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30 Insanely Good Shrimp Recipes That Will Make Your Guests Happy!

30 Insanely Good Shrimp Recipes That Will Make Your Guests Happy!

Are you looking for shrimp recipes here? We’ve rounded up 30 of our favorite shrimp recipe ideas that you can make at home. 

Brazenly fried, extraordinarily crispy, and nigh-submerged in creamy, rich mayonnaise — such great ways to have shrimps. 

Our keenness to plunge shrimps into vats of sizzling, golden oil from which they can be removed, dressed, leaned over, and swept into our mouths in all of half-an-hour has nothing to do with impatience; it’s simply that we’re pretty confident we’ve achieved peak shrimp.   

Could anything else ever compare?  

These 30 delicious, brilliant shrimp recipes just might!

A gray Monday morning, and we’re trudging home with a net bag full of plump, raw shrimp from the fishmonger’s. 

We’ll drop them in a large skillet to which butter’s been added with a bit of ginger, garlic, scallion whites, and spices and serve them in a halo of pappardelle at the dinner party we’re hosting this evening.

Have you ever served shrimp at a dinner party? 

Nothing sets the table full of hungry folk fighting amongst themselves quite as shrimps do. 

To some, they’re a bonafide delicacy like  the Cajun Shrimp And Rice Skillet and  Thai Coconut Shrimp Curry.

If you’re reading this, though, I bet #30 would be your favorite! 

Here are 30 gorgeous shrimp recipes to send you on your way: from fantastically messy bang-bang shrimp to shrimp
tacos and even kebabs we’ve thought of it all!

If you need comfort well, prepare to be comforted with this tempting, sensational shrimp in a rollicking garlic sauce. 

Serve with a punchy, fresh salad (a little horseradish and chives would be very welcome here) and follow with a crisp white wine.

The classic shrimp scampi gets special treatment with a lovingly wine-kissed glossy sauce and warm, airy French bread.

Best of all, the whole recipe takes so little time that you can very well cook it up whenever you fancy.

The Cheesecake Factory makes our favorite bang-bang shrimp, but these are a close second. 

They’re sensitively cooked, tender, and have a real bite—bang on.

The “holy trinity” of Creole cooking — onion, celery, and bell pepper — shine brightly alongside succulent shrimp slow-simmered in a rich, fiery roux.

Take great care to stir the bottom of the pot continuously to prevent the roux from sticking and burning, and making sure to stay close to a burned roux is entirely beyond saving.

People traditionally served this bold-as-brass stew over steamed white rice, but we think it’s just as good over brown rice or with other grains.

We love a tremendous smiling wedge of lemon squeezed overtop everything—fruit puddings, smoky roasts, slaphappy tiny shrimp—you mightn’t be aware it’s there, but you’d miss it if it weren’t. 

That’s the lovely, lilting magic of lemons.

Here, their citric enthusiasm livens up a simple, comforting meal of seafood.

Shrimp, butter, and garlic are bosom friends — they go everywhere together. 

But it’s starting to get a little cliquey around these parts, and we can’t have that.

Broccoli, too, is quintessentially shrimp-friendly. 

And adding a few florets to your pan — with old friends garlic and butter present, of course — makes for an uncomplicated, warming meal that’s as quick as it is delicious.

We’ve always got some frozen shrimp at the ready — they’re our “No Idea” supper — what we cook when we’ve got no idea what else to do.

You can fill up on this; just stir the shrimp into your favorite sauce and serve over spaghetti or rigatoni.

These bright, fresh DIY tacos have a superpower all of their own . . .

The slightest whiff sends us hurtling back in time to the few days we spent on the hazy Mexican coast, sunning ourselves in bleached plastic chairs and eating at makeshift taquerias manned by smiling matriarchs in flowery aprons.

A big platter of these is perfect for sharing — everyone gets to make their own!

Grill-charred and snappy, these red-hot shrimp burn so good you’ll think twice before gulping down that iced water.

Alas, this isn’t a recipe for the chili averse — but you can crank the heat a little lower if you’re so inclined. 

Just substitute some of the chilies for black pepper.

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A gloriously-slurpy tangle of pasta garnished with succulent, tender shrimp, a splashy summer holiday on a plate — sans the tan-lines and humidity. 

Happily, the fact that we’re eating this in front of the T.V rather than in some pretty Italian café has no bearing on how very wonderful it is.

Serve with a generous slug of extra-virgin olive oil.

The cutlery’s an afterthought when the food’s this good — thankfully, you’ll not need it here anyway.

Bold, briny tacos are the perfect end for some plump, juicy shrimp. 
Cold beer is non-negotiable.

Love begins with garlic and pasta and recipes with shrimp; accordingly, this rich, satisfying dish has plenty of them all.


Silky coils of pasta swished in olive oil, paprika, garlic, lemon juice, and just enough pepper to keep you on your toes — we’ve got a spring in our step just thinking about it.

Finish with a handful of parsley and scatter generously with parmesan. 

You’ll want the quality, aged sort; its savory, salty charms lend this dish a depth and freshness that’s very worth the extra expense.

Not that we don’t also enjoy smearing avocado on buttery, salt-flecked bread-like children cracking into a new box of crayons — but we humbly advise that just this once, you put the toast away . . . we’ve got a better use for that avo. 

And it involves cooking with shrimp.

Here it is deployed to absolutely dazzling effect in this lovely, livening salad. 

Toss in some artfully shredded mozzarella and bingo; you’ve outdone everyone else at the party.

In so far as the business of seared, skewered meats is concerned, these chili-boosted, unctuous shrimp kebabs are everything a kebab ought to be — soft, tender, rich — properly delicious.

We recommend pairing these with a grilled onion salad, but if you’d instead save yourself the extra work, some simple chopped greens will do just fine too.

Lightly battered shrimp nestled on a bed of citrusy, crunchy slaw and topped with a generous mix of seared vegetables make everyone happy — and come together as quick as a stir-fry.

Feel free to mess about with vegetables and proteins and to play around with whatever you’ve got on hand for this fun one-dish meal.

Heads and tails on or off? 

Sweet or sour? 

How you like your garlic shrimp is deeply personal. 

Accordingly, this is less a prescriptive recipe and more of a general brush stroke — just make sure you’ve got loads of bread on hand to sop up all the garlicky oil in the pan.

Nothing about a sea-food boil ought to be delicate; it’s got to be salted and spiced in eye-watering, sneeze-inducing quantities, or else you’re doing it wrong. 

Prodigious amounts of cayenne are nothing to be feared — so long as you resist the urge to wipe your eyes, that is.

And while you could find half this recipe indeed, it’s a fun, cheerfully simple way to feed a crowd, so why not throw a party instead?

Remember the Road Runner cartoons? 

Wile E Coyote was forever trying to entrap his prey using big ole’ sticks of dynamite. 

While you can’t fault his technique — he would probably have had an easier time using dynamite shrimp, instead. 

We reckon the Road Runner would’ve stopped at least long enough to smack his lips (beak?) and — bam

That would’ve been the end of it.

In a salad, all the components have got to be on equal footing with each other — this summery, retro dish makes an excellent, well-balanced starter or snack. 

Just have some crusty French bread waiting at the ready.

This toasty, warming Creole classic is one to take your time with.  

The dish gets its name from the French word “étouffée,” meaning smothered, so go ahead and douse it in as much of that rich, sweltering sauce as you like. 

Shrimp dinner ideas don’t get a whole lot simpler.

The shrimp cocktail has long been a party favorite — mainly because of it’s straightforward yet delicious. .

Hence, many retained a secret love for the shrimp cocktail. 

There’s no better way to begin a summer lunch, and there are certainly no leftovers.

Certainly, there’s no shortage of shrimp pasta on this list. 

Here’s another — because we can and because it’s good.

One mustn’t get too much thinking about how much linguine is too much linguine . . . 

We’d argue there’s no such thing (one mustn’t forget their doctor’s advice in favor of ours, either, O.K?).

Improvisation is the cornerstone of Creole cooking — in the bayou, you can be sure no two dishes are exactly alike. 

Be savvy with what you’ve got, and don’t sweat a missing ingredient or two; it turns out all you need to make a superb shrimp recipe is a little faith (and hot sauce).

A tin of coconut milk can go from oft-neglected larder dweller to worthy, fabulous curry in as little as 2 hours.

That, we suspect, is the real magic of cooking — transfiguration. 

Half the battle’s already been won once you start seeing ingredients for what they could be and not what they are.

This fragrant, exotic curry is wonderfully flexible and gorgeous the way it is; tinker as you go, or don’t.

Make your dinners exciting with this fun, exuberant stir-fry; indeed, as with any stir fry, the choice of components is vast — we like to toss a handful of cubed mangoes in the wok with everything else for a welcome sweet-sour pungency.

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If you’re looking to build up your repertoire of coconut curries, try this one. It’s quick to prepare and wonderfully unfussy — as cooking with coconut milk is meant to be.

Fiery, tropical, and phenomenally good; if you’re not a regular user of coconut milk, that’ll change your mind.

Wakey, wakey, eggs, and steaky . . . O.K, no, there’s grits for breakfast. 

But we don’t think you’ll be mad.

Stir in a robust grating of mature cheddar for a welcome sharpness that’ll wake you right up.

Lather a spicy mélange of cayenne, chili-oil, vinegar, and sriracha with a whizzy, honeyed sweetness generously on plump, juicy shrimp, and what do you get?

A sensational starter or appetizer with a complex, smoky depth of flavor.

The bottom line

Why is shrimp so often maligned by those who just never quite learned how to cook them? 

It’s one thing if you don’t like them: fair enough. 

It’s quite another to bung them in a skillet for 40 minutes and pin the disastrous results on the poor crustaceans

“They’re rubbery and gross!”

 “They taste of plastic!”

Yes — because they’re over-cooked. 

It’s effortless to do, given they only need about 2 or 3 minutes in the pan or on the grill before they’re done. 

To that end, we’ve put together a collection of quick, easy recipes with shrimp that we hope you’ll find easy enough to attempt! 

And if you are an occasional shrimp eater, we hope these will get you thinking about more than just a scampi; because there’s more than one way to savor shrimp.

To smooth-sailing from here on out — cheers and good eating!

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30 BEST Ways To Cook Shrimp

30 BEST Ways To Cook Shrimp

Wondering what you can make with shrimp? Unlock this epic list of savory and delectable recipes using shrimp here.


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  1. Choose one or more options from our list of shrimp recipes here!
  2. Create your new favorite dish.
  3. Pat yourself on the back for making food at home for you to enjoy!
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