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15 Canned Asparagus Recipes (Quick And Easy Dishes)

15 Canned Asparagus Recipes (Quick And Easy Dishes)

Try these best canned asparagus recipes we’ve found on the internet and take your taste buds as far as it goes!

Asparagus has long been associated with elegance and sophistication. 

They’re a favorite of Greek and Roman rulers, and back then, they were only served to royal families.

They are slender and lean, just like supermodels, but tastier.

But due to their seasonal nature, fresh asparagus are sometimes hard to find; it feels like you’re on an asparagus-hunting adventure.

Good thing there are canned asparagus available all year round at grocery stores and supermarkets.

These edible unicorn horn veggies are as versatile as a swiss army knife.

You can grill, saute, blanch, boil, and eat them raw.

They are so versatile we’ve prepared canned asparagus recipes you would surely adore.

Have a taste of the South with the Southern Asparagus Casserole, or feel the oomph of Spain with the Ensalada Valenciana Salad.

The magical sleight of hand salad will mesmerize you, while the crispy asparagus pockets are palatable treasures.

#14 is a real taste-bud turner and will make you a fan at first taste.

How do you use those canned asparagus sitting in your cupboard?

Here are the best canned asparagus recipes that you can try.

This elegant and sophisticated salad gives you a taste of Mediterranean cuisine.

It’s the flavorful taste of capers that does the trick!

Good with smoked salmon or as a side for barbeque.

For those unfamiliar with capers, it’s the unripened seed heads and flower buds of a prickly plant of Mediterranean origin. 

Ingredients include: Green and red pepper, capers, olive oil, hard-boiled eggs, and white wine vinegar.

There are tons of ways that you can use canned asparagus as a side dish.

One is this elegant white asparagus recipe that is both appetizing and savory.

The Parmesan cheese mixed with a dash of cayenne gave this recipe a delectable boost.

Ingredients include: Parmesan cheese, pepper, parsley, cayenne powder, and butter.

Asparagus is often roasted or blanched when eaten but try this recipe, and you’ll never go back to roasting the spring vegetable again.

Adding heavy cream makes this smooth, creamy soup richer and creamier.

It’s like having a day spa for your taste buds.

Ingredients include: Chicken, vegetable broth, asparagus tips, salt, and pepper.

A perfect fit for this casserole recipe, the canned asparagus adds a soft texture to the already flavorful dish.

Add some twist by putting spices or ketchup to the cream mixture.

Ingredients include: Heavy cream, parmesan cheese, pepper, garlic, and chili powder.

A creamy take on the old asparagus casserole.

You will be impressed how the ingredients went well together, from the flavor to the texture.

The original recipe uses fresh asparagus, but you can also use some canned asparagus. 

Ingredients include: Asparagus, cream of mushroom soup, cheddar cheese, crushed butter crackers, and butter.

This simple yet intriguing recipe originated from the Kiwis.

A couple of ingredients that can be done in a couple of minutes.

The result? 

Not bad at all.

Ingredients include: Wheat bread, canned asparagus, cayenne, butter, and lemon zest.

Want a quick-cooking soup that’s easy to serve and equally satisfying?

Look no further than the classic Chicken Asparagus Soup.

The flavor and texture of chicken and asparagus complement each other perfectly.

Ingredients include: Chicken breast, onion, garlic, olive oil, and spinach.

Another name for this dish? 

Spargel Flammkuchen.

That’s how sophisticated this recipe sounds.

This flatbread has lots of cheese, so it’s guaranteed to satisfy your cheese cravings.

Ingredients include: Cambozola cheese, prosciutto, pine nuts, and red onions.

A simple recipe with exquisite flavors. 

The white sauce makes or breaks this dish, so follow the instructions to a tee.

Ingredients include: Butter or margarine, all-purpose flour, and jarred asparagus.

Imagine dining in a Michelin-star restaurant and enjoying these flavorful, square-shaped, pocket-sized turn-overs.

Except you’re just at your dinner table.

But it sure tastes classy.

Ingredients include: Seaweed flakes, hoisin sauce, filo pantry, and olive oil.

C’mon, have a taste of Valencia, Spain, right in your own dining room.

This Spanish salad is loaded with so much zest and great flavors, from the tuna to the pimiento-stuffed Spanish olives.

Ingredients include: Spanish olives, tuna, tomatoes, jarred corn, and lettuce.

Strange as it may seem, the combination of sweet potato and asparagus works brilliantly.

The right amount of sweetness combined with the earthy flavor is just what our palates need.

Ingredients include: Sweet potatoes, shallots, soy margarine, vegetable broth, and brown sugar.

No, David Copperfield did not make this salad.

But the dish will disappear before your very eyes.

Because you’ll eat this magically delicious dish until they’re no longer there.

Ingredients include: Frozen peas, chopped walnuts, basil, cheese, and butter.

Reminds you of your grandma’s weekend recipe. 

Appetizing, savory, and, most of all, cooked with love.

And lots of asparagus, Of course.

Ingredients include: Chicken broth, chicken breast, Worcestershire sauce, onions, and lemon zest.

Down to our last, but definitely not the least canned asparagus recipe.

The mixture of lemon juice, chives, and the creme fraiche makes every bite explode with flavor.

And relax–toast points are just toasted bread cut into pointy triangles.

Ingredients include: Creme fraiche, shrimp, lemon juice, dill, chives, and curry powder.

The bottom line

There you go; here are some of the best canned asparagus recipes we’ve proudly found that would make your dinner plate more sophisticated than you actually are. (just kidding!)

Good thing these canned asparagus are available anywhere.

So whether fresh or canned, don’t be afraid to get “stalky” with asparagus, and with this list–you’ll find the best asparagus recipe that’s worth adding to your weekly rotation.

15 Canned Asparagus Recipes (Quick And Easy Dishes)

15 Canned Asparagus Recipes (Quick And Easy Dishes)

Try these best canned asparagus recipes we’ve found on the internet and take your taste buds as far as it goes!


  • White Asparagus With Caper Salad
  • White Asparagus Side Dish
  • Cream Of Asparagus Soup
  • Baked Canned Asparagus Casserole
  • Southern Asparagus Casserole
  • Asparagus Rolls
  • Chicken Asparagus Soup
  • White Asparagus Flatbread
  • White Asparagus With White Sauce
  • Crispy Asparagus Pockets
  • Ensalada Valenciana Salad
  • Sweet Potato And Asparagus Soup
  • Sleight Of Hand Salad
  • Chicken Fricassee
  • Shrimp Salad On Toast Points


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