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Love Turnips? Choose From These 11 Tasty Turnip Soup Recipes

Love Turnips? Choose From These 11 Tasty Turnip Soup Recipes

Are you looking for turnip soup recipes? We’ve rounded up 11 of our favorite recipes with  turnips that you can recreate at home. 

Gone are the days when turnip soups are neglected by kids because with these recipes your children will begin to love turnips like never before.    

With perfectly combined flavors from different vegetables or soup bases, they will surprise you with their deliciousness and versatility.

Since they are versatile, you can partner turnips in soup with other ingredients that are available in your pantry. 

And this scenario allows you to experiment around with other vegetables or ingredients that you can add to your usual turnip soup and turn them into another masterpiece!  

For starters, the recipes below feature comforting soups prepared to suit a wide selection of preferences from a Low Carb Creamy Turnip Soup to savory Turnip Chorizo Soup that will help you serve delicious meals whenever you like.

Additionally, they spotlight many ingredients you can find at home, just like #7, letting you assemble a quality dish using an easy turnip soup recipe without breaking the bank.       

News Flash: We’re excited about your next favorite recipe for turnip soup! Let us know what you think in the comments!

Turnips, potatoes, onions, chicken stock, and butter are the only ingredients in this dish. 

Disregarding the fact that turnips are the primary ingredient, this dish was pleasantly surprising and above and beyond my expectations. 

Let me be clear: I adore turnips. 

However, I’ve discovered that this isn’t the case for most people. 

The combination of flavors in this soup softens the bitterness of the turnip and creates a thick and creamy soup without any other cream. 

Friendly advice, older turnips are more bitter and take longer to cook, so be aware of this when purchasing them. 

Small, young turnips are sweet and only slightly bitter, so look for them.

Have you ever heard of Steckrübensuppe? If not, it simply means turnip soup in German! 

And this version of turnip soup boasts extraordinary flavor, big thanks to the combination of frozen cubed turnips, hash brown potatoes, cooked meatballs, Vegeta (or salt), and pepper.

If you’re looking for a hearty yet quick soup to make, then this one is for you. 

Since the recipe calls for frozen ingredients, preparing this dish is a cinch because no more peeling and chopping would be necessary.

What deliciousness in a flash, indeed!  Love turnips? We have more here.

Craving for a hearty soup during a winter night? This Winter Root Vegetable Soup would be a great way to incorporate and introduce your root vegetables into your meal! 

You can use store-bought canned stock, but doing it the traditional homemade way can make the soup taste even better.

This recipe used oxtail and beef to make the stock.

Then, mix the vegetables with the broth to ensure that it results in a perfectly thick soup.

Pro-tip: Use an immersion blender and blast the soup to make its consistency thicker.

Although this Curried Turnip Soup has a creamy texture, it doesn’t have any dairy products. 

Pureeing the cooked vegetables is what gives it its creamy, velvety texture, making it an excellent pair for your choice of bread or with your choice of salad. 

To recreate this soup, make sure to prep your ingredients: onion, olive oil, ginger, ground coriander seeds, black mustard seeds, curry powder, carrots, and the star of the recipe—turnips.

Later on, drizzle either sour cream or plain yogurt over each bowl of soup to add more color contrast to the dish!

Another favorite take on turnip soups is this Korean Turnip Green Potato Soup. 

The combination of potato, turnip green, and Korean soybean paste gives it a homey and comforting taste. 

Pro-tip: Blanching your greens or turnip roots will remove the bitter taste of it and won’t disrupt the flavor of your soup.

With only six ingredients needed, you’ll already have a flavorful, creamy soup you’ve never imagined.

It’s simple yet delicious!

When making this recipe, start with melting the butter, sauté the leeks, and add the turnips and thyme.

Cook for about five minutes, place the water and wine to boil and leave the turnips to soften. 

Once satisfied with the taste, blend your soup mixture until you achieve a creamy consistency.

Season with your favorite spices, reheat, and serve it with a smile! 

Take my advice and taste the fantastic flavors combined for this recipe. 

You also might have the ingredients ready in the comfort of your home: canned vegetables, onion, smoked sausage, and chicken broth.

Low-carb fans who miss creamy soups like cream of potato will love this low-carb substitute! 

Although it does contain some butter, it is almost entirely dairy-free. Turnips are the source of all 
that creamy richness! 

When you get home from a heavy day from work, this would be the perfect soup to comfort you up from the inside out. 

To recreate this recipe, peel and cube the turnips for the soup’s base, then use a medium-sized saucepan that should be heated to medium-high heat, with the oil and butter added. 

Onion powder and dried thyme are excellent additions here. 

Cook the turnips and cover it for 7-8 minutes or until they start to soften.

This Broccoli Turnip Greens And Coconut Cream Soup would be one of my favorites! 

Imagine this, steamed broccoli and turnip greens that go well with coconut milk soup, which adds creaminess and sweetness to the soup. 

As a bonus, add in some spicy roasted chickpeas for some protein! 

Pro-tip: If you can’t find turnip greens, you can substitute kohlrabi or beet greens. 

Perfect for those chilly winter nights and days, this hearty one-pot meal is sure to keep you warm. 

The chorizo’s spices infuse the soup with flavor, while the turnips give a more complex taste to this recipe.  

This dish gets even better the next day, so you can either pack it for lunch or reheat it for dinner, and it’s also terrific when it’s cold! 

Turnip greens, which are quickly cooked and used as a garnish, are also included in the entire turnip. 

It’s a good rule of thumb to save the tops, which can be used similarly to spinach when sautéed. 

Cooked with garlic or chopped and sprinkled over as a garnish, they’re a delicious option.

For this soup, choose a white, creamy, and sweet turnip. 

Cauliflower is an excellent substitute for the Hakurei turnip or Macomber turnip in this recipe, which serves 4–6 people. 

Stir the garlic, oil, salt, and pepper into the vegetables in a large soup pot. 

When they begin to soften but don’t brown, remove them from the heat and set them aside.

Cook the soup for about 20 minutes, or until the vegetables are fork-tender. 

Add the broth and the hazelnuts (reserve a few for garnish). Let the soup cool completely before serving. 

Blend the soup with honey and milk in a blender or food processor. Adjust the seasoning to your liking. 

Gently reheat the soup and serve it in high-sided bowls that hold in the heat.

Some chopped chives, brown butter, and sumac are needed to make each bowl look appetizing.

The bottom line

If you’re planning to try a soup with turnips, any of these amazing turnip soup recipes would be a great choice! 

Whether you love a bowl of comforting soup or want something with a touch of spice in your scrumptious turnip soup recipe, this list has something for everyone, enabling you to complete your dish in style and have cozy soup days ahead.

Give these Turnip Salad recipes a try too!

Thanks for coming by!

11 Carve-Worthy Turnip Soups

11 Carve-Worthy Turnip Soups

Are you looking for turnip soup recipes? We’ve rounded up 11 of our favorite recipes with turnips for you to choose from.


  • Turnip Potato Soup
  • Quick Turnip Soup
  • Winter Root Vegetable Soup
  • Curried Turnip Soup
  • Korean Turnip Green Potato Soup
  • Turnip Leek Soup
  • Turnip Green Soup
  • Low Carb Creamy Turnip Soup
  • Broccoli Turnip Greens And Coconut Cream Soup
  • Turnip Chorizo Soup
  • White Turnip Soup With Hazelnut


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