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What To Serve With Fried Chicken Sandwiches: 27 Best Sides

What To Serve With Fried Chicken Sandwiches: 27 Best Sides

Wondering what to serve with fried chicken sandwiches? Check out this list to get brilliant side inspirations for your all-time favorite sandwich! 

A fried chicken sandwich is already a great dish all on its own. 

A dish that has all of the hallmarks of indulgent comfort food: a delectably juicy fried chicken patty with a satisfying crunch, decadent sauce, and warm and buttery toasted buns.

It is one of the most popular menu items in a number of establishments, from corner stores, brick, and mortar diners, to numerous fast food joints.

Whether you prefer to go out and get your fried chicken sandwich from a restaurant or make it at home, you can be sure that it gets the job of satisfying your craving.

A quick look through this list and you won’t have to worry about what to serve with fried chicken sandwiches ever again.

We’ve got a range of flavors and textures, so go ahead and look around. 

From Baked Root Chips to Bourbon Baked Beans, we have everything to keep you fully content.
We’ve included everything to meet whatever it is you must be craving something sweet and savory–we got you. 

Keep #16 in mind; if you’re looking into something sweet yet flavorful, you shouldn’t skip this section.

Have fun reading through this list, and we hope you get to find the one that works best for you.

These Baked Root Chips are baked, not fried, a light and wholesome alternative that ensures you won’t be eating all that soaked-up oil. 

Make sure to make the dipping sauce to help cut through the rich fried chicken sandwich. 

Ingredients include: Turnips, parsnips, golden beets, red beets, and avocado oil.

Having a cold, creamy, and semi-sweet side is the best match for a fried chicken sandwich.

The luscious sauce mixed with the mixed thinly-sliced lettuce feels great in the mouth. 

Recreate this medley of textures in your kitchen the next time you whip up a fried chicken sandwich.

Ingredients include: Coleslaw mix, ground mustard, celery salt, mayonnaise, sour cream, and sugar.

Sweet potatoes drenched in a tempting caramelized sauce of maple syrup and brown sugar.

A sweet companion to a savory sandwich.

Go ahead and make this for a side dish and dessert rolled into one.

Ingredients include: Sweet potatoes, maple syrup, butter, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Soft and silky vegetables coated in a thick sauce evoke warm feelings from the moment you take a bite.

Even from just the looks of it, this dish can guarantee that what you’re eating will be a guilt-free and comforting meal.

Ingredients include: Collard greens, bacon, Hungarian paprika, apple cider vinegar, and chicken broth.

A strong and crispy side, you won’t regret giving this recipe a try. 

A pile of rings that are as indulgent as the chicken sandwich.

Ingredients include: Yellow onion, buttermilk, beer, flour, and oil.

The cheesy taste of these Zucchini Tots complements the savory chicken sandwich well. 

The combination of the mild salty cheese, the excellent texture of the zucchini, and the sweet bread will truly excite your taste buds.
Ingredients include: Zucchinis, Panko bread crumbs, sharp cheddar cheese, eggs, and cornstarch.

A sweeter take on plain old potato fries.

Serve this with your fried chicken sandwich for that pop of color on your plate.

Ingredients include: Sweet potatoes, avocado oil, kosher salt, paprika, and ground pepper.

A crispy and cheesy side snack is awesome with fried chicken sandwiches.

Crispy, gooey, and packed with cheese, these are great to have in between bites of the sandwich.

Ingredients include: Cheese curds, bread crumbs, eggs, flour, Parmesan cheese, and Italian seasoning.

Another zucchini entry in our list of side dishes.

Strips of zucchini coated in breadcrumbs and air-fried for that tasty crunch.

Remember to make the dipping sauce for that mouth-watering combination of textures and flavors.

Ingredients include: Zucchini, eggs, breadcrumbs, extra virgin olive oil, and Parmesan cheese.

A light and refreshing salad.

Ideal pairing for a chicken sandwich on a bright and sunny day.

Ingredients include: Cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, red wine vinegar, and olive oil.

A decadent side dish but not overly so.

The ideal creamy dish, made with chunky potatoes, hits the spot.

Ingredients include: Potatoes, mayonnaise, mustard, relish, and eggs.

Try this Easy Yukon Gold Potato Salad Recipe

A hot new take on coleslaw.

A blend of thinly-cut cabbage tossed in a vinegar-based dressing that excites the taste buds.

Ingredients include: Green cabbage, red cabbage, carrots, apple cider vinegar, and honey.

You’ll love our No-Mayo Carolina Coleslaw Recipe.

A serving of brussels sprouts coated with honey and balsamic vinegar.

The balsamic vinegar and honey create a flavor profile that’s a match made in heaven.

Go ahead and make this to give your sandwich a more Mediterranean flavor.

Ingredients include: Brussels sprouts, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, kosher salt, and honey.

A bowl of broccoli florets coated in sweet mustard dressing with some roasted almonds. 

A creamy spoonful of this salad goes well with the amazing crunch of the sandwich.

Ingredients include: Broccoli, honey, dijon mustard, almonds, and tamari.

A southern staple that is just as indulgent as a fried chicken sandwich.

One bite of this, and you just can’t help but feel good, happy, and satisfied.

Ingredients include: Elbow macaroni, cheddar cheese, gruyere cheese, panko bread crumbs, and dijon mustard.

A tart and tasty slaw that goes well with any main dish.

The apples give the dish a sweet and tart flavor, while the jicama readily acts as a vessel for the flavors of this side.

Ingredients include: Jicama, green apples, limes, olive oil, and jalapeños.

A side dish that has minimal prep and is ready in 10 minutes?

Yes, please.

A recipe for perfectly roasted corn that you can make in the oven.

Ingredients include: Corn on the cob, unsalted butter, salt, and pepper.

A medley of flavors that provides what the chicken sandwich lacks.

The sweetness of the pineapple is a great companion to the savory and umami taste of the fried chicken sandwich.

Ingredients include: Cabbage, carrots, pineapple chunks, apple cider vinegar, and mayonnaise.

Enjoy pulling the cheese and seeing it stretch.

Remember to freeze the sticks before frying, or they’ll make a mess while frying.

Ingredients include: String cheese, panko breadcrumbs, Italian seasoning, egg, and buttermilk.

A side that’s usually eaten for good luck.

Go ahead and get lucky and comfortable with your Black Bean Salad and fried chicken sandwich.

If you don’t like cilantro, it’s perfectly fine to make this dish without some.

Ingredients include: Black-eyed peas, black beans, lime juice, white balsamic vinegar, and olive oil.

A quintessential American side that’s easy to make.

Moist Cornbread brings joy to your soul.

Recreate this dish if you like your sandwich with some corn and bread.

Ingredients include: Yellow cornmeal, flour, whole milk, sour cream, and honey.

Try our Jalapeño Cheddar Cornbread.

A classic side that is the perfect match to any dipping sauce.

Their large size ensures you can get a generous portion of your favorite sauce.

Go ahead and make this side if you have some extra sauce from your sandwich.

Ingredients include: Potatoes, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, and black pepper.

The classic side to any sandwich.

This recipe calls for fresh ingredients that are better for you.

For as little as 35 minutes, you’ll have this ready in no time.

Ingredients include: Potatoes, peanut oil, and kosher salt.

The bourbon gives the baked beans a depth of flavor that complements the sandwich.

The ideal combination of sweet and savory with the great texture of beans.

Make this dish for a meal that’s truly filling.

Ingredients include: Bourbon, smoked paprika, molasses, assorted beans, and yellow mustard.

25. Mojos

Round potato slices coated in batter and fried ‘til they’re golden brown.

A great addition that makes the whole meal more appetizing.

Ingredients include: Potatoes, eggs, flour, paprika, and oil spray.

Another southern staple that’s the ideal match for your chicken sandwich.

Fried cornbread coated in breadcrumbs for that amazing mouthfeel and comforting taste.

Ingredients include: Cornbread mix, buttermilk, panko bread crumbs, egg, and baking powder.

A comforting side that’s filling.

This recipe makes for a dish that’s pleasing for both the eyes and your tastebuds.

A work of art in a casserole dish.

Ingredients include: Butternut squash, ground beef, shredded cheese, kale, and paprika.

The bottom line

We’ve reached the end of the list. 

Now you have ideas on what to serve alongside your fried chicken sandwich, so it doesn’t get lonely.

Whether you prefer to have potatoes, squash, or other vegetables with your sandwich, this list has something for you.

Come back to this list for side dishes that can excite your taste buds, give you a good dose of vegetables, or provide that comforting feeling that only food can provide.

More About Fried Chicken

What To Serve With Fried Chicken Sandwiches: 27 Best Sides

What To Serve With Fried Chicken Sandwiches: 27 Best Sides

Wondering what to serve with fried chicken sandwiches? Check out this list to get brilliant side inspirations for your all-time favorite sandwich!


  • Baked Root Chips
  • Creamy Coleslaw
  • Candied Sweet Potatoes
  • Instant Pot Collard Greens
  • Beer-Battered Onion Rings
  • Cheesy Zucchini Tots
  • Oven-Baked Sweet Potato Fries
  • Air Fryer Cheese Curds
  • Air Fryer Zucchini Fries
  • Cucumber Tomato Salad
  • Potato Salad
  • Vinegar-Based Coleslaw
  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts
  • Broccoli Salad
  • Macaroni And Cheese
  • Jicama Apple Slaw
  • Oven Roasted Corn
  • Hawaiian Coleslaw
  • Mozzarella Sticks
  • Black Bean Salad
  • Cornbread
  • Roasted Potato Wedges
  • French Fries
  • Bourbon Baked Beans
  • Mojos
  • Homemade Hush Puppies
  • Butternut Squash Casserole


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