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57 Casserole Recipes That’ll Bring Everyone To The Table

57 Casserole Recipes That’ll Bring Everyone To The Table

When it comes to casseroles, the only limit to your success is imagination. That’s why we’ve got 57 delicious casserole recipes to make your next meal a hit. 

Even if you’re an ol’ casserole pro, you’ll still find something new and exciting in our collection of recipes.

Casseroles are the secret to a happy life.

It’s a fact: if your family eats more casseroles, they have more time to spend together.

More time laughing, telling stories, and just being together.

And what do casseroles do?

They make people feel better.

They make people feel warm and comforted; they’re like a big hug from your mom (even if she’s not
actually in the kitchen).

And they remind us that there’s something predictable and safe in life, even if it’s just dinner.

Do you want something classic? Try the Shepherd’s Pie Casserole.

Are you finding it hard to resist your sweet cravings? Make some Blueberry French Toast Casserole.

Need a quick dinner idea tonight? Recipe #56 will make everyone happy.

Whether you’re looking for a new way to get your kids to eat their vegetables or want something comforting after a long day at work, this list of casserole recipes has got you covered!

Table of Contents

1. Cracker Barrel Hashbrown Casserole

If you’re looking for something packed with more than just simple ingredients, Cracker Barrel
Hashbrown Casserole is it.

It’s cheesy and piping hot: you can tell it’s been cooked to perfection when you pull it out of your oven.

Plus, it’s loaded with the homey flavors of onion and sour cream.

You can taste every ingredient as soon as you bite into its golden brown topping.

If you’re far from being a morning person, we’ve got a solution: Breakfast Casserole.

Breakfast Casserole is the best way to kick off your day; it’s made with eggs, smoky pork sausage, and made better with slight spicy-tangy bell pepper and savory cheese.

When you cook it, the smell of home-cooked goodness will greet you and leave you feeling nice and comfy even on the coldest days.

If you love cabbage rolls and casseroles, this is the dish for you. It has everything you want in cabbage rolls and more.

The tenderness of the cabbage is a key part of the recipe, which you can achieve by blanching it first.

Ground beef and seasonings add layers of flavor, as well as tomato sauce and beef broth to create a rich sauce.

And finally, it’s topped all off with melted cheese, so every spoonful is creamy and delectable.

Blueberry French Toast Casserole tastes like what would happen if you combine a warm, gooey blueberry muffin with French toast and turn it into a casserole.

It’s made with bits of crusty bread, sweet and juicy blueberries, and creamy custard.

And it’s topped with a brown sugar cinnamon streusel, which bakes into a crunchy, lovely layer that melts into perfection.

At first glance, you might say this dish is a little boring.

Then you try it, and you realize that it is anything but boring.

The tomato sauce is rich and savory and complements the soft beans and crunchy croutons.

And the cashew Parmesan and capers?

It adds just the right saltiness to bind everything together into one delightful dish!

Corn Casserole is not exactly what you’d expect from a recipe with only five ingredients.

It’s simple, sure, but the flavors are rich and buttery, with a hint of sour cream and mellow corniness that leaves your mouth watering all day long.

It’s also versatile, which is why we’re calling it the perfect side dish for any occasion.

You may even serve it hot or cold, which goes well with just about any entrée.

Italian Crescent Casserole will transport you to the streets of Italy, where you can sample the most delicious kinds of pasta, meats, and cheeses.

This dish is also among our favorites because it is effortless to prepare and has such a diverse taste profile.

Plus, Italian Crescent Casserole is full of flavor but not too spicy or salty, making it perfect for all ages!

Slow Cooker John Wayne Casserole is made with tater tots, like little potato nuggets fried up in oil.

And then they’re slow-cooked until they’re nice, warm, and crispy on the outside.

But when you check the inside, it is soft and fluffy, like a pillowy cloud made of melted cheese and rich sour cream.

It also serves as a wonderful way to introduce your guests to all the southwest flavors.

This casserole is such a culinary treat that you’ll want to dunk your head in it.

Seriously, it’s so cheesy and creamy that you won’t be able to stop yourself from eating it with a spoon. 

What’s more, it’s topped with crispy bacon and served over soft-chewy egg noodles, so it’ll satisfy any craving you have.

Shrimp Enchiladas are stuffed with shrimp, corn, and black beans and then drenched in bold, spicy, and tangy salsa verde.

But the best part is when the cheese bubbles up and oozes out of every corner of the tortilla!

And when you put all these fantastic flavors together in one dish, well, it’s just something you have to taste for yourself.

Hamburger Casserole is the perfect example of why you should never judge a book by its cover.


Well, the smell of Hamburger Casserole will waft through your kitchen as it bakes in the oven, filling the house with its savory aroma.

Then the noodles are tender and perfectly cooked, but that’s not all!

They are loaded with ground beef, seasonings, cheese, and vegetables—all baked into one flavorful, meaty meal!

If you want a quick, warm, and filling meal that’s guaranteed to wow your family and friends, you’ve come to the right recipe.

Shepherd’s Pie Casserole is a little bit mushy on the top but soft and creamy underneath.

There’s just enough minestrone flavor to give it some bite and just enough salt and pepper to season it perfectly.

The vegetables are soft, with just the right amount of crunch; not too much, not too little.

And the meat? It’s tender without being soggy, with just enough salt that you don’t need to add any extra seasoning.

This is the best mac and cheese casserole you’ll ever have!

Most baked maccy cheese have a lot of steps; that’s just the name of the game.

But this one really does look like a million bucks: it has a layer of cheese in the center, which makes it creamy, rich, and oh so cheesy!

The crusty topping is also lavish but in an entirely different way from the crust on your average baked macaroni dish.

It has more flavor depth than any other macaroni casserole we’ve ever tried.

And I bet your family or guests will love it too!

No heavy cream on hand? Here’s what we have to say about the joys of evaporated milk in everyday mac n cheese.

You can’t have a party without a Fiesta Chicken Casserole!

It’s like the centerpiece of your get-together, the place where all the people come together and mingle over one thing: this amazing dish.

And it’s packed with sweet, salty, and tangy Tex-Mex flavors that will have your guests talking for days.

The Eggplant Casserole has that quintessential summer flavor of eggplants cooked in olive oil and seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic.

The layers are deep and complex, and the flavors are bright and bold

And then there’s that cheese on top: baked until bubbling hot and ready to be scooped up with a spoon or fork.

In short, this dish is full of life and color, has a lot of texture and flavor, and makes you excited for what’s coming next.

Tuna Noodle Casserole combines some very specific flavors in one dish: creamy mushroom sauce, delicate egg noodles and peas, and tender tuna.

It’s like a symphony of taste!

It also has a buttery topping that makes it feel light and uplifting, like you’re eating something hearty instead of something heavy and doughy.

If you haven’t tried Tuna Noodle Casserole yet, now is the time!

Gruyère-Spinach Potatoes Au Gratin is a ballad of creamy, cheesy deliciousness.

The potatoes are smooth and velvety, while the spinach and cheese add an intense flavor.

The herbs and spices enhance the flavor of each ingredient.

And the onions give it that extra zing that makes you want to go for seconds.

The ground beef is succulent and juicy, and it’s baked in a creamy mushroom sauce that will make you crave this dish over and over again.

The noodles are soft buttery, so they soak up the sauce perfectly.

But remember to add those onions!

They’re crispy on the outside but soft on the inside, so you get a nice contrast between textures.

Brussel Sprout Casserole is the dish you want to share with a crowd.

It’s creamy, cheesy, and just a little bit crunchy.

The critical ingredient is the cream of mushroom soup, which gives the whole dish an earthy flavor that pairs perfectly with the brussels sprouts.

The Gruyere cheese also provides a sharp bite and a good amount of saltiness.

And lastly, the recipe calls for finely chopped onions, which add more flavor than aged salt, pepper, and garlic powder would have done alone.

Double Kale Gratin takes all the best parts of your favorite side dishes and puts them together in one perfect bite.

The kale and shallots give you that satisfying crunch you’re looking for; the gruyere cheese gives it an unexpected burst of flavor; the cheddar cheese adds some spice, and the nutmeg adds an earthy aroma to tie it all together.

On top of that, the breadcrumbs make sure every bite is perfectly coated with cheesy goodness—and if you want some meat, just add some crispy chicken or bacon bits!

If you love kale (ok fine, if you can put up with kale) in casseroles, I put a Chicken, Rice & Kale casserole together, and it was good enough. I went heavy on the leeks because I had a bunch and I love the mild onion flavor. Use any Royal Rice mix.

Teriyaki Chicken Casserole is the kind of dish that makes you feel like you’ve traveled to a faraway land.

Its savory chicken and rice are just the beginning.

The teriyaki sauce gives it an outstanding flavor, and the vegetables give it a level of complexity that makes you want to try it again and again.

If you love Asian cuisine, this is a must-try!

Do you know how sometimes you just want to eat a dish with the flavors of your favorite Tex-Mex food without all the meat?

Well, we’ve got that for you!

This hearty layered dish is made up of corn tortillas, fresh veggies, black beans, and melty cheese—all mixed with a savory homemade sauce that will have you feeling like an expert in no time.

Broccoli Cauliflower Bake is the perfect comfort food!

It’s simple to prepare, and it’s a slightly better-for-you casserole option with all that veg.

Plus, this recipe is like creamy, cheesy broccoli, only better because it’s baked.

It’s even sprinkled with breadcrumbs and cooked till bubbly, melted, and browned.

It’s versatile enough to be a starter, but it also pairs well with any chicken, beef, or pork dishes.

Pierogi Casserole is like a big plate of comfort you can eat in one sitting.

And it has the best flavors and textures in the world: smoky bacon, tender potatoes, and a creamy sauce that makes you want to lick your plate.

Instead, try this Pierogi Casserole recipe so you can experience these amazing flavors for yourself.

This Meatball Sub Casserole is a thing of beauty. 

And it’s even better than that sounds!

First off, let’s talk about the meatballs, which are seasoned with Italian seasoning and garlic powder, so they have a great salty, tangy, and herby flavor. 

Then there’s the ricotta cheese, which is milder than sour cream or mayo but still adds some creamy richness to the mix.

And lastly, the hoagie rolls, which are the perfect base for this Meatball Sub Casserole because they’re soft enough to soak up all of that delicious marinara sauce without getting soggy!

Chicken Noodle Casserole with Ritz Cracker Topping looks good and it is good. 

Sweet and salty Ritz really win this one.

It tasted like your usual chicken noodle soup but without any of the messiness of actual chicken noodle soup.

It had all of the comforting flavors but none of the actual vegetables.

The best part? The Ritz crackers as toppings!

They make it crunchy on  top, which is key to making sure your meal isn’t too heavy with sauce or other wet ingredients that might cause sogginess down below.

Do you know what I mean?

It’s just so good!

She’d argue with me perhaps, but I think that this is Renee’s favorite recipe on all of the CookingChew site.

She worked on making this one the right combo of seasonings, and let it be known: she does not like spicy heat, so this has zero heat in the recipe.

If you want any heat at all in this thing, you’ll have to add cayenne, or jalapenos, or chipotles, or any combination to raise the spice level.

Taco Casserole has just the right amount of spicy, salty, and savory that you’d expect from a taco, but you get to throw it together in one big 9×13.

It’s packed with all the flavors you love in tacos—refried beans, sour cream, seasoned ground beef, and onions—but it goes above and beyond with its toppings:  briny black olives (optional), tangy tomatoes, crunchy toppings like tortilla chips.

The outcome is something so delicious that you won’t be able to stop thinking about it for days afterward. 

So if you go mild instead of wild, this one’s for you.

Apple Pie Biscuit Casserole has all of the flavors of an apple pie, but it’s so much easier to make. 

The main ingredients include apple pie filling, biscuits, and flavor enhancers, making the casserole taste like apple pie.

The biscuits are soft, buttery, and loaded with crunchy bites on top while remaining fluffy in the middle.

It’s sweet, warm, and comforting, just like your favorite homemade dessert.

Sausage Green Bean Potato Casserole has the salty, savory taste of sausage,  the earthy sweetness of baby creamer potatoes, and the bright green snap of fresh green beans.

It also has a little bit of heat from the Cajun seasoning.

But wait, there’s more!

When you go for another bite, you realize there are also onions and garlic in this casserole, which gives it an extra layer of taste that makes it irresistible.

Here’s our sausage and potato casserole variation that includes eggs, so it’s a good one for breakfast too.

If you love chickens and potatoes, this recipe is for you.

The potatoes are tender and fluffy, but they still have that satisfying bite you expect from a baked potato.

The chicken adds a meaty feel to the dish without being overpowering—it’s just enough to give it some substance.

And then there’s the cheese!

It melts into every crevice of every bite, making every spoonful feel like an indulgence.

But there are also pieces of bacon that add a salty, smoky edge turning this meal from “average” to “mind-blowing.”

Crunchy Beef Casserole is so crunchy that you’d think it was made of fried onions.

It’s not, but it could be because this dish tastes like French fried onions.

But do you know what else it tastes like? Chewy pasta, silky cream of mushroom soup, zesty veggies, and meaty beef.

That’s right: Crunchy Beef Casserole is an assortment of your favorite comfort foods mixed into one hearty dish.

It’s like Thanksgiving dinner in a cup! Or maybe, a bowl?

This Ham and Cheese Casserole recipe has all the flavors you love, which are egg noodles, cooked ham, and melted cheese.

But the condensed cream of chicken soup is what really makes this meal stand out.

The texture of each ingredient is also very distinct—the softness of the noodles, the juicy saltiness of the ham, and the smoothness of the creamy soup—and yet it all works together to create a harmonious whole.

And then you get to eat it!

Tater Tot Casserole is a magical dish that can make your childhood dreams come true.

It’s crispy, crunchy tater tots resting on a bed of rich, creamy cheese sauce, lean ground beef, and seasonings.

And if there’s one thing I boast about Tater Tot Casserole, it’s that it’s a crowd-pleaser—and this crowd-pleaser is not going to disappoint!

It’s not often you find a casserole that’s flavorful and savory, creamy and crunchy, meaty and light all at once—but Baked Teriyaki Chicken Casserole is just that.

This dish is full of the best parts of a meal: a warm bed of white rice, fluffy broccoli florets and pineapple chunks, tender chicken breasts, and snow peas tossed with sweet, tangy, and sticky teriyaki sauce.

Yes, that’s what you’ll get with this Baked Teriyaki Chicken Casserole.

Amish Country Casserole might look like a casserole and taste like a casserole, but it’s so much more than just a casserole.

It’s creamy and delicious and filling, but also light.

It has the mouthfeel of a dreamy, silky smooth sauce and the slight acidity of tomato soup, with just enough meat to make you feel satisfied.

And it’s economical! This is the kind of recipe that can feed an army for just pennies per serving.

Also, it’s easy to find the ingredients; you could even already have them in your pantry.

Hasselback Potato Gratin is like a baked potato, but better.

And it’s not just a potato gratin; it’s an experience.

The cream oozes out of the potato slices and makes your mouth water as it melts in your mouth.

Then you have the cheese on top, which is so hot and gooey that it dribbles down your chin as you eat, and it leaves behind a salty-sweet taste that lingers on your tongue.

Plus, they’re so simple to make that they barely require any effort at all, but they taste like something you’d get at a fancy restaurant.

Hasselback Potato Gratin is like a baked potato, but better.

And it’s not just a potato gratin; it’s an experience.

The cream oozes out of the potato slices and makes your mouth water as it melts in your mouth.

Then you have the cheese on top, which is so hot and gooey that it dribbles down your chin as you eat, and it leaves behind a salty-sweet taste that lingers on your tongue.

Plus, they’re so simple to make that they barely require any effort at all, but they taste like something you’d get at a fancy restaurant.

One bite will tell you: there’s absolutely nothing ordinary about Spinach and Meatball Pasta Casserole.

The whole wheat penne pasta is cooked al dente perfectly, with just the right amount of chewiness.

The marinara sauce is rich and savory, with just enough spice to make it exciting.

The spinach is fresh and vibrant, adding a little crunch to every bite.

And the inside of the meatballs is tender and juicy, while the outside is just firm enough to keep them from falling apart in the oven.

What’s more, there’s that mozzarella that melts over everything else in its golden-brown goodness, making every dish creamy and warm without weighing down your forkfuls of pasta too much

For us, this casserole is one of those things that you can’t go wrong with.

First of all, it’s got butternut squash and apples. And who doesn’t love those?

Butternut squash has that creamy sweetness that makes you want just to eat it plain. And apples are just tasty on their own!

Next up: we’ve got dried cranberries (they add a nice little pop of tartness), rosemary and thyme (to give it a savory kick), and maple syrup (because we all know how much we LOVE maple syrup).

It also has that crumble that’s got crunchy and sweetened walnuts, plus a little bit of cinnamon!

Basically, it’s like fall in a bowl: creamy, salty, crunchy, sugary, spicy, and all the other fall flavors you can think of!

When you think about shrimps and rice, what comes to mind?

If it’s anything like this dish, your thoughts are probably something like: “Ooooooh, it’s so good.”

The shrimps are so tender that they practically melt in your mouth.

The cream of mushroom soup brings a rich flavor and texture to the dish.

And the cheddar cheese soup adds a slight sharpness.

Then, you’ve got the rice, cooked just right with just enough Cajun seasoning to balance out all those other flavors without overpowering them.

Mexican Chorizo Cornbread Casserole combines the smoky flavor of sausage with Jiffy cornbread mix and just a handful of pantry staples to create a hearty dish that will satisfy your entire family.

The Mexican chorizo gives this dish an intense flavor that works especially well with the sweetness of cornbread.

The addition of diced green chilis also adds some heat without taking away from the chorizo’s flavor profile.

The result? A dish that tastes like a sweet and a savory dream come true!

Creamy Turkey Casserole. It’s warm, it’s welcoming, and it makes you feel like everything is going to be okay.

It is also creamy and savory but not heavy.

The turkey is soft and meaty, complemented by the soft yet chewy texture of the penne pasta.

And there’s just enough cheese to add flavor without overwhelming the dish.
On top of that, it has just the right amount of onion, garlic, and basil to give it some aroma and kick.

This dish is a little unusual.

I mean, it’s got barley in it. Barley! And chicken! And green beans! And cheese crackers that look like they’ve been crushed by a giant cat.

But when you taste it? It’s like nothing you’ve ever tasted before.

The richness of the chicken crumbles perfectly with the earthy flavors of the barley and chicken broth.

But it’s the tangy white wine and fresh green beans that bring everything together.

There are also those cheese crackers, which seem like an odd choice at first, but actually add just the perfect texture and saltiness to round out this dish.

There’s something about seafood that makes it feel like you’re eating the ocean itself.

It’s not just the flavor, which is always a little bit salty, but also the texture.

However, seafood always seems to taste so decadent.

And if you can’t get to an ocean, then why not bring the ocean to your plate?

Enter Seafood Casserole With Shrimp, Scallops, and Crab Meat.

It’s a delectable blend of shrimp, scallops, and crab meat placed on a bed of dill and herb-seasoned rice with savory and silky sauce.

Then top it with crispy golden croutons and breadcrumbs for a meal that will make you feel like you’re dining at sea!

This Sweet Potato Casserole will make you believe in magic.

It’s got the creamy sweetness of a traditional sweet potato casserole, but it’s also light, fluffy, and full of mini marshmallows.

Besides, it has just enough brown sugar to give it a hint of caramel flavor, but not so much that it’s dominating the dish’s overall flavor.

I can say it’s the perfect balance between savory and sweet.

I am a sucker for a mile-high reuben sandwich. 

But if I have to make my corned beef stretch or I have a lot of company coming, this Baked Reuben
Casserole is the perfect dish.

Well, the layers of rye bread, pastrami, sauerkraut, and Swiss cheese are so soft and gooey that you’re going to think you’re in heaven.

But the taste isn’t the only thing that makes this casserole so good.

Your kitchen will also smell wonderful while it bakes—you may even have to invite the neighbors who are catching a whiff!

Spaghetti Pie Casserole is an absolute delight.

It’s a culinary masterpiece that combines two of the world’s most beloved foods: spaghetti and pie.

It’s creamy, it’s cheesy, it’s saucy, it’s slightly, and it’s salty—all at once!

It really is the perfect meal for any occasion.

And it even makes a great breakfast food, but we’ve also seen people enjoy Spaghetti Pie Casserole for lunch or dinner.

How can the kids scoff at this one? Spaghetti? Pie? 

You’re in.

When it comes to flavor, Fresh Salmon Casserole is the real deal.

Fresh salmon, carrots, and cream of celery soup give this dish a creamy taste that will leave you
wanting more.

The mayonnaise and milk enhance the flavor of the salmon, while shredded sharp cheddar cheese
gives it just the right amount of pop.

And then there are those peas—so sweet, so colorful—they make this casserole vibrant!

You’ll have to trust the process on this one; this is the grown-up version of tuna casserole.

So here’s the deal.

We’re seeing all the ways that people pronounce the word “gnocchi”, but here’s how my Italian family said it out loud at least a couple times a month my whole life:



You’re welcome. 

That said, let’s eat.

I’m not sure where to start with describing how appetizing this Baked Gnocchi Casserole with Bacon is.

Let’s start with the gnocchi—it’s crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

It also has that bacon flavor that is so rich and satisfying.

And then there’s the sauce, which it’s just so creamy and slightly zingy!

This recipe is perfect for a lazy weeknight dinner when you don’t feel like spending hours preparing dinner or cleaning up afterward (but still want something tasty).

If you’ve ever been to Mexico or even just watched a movie about Mexico, then you probably know what Mexican Tortilla Casserole is supposed to taste like: flavorful, spicy, and savory.

This one is our tried-and-true “layer cake” of tex-mex goodness.

The rice and corn layer really make this one stand out.

And of course it’s got plenty of cheese.

Check out the photos; it’s easy to stack and easy to cut once you let it sit for a bit after baking. 

It’s not new that so many people love Mexican fare—it’s got some heat in it, and it’s so satisfying without being too heavy.

For some, it may seem intimidating to cook at home because it seems more complicated than other foods.

But this recipe proves that making Mexican food in your own kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult!

If you aren’t familiar with the saying, “everything but the kitchen sink” means all the ingredients you have on hand are going in the dish!

It’s as meaty as a meatloaf, with ground beef, onions, garlic, and potatoes.

It’s as rich as a stew with carrots, celery, and rice.

It’s as cheesy as lasagna with shredded cheese.

And it’s as tangy as your favorite barbecue because it’s made with steak sauce.

Pork Tamale is sweet and savory, with a hint of spice.

The pork is juicy and tender, and the sauce had just enough cream and tanginess to give it a kick.

In addition, the texture is soft but not too soft; it holds together perfectly in your mouth and doesn’t drip all over your shirt when you bite into it (which is good news for those who might be wearing

If you’re not careful, you could eat too much Pork Tamale at once—and then you’d want more!

Before you get all up in Philly Cheese Steak Casserole’s grill, you should know a few things about this dish.

It packs all the flavors of a classic cheese steak—the savory meat, the sharp, tangy onions, the woody peppers, and the creamy cheese—but it’s in casserole form.

So, you can enjoy it without making a mess (which is totally not a bad thing).

Plus, it’s got pasta instead of bread, so you’ll get something filling too!

As we all know, lobster is a delicacy.

And when it’s oven-baked into the perfectly creamy sauce and poured over the top of a pile of bread, it becomes something really special.

It also has the sweetness of the lobster meat itself, which has been cooked until it becomes tender enough to melt in your mouth.

Plus, the taste is just so rich and decadent—it’s very different from the seafood dishes you usually get at your local restaurants.

Stuffed Pepper Casserole is a lot like a Sunday morning, except the only thing you’re waking up to is the sumptuous aroma of tomatoes, ground turkey, and brown rice.

It has that tangy tomato sauce that coats each pepper as if they were dipped in a vat of goodness.

Then there’s the layer of cheese that melts into gooey perfection on top of those peppers and melts into ooey-gooey perfection inside them too!

But wait! There’s still more!

There are veggies mixed in with the ground turkey, so every bite is packed with earthy and smoky flavors!

Once you get a taste of Traditional Lancashire Hot Pot, you’ll be covered in its creamy, savory gravy.

That’s because it’s rich and thick, and it tastes like it was made from the purest ingredients.

The meat beneath is perfectly cooked—you can taste the juicy goodness of the beef, and you know that it’s been cooked long enough to be tender but not so long that it’s falling apart.

Then the potatoes are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and they soak up the flavors of all those other ingredients like a sponge.

It’s comfort food at its finest, and it doesn’t get any more traditional than this!

Curry and Coconut Rice Casserole includes chicken thighs, green curry paste, coconut milk, and rice. 

If you are a fan of Thai food like I am, your taste buds are going to blow a gasket after being treated to this amazing casserole. 

The aroma of the green curry and coconut in this dish is so strong that it will make your mouth salivate before you even put the fork to your mouth.

The texture is also rich and soft, just like rice pudding but with a bit more heft.

It’s like a Thai dinner out but in your own casserole dish, and so easy to put together.

The creamy, fragrant coconut milk tones down the spice but still leaves you feeling like you’ve had something delicious.

The bottom line

Casseroles remind  me of home, comfort, and childhood.

They’re hearty, busy-family fare that everyone likes.

Plus, there’s nothing very complicated about putting a few ingredients together in a dish and popping it into the oven.

Casseroles are simply the perfect way to bring everyone to the table for something delicious.

The best part is that with such a wide variety of casserole recipes in this article, we’re sure you’re going to find one that will work for you and everyone you love.

57 EASY Casseroles (😊 Best Dinner)

57 EASY Casseroles (😊 Best Dinner)

When it comes to casseroles, the only limit to your success is imagination. That's why we've got 57 delicious casserole recipes to make your next meal a hit.


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  • Ham & Cheese Casseroles
  • Tater Tot Casserole
  • Bake Teriyaki Chicken Casserole
  • Amish Country Casserole
  • Creamy Spinach Artichoke Spaghetti Squash Casserole
  • Hasselback Potato Gratin
  • Spinach and Meatball Pasta Casserole
  • Butternut and Squash Apple Casserole with Maple Nut Crumble
  • Shrimp and Rice Casserole
  • Mexican Chorizo Cornbread Casserole
  • Creamy Turkey Casserole
  • Barley & Chicken Casserole
  • Seafood Casserole With Shrimp, Scallops, And Crab Meat
  • Sweet Potato Casserole With Marshmallows
  • Baked Reuben Casserole
  • Spaghetti Pie Casserole
  • Fresh Salmon Casserole
  • Baked Gnocchi Casserole
  • Mexican Tortilla Casserole
  • Kitchen Sink Crockpot Casserole
  • Pork Tamale Casserole
  • Philly Cheese Steak Casserole
  • Lobster Casserole
  • Stuffed Pepper Casserole
  • Traditional Lancashire Hot Pot
  • Curry & Coconut Rice Casserole


  1. It’s casserole night! Pick your favorite casserole recipes!
  2. Tie on an apron and get to cookin’!
  3. Then get chewin’ and share with your friends!

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