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What To Serve With Brisket (13 Delicious Side Dishes)

If you’re searching for what to serve with brisket, you’ve come to the right place!

Brisket is the ultimate comfort food in my book. After all, it is a juicy and delicious type of meat that just melts in your mouth.

As if that wasn’t enough, it’s also one of the most versatile main dishes ever because it goes well with a wide array of side dishes. 

Yes, a well-cooked brisket is a whole meal on its own, but there are many side dishes out there that can take your succulent slab of meat to new heights!

Whether you like to pair it with corn, bread, potatoes, coleslaw, or veggies, brisket will taste equally divine.

So, without further ado, let’s explore some of my favorite brisket side dishes!

Potatoes and beef are my all-time favorite combination.

When it comes to a potato dish that goes well with brisket, nothing works better than creamy, scalloped potatoes.
The thinly sliced potatoes with their cheesy, creamy, and smoky taste make for a heavenly dish that you will never tire of!

You can use a mandolin to get those wafer-thin potato rounds that are vital for incredible scalloped potatoes. 

Ah, the formidable pairing of bread and brisket!

I can go on and on about how the richness and tenderness of challah bread provide the perfect balance for the juiciness of the brisket drippings.

However, the distinctive braiding of challah bread can be a bit tricky to achieve, which is where pull-apart challah rolls come into the picture.

You can bake these easy-to-prepare rolls in a regular baking dish.

The secret to their braided appearance lies in plain-old knotting!

You can just tear and pull the rolls and devour them with your brisket. 

Yes, another potato side dish!

In my defense, I just couldn’t resist adding potato skins to this list of delicious brisket side dishes because they taste just so divine with brisket!

There’s just something so mouthwateringly irresistible about the crispy potato skin and the soft, savory filling!

Plus, potato skins take a while to get the potatoes baked up the first time, but once that’s done, the rest comes together pretty quickly!

Then, fill the crispy skins with your favorite toppings and bake or broil again.

If you are still wondering what to serve with brisket, then how about a mix of roasted veggies, such as butternut squash and red bell peppers.

I just love roasted veggies because of how easy they are to prepare.

All you have to do is cut and toss your favorite vegetable in a large bowl, coat them evenly with a mix of oil and a bit of vinegar (this recipes calls for balsamic).

Then roast them at fairly high heat to get those slightly charred edges.

The slightly browned edges of the veggies add a nice, crispy texture to them and the seasoning brings a complex range of flavors to the dish. 

Click here for our oven-roasted radishes recipe!

Yes, RADISHES! They completely transform from harsh and bitter to nutty and smooth-tasting!

Coleslaw has to be the ultimate lifesaver among all the side dishes to have ever been created!

How so?

Well, it’s just so easy to prepare, is incredibly popular, and adds a nice crunch to many meals.

All you need are some chopped veggies such as cabbage or kale and carrots and a delicious coleslaw dressing.

For this recipe, it calls for thinly sliced, crisp apples for a hint of sweetness, too.

Simply mix everything together and serve this delightfully crunchy and tasty dish alongside your freshly cooked brisket. 

If you’re looking for brisket side dishes that qualify as the ultimate comfort foods, then look no further than corn pudding.

Although corn pudding is typically sweet, you can give the dish a secret twist by adding a savory taste to it so that it goes well with your brisket.

Simply add some onions and thyme to the regular corn pudding recipe for a savory corn dish that will surely win your family over!

If you are trying to figure out something unique to serve with brisket then this is the perfect dish.

Grilled peaches are unique and will forever be your favorite way to serve peaches.

The first time that I served this at a dinner party, I literally didn’t get the plate to the table before everyone had eaten them.

My advice is to cook more than you think that people will eat.

If you do happen to have any leftover, try our recipe for Grilled Peach Salad With Champagne Dressing or mix up a batch of this luscious Peach Salsa!

Look, when I was growing up baked beans were pretty boring.

WOW, have they come a long way now.

This baked beans recipe is jam-packed with flavor.

Combining soy sauce and barbecue sauce and all of the other spices, it is just bursting with layers of flavor!

It may seem a bit odd at first but trust me, your taste buds won’t let you forget about this recipe. 

Now, I am not even sure if it is legal to eat brisket without mac and cheese.

Mac and cheese is the perfect side dish for brisket.

This baked mac and cheese is creamy, outrageously cheesy and features crisp panko breadcrumbs on top.

If you add in some bacon to the mix, purists may balk, but it adds a lovely smoky bite.

Here are some tip about reheating mac and cheese to help keep it creamy the next day!

We love this Mac & Cheese toppings bar, if you’re feeling outrageous!

When you are looking for a side dish recipe that goes perfectly with brisket, you should give some serious consideration to the almighty fried green tomato.

When making fried green tomatoes but sure to pick firm tomatoes.

They will fry up better, keep their shape, and also the coating will adhere to them best.

We even cooked up our version of fried green tomatoes in the air fryer the other day.

We used ranch dressing but traditionally they are served with comeback sauce.

A cold and creamy pasta salad is a refreshing side dish to serve with brisket.

This recipe is made with ranch seasoning so it is just a little extra kick of flavor that pairs perfectly with brisket.

If you can get your hands on some fresh dill for this salad, we highly recommend it.

It isn’t crucial but it just adds something special.

No matter how you cook corn on the cob it is going to be delicious.

It is just one of those foods that people enjoy eating.

Be honest!

The fact that as adults we get to pick up this food and eat with our hands just makes it more fun!

We even had a corn on the cob party and tested out 4 different ways to grill corn.

Seriously! It was fun.

You can also cook corn on the cob several other ways.

We often boil our corn on the cob and slather it with butter, pepper, and salt.

You can serve it right off the cob or let it cool slightly then remove the kernels before serving but that’s an extra step that I usually don’t have the patience for.

No matter how you season and serve your corn on the cob, it will be an ideal side for brisket. 

Click here for 3 more ways to cook corn on the cob.

This creamy broccoli salad is an ideal side dish for brisket because it adds a crunchy texture to the meal.

You sure don’t want your meat to be crunchy but having a variety of textures on the plate just makes a hearty meal better.

This side dish is a great way to sneak in a vegetable or two without the kids even noticing.

The creaminess of the salad will complement the broccoli and make even the most reluctant vegetable eater go back for seconds. 

The bottom line

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide on what to serve with brisket.

The side dishes for brisket that I’ve mentioned above have their distinctive taste and textures, which work seamlessly with a juicy brisket.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Go ahead and try all the brisket sides to find the one that you love the most!

Want side dish options that come together even faster? Here’s our list of recipes that use Frozen Green Beans, Canned Green Beans, Canned Potatoes, Frozen Spinach and Canned Pinto Beans!

13 BEST Sides for Brisket - What to Serve with Brisket

13 BEST Sides for Brisket - What to Serve with Brisket

13 delectable brisket side dishes that you need to try at home.


  • Scalloped Potatoes
  • Pull-Apart Challah Rolls
  • Baked Potato Skins
  • Roasted Veggies
  • Coleslaw
  • Corn Pudding
  • Grilled peaches
  • Baked beans
  • Southern mac and cheese
  • Fried green tomatoes
  • Creamy pasta salad


  1. Choose a few brisket sides to try.
  2. Comment below and let us know your favorites.
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