home cooks make their versions because it is not only delicious but also quite simple to prepare.

This delicious dessert is like a cross between a cake and Japanese mochi but without ice cream.

The flavor of butter mochi is also excellent since it is creamy without being overly sweet and features hints of vanilla, butter, and coconut.

This dessert’s true beauty lies in its luscious texture.

Seeking a simple yet satisfying mochi recipe?

Chi Chi Dango is the most uncomplicated mochi recipe you can make at home.

You can make a deliciously chewy, mildly sweetened mochi cake with only four key ingredients and no extra equipment.

In Japanese, a “dango” is a dumpling.

Chi Chi Dangois a sweet rice dumpling that is chewy and sticky.

These treats are typically found in a rectangle shape, similar to caramels or taffy.

Chi Chi Dango, if you’ve never tried them, tastes most like the mochi bites sold at froyo stores.

If you love cookie dough and mochi, you will adore this quirky Japanese recipe.

In this recipe, chocolate chip cookie dough meets a delightful rice cake.

To have a genuinely rich cookie-eating experience, you’ll need to bake your cookie dough and use the best chocolate chips.

The next step is to bake your mochi, where you will place the lovely cookie dough.

Indulge your sweets-craving self with this easy recipe for a dessert that satisfies your craving for a savory and sweet fusion of Western baking and Eastern cuisine.

Mix your favorite mochi with ice cream for a relaxed and comforting treat on a hot summer day.

Wrap it around the scoops of ice cream for a portable and lovely sweet treat.

As the ice cream scoops will not fit neatly into the mochi, you will have to twist and fold the mochi to accommodate them. 

It’s up to you to decide whatever flavor of mochi (peanut butter, matcha, chocolate, vanilla, coconut) and which flavor of ice cream (or sorbet) you’d like to pair it with.

This is a soft, slightly chewy, sweet rice dough-encased Japanese rice cake filled with your chosen ice cream.

It’s so simple; you won’t believe you made it yourself.

Mango Mochi is a sweet treat that draws inspiration from traditional Filipino delicacies made with sticky rice.

In a microwave, combine sticky rice flour (also known as mochiko), sugar, water, and a bit of salt; the result is naturally vegan and gluten-free.

With some pureed sweet mangoes added, the exquisite mochi dessert becomes even more delightful and enticing due to the filling’s juicy and chewy bite.

To add a decorative touch, you might sprinkle on some mint leaves.

You probably enjoy brownies, but if you can get your hands on chewy ones, your taste buds will thank you immensely. 

So, here’s a recipe for a chocolaty, fudgy, chewy mochi flour cake that’s like a cross between chocolate brownies and butter mochi cake.

This chocolatey take on traditional Hawaiian butter mochi has a crackly glistening exterior and crunchy edges.

Chopped chocolate added to the mixture before baking brings out the entire depth of chocolate flavor.

The cheesecake has an Asian flavor profile and is gluten-free.

Enjoy the sweet and slightly tangy cream cheese finish of cheesecake and the chewy texture of mochis in this recipe.

You may customize this dessert to fit any occasion by changing the color of the mochi to complement the toppings you choose (strawberry, blueberry, etc.).

Plus, toss in your preferred garnish and serve chilled.

Inspired by the classic Japanese rice cake, this mochi recipe adds a chocolatey twist.

For true chocolate lovers, biting into its rich center is like a dream come true.

The outer layer is slightly sweet, with an earthy flavor from the glutinous rice.

The truffle-like chocolate flavor in this recipe is a fusion of Eastern and Western desserts.

You might think of these mini treats as a cross between marshmallows and taffy.

This tiny slice of heaven isn’t as sugary as cakes, but it will still absolutely satisfy your sweet tooth.

If donuts are your idea of a good time, keep reading.

These baked Ube Mochi Donuts taste like a cross between vanilla and pistachio; they have a crisp exterior, are soft and chewy on the interior, and burst with ube flavor from the ube jam and extract in both the batter and the glaze.

In the Philippines, ube (purple yam) is a common ingredient in sweets.

It turns baked goods into a stunning shade of purple and adds a delicious, earthy flavor that’s almost nutty.

This recipe is also for a small batch, yielding only six donuts.

Because of how quickly mochi donuts lose their crispiness, making a smaller batch is the best way to ensure that everyone in your home can enjoy one at its peak freshness.

This is a bundle of sweet bean paste and mochi, an absolutely stunning springtime treat! 

This dish is perfect for lazy days when all you want to do is relax on the couch with a plate of tasty comfort food.

You only need mochi, strawberries, and bean paste to make this a breeze to throw together.

Make the bean paste first, then move on to the mochi.

Strawberries stuffed with bean paste will complete this dish,  ensuring that the pointed end of the strawberry slopes downward for maximum aesthetic impact.

I think this one is quite adorable and appealing.

Using sweet rice flour instead of all-purpose flour makes them gluten-free, and substituting vegan butter, vegan egg replacement, alternative milk, and vegan chocolate makes them dairy-free and vegan, too.

These bear muffins are baked with standard and black cocoa powder to get the desired dark color and rich flavor.

The espresso powder and chocolate chips give these muffins a rich, chocolatey flavor.

Compared to all-purpose flour muffins/cupcakes, these ones have more of a chewy, springy quality.

The best part of preparing these mochi flour treats is giving them Kawaii bear faces.

Let’s do away from desserts this time and dive into a dish any child would love—fried chicken.

Potentially one of your all-time favorite dishes, this sweet rice flour-battered chicken is delightfully crunchy, salty-sweet, and very addicting.

Sprinkle Shichimi Togarashi, furikake, or even just a little bit of flaky sea salt and freshly ground black pepper over this Mochiko Chicken as a finishing touch. 

If you like, you can also top this up with some fresh lemon or lime juice on top. 

Its origins are in Japan, but you can make this sweet and salty, lightly battered fried chicken in your own home, no matter where you happen to be in the world.

This red bean mochi recipe is perfect in every way: it’s fluffy, it’s chewy, it’s sweet (but not too sweet), and it’s dotted all over with deliciously smooth red bean paste.

The famous Japanese and Chinese delicacy of red bean mochi balls gets a modern makeover with this much simpler recipe.

Furthermore, it is pretty effortless to prepare and maintain its quality for a long time.

This one fits the bill if you’re looking for a gluten-free, bar-shaped mochi recipe.

To fully appreciate the scrumptiousness of red bean paste, it is essential to note that you should purchase the smooth kind rather than the sort containing bits of red beans. 

Savory and sweet flavors coexist perfectly in this Matcha Mochi Cake.

The matcha in this cake adds an earthy, nutty sweetness to the sticky, chewy butter mochi.

This matcha mochi is topped with shredded coconut, which acts as a crisp, toasted coconut shell and conceals tiny particles of flaky salt.

The topping turns into a blanket of caramelized toasted coconut as it stands for a day.

This is similar to butter mochi but with a twist: a lot of matcha is folded into the batter.

This recipe is excellent for parties because it’s easy to prepare but can feed a large group.

Enjoy a traditional Korean treat made with Japanese mochi flour in this recipe. 

Injeolmi is a traditional Korean rice cake loved for its excellent texture, subtle sweetness, and nutty, chewy flavor.

If you have a microwave, you can whip up this delicious gluten-free and vegan snack in about 10 minutes.

Time is essential while working with injeolmi; you must quickly spread it out, coat it, and cut it before it hardens and becomes unworkable.

The results from this recipe are on par with store-bought versions, so there’s no reason to keep shelling out cash for the latter.

Have fun savoring this Injeolmi with a nice cup of tea and some honey on the side.

Inspired by traditional Belgian waffles and Japanese mochi, this recipe is a scrumptious mashup.

This is the best handmade breakfast meal, with a chewy mochi middle and a crunchy golden brown exterior.

Top with syrup, fruit, whipped cream, butter, powdered sugar, or whatever else you think will make a decent breakfast waffle great.

Almond milk for this waffle recipe is also one thing you should consider.

Don’t know what to do with the bundle of bananas in your pantries? 

Then, you’ve found the right recipe! 

This is a variation on the Hawaiian butter mochi that was previously listed but with a sweet, soft banana filling instead of a traditional mochi center.

Butter mochi is typically prepared by baking the dough in a single layer on a baking sheet and then slicing the finished product into little squares. 

For this one,  butter mochi is baked in muffin tins, so they have extra crusts and edges, which I’m sure everyone will like.

Put banana slices within the butter mochi instead of just adding banana puree to the batter for a pleasant surprise of actual banana flavor upon biting.

These adorable mochi chicks are guaranteed to be a hit with the little ones.

Even while the elegant aesthetic look requires some complexity on your part, the recipe itself is a breeze to put together.

First, you’ll need to prepare your mochi, flavoring it with lemon extract, before you can begin shaping it into the iconic round dumpling shape.

The use of small cupcake liners ensures that these chicks will look great even if you don’t manage to construct perfectly rounded shapes.

Use candy-coated orange mini chocolate chips for the beaks, black buttercream or nonpareils for the eyes, and orange flower sprinkles for the feet to make your treats look like a flock of cute little chicks.

You’ll love the process of making these Lemon Mochi Chicks as much as you’ll love the flavor of the chewy, lemony treats they yield.

Who among us doesn’t enjoy a juicy, fresh blueberry?

Blueberries, with their unmistakable touch of sweet and slightly sour with earthy overtones, pair wonderfully with the chewy dewy quality of mochi flour in this recipe.

This is simple, albeit a whole cup of butter might be a bit much for some people, so feel free to make changes. 

You’ll be thrilled with how this mochi cake turns out when baked.

What comes out is deliciously soft, buttery, and chewy, thanks to the slightly dense consistency and plentiful moisture.

One of the best soups for a family supper is a sweet red bean soup with tang yuan (sticky rice balls/mochi balls), which are chewy and tender rice balls.

Although it is traditional Chinese cuisine, this delicious red bean soup will quickly become a fan favorite for anybody.

Typically, this dessert is offered after a meal to clear the taste buds.

The soup has a little sweetness, yet it’s enough to satiate a sweet tooth.

Also, the soft yet chewy tang yuan balls go nicely with the mushy sweetened red beans in the soup (mochi balls)

It’s simple to put together but looks and tastes elegant enough. 

The Mitarashi Dango is a sweet version of the traditional Japanese dango dumplings.

It is said that the word “mitarashi” comes from the water bubbles of the “mitarashi” in Japan, where visitors wash their hands before entering the temple.

This dango is just as good as the one served at the world-famous Kamo mitarashi tea shop, that’s for sure.

Its primary components are glutinous rice flour (Shiratamako brand) and a sweet soy sauce glaze.

Adding silken tofu to the glutinous flour instead of cold water or boiling water is the key to this dango recipe’s ultimate chewy texture.

With such few ingredients and easy procedure, this is something anyone, anywhere in the globe, can make in their kitchen and enjoy!

The bottom line

We have no doubt that looking through today’s collection of recipes provided you with a lot of fun.

It is incredible how this ordinary mochi flour can be transformed into sticky and sweet snacks, desserts, and breakfast dishes, in addition to a wide variety of other mouthwatering possibilities.

After you’ve finished reading this, I’ll bet you can’t wait to try one of these mouthwatering mochi flour recipes.

So don’t procrastinate any longer; get the tastiest recipe for mochi flour that you can make for your family tonight.

Best Mochi Flour Recipe Collection

Best Mochi Flour Recipe Collection

From muffins and donuts to cakes and waffles, here’s a selection of  21 chewy and yummy mochi flour recipes that you will surely savor very moshi!


  • Gorgeous Hawaiian Butter Mochi
  • Chi Chi Dango
  • Cookie Dough Mochi (Chocolate Chip)
  • Mochi Ice Cream
  • Mango Mochi
  • Mochi Brownies
  • Mochi Cheesecake Minis
  • Chocolate-Filled Mochi
  • Ube Mochi Donuts
  • Strawberry Mochi
  • Bear-Shaped Chocolate Mochiko Muffins
  • Mochiko Chicken
  • Red Bean Mochi Bars
  • Matcha Mochi Cake
  • Injeolmi (Korean Sweet Rice Cake)
  • Mochi Waffles
  • Banana Butter Mochi
  • Lemon Mochi Chicks
  • Blueberry Mochi Cake
  • Sweet Red Bean Soup Tang Yuan
  • Mitarashi Dango With Silken Tofu


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