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13 Fruity & Fun Sloe Gin Cocktails To Make At Home!

13 Fruity & Fun Sloe Gin Cocktails To Make At Home!

If vibrant-colored cocktails are your thing, then sloe gin might be your new cocktail secret weapon. 

It has a deep ruby-red tone that makes any drink instantly good-looking, and in this list–you’ll find 13 fruity and fun sloe gin cocktails you can make at home!

This may come as a surprise: sloe gin is not a gin at all but a liqueur.

Don’t worry, though–there’s still gin in there!

Sloe Gin is the lovely offspring of regular gin and sloe berries.

It’s made by steeping dark purple sloe berries from the blackthorn plant in gin, creating a lower-proof sloe liqueur.

Sloe gin is all about flair and flavor. 

It’s lovely to look at and fun to drink, too!

Steeping the berries also allows its sweet, tart, and fruity flavor to blend with the gin. 

This 17th-century British creation has become an underdog compared to other bar staples, but it can hold its own in a yummy mixed drink. 

Puns aside, there’s nothing slow about sloe gin, especially when used in the right cocktail recipe.

Let’s dive into this list of 13 thirst-quenching blends that make sloe gin shine!

Sloe Royale is an excellent cocktail for a special occasion. 

Take the Negroni for a “sloe” dance with Sloe-Groni.

#13 is a must-try!

First up on the list is a fun, fizzy cocktail!

Sloe Gin Fizz is one of the top sloe cocktails for a reason.

It is easy and quick to make, even for those new to making homemade cocktails.

The gin is mixed with lemon juice and simple syrup to blend fruity, sweet, and bright flavors.

A generous pour of club soda at the end gives the cocktail a refreshing bubbly mouthfeel.

The recipe uses cherry and an orange wedge as a garnish to complement the fruity theme.

You can use other fruit, too, like fresh kiwi.

This next cocktail is a movie star. 

It was featured in Cocktail, a 1988 film starring Tom Cruise!

How’s that for a party conversation starter? 

Unlike most movie hotshots, this one’s very approachable 

The Alabama Slammer is made with Southern Comfort, an unconventional but tasty liquor that adds fruity sweetness to mixed drinks.

Amaretto’s sweet and nutty flavor makes for a mellow and enjoyable cocktail.

The drink gets a gorgeous color from sloe gin and grenadine

Grenadine also adds a tart element to the drink.

The recipe uses an orange wheel for garnish, but you can use any citrus you like.

The following recipe might be your new signature cocktail. 

It’s sophisticated in taste but simple in preparation.

No one can tell that it takes only four ingredients and five minutes to make. 

It plays sweet, spicy, and savory flavor notes like a beautiful symphony.

Sweet vermouth adds a hint of sweetness and a pleasant warmth that doesn’t overpower the other flavors.

A dash of bitters brings a nice flavor contrast that highlights all the other ingredients.

This cocktail is best enjoyed cold and with some tasty party food!

Cold weather got you down?

Warm up with this Scottish cocktail. 

The hot toddy is a wintertime drink usually made with whiskey, honey, and aromatic herbs.

It’s like hot tea if tea could get you drunk.

This version uses sloe gin, blackberries, and rosemary. 

Steeping a sprig of rosemary in hot water allows its warm herby flavor to infuse into the drink.

Crushing the blackberries releases their sweet and tangy juices.

Honey is the primary sweetener in this recipe, but you can also use maple syrup or other honey substitutes.

We all know that gin and tonic are a match made in booze heaven, but what about sloe gin?

We have good news: the classic combination is still unmatched even when using sloe gin!

The reason behind the refreshing pair boils down to their chemistry.

Tonic water combined with gin’s juniper creates an irresistible flavor. 

By using sloe gin, you get the tried and tested G&T flair, along with a welcome sweetness and tartness. 

The drink’s picture-perfect color only adds to its appeal.

You can add it to your Instagram feed any day of the week.

Got an intimate get-together coming up?

Impress your guests with this cocktail. 

Sloe Royale is a one-two blend of sloe gin and sparkling wine.

The gin gives it body and depth of flavor, while the sparkling wine adds a festive touch. 

This recipe has your back if you’re in a pinch.

You can make it in minutes, if not seconds!

Pour the gin, add the wine, and garnish with some citrus–voila!

If you’re planning to make this ahead of time, hold the wine until your guests order to preserve its refreshing bubbles.

A drink as iconic as the actor it’s named after–Charlie Chaplin!

Its understated, laid-back style is just what you need for cozy drinking at home.

It’s made with two types of fruity alcohol: sloe gin and apricot brandy.

Apricot brandy has notes of peach and plum.

Its sweetness complements the acidity of the sloe gin.

A lime peel garnish gives the drink a pleasant freshness.

Its citrusy aroma hits the nose first to draw you into the drink.

We love a good old-fashioned Negroni, but we’re always down for twists and surprises.

Sweet vermouth found in traditional Negroni recipes is swapped out for sloe gin.

The resulting cocktail is an entirely new experience but with the same intricate balance of flavors.

Bitterness from the Campari gives the drink complexity and depth.

Sloe’s sweetness and acidity make the cocktail so easy to drink.

The recipe uses a flamed orange twist for a touch of beauty.

Flaming the peel adds a layer of smoky flavor and helps release the natural oils of the citrus.

This cocktail can make any party ten times as fun.

From visuals alone, this drink’s already a winner.

The green mint and lime contrast the berry-pink of the cocktail, making for an eye-popping color combo.

You’ll find that this drink shines in the flavor department as well.

Muddling raspberries in a cocktail shaker releases their natural freshness and sweetness.

The mint and lime garnish gives the drink an invigoratingly fresh aroma. 

A squeeze of lime juice for acidity brings the drinks together.

Try this drink with bacon deviled eggs or other cold appetizers!

This next recipe might be your next go-to drink. 

Soda water and prosecco give the cocktail a fizzy mouthfeel.

Prosecco also adds acidity and fruit-forward flavors that work well with the zesty Aperol.

Squishing the rosemary sprig helps release its essential oils, giving a layer of herby notes.

If you’re out of rosemary, you can use tarragon, thyme, or other alternatives.

The unsung hero of this recipe is the raspberry garnish.

Biting into the berries after sipping wakes up the flavor of the drink with a burst of fruitiness.

Don’t let the name scare you off–there’s nothing savage or thorny about this cocktail. 

It does have a powerful tequila kick, but we want that!

The Mexican agave liquor has sweet, fruity, and earthy flavor notes that play well with the smooth tartness of the sloe gin.

Agave nectar is one of the most distinct ingredients in a cocktail.

It’s sweeter than regular sugar and is thinner in consistency than honey.

It’s also vegan-friendly since it’s made from the agave plant.

Serving this cocktail ice-cold is the key to maximum enjoyment. 

Make the most out of the warm summer sun with this cocktail.

By the beach or the backyard pool–anywhere’s a party when you’re sipping on this beauty. 

The Sweet ‘N’ Sloe is a rich blend of fruity, sweet, and bitter flavors.

Lillet Blanc is a versatile cocktail mixer that adds subtle floral notes to drinks.

It’s light and crisp with herbal and citrus notes.

Campari’s concentrated bitterness feels right at home in this recipe.

The bittersweet punch works wonderfully with the sweetness of the sloe gin.

Garnish with an orange slice, and you’re up for a zesty night.

Intense, elegant, and flavorful–this cocktail checks all the boxes.

Fernet Branca is a potent mix of bitter, herby, and spicy.

The aggressive bitterness of the Fernet Branca works well with the sweet sloe gin and honey.

The contrast between bitter and sweet makes this cocktail more exciting and gives it a depth of flavor, making you want more and more of the drink. 

Chilling the cocktail glass before serving will keep the drink cold longer without using ice, which can water down the flavors.

The bottom line

Sloe gin combines gin and sloe berries to create a drink that’s more than the sum of its parts.

In cocktails, sloe gin is a reliable source of sweet, tart, and fruity notes.

Its dazzling color makes any drink an Instagrammable piece.

It’s still trying to reclaim its place in the spotlight, but we highly recommend giving this underdog a shot.

You can return to our list of sloe cocktail ideas if you need inspiration.

Fruity & Fun Sloe Gin Cocktails

Fruity & Fun Sloe Gin Cocktails

Sloe gin has a deep ruby-red tone that makes any drink good-looking, and in this list–you’ll find 13 fruity and fun sloe gin cocktails you can make at home!


  • Sloe Gin Fizz
  • Alabama Slammer
  • Blackthorn Cocktail
  • Sloe Gin Hot Toddy With Blackberries
  • Sloe Gin & Tonic
  • Sloe Royale
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Sloe-Groni
  • Raspberry Sloe Gin Fizz
  • Winter Aperol Spritz
  • Sloe Gin Savage Thorn
  • Sweet ‘N’ Sloe Gin Cocktail
  • Sloe & Unsteady


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