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Lecker! Here Are 30 BEST German Foods To Awaken Your Taste Buds

Lecker! Here Are 30 BEST German Foods To Awaken Your Taste Buds

Let’s go on a culinary trip to Deutschland to discover a whole world of 30 German foods and recipes!

Germany is known for beers, sausages, and festivals! 

Although it has a variety of cuisines from its different regions, Germany is more than the sum of its parts. 

It has castles, forested hills, beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and of course, the finest traditional cuisines that will excite you!

Germans go heavy on meat, potatoes, bread, and plenty of greens. 

They eat heartily, and this habit can be the first reason why you should love German foods. 

So here are the best 30 German foods that you shouldn’t miss. 

From the authentic to the contemporary, try recipes like German Red Cabbage, Black Forest Cake, and Bacon Cookies to Fish Sandwiches!

#28 is a surprise! 

Your kids will surely love it! 

We bet you’re famished, so let’s start making flavorful and hearty German meals to fill your day! 

On to the kitchen!

Looking for the most delectable German cheesecake?

It’s here in front of you!

Its recipe calls for Quark cheese, making this dessert a one in a million. 

Wanna know more?

The lemon gives the cheesecake its strong flavor. 

If you want an ultimate German experience at home, this recipe is one that you should not miss. 

Rouladen is one of Germany’s most famous dishes. 

It is filled with bacon, mustard, onions, and pickles- simmered in the richest and creamiest gravy you will ever taste.

Try Schnitzel if you want traditional German cuisine with a cultural twist.

When served with lemon juice or rich mushroom gravy, these breaded pork and thinly-sliced chicken are the best of both worlds.

Serve it with mashed or baked potatoes or French fries for a complete meal experience.

Try this German skillet with mustard cream sauce if you are thinking of a dish to make with that sauerkraut sitting in your fridge. 

The sauerkraut has this distinct tangy flavor that’s unimaginably delicious, especially when blended with potatoes, sausage, and mustard. 

You may mistake these for kimchi minus the fiery spice. 

Serve it with your friends and family; definitely, it’ll sell right off the gate. 

Knoephla, a hearty German soup, is sure to do more than just to keep you warm.

It’s a typical chicken-dumpling soup, full of flavor and texture and perfect with a side of vegetables.

This dish will transport you to happy times spent in the kitchen with your grandmother during your weekend visits when you were a kid. 

What an incredible link, don’t you think?

Eintopf is well-known in Germany’s southern area.

It is a dish loaded with veggies, onions, potatoes, lentils, and sausages. 

The bratwurst gives that beautiful smoky note, making it incredibly tasty. 

Enjoy it with crusty bread to mop out its tasty juices, and don’t miss the cold beer. 

It’s Oktoberfest!

Fall in love with Sauerbraten’s sweet and sour gravy and tender roasted beef. 

For one good reason, this dish is sure to please. 

The marinated mixture of spices, vinegar, and red wine will tender and flavor the meat. 

You might get daunted by its complex preparation; long but well worth it.

Your weekend backyard party will not be complete without grilled foods!

The marinade sauce has a magic touch from its various seasonings, making these grilled German pork chops tempting. 

You’ll love how tasty these schwenkbraten will become with paprika and pepper!

We bet that you wouldn’t like to get stung by a bee, but to get stung by this German cake is worth trying. 

Bienenstich or German bee sting cake is a yeasted cake with honey almond toppings and pastry cream that’s so yummy. 

This delish German cake will sting your taste buds with so much goodness and its irresistible creamy texture.

The pasta pockets of Maultaschen are filled with bread, spinach, meat, and spices. 

It is served in a bowl of stock or broth that everyone from the Swabia region takes pride in.

You may mistake Flammkuchen as a pizza, but it is not. 

This recipe calls for veggies, meat, and spices. 

And oops, your creativity. 

Throw it with any toppings you like; the sky’s the limit!

If you are looking for popular dishes at beer gardens, look no further and try Obatzda. 

You can eat it, use it as a bread spread, or enjoy it with radishes or pretzels. 

Obatzda has a strong and sharp taste with a rich and creamy consistency. 

You’re probably wondering how it gets its orange color? 

It’s all because of paprika!

Imagine the nutty flavor from the Gruyere cheese blended with the mild flavor of crispy fried onions- it’s just heavenly!

This German Spaetzle casserole is delicious, especially if incorporated with herbs and spices like chives, basil, or parsley.

A game-day weeknight with your friends calls for a sumptuous dinner!

By that, Bratwurst in beer with onions fits the bill. 

Spicy German sausages simmered in caramelized onions, spices, and beer give off a burst of flavor that your guests will enjoy.

Had a long day?

Let this one-pot German goulash comfort you with its rich and creamy texture and tender chunks of meat that slowly melt in your mouth. 

Make it extra creamy by adding sour cream to the mixture.

Kartoffelpuffer or German potato pancakes will sell as soon as you serve them on the table. 

You’re probably wondering why. 

These potato pancakes are soft and fluffy on the inside and crispy and golden outside. 

So soft, they’ll melt in your mouth. 

​​Satisfy your sweet tooth with these German sour cream twist cookies. 

These sweet bites will remind you of your grandma’s cookies that you made together back in the day. 

You’ll love even more these German sweets and treats.

Salad, anyone?

Fleischsalat, or German meat salad, is loaded with salads, cheese bread, cold cuts, diced pickles, and cheese! 

Enjoy its creamy and crunchy texture with a slice of bread.

Tempt the kids with these golden bites of salted and slightly sweet soft German pretzel sticks. 

Serve it with a cup of hot chocolate or juice. 

This game-day treat is sure to lift their spirits.

If you love apples, you’ll love these German apple fritters more. 

It’s a winning treat for kids and adults too. 

The sweetness of the vanilla sauce and the tartness of green apples complement each other perfectly.

And if you think that they are not sweet enough, sprinkling cinnamon sugar will do the trick.

If you are looking for a German soup recipe with a touch of German culture, then try Kartoffelsuppe. 

This small appetizer will make your hearty dinner meal from bland to grand. 

You can tweak the recipe a little, depending on your preferences in spices and ingredients. 

Nevertheless, it will turn out creamy and delicious!

Even more German soups to try right here.

If you are having potato dumplings or something roasted for dinner, red cabbage is a great side dish.

So, what is it about red cabbage that makes it special and tasty?

It has chopped apples and apple cider vinegar, which make this dish taste even better.

The apples add to the flavor and go well with the slightly sweet red cabbage.

German stollen is such a steal! 

This Christmas yeast bread is loaded with dried fruits, nuts, spices, and candied citrus peel. 

Its thick coat of powdered sugar will remind you of the snowy German landscape vibes. 

Its spices and flavor convey the warmth that the Christmas season brings. 

Cookies are perfect, but if incorporated with bacon, why not?

Speck Plätzchen is a good head start for that cocktail party you are planning. 

The caramelized onions and smoky bacon bring that savory taste to these German bacon cookies. 
These little bites will surely give your taste buds a blast! 

You’ll crave for more Bratkartoffeln after you get a taste of this dish. 

The combination of fried potatoes and crispy bacon caramelized with onions is mouth-watering!

It’s buttery on the inside and crispy on the outside, what else could you ask for?

Are you looking for a light and comforting dish?

Flädlesuppe will give you the castle vibes around the Swabian region, something to warm your heart while taking a sip of this German crepe soup. 

Want to add even more to this soup meal? These German appetizers should do the trick.

On April Fool’s Day, you could play a joke on your kids by giving them spaghetti ice cream.

They may mistake these for a plate of spaghetti, but it’s just ice cream and strawberry sauce.

Like adding cheese to a plate of spaghetti, topping it with shredded coconut or white chocolate makes it taste better.

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte is a classic German dessert with an interesting link to Southwestern Germany’s Black Forest mountain range.

This three-layer cake is light and fluffy!

Its cherries and whipped cream are such a showstopper!

Fischbrötchen is a fish sandwich with a little twist. 

It is served in a crusty bread roll instead of the usual burger bun. 

Gherkins, remoulade, and a whole lot of lettuces make up this dish’s fillings.

Finish it off with ketchup and fried onions on top! 

Or check out this incredible list of German side dishes here!

The bottom line

There’s more to Germany than just bratwurst and beers. 

Additionally, it offers some of the world’s most popular cuisines that you should definitely try!

So, if you’re thinking about trying German food, this list can serve as a great starting point.

Guten Appetit!

Top 30 BEST German Foods 🥨

Top 30 BEST German Foods 🥨

Let’s go on a culinary trip to Deutschland to discover a whole world of 30 German foods and recipes!


  • German Cucumber Salad
  • Classic German Cheesecake With Quark
  • Authentic German Rouladen
  • German Schnitzel
  • German Skillet With Mustard Cream Sauce
  • Knoephla Soup
  • Eintopf
  • Sauerbraten
  • Schwenkbraten
  • Bienenstich
  • Maultaschen
  • Flammkuchen
  • Obatzda
  • German Spaetzle Casserole
  • Bratwurst In Beer With Onions
  • German Goulash
  • Kartoffelpuffer
  • German Sour Cream Twists
  • Fleischsalat
  • German Pretzel Sticks
  • Apfelküchle
  • Kartoffelsuppe
  • German Red Cabbage
  • Traditional German Stollen
  • German Bacon Cookies
  • Bratkartoffeln
  • Flädlesuppe
  • German Spaghetti Ice Cream
  • German Classic Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte
  • Fischbrötchen


  1. Look over our list of German Foods. 
  2. Find one or two you want to try. 
  3. Gather your ingredients and get cookin’ and chewin’!

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