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30 No-Fuss Phyllo Dough Recipes That You Should Make Soon!

30 No-Fuss Phyllo Dough Recipes That You Should Make Soon!

Are you trying to find the best phyllo dough recipes? We’ve rounded up 30 phyllo dough recipe ideas that are sure to inspire you to bake for your loved ones soon. 

Phyllo dough also spelled as filo pastry dough, is a very thin pastry sheet often used in Greek sweet and savory dishes such as spanakopita and baklava.  

The word “phyllo” means “leaf” in Greek, representing how thin this pastry is. 

It has very little fat as an unleavened flour dough, so it’s typically brushed with oil or melted butter before layering or baking.

It’s often confused with puff pastry, a thin dough that is layered to create flaky pastries. 

However, puff pastry contains butter folded in between its thin layers, unlike phyllo. 

If you’re wondering what to make with phyllo dough, you’ve come to the right place. 

There are many delicious phyllo recipes to make phyllo dough desserts, savory pastries such as the Caviar Tartlets, or tasty meals like the Roasted Winter Vegetable Baklava

We narrowed it down to 30 or our best recipes using phyllo dough that you can try making on your own. 

Take a look at our list below and make sure to look out for #29!

Phyllo dough can make a delicious chicken pot pie with crispy, flaky layers.

It requires several vegetables, including carrots, celery, potatoes, onions, peas, and corn. 

You also want cubes of chicken and chicken broth for this recipe. 

To keep the edges of the phyllo dough from cracking as you layer them, brush butter along the edges and then towards the center. 

After baking in the oven, you have a chicken pot pie ready to serve 4-6 people!

Phyllo dough is commonly used in the Greek dessert baklava. 

It’s a simple recipe and tastes delicious with its flaky layers and sweet and crunchy filling inside. 

You want to keep the stack of phyllo dough from drying out by covering it with a damp towel. 

The baklava uses about eight layers of phyllo dough and takes about 50 minutes to bake. 

You can make the sauce while it bakes, and as soon as it comes out of the oven, spoon the sauce over it so it covers the entire pastry evenly.

Another tasty phyllo dough recipe is traditional Greek spanakopita, a delicious wrapped dumpling filled with spinach, feta cheese, onions, and dill. 

Flatten out the phyllo dough with a rolling pin and brush melted butter on it before adding a small amount of the combination of spinach and cheese onto it. 

Fold the dough into a triangle to wrap around the mixture and bake it until it turns golden brown.

This traditional Greek cuisine is delicious as an appetizer, entree, or snack.

You can make it in different sizes and shapes depending on the pan you bake it in and how you cut it. 

The Tiropita filling includes three different kinds of cheese: crumbled feta, grated Parmesan, and grated Gouda or Emedal cheese. 

Mix in beaten eggs, heavy cream, chopped fresh mint, and ground pepper. 

Then pour the mixture onto 5-6 layered phyllo sheets and bake it.

These meat rolls made out of phyllo dough are easy to cook even for your first time and make a delicious party appetizer or finger food. 

It’s filled with spiced ground beef, cheese, and dill and has a flaky phyllo crust on the outside. 

Overlay two sheets of phyllo dough down on a flat surface and brush it with olive oil. 

Then use a sharp knife to cut it in half to create two long strips. 

With one strip, scoop a generous spoonful of your meat and cheese mixture on one end and roll it over twice. 

Fold in the side ends, and continue rolling it until you reach the end of the strip.

For cheese lovers, baked brie bites make a tasty appetizer. 

The cranberry and touch of spice make it the perfect holiday treat with the phyllo dough, making it more gourmet. 

You can garnish the finished baked Brie with rosemary and serve it with cracks, apple slices, grapes, or other bites you enjoy with cheese. 

These quick and easy-to-make tartlets are sure to be a hit as a light, elegant appetizer. 

All you need to make this dish are frozen phyllo tarts, crème fraîche, caviar, smoked salmon, and chopped chives. 

Cook the phyllo shells by following the instructions on the package, pipe the crème fraîche into half of each tart shell and caviar in the other half. 

Then garnish with chives and serve.

You can twist this traditional French dessert by using whole-wheat phyllo dough instead of puff pastry. 

Phyllo dough has little to no fat, unlike puff pastry, so this is a great dessert for those who are conscious about using healthy recipes but still want to enjoy a sweet dessert.

It requires three different stages: layering the phyllo sheets and baking them, making the cream filling, then piping it and topping it with fruit and mint leaves. 

Using just six sheets of phyllo dough, you can create a crispy and savory tart.

Ricotta cheese, feta cheese, olive oil, butter, phyllo, bell peppers, oregano, and mint, combine all of the filling ingredients using a bowl and whisk. 

Adjust the seasoning if necessary.

Layer together the six sheets with melted butter or olive oil in between each layer of phyllo on a baking sheet. 

Then spread the pureed mixture on the top layer, leaving about 1 ½ inch all around the sides for the crust.

This Serbian spinach pie, called Zeljanica, has a similar consistency to a savory strudel. 

Depending on how much you make, it can be eaten as an appetizer, main course, or side dish. 

It’s an excellent option for vegetarians since it uses mainly spinach, cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, eggs, milk, flour, cornmeal, butter, and phyllo dough. 

It can be served both warm or cold, depending on your preference.

You can make these bite-sized appetizers in about 15-20 minutes and have them ready to serve at a party! 

It’s made with goat cheese, walnuts, and jam. 

Bake the filled phyllo cups for about 10-12 minutes until they are crispy and golden brown. 

Remove them and let them cool before transferring them to a serving platter. 

Garnish with honey and fresh thyme and serve!

This savory pie is made with zucchini cooked for more than 20 minutes. 

It becomes very tender when it’s cooked for a long time. 

The juices caramelize the zucchini and create a sweet mixture. 

Mixed with sweet corn, two kinds of cheese, and fresh herbs, this makes a delicious and light summer meal. 

You can top it off with fresh basil leaves and hot sauce if you want a little bit of a kick.

Kunafa is a Middle Eastern dessert made with kataifi, which is shredded phyllo. 

It can be made in different shapes with different fillings depending on your taste. 

It’s typically sweet with chocolate, fruit, or cheese inside. 

You make it by stuffing two layers of shredded phyllo with dairy products like cream and milk, then baking it. 

It’s best when it’s hot, and you can serve it in slices like a pizza.

Here’s another delicious savory tartlet recipe to serve as appetizers or finger foods for any occasion. 

It’s a great finger food to serve during the spring with its bright and tangy flavor. 

If you prefer a softer taste, use French feta cheese instead of the traditional Greek feta. 

Use a lightly sprayed muffin tin and layer square phyllo layers into each cup. 

Distribute sauteed 1-inch asparagus pieces and feta cheese into each cup. 

Then divide the liquid mixture into each phyllo cup and bake until the dough is golden and the custard is set.

Like the meat rolls, these Turkish friend feta rolls are perfect finger foods to serve as appetizers or side like the meat rolls. 

Traditionally called Sigara böreği, this Turkish appetizer is made by wrapping Turkish white cheese or feta in phyllo dough. 

Fry them in a pan until golden brown, and then serve them either hot or at room temperature.

This delicious breakfast casserole takes a little longer to make but tastes delicious, both hot or cold. 

The longest part is chopping and preparing the vegetables. 

It’s a savory addition to brunch during the holidays or any occasion. 

The casserole needs to be refrigerated for at least two hours before baking, or you can freeze it for up to three months to save it for a special occasion.

This recipe is a more refined version of pigs in a blanket using phyllo dough instead of crescent rolls. 

The baklava rolls add a crunchy and crispy texture. 

You can use pork hot dogs or find a beef, turkey, or vegetarian option to use instead. 

All you need to do is layer the sheets of phyllo dough and roll the cooked hot dog up inside before baking it. 

You can serve it with either mustard or hummus to bring out these savory finger food flavors.

This delicious fruit cup is a fresh treat on a summer’s day or a perfect bite-size dessert for any type of gathering. 

It’s quick to make in about 10 minutes. 

Heat the frozen phyllo cups according to the package instructions. 

Then combine the cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla until the sugar dissolves. 

Put the mix into a piping bag and fill each phyllo cup. 

Top each cup with berries, and then you’re done!

Strudel is an iconic Austrian dessert from the late 1600s with many regional variations.

It’s a yummy treat any time during the year, but you can make it memorable for Christmas by including mincemeat, apple, warm spices, marzipan, and almonds. 

The phyllo pastry wrapping gives it a crunchy and thin texture. 

You get to taste more of the inside filling using phyllo rather than a doughy outer shell.  

An apple galette is a fancy name for an apple tart. 

It has a crispy, buttery phyllo shell with homemade applesauce, boiled apple cider, and sliced apples inside. 

Unlike an apple pie, galettes don’t need to be crimped. 

You can bake a galette right on a baking pan and fold the edges of the phyllo dough to keep the filling from spilling out.

It looks rustic and is perfect for serving during the fall months with freshly picked apples. 

Like baklava, the Lebanese Shaabiyat has many layers of phyllo dough to create a buttery and crunchy texture. 

It is filled with homemade Lebanese Ashta cream and then cooked until golden. 

Shaabiyat is typically served during the month of Ramadan. 

You can serve them by drizzling maple syrup and topping it off with ground pistachios. 

Let them cool, then refrigerate them to maintain the crunch and fully settle the inside mixture. 

Galaktoboureko (gah-lahk-toh-BOO-reh-koh) is a Greek custard pie. 

It combines a flaky phyllo crust with creamy custard, drenched in an orange and lemon-infused syrup.   

You need to make the custard for this recipe using milk, egg yolks, sugar, vanilla extract, butter, and fine semolina. 

Then layer the phyllo dough, make the syrup, bake, and serve! 

It’s best eaten on the same day you make it, so make sure to enjoy it while it’s fresh.

This recipe takes a typical cheesecake filling and layers it with delicious phyllo dough to give it a baklava texture. 

It’s a unique and delicious dessert that will stand out at special events or parties. 

It takes longer to make since the prep time requires a lot of work alongside baking time and chilling, but it’s a great dessert to bring to an event or holiday party and delicious to taste. 

Kreatopita (kray-ah-TOH-pee-tah) is another Greek pie similar to spanakopita. 

However, this one is for meat lovers. 

This Greek meat pie uses fresh herbs, rice, and beef or lamb cut into smaller pieces. 

The flaky crust gives it a light and elegant feel and enhances the warm, savory flavors inside. 

It takes about 4 hours to cook, but it’s a delicious meal during a cold day or for any occasion. 

You can use any savory winter vegetables to create this delicious baklava dish, but this recipe calls for butternut squash and tomatoes. 

Between the phyllo layers are roasted vegetables and tomato sauce. 

The finished vegetable baklava drizzled with melted honey and is best served with a salad. 

It’s perfect for vegetarians or those wanting to eat their veggies in a new way. 

This pumpkin phyllo turnover is great for the Thanksgiving or fall season. 

The thin layers of phyllo are filled with a pumpkin cheesecake filling and warm spices and then folded into phyllo triangles. 

The phyllo gives it a crispy and crunchy outside with a sweet and creamy inside.

It only takes about ten minutes to prep the ingredients and 15 minutes to cook so that you can enjoy them in no time.

The Salted Greek Honey Nut Pie has the same flavors of baklava with a flaky layered crust. 

Sea salt is a critical ingredient in this recipe as it emphasizes the flavors of pistachio, pecan, and black walnuts. 

You can cut it into slices like a pie or in individual pieces to share.

This is an excellent alternative for baklava lovers with an added hint of cinnamon sugar that takes about one hour to make. 

Portokalopita is a Greek orange cake that uses orange and cinnamon to make a moist and delicious dessert. 

Unlike other desserts, the phyllo dough in this recipe needs to dry out instead of leaving it damp. 

Remove the phyllo sheets from the package, crinkle them up, and spread them out to dry completely. 

Then you crumble the phyllo into small pieces and add them to the cake mixture, using it as an alternative to flour. Serve this aromatic dessert cold, not hot. 

Croatian strudels are made with only four ingredients: flour, oil, salt, and water. 

You layer five sheets of phyllo dough and place the sliced apples, nuts, golden raisins, sugar, breadcrumbs, and lemon zest on one end before rolling it up. 

If you don’t want the mincemeat from the Christmas strudel, this is an excellent alternative for vegetarians.  

Garnish it with confectioners sugar.

The bottom line

Phyllo dough turns typical sweet or savory dishes into a more elegant variety. 

It’s a crispy and lighter alternative to puff pastry dough or other types. 

It also has little to no fat in it, making it healthier as well. 

You can buy a package of phyllo dough or phyllo cups at most grocery stores. 

Most phyllo recipes call for you to brush butter or olive oil in between the layers of dough to give it that smooth and buttery texture. 

Whether you’re making the main course meal, appetizers, or decadent desserts, this list of things to make with phyllo dough is sure to be helpful for your next creation. 

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30 Phyllo Dough Recipes

30 Phyllo Dough Recipes

If you’ve been craving something made with phyllo dough, better check out this list of 30 phyllo dough recipes!


  • Chicken Phyllo Pizza
  • Chicken Pot Pie
  • Greek Baklava
  • Spanakopita
  • ​​Tiropita Greek Feta Pie
  • Phyllo Dough Meat Rolls
  • Cranberry Baked Brie
  • ​​Caviar Tartlets
  • Mille-Feuille With Whole-Wheat Phyllo
  • Tomato Tart
  • Pita Zeljanica: Serbian Spinach Pie
  • Phyllo Goat Cheese Cups
  • Caramelized Zucchini Phyllo Pie
  • Middle Eastern Kunafa
  • Asparagus & Feta Tartlet With Phyllo Dough
  • Turkish Fried Feta Rolls
  • Crispy Phyllo Sausage Egg Bake
  • Phyllo-Wrapped Hot Dogs
  • Phyllo Fruit Cups
  • Christmas Strudel
  • Apple Galette
  • Lebanese Shaabiyat Dessert
  • Galaktoboureko Custard Pie
  • Baklava Cheesecake
  • Kreatopita: Meat Pie With Phyllo Crust
  • Roasted Winter Vegetable Baklava
  • Pumpkin Phyllo Turnovers
  • Salted Greek Honey Nut Pie
  • Portokalopita: Greek Orange Cake
  • Croatian Apple Strudel


  1. Choose one or more options from our list of phyllo dough recipes here!
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  3. Pat yourself on the back for making food at home for you to enjoy!
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