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15 Just-Right Jicama Recipes: Try The Crisp, Low-Carb Potato Substitute!

15 Just-Right Jicama Recipes: Try The Crisp, Low-Carb Potato Substitute!

It’s not always easy to find jicama, but we think you’ll enjoy one of these 15 jicama recipes to add to your meal planning!

Have you heard of jicama, the crisp root vegetable? 

Jicama is a Mexican plant, and the root portion of the plant is what people love to eat!

Jicama also grows in Peru, so this yummy vegetable is in recipes all over the world. 

This root vegetable has a unique nutty but sweet taste and often replaces potatoes, especially in keto diets. 

A keto diet features high-fat, adequate-protein, and low-carbohydrate foods, so people on this diet often avoid grains like bread and pasta.

Think of jicama like a potato’s somewhat sweeter cousin that can be served raw, unlike high-maintenance potatoes that need to be cooked. 

The root vegetable is also juicier than a potato, making it ideal for salads and slaw that potato is often left out of. 

Jicama can step in for potatoes, pasta, cabbage, and many other ingredients, so it works in a variety of meals. 

It even finds its way into jicama recipes and can be a substitute for apples or pears. 

Our list of the best jicama recipes features traditional jicama recipes and departures that will show you the flexibility of this ingredient. 

You can make a Thanksgiving pie, robust stew, or even macaroni and cheese using this neglected root vegetable that deserves a more prominent place in the culinary world.

Once you start using it, you’ll never wonder what to make with jicama again because the possibilities are practically endless. 

If you’re sick of the standard french fry, the boring breakfast, or the traditional beef stew, check out our list of the 15 best jicama recipes so you can get to know this versatile vegetable. 

From crispy and flavorful Herb Jicama Chips to light and lively Tea Sandwiches to the unexpected Churros, our list has everything you could imagine and more. 

Keep reading to get the recipe for a grain-free mac and cheese or a delicious spring roll.

Jicama fries are one of the most common recipes using jicama. 

Baked jicama fries are good, fried jicama fries are even better, but all jicama fries are delicious and crunchy.

Jicama fries are a popular jicama recipe, but we wanted to give you something more exciting, so these are loaded jicama fries!

The sweet but distinct taste of jicama makes it the perfect ingredient for an Asian-inspired salad.

This is an excellent dish for an afternoon snack or a side salad for the main dinner.

Sometimes ingredients like this just fly under the radar for too long, so we’re stepping up to inform people of how stellar jicama is. 

This is one of our favorite jicama recipes, so the only thing you need to cook for this dish is the shrimp, which takes five minutes.

Bacon is one of the most flavorful and briny cuts of meat and often people’s favorite.

If bacon isn’t your jam or you’ve given it up for whatever reason, we have a delicious jicama bacon substitute for you!

All it takes is some jicama and some pantry staples that you probably already have sitting in your kitchen.

If you’re not sure what to make with jicama, macaroni and cheese is a safe and easy recipe to try out.

This dish swaps out the pasta for the root vegetable, so the mac and cheese become a grain-free dish, perfect for people on gluten-free diets. 

By the end of our list, you’ll be perplexed that no one had ever told you how incredible this little root vegetable could be.

Many jicama recipes don’t feature cheese, which we believe to be a missed opportunity.

So enjoy this super cheesy meal!

One of the more standard jicama recipes is a salad full of tropical ingredients and flavors.

The slaw features mango, cucumber, lime, chili flakes, and avocado for an immensely refreshing jicama dish.

You can make this for a side dish or use it as a topping on tacos or a sandwich.

This dill potato salad doesn’t have any potatoes and instead uses jicama for its main ingredient.

The most noticeable difference between this jicama dill salad and a standard potato salad is that this is one of the raw jicama recipes, while potatoes are typically boiled for a potato salad.

Because of this, the result is much crunchier and sweeter than a normal potato salad but just as delicious.

This dish may seem simple, but the ingredients were chosen mindfully to create a well-balanced recipe in both texture and flavor.

The avocados are stuffed with a mixture of corn, jicama, and a sharp, zesty dressing.

The sweetness of the corn balances well with the nuttiness of the jicama, which is all cradled by a creamy, fresh avocado. 

Another one of the best jicama recipes, replacing your morning potatoes with some raw jicama is a clever way to use the vegetable.

Jicama recipes are wonderful because they can be for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert.

Top your jicama hash with an egg cooked just the way you like it, and you’ll never return to your former potato-hash self. 

Pair this with our jicama bacon recipe for a full jicama breakfast that will make you a believer in the versatility of this vegetable. 

You may not have thought to put this crunchy vegetable into a soup, but this is one of the best recipes with jicama for winter. 

This soup dish features shrimp because they pair well together, but it doesn’t need the shrimp to feel finished.

Unlike many jicama recipes, the jicama is boiled lightly in the soup, so you end up with softer jicama, but you still get all that rich flavor.

Another one of our favorite jicama recipes, jicama churros, shows that root vegetables have a place somewhere in the world of dessert. 

This baked jicama recipe uses less than five ingredients, so it’s a snap to make. 

Adults and kids alike will love having these jicama churros as an after-dinner snack, or they might even sneak one in before dinner!

These are the perfect treat for your next tea party!

Cucumber sandwiches are a classic tea party snack, but finger sandwiches are not exactly one of the standard jicama recipes. 

The cucumber and jicama have a similar crunch that makes the perfect finger sandwich.

Spring rolls are such a yummy appetizer or snack, and adding jicama gives the roll an added texture. 

The crunch from the jicama is the perfect addition to the soft and refreshing spring rolls. 

Shrimp might be the best protein to pair with jicama because the flavors meld so well together in the perfect mix of sweet and rich. 

So there isn’t actually any apple in this recipe because this is a jicama dish.

Instead of apples, you can replace your apple pie filling with similarly seasoned jicama. 

This is one of the best baked jicama recipes because it’s easy, and you would hardly ever know it was missing the fruit!

Of all the sweet jicama recipes, this one is pretty high up on the list.

Mashed potatoes are a popular comfort dish, but you can replace starchy potatoes with the fresh flavor of jicama. 

The sweet, nutty flavor of jicama brings a tasty twist to this Thanksgiving favorite. 

On top of being tasty, jicama is full of antioxidants and nutrients, so you can feel better about eating if your potato intake has gotten out of control, which happens, and we understand. 

Top with butter or cheese for an extra decadent dish that warms your belly and puts a smile on your face. 

This recipe follows a keto diet, but that doesn’t mean you have to!

Forget about potatoes because you’re about to fall in love with these herb-seasoned, pan-fried jicama chips that are super easy to make.

These chips are pan-fried and seasoned with fresh herbs and citrus zest to brighten the flavor. 

Next time you think about reaching for the Lays, try these tasty chips first!

The bottom line

Jicama is a unique root vegetable that many people don’t know about, but with recipes like these, everyone should know about it.

The world loves potatoes, but we feel confident that if the world gave jicama a chance, it would receive a very warm welcome. 

After all, this juicy root vegetable is the perfect balance between savory and sweet, and its versatility means it’s a great swap for your favorite potato dish! 

This list should stop you from ever wondering what you can make with jicama again because the answer is one of our 15 favorite jicama recipes. 

So if you’re in the mood for something sweet or something salty, jicama is there for you!

We hope you enjoy exploring the many recipes jicama works in and tell your friends about this forgotten vegetable!

Get to know these other taproots too!

15 Just-Right Ways To Use Jicama

15 Just-Right Ways To Use Jicama

Jicama isn’t just for keto-lovers, but it sure makes a great potato substitute! Try one of these Jicama Recipes to appreciate this crisp root vegetable more often!


  • Keto Air Fryer Jicama Fries
  • Thai Shrimp Jicama Salad
  • Jicama Bacon
  • Jicama Mac & Cheese
  • Tropical Jicama Slaw
  • Jicama Potato Salad
  • Jicama-Stuffed Avocados
  • Jicama Hashbrown Chaffle
  • Spicy Jicama Tortilla Soup
  • Jicama Churros
  • Jicama Tea Sandwiches
  • Shrimp & Jicama Spring Rolls
  • Jicama Apple Pie
  • Mashed Jicama
  • Jicama Chips With Citrus Herb Seasoning


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  3. Cook then enjoy immediately!
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