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🧀 29 BEST Havarti Cheese Recipes: Savory Cheesy Delights Galore! 🧀

🧀 29 BEST Havarti Cheese Recipes: Savory Cheesy Delights Galore! 🧀

Thanks for stopping by! We’ve gathered a list of the best Havarti Cheese Recipes you can make at home.

You may have heard of the popular Cheddar and Monterey Jack, but have you heard of Havarti? 

This Danish cheese is semi-soft and can be sliced easily. 

This cheese has a mild, sweet buttery taste that is complemented by subtle hints of acidity, appealing to a wide range of palates.

Havarti is a popular cheese among children, which is why it often makes its way to their snacks and lunches.

It is a cow cheese that is cream to pale yellow in color and is interior-ripened for about three months to a year, depending on the texture and intensity of flavor desired.

Unlike other cheeses, Havarti has a buttery and savory aroma that is not off-putting.

It has an extra rich variety, aptly called Cream Havarti, with cream added to it to bring out the cheese’s butterfat.

Havarti Cheese Recipes abound on the internet because of the cheese’s versatility and potential to complement different textures and flavors.

This beautiful cheese blends well with other cheeses, aromatic herbs, and even fruit!

Check out the scrumptious sandwiches, quiches, dips, pastries, and more that we lined up for you.

Feast your eyes on #24, a decadent and gorgeous dish!

Ready your cheese knives while we know more about this delectable cheese!

Let’s start the list off with something simple, a grilled cheese sandwich.

But hey, if Oprah has her seal of approval on it, then it might just make its way to your favorites too!

Ingredients include: Havarti cheese, wheat bread, vine-ripe tomato, honey, and basil.

The sweet, soft, and fluffy Hawaiian rolls are the perfect vehicle for the beautiful marriage of Canadian Bacon and Havarti Cheese.

Add in a good helping of Pesto Glaze, and you just might think you’ve gone to food heaven!

Ingredients include: Havarti cheese, Canadian bacon, Hawaiian rolls, pesto, and dijon mustard.

Havarti cheese works really well with bacon and quiche.

It provides a creamy and buttery texture that elevates the quiche.

Ingredients include: Havarti cheese, bacon, deep dish pie crust, eggs, and sour cream.

Serve this creamy Havarti dip with crackers, cucumbers, baby carrots, and celery at your next party!

Ingredients include: Havarti cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream, red onion, and salt.

Seafood usually works well with cheese, and this Grilled Lobster dish with some Havarti cheese is no exception. 

The sweet chili butter also perfectly complements the fresh seafood and creamy flavor.

Ingredients include: Havarti cheese, russet potatoes, lobster tails, grilled corn kernels, and fresh mixed herbs.

Spinach is a prime leafy vegetable to mix with cheese, and macaroni makes this a filling meal!

Broccoli and cauliflower are also great candidates to add to this dish.

Ingredients include: Havarti cheese, elbow macaroni, fresh spinach, flour, and milk.

This is another great dish to serve at parties as hors d’oeuvres or as a side to salads, soups, or pasta dishes.

It’s a good dish to make with leftover roast beef.

Ingredients include: Havarti cheese, French bread, roast beef, sour cream, and grilled lettuce.

Potato soup in itself is already a comforting dish, but the addition of Harvati cheese makes this more hearty and flavorful.

Ingredients include: Havarti cheese, potatoes, vegetable broth, cream cheese, and half and half.

Grilled cheese is a classic, and the spinach basil pesto and artichoke make a delicious twist.

It’s also a good way to inject some greens into your meals. 

Ingredients include: Havarti cheese, whole grain bread, artichoke hearts, spinach basil pesto, and butter.

Tomato soup and grilled cheese is an iconic pair, and this version is classier that can work great as an appetizer for a much heftier meal.

Ingredients include: Havarti cheese, sourdough bread, vegetable stock, sun-dried tomatoes, and heavy cream.

The blend of flavors of cherry tomatoes, basil, and cheese is always good.

The chicken adds a protein element to it. that makes it more filling.

It’s a good low-carb meal.

Ingredients include: Havarti cheese, chicken breasts, balsamic vinegar, cherry tomatoes, and basil.

Mushroom and cheese are a staple pizza flavor.

The Havarti cheese and truffle oil take this classic flavor to another level!

Ingredients include: Havarti cheese, shiitake mushrooms, baby bella mushrooms, fontina cheese, and dry sherry.

Arepas are Venezuelan grilled corn dough patties.

This dish is a hefty one with plantain and black bean, but it sure is tasty too.

Ingredients include: Havarti cheese, corn masa, black beans, avocado, and ripe plantain.

Cheese always has a home with lasagna, and in this dish, it is joined by ricotta and parmesan and a good helping of crab meat.

Ingredients include: Havarti cheese, ricotta cheese, oven-ready lasagna noodles, crab meat, and kale.

These savory Grougeres or cream puff doughs are ideal snacks to include in charcuterie boards or even as an accompaniment to soups. 

Ingredients include: Havarti Cheese, eggs, dried dill weed, flour, and paprika.

Who would have known that apples and cheese would work well together?

Havarti cheese is perfect to pair with crisp apples and crunchy pecans.

Ingredients include: Havarti Cheese, flatbread or naan, dijon mustard, granny smith apple, and pecans.

Leeks, when caramelized, become sweeter and pair amazingly with Havarti, while the flaky pancakes complement them greatly.

Ingredients include: Havarti cheese, flour, leeks, canola oil, and olive oil.

Want to upgrade your charcuterie boards to another level?

Try making this for your cheese board to amaze your guests.

Ingredients include: Havarti cheese, cream cheese, feta cheese, oregano leaves, and milk.

Did you know that you can use flavored cheeses in sushi?

This Havarti Sushi Roll and its Teriyaki Tempeh companion are Japanese-inspired bursts of flavors.

Ingredients include: Havarti cheese, rice, nori sheets, teriyaki, and shiitake mushrooms.

Soft and semi-soft cheeses have been traditionally known to blend really well with the flavors of fig, and this pastry is a great example of that perfect blend.

Ingredients include: Havarti cheese, puff pastry, mascarpone cheese, fig butter, and pistachios.

This one is another Havarti and apple dish with a heaping amount of protein in the form of chicken breasts.

Ingredients include: Havarti cheese, chicken breasts, gala apple, fresh thyme, and olive oil.

This dish is a marriage of waffles and sandwiches.

They are great as on-the-go breakfasts and even packed snacks.

Ingredients include: Havarti cheese, waffles, bacon, and peach jam.

Looking for a snack that looks excellent and tastes delicious as well?

These puffed pastry bites would look great at your next brunch.

Ingredients include: Havarti Cheese, puff pastry, pear, walnuts, and thyme.

A truly photogenic dish, this burger has the bright colors of red onions, blueberries, and baby arugula.

Ingredients include: Havarti cheese, ground beef, frozen blueberries, basil, and garlic.

A single piece of this filling, savory croissant has a helping of asparagus, purple potatoes, and Harvati – a complete meal on its own.

Ingredients include: Havarti cheese, purple potato, asparagus, unsalted butter, and chives.

Cranberry and creamy cheese are already great together, but when paired with some crisp toast and a kick of heat and it is a refreshing taste.

Ingredients include: Havarti cheese, baguette, hot pepper cranberry jelly, coconut mayonnaise, and apples.

Cheese is a staple in nachos, and Havarti is a fantastic cheese because it’s creamy; it complements the usual mix-ins and garnishes.

Ingredients include: Havarti cheese, pork loin, chicken stock, tortilla chips, and black beans.

This sweet and creamy meal can be served with crisp fruits like apples, pears, baguette slices, and crackers.

Ingredients include: Havarti cheese, pecans, butter, granny smith apples, and caramel sauce.

A delicious savory pastry that combines the classic flavors of Italian sausage, spinach, and Havarti cheese in a flaky, buttery crescent roll: Italian Sausage, Spinach & Havarti Crescent Braid.

The sausage is cooked with onion for added depth of flavor, while the spinach provides a fresh component.

The Harvarti cheese is melted and gooey, adding a rich and creamy texture to the dish.

The crescent braid is easy to make and perfect for any occasion, from brunch to dinner parties.

Ingredients include: Havarti cheese, bell peppers, mayonnaise, cream cheese, and pepper jack cheese.

The bottom line

With this extensive line-up of Havarti cheese dishes, you may want to consider Havarti cheese for the next meal that requires semi-soft cheese.

Havarti cheese may not be as well-known as cheddar, but it is a tasty semi-soft cheese that can add a buttery, creamy texture to any dish.

Savory or sweet dishes will have flavorful upgrades when Havarti is added to them.

Fruits such as blueberries, apples, and figs complement the savory taste of Harvati cheese well, while spices and herbs enhance the silky texture of the cheese.

Serve out Harvati in a dip, on bread, or in pastries as appetizers with your favorite drinks for a great way to entertain your guests.

Expand your cheese palate and try out these Havarti cheese dishes!

More About Havarti Cheese

29 BEST Havarti Cheese Recipes 🧀

29 BEST Havarti Cheese Recipes 🧀

Serve these 29 easy Harvati cheese recipes; in a dip, on bread, or in pastries with your favorite drinks to entertain your guests!


  • Oprah’s Favorite Grilled Cheese
  • Canadian Bacon & Havarti Cheese Sliders With Pesto Glaze
  • Bacon Havarti Quiche
  • Keto Havarti Cheese Dip
  • Sweet Chili Butter Grilled Lobster Fries With Aged Havarti Cheese
  • Spinach Havarti Mac & Cheese
  • Roast Beef & Havarti Cheese Crostini
  • Havarti Potato Soup
  • Pesto, Artichoke & Havarti Grilled Cheese
  • Tomato Soup With Grilled Havarti Cheese Croutons
  • Baked Bruschetta Chicken
  • Mushroom Pizza With Havarti Cheese, Fresh Herbs & White Truffle Oil
  • Plantain, Black Bean & Havarti Arepas
  • Creamy Havarti-Crab Lasagna
  • Havarti Cheese Puffs/Grougeres
  • Apple, Dijon & Havarti Flatbread
  • Leek & Havarti Pancakes
  • Havarti Cheese Ball
  • Teriyaki Tempeh & Wild Garlic Havarti Sushi Roll
  • Havarti-Fig Butter Pastries Drizzled With Honey
  • Havarti & Apple Stuffed Chicken
  • Bacon, Havarti & Peach Wafflewiches
  • Havarti, Pear & Walnut Puffed Pastry Bites
  • Red, White & Blueberry Bacon Burger With Basil Aioli
  • Purple Potato, Asparagus & Havarti Croissants
  • Havarti & Hot Pepper Cranberry Toasties
  • Hatch Chile Pork Nachos With Havarti Cheese
  • Caramel Havarti
  • Italian Sausage, Spinach & Havarti Crescent Braid


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