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42 Blue Cheese Appetizers: Fun & Tasty Starters!

42 Blue Cheese Appetizers: Fun & Tasty Starters!

Are you looking for blue cheese appetizers to add to your collection? Lucky you! This list of 42 blue cheese starters is sure to satisfy everyone. 

Everyone loves a good appetizer or party food.

But blue cheese appetizers?

Even better.

When it comes to blue cheese, it goes way beyond just a simple cheese.

Yes, it’s powerful and versatile.

And that slight kick of intense taste and smoothness will always shine through no matter what recipes you try.

The flavor is rich, tangy, and sharp.

It’s also briny enough to cut the thickness of other heavy appetizers but not so much that you turn your nose up. 

That’s why blue cheese appetizers are so irresistible.

And luckily, I’ve got a ton of recipes for blue cheese appetizers here.

You will find everything from Blue Cheese Stuffed Figs to Potato Blue Cheese Tartlets to Steak bites With Blue Cheese Butter.

But there’s just something about #40 that hits differently than everything else.

Table of Contents

1. Prosciutto, Pear, & Blue Cheese Appetizers

Prosciutto, Pear, & Blue Cheese Appetizers are a fun way to bring elegance to your table.

The prosciutto is crispy, the pears are juicy, and the blue cheese adds just enough punch to keep it interesting.

But the real star here is the lemon juice.

It gives these prosciutto-wrapped pears an extra bite that’s both tart and sweet while still bringing out the flavor of prosciutto.

Blue Cheese Bombs are teeny-tiny bites of heaven.

They’re light, fluffy, and buttery—and the right amount of blue cheese is enough to make them addicting without overpowering the delicate cheese flavor.

Plus, they’re super easy, so I’m sure you’ll always be making them!

Blue Cheese Toasts are a great combination of everything you love about both savory and sweet dishes.

They’re a bit tart, with just a hint of blue cheese, but they’re also super creamy from the mozzarella that coats each crisp toasted slice of bread.

Indeed, it’s a sweet, salty, tart, and cheesy symphony that will satisfy even the pickiest eater!

Have you ever had a combination that made you think, “Wow, this is crazy good?” It’s like fireworks in your mouth.

Well, that’s what these Cucumber Watermelon Appetizers With Blue Cheese are. 

The watermelon cubes pair flawlessly with briny blue cheese crumbles and luscious honey.

And the blueberries add sweetness and acidity to balance out the saltiness of the cheese.

It’s crispy and cool, and you’ll love every bite.

Broiled Tomatoes are a classic appetizer.

They’re warm and juicy, but sometimes, you want more than just a simple tomato slice on your plate. 

That’s where this recipe comes in.

It takes the classic broiled tomato recipe but adds some blue cheese crumbles for a little extra sharp flavor and texture.

Then the sugar provides a touch of sweetness while still keeping things rich.

It’s a potato chip. 

It’s a blue cheese chip. 

It’s both!

You’ve never had Spicy Blue Cheese Potato Chips like this.

It’s got the smokiness of hot sauce mixed with the melty tang of blue cheese.

And it’s so yummy that you’ll want to eat it straight out of the oven.

This salad is the stuff of legends.

It’s a mouthwatering blend of tender golden beets, creamy blue cheese, and toasty pine nuts that will send you running home to make it right now.

And it’s the ideal meal for when you want something light and yet still satisfying.

Also, it’s fancy for a date night but casual enough for a weekend lunch.

Blue Cheese Bacon-Stuffed Mushrooms are a party in your mouth.

They’re rich, warm, and cheesy—and they taste so much like earthy flavors that you’ll feel like you just went on an adventure through a forest.

What’s more, these stuffed mushrooms are the ideal thing to serve at your next party.

They’re simple to make, they look beautiful on a plate, and they’re sure to please everyone who tries them.

And you’ll probably need to make more than one batch because this is one of those blue cheese appetizers that go fast.

Wedge Salad Bites are a cute way to add a little whimsy to your party.

After all, who doesn’t love a tasty wedge?

It’s got crunchy iceberg lettuce, sweet tomatoes, and creamy avocado, all topped with crispy bacon and tangy blue cheese dressing.

Besides, you can make them in advance, so you won’t have to worry about last-minute preparation.

Do you know how your friends are always telling you to try something new?

Well, here’s my recommendation: the Blue Cheese & Bacon-Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers.

These little blue cheese appetizers are stuffed with crumbly bacon and semi-soft, delectably rich, and tangy blue cheese.

And they have wonderfully intense heat and an extra spicy kick from the chili flakes.

You’re going to love them.

You’ll want to eat these crunchy, savory bites with your eyes closed because they’re so delicious that you’ll forget what they look like.

I’m here to help you track them by breaking them down into their components: sweet-bitter asparagus, onions, garlic, and milky mozzarella cheese, all baked together with just the right amount of blue cheese crumbles on top.

In the end, you’ll get a nice bite with just enough saltiness to cut through the rich flavors.

It’s time to take your appetizers from boring to BAM with these Fried Gingerbread Appetizers With Blue Cheese & Fruits.

They’re cozy, warm, and intense in flavor—and they only take 10 minutes to prepare!

There’s also a salty, savory taste to the blue cheese, which complements the sweet pears and soft honey-tasting figs.

Drizzle each plate with a bit of honey before serving to add some extra decadence.

Have you ever had an appetizer so scrumptious you wanted to cry?

Well, it’s possible.

You just have to start with Dried Apricot Blue Cheese Canapes With Walnuts.

These yummy treats are sweet, briny, and tangy all at once.

They’re elegant but also simple.

They look exquisite but are easy to make.

And they taste like something straight out of a dream—sweet and more concentrated in flavor than fresh apricots.

Whether you’re looking for a tasty treat or a leisurely meal idea for your next party, these babies will hit the spot on every level.

This recipe is just about as fun as it gets.

You can grill the peaches on your BBQ grill or even in an indoor grill pan.

The blue cheese will melt over their tender skin, giving them a salty flavor that blends entirely with the sweet fruits.

Then the walnuts add a crunchy texture to this dish, making it perfect as an appetizer or even a dessert.

You need to try Brussels sprouts with bacon and cheese with walnuts at least once in your life.

They’re crispy, crunchy, and sweet around the edges.

They’re a little salty and a tad sweet, but they’re not too overwhelming—you’ll just want more.

Feel free to add walnuts if you wish!

They provide a little bit of crunch and some creaminess.

Blue Cheese Stuffed Figs are a beautiful medley of flavors.

They’re incredibly tasty but super simple to make.

You stuff the figs with blue cheese, then wrap them in prosciutto and bake them until golden.

Then drizzle honey over the figs to enhance their sweetness and complement the salty prosciutto.

Honestly, they’re a great choice for entertaining guests!

If you’re looking for a sweet and savory blue cheese appetizer that’ll have you salivating, then you need to try brown sugar devils on horseback.

These bite-sized treats are filled with sharp blue cheese, wrapped in crisp bacon, coated with brown sugar and chili powder, and then baked to perfection.

The Medjool dates are also rich and sticky and provide the right sweet base for the salty blue cheese, which adds a nice contrast to the bacon’s smokiness.

Bite into one of these bad boys, and you won’t be able to stop!

These tartlets are the definition of a good bite.

They’re sweet, fruity, and creamy.

And when you top them with a little bit of lingonberry jam before serving, they’re even better.

The combination of puffy golden brown edges and melted cheese filling is also to die for.

The pears are luscious and juicy, and the blue cheese—well, let’s just say that the more blue cheese you have in your life, the better.

The Blue Cheese Spread Crostini With Roasted Grapes is an irresistible combination of sweet and savory, with a rich, creamy texture that you will crave from time to time.

It starts with a blue cheese base—a sharp, salty, whipped blue cheese with subtle nutty, woody, and herbal notes.

Then you add sweet and tangy roasted grapes and crispy crostini to create a truly drool-worthy bite.

Finally, a drizzle of honey or balsamic glaze on top just seals the deal on this one-of-a-kind blue cheese appetizer.

Get your guests talking for weeks at your next party with these Blue Cheese Deviled Eggs with bacon, roasted garlic, and asparagus!

The eggs are made with creamy blue cheese mousse that’s flavored with sweet caramelized cloves and crunchy, crumbly bacon bits.

Then toasted asparagus is added to add texture and flavor contrast.

The result is a wonderfully creamy egg dish infused with freshness in one bite.

The Mango Blue Cheese Avocado Toast is here to add a dash of flair to your appetizer game.

This creative take on the classic avocado toast combines mango and blue cheese for a taste that your palate will love.

It’s creamy avocado goodness, topped with sweet juicy mango and tangy blue cheese—a mix that will have you singing your own praises.

This blue cheese appetizer will make you happy.

The reason?

It’s cheesy, it’s meaty, and it’s crusty! 

The mushrooms are stuffed with cheese and bacon, so they have that salty goodness that we all love.

And the phyllo dough is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, so it’s not too hard to eat but still tasty.

They’re also full of flavor.

Each bite has different tastes coming together into one delicious experience.

You’ll taste the cheddar cheese before getting hit with the tanginess from the blue cheese.

If you haven’t tried a plate of Strawberry & Blue Cheese Pizettes, then you are missing out on one of the most delicate flavor pairings for appetizers!

The combo is pretty flirty: crumbly blue cheese, slightly sweet-acidic mascarpone sauce, strawberry slices, and balsamic glaze on tiny pizza crusts.

It’s like eating a slice of blue cheese on top of a slice of strawberry for breakfast.

Or like eating an entire meal of strawberries and blue cheese—because it happens to be that kind of day where you just can’t decide which one you want more.

So, you go ahead and have both at once.

This appetizer is a treat if you like apples and blue cheese.

It’s a simple recipe that’s full of complex flavors: the tart Granny Smith apples in the endives are complemented by the rich earthy pistachios and blue cheese.

Then the combination is rounded out by a drizzle of an orange honey dressing that adds just the right sweetness to keep it from being too bitter.

This recipe is a real crowd-pleaser.

The chicken is tender, juicy, and shredded right into the crispy baked potato skins. 

And the blue cheese dip?

Just trust me on this one: it’s creamy, rich, and full of flavor.

Craving for something sweet, savory, and crunchy?

Well, I’ve got something for you: this Butternut Blue Cheese Crostini with fried rosemary and walnuts!

We’ll start with toasted rye and pumpernickel slices.

Next is the Gorgonzola cheese that melts in every crevice of the bread.

You’ll also get the brown sugar-glazed butternut squash that gives the crostini a sweet bite and the fried rosemary that adds a subtle pop of flavor.

And let’s not forget the walnuts that offer crunch.

To finish it all off, sprinkle pomegranate arils on each crostini for tartness and sparkle, because why not?

The Roast Beef Party Appetizer is as simple as it sounds.

It’s just roast beef, blue cheese, sour cream, and crackers.

But it’s SO much more than that.

The roast beef is tender and succulent, and the blue cheese, sour cream, and tangy-peppery steak sauce give it a little extra something special.

Put it all on a cracker, and you’ve got a tasty appetizer.

You’ll have to work hard to make this appetizer, but it’s totally worth it!

The crust is pillowy-soft and buttery but sturdy enough to hold up everything that sits atop it.

The roasted herby pearl onions are briny and sweet, which can add a ton of flavor to the pie.

Then there’s that creamy blue-cheese mix that holds everything together in one delicious bite.

It’s not too cheesy but still has enough saltiness from the blue cheese to balance out all the other flavors—and it pairs perfectly with the rich ricotta filling.

Wouldn’t it be cool to eat a pizza and a salad at the same time?

Well, this recipe will help you get there regardless of your answer.

Surprisingly, the mild blue cheese goes so well with the thinly sliced red apples, earthy and bitterly tasty green asparagus, and crumbled-up kale chips.

So, what do you get?

A salty, savory, and subtly sweet appetizer you’ll want to make again and again!

These Buffalo Chicken Blue Cheese Hand Pies have all the flavor of buffalo chicken wings and blue cheese but in a handy little package that you can pop into your mouth.

These beauties are made with buttery pastry baked to flaky and puffy goodness. 

And each pie is filled with zingy chicken and melted blue cheese.

The buffalo sauce is tangy and bold, though, but it won’t overpower the other flavors.

The Potato Blue Cheese Tartlet is a nice blend of elegance and simplicity.

It’s easy to make, but it looks so beautiful.

The creamy potato filling is packed with herbs and cheese, and it pairs perfectly with the crunchy, flaky crust.

Serve this lovely appetizer for your next small gathering or a big party.

These Blue Cheese & Roasted Garlic Pinwheels will surely fill the bill when you’re in the mood for a fun, flavorful appetizer or snack.

They’re made with puff pastry, which adds a flaky texture that pairs perfectly with the creamy cheese.

And the roasted garlic adds a sweet, mellow flavor that complements the bold blue cheese while cutting out its sharpness.

Asparagus Roll-Ups With Cream & Blue Cheese are tasty finger food that’s best served right out of the oven, but they’re still good at room temperature.

When you bite into them, the asparagus is crunchy and crispy on the outside but soft and tender on the inside.

The cream cheese also works perfectly with the blue cheese—it’s rich and creamy while still being light enough to be refreshing.

The flavor combination screams pure decadence!

This appetizer is the bomb!

First, let’s talk about the tenderloin.

It’s a cut of steak that’s both juicy and tender, with a soft texture that practically dissolves in your mouth.

Next are the caramelized onions—they’re sweet and buttery and melt right into the steak, creating a thick umami sauce that coats every bite.

Then there is blue cheese.

It’s mild and creamy, and it works so well with the rich caramelized onions and tender steak.

It doesn’t get much better than that!

If you thought figs were just for eating, you’re wrong.

You can use them to make a Fig Prosciutto Pizza With Blue Cheese & Arugula, a gorgeous, sophisticated dish.

The sweet, jammy fig butter contrasts nicely with the salty prosciutto and creamy blue cheese.

And the peppery arugula accents the fresh luscious figs and is drizzled with a balsamic reduction for some acidity.

It’s just right for an informal gathering or a formal dinner party.

If you want a light appetizer to kick off your meal, Pear, Blue Cheese, & Pork Baguettes are just what you need.

The crunchy crusty baguette is perfect for holding all the goodness atop—brown sugar spiced pork tenderloin with juicy pears, tomatoes, sweet caramelized onions, blue cheese, and garlic yogurt mix drizzled with balsamic glaze.

And not only is this appetizer delectable, but it’s also filling enough to be your main course!

But what if you want something even more filling?

You can always add a few more pork slices on top.

Buffalo Shrimp Sliders are spicy, buttery treats you cannot help but crave on random days.

The shrimp are pan-fried and tossed in buffalo sauce.

Then they’re topped with blue cheese and thinly sliced celery for crunch and a fresh earthy flavor to contrast with the intense cheese taste.

After that, they’re tucked into soft slider buns.

You’ll get more than just a bite-sized portion of this appetizer; you’ll get an entire meal bursting with flavor.

When you think about steak, you probably imagine a big hunk of meat seared to perfection.

But what if you can make those juicy slices of steak even more delicious?

I’m talking about the Steak Bites With Blue Cheese Butter & Pepita Crumbs!

These small bites are exploding with umami flavor.

They’re tender and juicy and slathered in blue cheese butter.

And then there’s the crunchy, nutty topping of pepitas.

They look fancy, too—but they’re easy to make at home.

Oysters With Blue Cheese & Bacon will be one of your favorite blue cheese appetizers.

The Worcestershire sauce adds a little kick to the oysters while also complementing their natural brininess.

And the blue cheese brings creaminess to the whole affair while adding a nice tangy flavor.

But the top star of this dish is the bacon: it gives a meaty flavor to each bite and adds some crunchiness that helps balance out all of those soft textures you’ll find in an oyster.

So, next time you’re looking for something to impress someone with your cooking skills—give this dish a try!

Scallops With Honey Parsley Gastrique & Blue Cheese is a dish that’s as easy to make as it is to eat. 

The scallops are seared in a pan, then served alongside a sweet and savory gastrique made from honey and white wine vinegar.

The sauce sweetens up the scallops enough, but not so much that it drowns them out.

And the blue cheese on top is sharp, tangy, and creamy—it adds another layer of flavor to this dish.

It also pairs well with both the sweetness of the gastrique and the nutty earthiness of walnuts scattered throughout the sauce.

What’s more, the recipe comes together quickly. 

You can even have everything ready within 20 minutes.

Blue Cheese Stuffed Shrimp is one recipe that is just so good you won’t want to share it with others.

You’d rather keep it all to yourself. And I won’t blame you.

It’s an elegant appetizer on a plate.

The shrimp are juicy and plump, with a creamy, tangy stuffing that goes perfectly with the crisp, fresh green onions and flat-leaf parsley.

The cream cheese and blue cheese bring out all of the flavors in this dish so that you can taste each one individually—and they even have time to dance together on your tongue!

Your guests will go wild over this treat!

Sometimes you just want to eat a big steak, and sometimes you want a big steak that comes in bite-sized pieces.

So here’s what this recipe did: It took our favorite steak, sliced it into small pieces, and served it with bacon, sweet potatoes, and blue cheese.

The outcome is juicy, savory, and slightly zesty little nuggets that will make you feel like you’re eating your go-to meal—over and over again.

And did I mention they come drizzled with honey?

Because they do.

And that’s why they taste so great, too.

The bottom line

Now you have a list of blue cheese appetizers to give you some festive inspiration!

I also hope you discover something new from this post that your guests will enjoy–and don’t feel limited to appetizers.

Use these recipes to incorporate all that blue cheese has to offer into your next party or even meal!

Fun Blue Cheese Appetizers

Fun Blue Cheese Appetizers

Looking for blue cheese appetizers to add to your collection? Lucky you! This list of 42 blue cheese starters is sure to satisfy everyone.


  • Prosciutto, Pear, & Blue Cheese Appetizers
  • Blue Cheese Bombs
  • Blue Cheese Toasts
  • Cucumber Watermelon Appetizers With Blue Cheese
  • Broiled Tomatoes With Blue Cheese
  • Spicy Blue Cheese Potato Chips
  • Golden Beet & Blue Cheese Salad
  • Blue Cheese Bacon-Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Wedge Salad Bites
  • Blue Cheese & Bacon-Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers
  • Bacon Asparagus Blue Cheese Tots
  • Fried Gingerbread Appetizers With Blue Cheese & Fruits
  • Dried Apricot Blue Cheese Canapes With Walnuts
  • Grilled Peaches With Blue Cheese & Balsamic
  • Brussel Sprouts With Bacon & Cheese
  • Blue Cheese Stuffed Figs
  • Brown Sugar Devils On Horseback
  • Pear & Gorgonzola Mini Tartlets
  • Blue Cheese Spread Crostini With Roasted Grapes
  • Blue Cheese Deviled Eggs
  • Mango Blue Cheese Avocado Toast
  • Cheddar, Blue Cheese, & Bacon-Stuffed Phyllo Mushroom Appetizers
  • Strawberry & Blue Cheese Pizettes
  • Stuffed Endives With Blue Cheese & Apple
  • Buffalo Chicken Potato Skins With Blue Cheese Dip
  • Butternut Blue Cheese Crostini
  • Roast Beef Party Appetizer
  • Onion & Blue Cheese Tart
  • Puff Pastry Pizza With Blue Cheese, Apples, & Kale Chips
  • Buffalo Chicken Blue Cheese Hand Pies
  • Potato Blue Cheese Tartlets
  • Blue Cheese & Roasted Garlic Pinwheels
  • Asparagus Roll-Ups With Cream & Blue Cheese
  • Tenderloin Bites With Blue Cheese & Caramelized Onions
  • Fig Prosciutto Pizza With Blue Cheese & Arugula
  • Pear, Blue Cheese, & Pork Baguettes
  • Buffalo Shrimp Sliders
  • Steak Bites With Blue Cheese Butter & Pepita Crumbs
  • Oysters With Blue Cheese & Bacon
  • Scallops With Honey Parsley Gastrique & Blue Cheese
  • Blue Cheese Stuffed Shrimp
  • Steak Appetizer With Bacon, Sweet Potato & Blue Cheese


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