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What Can You Make With Delicata Squash? Here Are 19 Ideas!

What Can You Make With Delicata Squash? Here Are 19 Ideas!

When browsing for delicata squash online, it’s no surprise that delicata squash recipes are trending now. 

This is because it is becoming more and more popular than your average squash!

You might be wondering why it’s suddenly making its way into homeowners’ kitchens recently and not decades ago, and that’s because a mildew disease threatened it.

And thanks to experts for breeding non-hybrid, open-pollinated plants, farmers now produce this veggie on a commercial scale!

 But what is delicata squash?

Delicata squash is a part of the Cucurbita pepo family that comes in wide varieties, like spaghetti squash, yellow summer squash, acorn squash, and zucchinis. 

It’s considered a winter squash and is typically harvested late during the winter season, which makes for a perfect squash soup!

Unlike butternut squash, delicata squash has a striped and thin skin, which makes it easy to prepare and eat. 

And due to its stripe appearance, this squash is also aesthetically pleasing once you plate it nicely after cooking. 

Like any other type of squash, cooking this squash brings out its natural sweetness. 

Delicata tastes sweet and buttery, a taste that is quite similar to sweet potato.

If you’re wondering how to cook this type of squash, here are 19 delicata squash recipes you can try!

My personal favorite is #18 because who doesn’t love pizza with ricotta cheese?

The beauty of choosing this vegetable over other types of squash is that you no longer have to peel the thin skin.

Once you bake it, the skin becomes rich and soft with a syrupy flavor. 

When roasting it, cut it lengthwise and scoop out the stringy flesh and seeds, of course. 

Line on parchment paper, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with a dash of salt and pepper, and you’re good to go. 

You can pair this recipe with some veggies like kale or fruits like apples.

And for the dressing, whip up apple cider vinegar, olive oil, Dijon mustard, and maple syrup!

Here’s a salad recipe that will surely be a showstopper at home!

The slightly tangy pomegranate and the bitter rocket leaves make this salad stand out. 

Choose between goat cheese or feta cheese for the briny profile because both will go well with the sweet, delicata squash.

Mix with other veggies, pumpkin seeds, and raw pecans; this recipe is a flavor masterpiece.

There’s nothing like an open-faced sandwich to start the week right!

And this Goat Cheese & Delicata Squash Tartine will indeed pump you up for the week ahead because of its burst of flavors from the delicata, and mild, tangy tartine bread.

Tartine is a type of sourdough bread with a milder and creamier profile, which makes this bread a perfect pairing for the luscious veggie.

Let’s spice up this recipe with this Wild Rice & Lentil Stuffed Delicata Squash that will excite your taste buds. 

Imagine the lentils’ nutty and earthy flavor mixed with various spices like cumin and curry. 

Then this dish is balanced with the dried blueberries’ sweetness and finished with crunchy pecans for texture.

This Roasted Delicata Squash With Maple & Bacon will surely be a hit during your Thanksgiving dinner!

Roasting the delicata caramelizes the vegetable around the edges and softens its flesh, giving it a rich texture. 

Fry up bacon and slice into bits, mix with the roasted squash, and it’s a party of sweet and salty flavors in your mouth. 

You can add maple syrup for that additional flavor and chili for that extra kick.

The buttery and tender vegetables will cut through the different textures and flavors of the stuffing in this recipe. 

The earthy and nutty lentils are perfect for their mild flavor. 

The lentils are cooked with deep spices of sumac and cumin.

Plus, it’s also mixed with spicy zhoug and creamy yogurt.

Last but not least is the peppery, slightly salty, and tangy feta to tie this dish together!

This Chinese-inspired recipe will shine because of the savory char siu sauce, which is made of molasses, coconut aminos, maple syrup, coconut vinegar, roasted sesame oil, coconut vinegar, dried plums, and more!

Imagine those varieties of flavors exploding on your palate, coupled with the sweet and spicy chicken.

It’s heaven on a plate!

If you want to serve delicata as a main dish, this Roasted Delicata With Caramelized Beef & Onion Stuffing is a must-try!

This recipe is filling and savory from the ground beef flavored with poultry seasoning, salt, and pepper!

Bits of bacon accentuate this recipe.

And if you’re not sold yet, try it out for yourself!

Keep it simple by making this Roasted Delicata With Chipotle Aioli. 

The chipotle’s smoky flavor brings out this vegetable’s pleasant taste, with the heat from the chilis giving it that extra oomph. 

The aioli sauce offers an empowering garlic flavor from the emulsification process.

Try this recipe and dip the roasted cut-up pieces to your heart’s content!

Nothing can start your weeknight dinners better than a creamy squash soup that’s filled with nothing but goodness. 

I would have to say the texture of this soup recipe is what makes it a showstopper. 

It’s rich and soothing, plus it’s also dairy-free!

The coconut milk delivers a highly satisfying kick from its dense, floral, and nutty profile.

You can top this with your favorite meat like chicken or shrimp to transform it into a full meal.

If you’re not a fan of creamy squash soup, then try this Delicata Kale & Chicken Soup. 

It’s a great way to stretch this soup if you’re a big family and are on a budget. 

All you have to do is add as much chicken broth to add more soup, which still tastes fantastic!

You’ll need roasted diced tomatoes and kale for this delicious recipe!

Looking for an appetizer for your weekday or weeknight meals with the family?

Try this roasted delicata sprinkled with your favorite parmesan cheese and cooked until crispy perfection!

The soft and tender squash will taste great under the crispy parmesan and panko breadcrumbs. 

This can be paired with any main meal like grilled chicken, pasta, or steak, which makes this vegetable a versatile ingredient.

Gratin is something you cook in a shallow dish, where the top is cooked until it’s brown and crispy. 

For this recipe, try grabbing a pork or turkey Italian sausage for that savory flavor that will dominate throughout this dish.

Orzo is a type of short-cut pasta that looks similar to a grain of rice, except it’s relatively larger. 

But don’t be fooled because orzo is packed with that starchy goodness you get from other pasta types. 

Throw in some parsnips, spinach leaves, and cauliflower, and you’re good to go.

Trust me when I say this recipe only needs two ingredients and can be ready in less than 20 minutes!

It’s an egg-in-a-hole dish sans the bread.

It’s a perfect and quick breakfast meal!

Depending on its maturity, arugula can kick up the flavors in your salad. 

It offers a slightly spicy, bitter, and peppery flavor that will go well with your squash. 

Overall, this recipe is a simple yet bright dish that requires a few ingredients.

Who would’ve thought squash and pizza go together?

Once you’ve tried this delicious and savory delicata and ricotta pizza, you’ll never want another veggie pizza!

The smooth and creamy ricotta cheese offers a mild taste and thick texture that will pair well with another rich and creamy vegetable. 

Bake until golden brown and crispy, and smother with your favorite hot sauce or not, and it’s a party in your mouth!

This recipe provides a good balance of all the beautiful flavors you want in your meal. 

You get the savory and mild taste of the chicken and enjoy the slightly sour and sweet maple mustard sauce. 

Add to that is the tangy flavor of the pears that the squash will absorb as it cooks.

The bottom line

These delicious recipes will make your weekday or weekend intimate dinners or gatherings worthwhile.

Try the versatility of this fantastic winter squash and serve it as your appetizer or main course!

What To Make With Delicata Squash

What To Make With Delicata Squash

When browsing for squash recipes online, you are welcome to visit our epic list of delicata squash recipes that are trending now.


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