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19 Luscious Fontina Cheese Recipes That Go Beyond Just Dips!

19 Luscious Fontina Cheese Recipes That Go Beyond Just Dips!

We’ve compiled 19 of the best fontina cheese recipes to help you get the most out of this cheese which is known to take dishes to the next level. 

Fontina cheese is a creamy, pale yellow cheese with numerous little holes (called “eyes”), created from whole cow’s milk.

It has a moderate, nutty flavor, the strength of which varies with how long it has been aged.

Fontina is typically used as a table cheese when younger and a grating cheese when it is older.

Because it melts beautifully, you may use younger Fontina in any dish that calls for melted cheese, such as fondue, cheese dip, or cheese sauces.

Mature Fontina, which is more rigid, can be grated over soups, pasta, rice, risotto, vegetables, and salads.

This cheese is exceptionally luscious and velvety, with sweet and pungent flavors, developing over time to reveal hints of butter and roasted nuts.

The traditional form is semi-hard, smooth, and adorned with little eyes in the body, and it is created from unpasteurized milk.

If you have it in your pantry or are planning to buy some at a nearby grocery store but still wondering when and how to use it, you made the right choice by coming here! 

You can try Fresh Tomato Tart with Basil Pesto & Fontina Cheese or Savory Zucchini Pie with Fontina Cheese if you want to experience a unique type of creaminess stuffed in your veggies.

Plus, at recipe #19, we’ve stored a fancy dinner recipe for you!

This recipe creates a chicken that packs a lot of flavors. 

The chicken in this dish is cooked in white wine and lemon sauce after being grilled with herbs, wrapped in prosciutto, and topped with fontina cheese.

Serve this when you want to impress your guests with something different from the traditional chicken supper.

This one is a simple recipe that your loved ones will keep requesting!

Macaroni and cheese, a basic comfort food, is boosted to gourmet status with creamy, nutty fontina cheese.

The Fontina cheese adds an elegant touch by balancing sweetness and sharpness, revealing notes of butter and toasted nuts, all absorbed by the macaroni pasta.

This one makes a restaurant-quality grilled cheese in about 10 minutes with just a few ingredients from your pantry, including white bread, butter, mayonnaise, and three kinds of cheese.

The grilled cheese, melting beautifully, takes a classic sandwich to the next level of lusciousness; its decadent flavor will bring that childhood pang of nostalgia. 

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You only need some simple ingredients and a few minutes to make this creamy fontina pasta which complements almost any chicken dish. 

Its flavor is mellow enough for children to enjoy yet distinct enough that grownups will know they’re eating gourmet cheese.

Many creamy recipes call for heavy cream or a flour-based sauce, but those ingredients are unnecessary here because the fontina cheese lends its creamy texture.

Garden fresh flavors shine in this tomato tart recipe, but don’t worry because you can still whip up this delicious recipe without fresh-from-the-garden ingredients.

Vine-ripened tomatoes, basil pesto, and nutty fontina cheese come together in this delectable fresh tomato tart.

These fresh and creamy ingredients are baked in a pastry crust until golden brown.

This is a wholesome dish that may be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Adding scalloped potatoes topped with fontina cheese to your repertoire of cozy dishes is a terrific idea.

The recipe is simple and great as a side dish or main dish. 

This yields delicious results when served with ham or any other type of meat, and the leftovers taste even better the next day.

The classic French onion soup is given an Italian makeover in this recipe.

This is a terrific example that good food doesn’t have to be complicated, and you’ll love how easy it is to prepare.

Fontina cheese is used in this onion soup as an alternative to Gruyere.

Fontina’s buttery, nutty flavor melts well over ciabatta bread cubes, making this dish far more palatable than the traditional French onion soup, which features thick slices of bread.

This is the answer if you want a lot of veggies in your pasta dish!

This recipe features a creamy sauce made with Fontina cheese, then loaded with red peppers, yellow squash, and zucchini; green, red, and yellow all pop in the creamy sauce and create a beautiful colorful bowl.

Since it’s pasta with vegetables, you may put in whatever you wish, but brightly colored vegetables make this dish shine.

The key to this recipe’s extraordinarily smooth filling is heavy cream.

This recipe is made exceptionally great because of the delicious contrast between the mild, earthy bitterness of blanched asparagus and the creamy, nutty flavor of Fontina cheese.

Use the asparagus tops as a decorative element in this quiche.

And, by the way, this can serve six guests when split into thin little wedges.

Soft and somewhat sweet potato gnocchi are tossed in a velvety Fontina cheese sauce spiked with black pepper and nutmeg in this recipe.

The name of this dish, “Bava,” comes from the drool the sauce inspires in its diners or resembles in its melted state. 

Also, the Fontina in this recipe melts so smoothly that neither the butter-and-flour roux nor the tartaric acids are needed to create a successful cheese sauce.

You can use any vegetables to make this Crustless Quiche, which is excellent for breakfast or brunch.

The recipe is also gluten-free, keto-friendly, and silky, with a delicious custard in every bite.

Also, the combination of leeks and mushrooms with the cheese makes a delightfully light and airy custard-like pie in this recipe.

This quiche gets its hint of sweetness by caramelizing the leeks, while the mushrooms are just barely cooked to retain their firm texture.

This Ziti al Forno is ten times better than any baked ziti dish you’ve ever had.

You don’t have to wait for a trip to Olive Garden to enjoy this opulent recipe, which combines marinara, alfredo sauce, and five more types of cheese.

You may think the flavors would get lost in the shuffle when you combine marinara and alfredo sauces with cheese. 

But you’ll find that the two sauces complement each other so well that you’ll use them interchangeably, even when preparing something as simple as spaghetti.

This Savory Zucchini Pie is ideal to complement a big holiday feast, as a traditional way to persuade your kids to eat more vegetables, or as a perfect portable dish you can bring to a potluck dinner!

Minimal effort is required in this recipe, yet the result is tasty and visually appealing.

By partially prebaking the crust and keeping the filling on the thin side, this recipe yields a properly baked cheese tart with a beautiful buttery walnut pastry that does not go soggy during baking.

This easy flatbread can be served as a snack or a light supper.

To keep things simple, use the flatbread that you buy at the supermarket; it will save you a lot of time and effort.

Also, the Fontina cheese used here is the one that is aged less, making this recipe semi-soft and much milder than other varieties of flatbread when baked.

This new take on mac and cheese is cheesy, comforting, and scrumptious!

Mac n’ Cheese is given a gourmet spin with Mornay sauce—a variation on béchamel, a classic French white sauce featuring a generous helping of cheese, such as the melty Fontina and a sprinkling of rosemary for its incredible, woodsy aroma. 

Also, the nuttiness of the cauliflower is an excellent contrast to the sauce’s richness, and the twisted campanelle pasta clings to the sauce delightfully.

Simple creamy sauce, broad pasta noodles, and mushrooms come together harmoniously in this recipe.

The secret to this dish’s silky smooth and wonderfully creamy sauce is using some of the liquid in which the pasta was boiled.

After cooking the pasta, the starch becomes quite concentrated, making it the ideal base for a sauce when combined with butter.

Cubed fontina also melts beautifully into the sauce; it is creamy and has a mild flavor, which pairs well with the cremini mushrooms.

In this recipe, the basil pesto gives this chicken a wonderful aroma and depth of flavor, while the melted cheese in the middle adds texture and a salty, savory note, and the smoked ham lends a subtle smokiness.

In addition, the savory-sweet filling prevents the chicken’s interior from drying out while keeping it juicy and tasty.

The chicken here is only lightly breaded, which removes the hassle we usually encounter in other heavily breaded chicken stuffed recipes. 

This panini recipe is stuffed with juicy and delicate steak with a fajita flavor, topped with buttery Fontina cheese, and covered in a zesty and spicy chimichurri sauce.

After that, they are squished together in a panini press, which causes the bread to get crisp while pushing the cheese to ooze out.

This panini recipe is hands down the best of all the recipes for paninis, and it is undeniably the path to a man’s heart.

The bottom line

I’m sure I got you drooling over these recipes. 

From what we can observe, simple ingredients were all made ultimately and lusciously creamy with the addition of Fontina cheese in the recipes.

Indeed, any dish is taken to the next level with the addition of this nutty, creamy, sophisticated cheese. 

Cook your favorite from our list, and you will have a fancy, quick, and easy dinner! 

19 Luscious Fontina Cheese Recipe Assortment

19 Luscious Fontina Cheese Recipe Assortment

We’ve compiled 19 of the best fontina cheese recipes to help you get the most out of this cheese which is known to take dishes to the next level.


  • Baked Fontina Cheese Dip
  • Chicken With Herbs, Prosciutto & Fontina Cheese
  • Fontina Mac & Cheese
  • Fontina Grilled Cheese
  • Creamy Fontina Cheese Pasta
  • Fresh Tomato Tart With Basil Pesto & Fontina Cheese
  • Scalloped Potatoes With Fontina Cheese
  • Italian Onion Soup With Fontina & Thyme
  • Creamy Vegetable Pasta
  • Asparagus Quiche With Fontina Cheese
  • Gnocchi Alla Bava (Potato Gnocchi With Fontina Cheese Sauce)
  • Crustless Quiche With Leeks, Mushrooms & Fontina Cheese
  • Olive Garden Five Cheese Ziti Al Forno
  • Savory Zucchini Pie With Fontina Cheese
  • Mushroom Fontina Flatbread With Crispy Sage
  • Baked Campanelle Pasta With Cauliflower & Fontina Cheese
  • Creamy Mushroom-Fontina Pasta
  • Chicken Stuffed With Pesto, Ham & Fontina Cheese
  • Steak & Fontina Cheese Panini With Chimichurri Sauce


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