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29 BEST Vegetarian Soups: Easy, Tasty, Hearty, Soups Here! ๐Ÿฒ

29 BEST Vegetarian Soups: Easy, Tasty, Hearty, Soups Here! 🍲

No meat in the house? Or are you going meatless for one meal or one lifetime? Check out our list of 29 tasty, hearty, Vegetarian Soups here!

You may have noticed the increasing emergence of many plant-based food items, ranging from meat alternatives to instant vegan food items and even snacks.

These products often cater to people practicing a wide array of vegetarian lifestyles, which could involve refraining from all or some meat, poultry, dairy products, and seafood.

This rise in the general awareness of vegetarian diets can stem from individual preference, lifestyle concerns, ethical considerations, and religious practice.

However, we could also argue that vegetarian dishes are underrated as an economical option, as the cost of meat rises dramatically in the U.S. and beyond.

While these food items do not contain meat, these meatless alternatives are just as eye-catching and scrumptious as dishes with meat, poultry, or fish.

We think you’ll especially love #2, #10, #19, and #24 is a treat worth trying!

Here are 29 mouth-watering meatless vegetarian soups—some decadent and sophisticated and some tasty yet economical!

Certain vegetarians would include certain dairy products, such as milk, into their meals.

In this case, the Carrot Peanut Soup is highly recommended for those with this diet as the milk brings a creamy twist to the luscious and nutty flavor of this dish!

Turnip soup recipes, anyone?

Tofu has always been one of the most popular meat alternatives for those who prefer a meatless diet.

In this case, this classic Chinese light soup dish perfectly blends the warm and tasty soup, leafy vegetables, and soft tofu.

Leftover veggies in your fridge will bum you out.

Not anymore, as you can combine slices of these veggies and add coconut milk to create this delicious Coconut Curry Lentil Soup recipe!

People will always have a soft spot for milky and thick-creamed chowders, especially during rainy periods.

For this one, the usual Chowder recipe you know and love has been added with corn kernels for some extra bite.

Perfect for those with plant-based diets, kids and young-at-hearts could also enjoy this wonderful chowder recipe!

Spinach often receives hate from many people for a lot of reasons.

Yet, this Cream Of Spinach Soup recipe could make you rethink your perception of this leafy vegetable.

What adds to the charm of this dish is the mixture of vegetable stock and heavy cream for the thick soup that combines well with the distinct taste of spinach.

Tomato soup has always been a classic vegetable soup staple.

However, you can make this one vegetarian-friendly by choosing vegetable stock rather than the common chicken stock.

Don’t worry because substituting chicken stock with vegetable stock does not change the rich tangy flavor of this creamy soup dish!

This curried soup of red lentils and pumpkin soup will add spice to your cold nights!

Combining the creamy texture of the soup and the spiciness brought by the dripped chili sauce on top, this dish could be consumed in itself or can be paired with rice.

For a much heavier soup meal, this cabbage stew with various vegetables could make your stomach full and satisfy your cravings.

You can also pair this with other, preferably vegan, food items, such as crackers and salads.

Garden Vegetable Soup is the most typical veggie soup dish you could think of.

After all, this dish consists of an assortment of vegetables that have been added with broth.

For a more vegan take on this recipe, you could use vegetable broth as a substitute for meat broth.

Gnocchi is a popular Italian dumpling made primarily of potatoes and typically contains egg and cheese.

However, if you’re not into a diet that allows egg and cheese consumption, vegan gnocchi can also be purchased in stores or can be done at home.

Vegan-friendly gnocchi is also a highlight in this gnocchi soup, mixed with other spices and vegetables to create this creamy, milky, and mouth-watery dish.

Can’t get enough tofu?

This soup dish combines tofu with mushrooms, cabbages, carrots, and rice vinegar for that distinctively sour taste!

Much like the Bouillabaisse, the Moqueca Baiana is a regional version of the fish stew.

In this case, this recipe comes from Brazil.

Still, this variation is just as delicious as the simple fish stew we’re familiar with and should be paired with rice!

Mulligatawny is a famed South Indian soup dish that typically contains meat, such as chicken and beef.

However, this vegan curry soup dish recipe does not need meat, as sliced and minced vegetables are enough to make you feel full and satisfied!

Creamy, chunky and nutty are perfect descriptions for the Mushroom Barley Soup.

This soup dish mainly uses cashew nuts mixed with broth to achieve the creamy and nutty texture, aroma, and flavor of this delicious soup dish.

This Potato Soup recipe is a delicious treat but with a cooking process that can take some time on a regular stove.

However, you can make your potatoes tender and your soup creamy in a much shorter time using a pressure cooker or instant pot.

For this variation of the famous Potato Soup, cashews are added to provide a much richer texture, and leeks bring a unique taste to this popular dish!

Similar to the Broccoli Cheese Soup, this Cauliflower Soup dish uses nutritional yeast as a substitute for actual cheese to provide the right blend of cheesiness to this dish.

However, the standout here are the pieces of cauliflower that have been baked pureed in a blender, making it more palatable as a soup meal.

Soondubu Jjigae is an integral part of traditional Korean cuisine.

While the classic recipe for this dish consists of, among other things, pork belly, you can also make a version of this that excludes meat but still includes tofu as a meat substitute.

Preparing this can be quite meticulous, but the end result of this is a tasty and eye-pleasing dish that will definitely grab your senses!

Parsnips are related to parsleys but appear as root vegetables similar to carrots.

For this dish, parsnips and potatoes are sliced and oven-roasted before sauteing in a saucepan.

After that, the cooked meal is then pureed in a blender for a thicker, creamier consistency.

Peas are either loved or dismissed by some people.

However, you’ll learn to appreciate peas with this soup dish.

In this case, split peas are being used alongside vegetable broth and other spices to bring a warm and delicious soup dish best consumed on cold, rainy nights!

The Thai Shrimp Fire Pot Soup is a noodle soup made of rice noodles, coconut milk, Thai red curry paste, and shrimp.

For pescetarians and non-vegetarians out there, this dish will surely be a treat that could leave an impression and make you want more Thai food in general!

Miso is a certified Asian seasoning made of salted fermented beans.

In this easy-to-prepare recipe, miso soup is best paired with tofu for a tangy and tasty dish that you’ll love!

Also known as Ribollita, this soup dish combines white kidney beans, kale, and carrots with other spices.

You can pair this interesting soup dish with vegetarian bread of your choice.

Minestrone is a classic Italian pasta soup dish.

For this vegetarian recipe, you should use vegan pasta available in the market.

You don’t have to think about its content, as it is packed with vegetables for vegetarians to enjoy!

When we talk about vegetarian soups, the classic Vegetable Soup should be the first thing that comes to our minds.

Besides, this tasty and thick soup dish has all the common vegetables you could think of.

You could also try to modify this recipe to your own liking, whether you like it milkier or spicier.

Beets are purplish taproots with a typical earthy flavor.

This vegetable is also the main highlight of this Eastern European soup dish.

With the addition of other vegetables and sour cream, this dish blends the earthy taste of beets and the sourness of the cream.

Udon is a Japanese noodle often made for luscious soups with meat.

However, you could go meatless for this one by substituting it with mushrooms.

This Udon Noodle Soup dish will captivate you, particularly for its distinct Asian flavor.

How about a jam packed hearty soup with white beans?

Now that’s a veggie soup worth trying!

This white bean soup is appealing apart from the assortment of vegetables because of its creamy texture brought by unsweetened almond milk!

As a soup and stew dish, this White Bean Soup will not just be enticing to the senses, but it could also make your tummy satisfied!

Our 13 Kale Soup Recipes will definitely surprise you, too!

The bottom line

Vegetarian diets have been increasingly popular over the years due to many factors such as individual preference, lifestyle choice, and ethics.

However, practicing this diet can be challenging, as most products are not often intended for vegetarians.

Nonetheless, many meals and dishes are perfectly fine for many vegetarian diets, including soups!

These meatless alternatives are just the same as the regular ones, as these are equally tasty and can grab your senses fast!

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Top 29 BEST Vegetarian Soups 🍲

Top 29 BEST Vegetarian Soups 🍲

Check out our list of 29 easy, tasty, hearty, Vegetarian Soups here!


  • Broccoli Cheese Soup
  • Carrot Peanut Soup
  • Chinese Vegetable Soup With Tofu
  • Coconut Curry Lentil Soup
  • Corn Chowder
  • Cream Of Spinach Soup
  • Creamy Vegan Tomato Soup
  • Curried Red Lentil & Pumpkin Soup
  • Detox Cabbage Soup
  • Garden Vegetable Soup
  • Gnocchi Soup
  • Hot & Sour Soup With Tofu
  • Moqueca Baiana (Brazilian Fish Stew)
  • Mulligatawny Soup
  • Mushroom Barley Soup
  • Pot Potato Soup
  • Potato Leek Soup
  • Roasted Cauliflower Soup
  • Soondubu Jjigae (Korean Soft Tofu Stew)
  • Spiced Roasted Parsnip Soup
  • Split Pea Soup
  • Thai Shrimp Fire Pot Soup
  • Tofu Miso Soup
  • Vegan Gazpacho
  • Vegan Minestrone Soup
  • Vegetable Soup
  • Vegetarian Borscht
  • Udon Noodle Soup
  • White Bean Soup


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